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  1. Also very good to see they're confident to do this a day later. . Looks like the specs would be on par or marginally different. I mean it would be better to reveal the first batch of info with Exclusive games in case they had a power deficit.
  2. Im glad they have agreed it was intended to unlock at Silver Lvl 1. Sure they will patch it.
  3. Looks like a very Straight Forward List. Looking forward to this one.
  4. Glad to hear this.
  5. . You must be missing something. Unlocked for me the moment i completed everything on Veteran. Did you check if you can see 30 stars in your HQ.
  6. Yes it does. Got my first win in the LTM called DOWN BUT NOT OUT and got the First win Trophy. It counts for the win challenges too but does not show in statistics or challenges under Solo , Duos or Quads.
  7. Also i think this website tracks players who have recently earned a trophy. So a game having multiple easy to achieve trophies will be high up there, one reason why fortnite is not even in the top 10.
  8. Probably not go for Plat , but will try to get maximum % till it gets boring. Just too many games to finish and less time.
  9. My first thoughts exactly when i visited this thread.
  10. Does not work UPDATE:- Got the trophy. Simply complete any trophy requirement if the knight out trophy does not unlock after meeting all requirements. In my case i started the game from "The Origins" and the trophy unlocked when Bruce uses the piano to activate the elevator to the Batcave.
  11. Never. Would keep them irrespective. However i did delete the 0 % ones.
  12. So i believe if we play Local Co-op both users will accumulate trophies.
  13. Glad someone mentioned this. I agree as well on this. Even during the notification of trophy pop-up it is difficult to tell the colors apart.
  14. Looks like the mail was sent only to US accounts. Is there any way to get my stats (UK account)
  15. If it is a handheld only device then it will fail. I do not think Sony would go that way, it has to be a switch like concept. If somehow they can technically make all PS4 titles work (with the least possible limitations) when in portable mode it should do well. Imagine Playing HZD or GTA V on a handheld. ( no remote play does not count).