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  1. couldn't get tua to turn up this game pissed me off need a break from it.
  2. was wondering about the difficulty?
  3. must be bugged having same issue
  4. got another one the Witcher 3 thanks to Netflix going for it again with the game of the year edition lol
  5. some of mine are max Payne 3 and most recently subnautica had a blast with it anyone care to share some of there's or recommend some games?
  6. looking at average seems to be easy enough thoughts?
  7. just to clarify I played through whole game again in new game plus on ranger hardcore only because I needed collectables anyway, not sure about the glitch.
  8. confirmed just finished new game plus.
  9. there's been a new update making bomb diffusing happen less frequently which sucks since it I got it through trial and error, should make the platinum easier.
  10. ok ill try that thanks
  11. What glitch do u mean ?
  12. can u get the ranger hardcore trophy in new game plus?
  13. completing a case on hard is a pain haven"t managed to beat it yet, get screwed over when u have to diffuse 4 bombs in one minute.
  14. Doesn't look too hard thoughts anyone?
  15. yes thats true i started off on higher difficulty but was dying a lot and i like to enjoy my first play through i still think story wise was short and lacking in variety.