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  1. So sorry you got banned.

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    2. Mournblade05143


      That was my thinking.

    3. No It Was My Cousin

      No It Was My Cousin

      Yeah most likely he can still post on the forums, well...unless he upsets Big Brother lolz.

    4. Mournblade05143


      Never upset Big Brother 

  2. Comparing hacking a trophy to murder? Wow.......buddy
  3. Go for it. It doesn't affect me in any way.
  4. Why? It's my right to defend them if I choose. How does them hacking a trophy they feel is necessary cause the developer won't patch it affect you in any way?
  5. No its not the same. It's a trophy that literally takes like a minute to do. No skill, time or patience is involved. Blame the developer for not patching it. Obviously they know it's a bs trophy since they removed it from the PS4 version. Well if they hacked other trophies in the game, shame on them and they should be reported.
  6. Playing the game for fun I get. Doing these leaderboard challenges for years is to screw other players over.
  7. Can't really blame them.
  8. That's why I don't do games with leaderboard trophies anymore. Learned my lesson with Modnation. I honestly think these people do it just to shaft people out of getting a plat. Cause there is really no point in doing these things daily if you beat the game and got your plat.
  9. Well the way my grinding is going I might as well add Sorcery Saga to the list.
  10. Nope. That's the scam. That's why I don't even download ones that contain dlcs. If you do and later on it comes with a GOTY edition, it sometimes won't let you buy it from the Store which it utter bs. So it forces you to buy the overpriced dlc instead of the GOTY which usually costs less than the dlc alone. So if Plus has a game that interests you and you plan on getting the dlcs, you are better off waiting for the GOTY edition if you want to save money.
  11. I had the same problem with ModNation. After that I vowed never to do a game again with a leaderboard based trophy.