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  1. In justice, two hundred times play wiff mee

  2. They patched it to make it easier, huh? Guess I oughta delete the patch and try my skills against the original Critical difficulty 😈
  3. Looks like you're already in shitpost heaven, your post number is 777!
  4. Nice try, but I caught that you edited your post, dude 😏
  5. You brought up black people, not I 😝 The exact number? No clue, one source I just checked said 16. Why does it matter if they're black or not? Way to edit your post after the fact 😏 you brought race into this. I was replying to you pointing out blacks are more likely to be put in prison. What place does that have in the discussion? It is your character that should be in question, but I won't go there.
  6. I would be happy to debate this in another thread, then. I really don't think it's a matter of perspective, I think it's more objective than that. We're using absolute terms here. The failure of the Air Force here. He was specifically barred from owning guns because of his past, but because of a mistake on a computer they made, he slipped clean through the cracks. This has been covered so many times by scientists. Criminals have what many scientists call the "warrior gene"/"violence gene" (they sound like troll-ish terms, but a quick research will show you that's what they call it lol) that makes you more prone to acts of violence and less able to rationalize and make better decisions, ergo criminal acts and prison sentences. It is far more prevalent in blacks than whites.
  7. What is there to agree with or not agree with, and why would you choose basic fundamentals to disagree with if you're not giving a rebuttal to them? Of course, I absolutely agree. And the Vegas shooter's family seemed to all be disturbed individuals. Those are the worst examples you could use. There were never that many massacres in Australia to begin with. As for Britain, LOL, you can be put in jail for a mean Facebook post. Britain's citizens are under the government's thumb. This idea that you can even consider comparing different countries just shows that there are no arguments here. The United States and Britain are so different in culture, policy, and values it's almost laughable to even have the two enter the realm of debate together. And another thing, there are more guns in Australia now than there were before 1996. And when there was that gun buyback, only a fraction of gun-owners turned theirs in. Good, law-abiding citizens who probably weren't to commit massacres to begin with were the ones giving theirs up, while the majority of gunowners kept theirs. (And when it occurred, the suicide rate spiked, but that's a different issue). Gun control wouldn't have stopped the many of the mass shootings. I could install software on my computer, access the Deep Web, go on their version of eBay, and buy guns no fuss, and probably have one within a week. Private sellers aren't hard to find. There are 300 million guns in the US.
  8. Been thinking about that exact thing earlier today. Parents are getting worse too, they consciously assume their kids will magically be as smart as them, despite the fact that they aren't being placed in the situations they were in to gain real life experience or knowledge. There's less we have to know to survive these days, because technology can do a lot for us. When we do less, we have to learn less, and we know less. This leads to moronic kids zapping themselves putting forks into electric outlets, or charging their phone near the bathtub and shocking themselves to death. Or eating tide pods because they look like candy (they don't even look like candy). They're not being taught the basic essentials, and in some cases they're not learning anything at all. Not to mention how degenerate people are these days leading to more broken homes and terrible parents --if they have a strong father figure at all. It's the blind leading the blind.
  9. All the guns? Gun violence has rapidly decreased over the years, and the number of guns have rapidly increased. As soon as you say the phrase 'gun control', the number of guns and gun sales is driven ever more higher.
  10. I doubt it. Sora's story is about finding his friends, saving the world, returning home after saving it again. There's a heavy hook in his need to reunite with his friends. I can't see another game with Sora that doesn't have that emotional draw without repeating what's been done. I don't need Sora to be an adult, it could be a bit of projecting on our parts, or we just think mature is better. Sora blends much more in the universe as a teenager that has yet to fully mature. His interactions with alien characters and his discoveries mean so much more to youth. As an adult, there'd be no growth, only a bit of change. And change in adults isn't always positive and for the good of the character.
  11. This And this. Battlefront 2 and open-world sandboxes like RDR are radically different games. Battlefront is primarily based upon competitive matches in small and focused maps. RDR (and GTA) are much more loose in approach; you're in a huge sprawling world where you're free to run around and do whatever you want in terms of vehicles and weaponry. And according to the sales numbers, people really want those a lot. Sure, you could say GTA and Battlefront aren't too different because the in-game money they buy can assist them in matches with the weapons or vehicles available for purchase, but online folks who compete in matches make up only so much of the overall numbers of people playing online. Many people like myself exclusively like going around doing random crap in the city, and not deathmatch or anything. Maybe you find a rival or foe in the game and you spend the next hour trying to mess with each other. The incentive to buy Shark Cards is there, because of the random fun you can have with all of the crazy vehicles and weapons without being restrained by the confines of a timed match. But with Battlefront, you're FORCED to only compete against other players. There is no freedom or roaming around an open map, only competitive matches. No one wants to be stuck losing matches and earning very little credits because all their opponents have bought all the best stuff and consistently dominate matches. Rockstar is going to profit off of micro-transactions til the end of time.
  12. Thank you for your contributions on the Kingdom Hearts forums

    1. Show previous comments  42 more
    2. Devil_Spooky


      Watching the movie would not tell you even a small fraction of that story, in fact it barelly tells you anything at all from the game... :(

      Well, for a time there was a way, you could use an Emulator to play the game, ia actually maneged to play the first 300 missions or so, but SE updated the game in a way you can't run it anymore, so unfortunetely you'll ned a smarphone or tablet to run it yourself. Altough there is a way for you to see the story in full at least, you can go to youtube for it, it sucks I know but at least you can check out the story. :S


      It is yes, in fact Aqua almost got overwhelmed by it almost as soon as she set foot in it, but she was saved by Terra and Ven's light. One needs some kind of protection if one wants any chance of surviving it, either from an Armor or from a Cloak, and she had neither, she can keep the darkness at bay with the Keyblade but eventually it would be too much the bear, Even Ansem the Wise was starting to lose himself, and he had a Cloak to protect him.

      You can kinda use a real world example for it, imagine being in a dark room, alone, with no light at all, you only have your thoughts, in time you'll start to lose, you'll become crazy, maybe start imagining things, stay too long in there and you'll be lost for good, that's what was happening to Aqua, Terra, Mickey and later Ansem helped her snap out of it, giving her hope to at least survive for a little while longer.


      See, I take that as another hint at there being no time flow at all, time looses meaning, as in there's no time anymore, there's just that moment, forever, until you lose yourself for good.


      It's fun talking about things like this :D


      No I 100% agree with you, I grew p with Portuguese Dragon Ball, and still love it, but it's so far removed from the original Japanese version that it's like watching 2 different anime. In fact our official DB release is exactly like Team Four Star parody series DBZ Abridge, in fact they even made a special episode talking about it. LOL


      But yeah, for KH I need to have it in English, even with the lost/contraditory info :P

    3. XInactiveAccountX


      Good news, I have my mom's hand-me-down iPad so I can now get the mobile Kingdom Hearts games!

      ANND, my Japanese KH 1.5 + 2.5 Collection finally came in the mail. I'm happy as a clam, I absolutely love everything from the Japanese intro songs to the dialogue.


      Would you mind if I added you on PSN, bro?

    4. Devil_Spooky


      Wow nice one, enjoy it :D


      Not at all bro, go right away ;)

  13. Yes that is the best way to get them. I turned on one of my favorite podcasts to ease the monotony but I was surprised. I only had three runs without getting a Souvenir, and actually got 2 Souvenirs in one run once
  14. Through what sort of circumstances in life leads one to make a name like 'TurdFlingingApe'? Also if you could confirm that everything is available to be gotten offline, would appreciate
  15. Is there a quick and efficient way to get these? Do you have to wait for people to invade you so you can kill them and obtain one, or can they be gotten easier elsewhere? I need 8 more in order to get the Darkmoon Blade; the only 2 I've obtained were from killing Lautrec in both New Game and New Game+.