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    I'm a huge DR fan and Persona Fan and Pokemon Fan, I own a Japanese 3DS XL from The Pokemon Centre of Eevee if you add me please add a note so i won't be confused, i don't add randoms unless they put a note in the friend request. I'm not that much of an Avid Trophy hunter I play Casually. U_U

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  1. i'm looking for some friends i'm not into multiplayer but I could be in the near future, my PSN is goodra999 I play JRPG and rpg to fighting to puzzle games! I used to own a vita but now I use a ps3 and ps4 but mainly on ps4 because I used my husbands systems.
  2. no problem!😁
  3. "I need a hug!"
  4. it should be
  5. I found it feels way better than the one I got for vita..
  6. man that makes me shake my head now..
  7. true but seeing the 0.01% is a little bit curious I thought why does it state that on the trophy list makes me curious because all episodes not out yet.
  8. I thought it was jan 21 or the 23rd?
  9. wouldn't a developer not be able to have trophies on the psn? I know they can't in case of spoilers. as for hackers.. ugh about them.
  10. so I have the game but I wanted to know why on the trophy list on ps4 it shows 0.01% on the plat, that's the confusing part to me because all the episodes aren't released.
  11. honestly no hate on me but I think she's strange.
  12. I honestly don't mind spoilers, I want to play all the LIS games.. I just felt so sad for David I honestly do.. thinking about him makes me feel sad. 😥 but anyways... moving forward, I can't wait to play the others.
  13. so I 100% this game just recently and i can't wait to play the others so anyways since i enjoyed it i have the most weird bizarre question for this game... is Warren obsessed with Max? just curious.. what character creeped you out the most in the game or what part creeped you out? for me it's going through that dorm puzzel in episode 5.
  14. honestly thought it was more amnesia than bioshock.
  15. does that include no black screen? I been putting off this game due to that, I love the game but dislike the horrible glitch, also the glitch where I check my trophy list and then I go back into game where it just shows up black screen but that curser is still there.