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    I'm a huge DR fan and Persona Fan and Pokemon Fan, I own a Japanese 3DS XL from The Pokemon Centre of Eevee if you add me please add a note so i won't be confused, i don't add randoms unless they put a note in the friend request. I'm not that much of an Avid Trophy hunter I play Casually. U_U

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  1. I think isn’t that in Canada because it’s around that price
  2. Just do fast forward while following a guide, I just complete without a guide in less than an hour I think
  3. Phoenix Wright Ace attorney I was close to getting a plat for that game on another ps4 i could do it eventually but it’s on my partner’s ps4
  4. Mine was assassin’s creed 3 liberation.
  5. I seem to be only getting the avatar tattoo when this game is ready to play will I get the avatars with it? I believe 6 avatars I haven’t checked much but it got me curious
  6. DUKE NUKEM 3D: 20TH ANNIVERSARY WORLD TOUR my partner has this game I think he play it and he enjoys the series I played one of the nukem games
  7. I couldn’t do that just can’t see myself getting back into the double numbers again. Since it’s time consuming for me
  8. You’re right just max out one and boom trophy pops up
  9. Do you think you could make a trophy guide on this game?
  10. I think it will be the same regardless of what system.
  11. i'm looking for some friends i'm not into multiplayer but I could be in the near future, my PSN is goodra999 I play JRPG and rpg to fighting to puzzle games! I used to own a vita but now I use a ps3 and ps4 but mainly on ps4 because I used my husbands systems.
  12. no problem!😁
  13. "I need a hug!"
  14. it should be
  15. I found it feels way better than the one I got for vita..