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  1. After spending 12€ on gems I finally got 100% in the game, too. The amount of randomness and luck involved in the game combined with the possibility of a sudden save file corruption + micro-transactions ensures hours of fun! 👍 This little trip took me one step closer to becoming a masochist. Well, I guess I should play something just for fun once in awhile...
  2. I don't think a guide is even necessary for the weapon related trophies. You just have to play the competitive mode of the campaign naturally and at the end of every beaten round your rank goes up. After successfully completing five rounds you're finished with competitive level 1 and it will start automatically with competitive level 2 if you choose the same map again. At this time you will be given a new weapon and have to repeat the same process again. As far as I know there isn't some kind of strategy for the game. It all comes down to sheer luck if you get good spawns in close proximity while walking around I guess.
  3. I've had enough fun for now, maybe I'll try again some other time There were no glitches or issues regarding the trophies unlocking and therefore 100% could in principle be achieved. However, completing the game without a save feature would be a Sisyphean task. Since it was on sale last week, maybe someone else will show up who is determined enough to go for 100%. ^^
  4. Stuff like this makes me wonder if the developers even tested their "game". What the hell were they thinking while implementing this kind of mess? After hours of fun I managed to get 9 of 13 trophies and i guess that's the limit. Difficulty wise, the New Mexico and Canada competitive level 1 trophies were the hardest part of my little adventure (mostly because of bad spawns and bug-related stuff). The Argentina competitive levels as well as the hunt simulation trophies are rather simple. Given how broken this game is I don't know if it's even possible to get 100%... Well I guess it's kind of perfect for masochists