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  1. I chose Metal Gear Solid 4 because its one of my favorita games and a hard challenge (tough MG2 is harder IMO), but mainly because when I started my trophy hunting I thought that Ill never be able to get that platinum.
  2. I play only games that interest me and if the trophies are really hard, I suck it up and do my best to get them, the only exception are fighting games because I suck at them but I always try to get as many trophies as i can (except with mortal kombat 9 I think i got most of the hardest trophies but i refuse to make that grind), though I prefer to have less but harder (or grindier) trophies I don’t mind getting easy ones as long the game is good, or at least it seemed good at the time I decided to play it (I had my fair share of regrets), for example I decide to play Steins; Gate because the good critics and some of them say its one of the best visual novels ever (I loved Zero escape) and not because its a easy trophy (although I’m not complaining ) plus it was on sale this past week, but I will never play a kiddie game just to have a easy platinum.
  3. May be it reached one of the 3 check points, you know the ones that are in each quadrants of the circle....... if not may be is still glitched like Shutout (some times it pops, some time it doesn’t), I got it the the third time I fulfilled the requirements
  4. .. But I got it in quick play
  5. It wasn’t even a ranked match it was a normal quick play in Volskaya Industries and an enemy got to the point but we stopped him (so that eliminates the theory that the enemy cant touch the objective, just don’t loose it)
  6. I think everyone already know this, but in case you still wondering the trophy now works..... already got my platinum
  7. I really enjoyed this game and I am still planning on keep playing it ......I really hope that the new heroes, maps and modes come with more trophies
  8. I would try to get the platinum in any game that interest me I don’t care if its skill based or grindy. But if is a long grind it depends on what I am going to do, for example if its a good RPG I love it because you usually get cool stuff for your efforts beside the trophies (Summons, weapons even secret endings ) but after grinding votes in ModNation racers (vita) and suffering in the Crysis 2 MP (and still no platinum ) I try to stay away from that kind of grindy games. With the skill games its the same if its a game that I love like a MGS I don’t mind failing again and again because when you beat that boos or complete all the challenges...that happiness you get reminds you why you are a trophy hunter. PS: I really suck at fighting games so I usually don’t get the platinum for those
  9. Most of the trophies are no THAT hard you just need to start working in the trophy list with a mentality of having fun first and hunt for trophies in the way... I found a nice group of boosters and they helped me to get a couple of trophies : Rapid Discord of course (***** that trophy) Floor is Lava (I personally don’t like that much using is a really hard trophy by itself) The Path Is Closed (I couldn’t find a Good Symmetra team in like a week) Waste Not, Want Not (this one is not that hard, but I was already in a boosting session so "why the hell not" right?) The rest I got them legit (I only need the 50 unlocks and the glitched one for the platinum )and they only took time, because you need a specific situation in the game to get them, for example you need 4 allies killed near each other for the Mercy trophy and find a good group of enemies for the quad kills, etc. The only one that I hated was the Zenyatta’s "The Iris Embraces You " Trophy because I don’t know why but every time I used Zenyatta’s special, everybody ran away from me and I was like: ummm I’m trying to heal you, not damage you ..but eventualy I was in a game with 2 Reinhardts a one Roadhog and I got It So if you want to get the platinum, my advice is to have fun but be ready because if the situation to get a trophy shows up you need to be quick.
  10. I´m loving this game at first I thought that the platinum might be impossible but only need 2 trophies more plus the glitched one to get the platinum...I really hope the new heroes, maps and modes come with more trophies..It seems that I just can’t get enough of this game and this is coming from a person who doesn’t likes military FPS and hates MP trophies
  11. The reason for not choose very easy difficulty is because the hardcore Risette fan this trophy can be very simple or your worst nightmare...I explain: During the battles certain character will say some dialogue for various reasons: there is a line for encountering 1 weak enemy, 2 weak enemies....4 weak enemies the same for strong enemies and same level enemies. There is also dialogue line for every status ailment for every character….. And a lot more The thing is if you choose very easy difficulty you gain a lot of EXP and become OP very fast ....thus eliminating the strong enemy dialogue lines also making very difficult for your character to get status ailment making very hard to get those dialogue line too. Feel free to choose easy difficulty (NOT very easy) but be careful to not train too much through the mazes and only level the necessary to be at the same level (o lower) than the enemies.
  12. What I recommend is in the first playthrough just enjoy the story but focus on maxing your social stats and reading all the books (you will need a guide for this but the book guide doesn’t have mayor spoilers and trust me you want to have all the time in the world to max your social links in the second playthrough reading will help you boosting the social skills) but be sure to get the true ending (you will get a warning to create a back up save when you get to the point of making the real choices).....also get all the persona cards you can get and the skill cards after the battles but be sure to give the skill cards to Marie this will save you a lot of grinding at the end of your second playthrough. In the second playthrough you’ll want to use a guide because the nature of the game you have limited time to get all the remaining trophies. ...oh and avoid playing in very easy you will want to get the Rise lines and is easier if you are playing on easy or normal
  13. Thanks it means a lot coming from a fellow trophy hunter You like to show the platinum of your favorite anime games and the ones that took you a lot of time and effort
  14. You don't bother with grindy trophy list unless you like the game a lot. You have little time to catch up with some games
  15. Likes to share her trophies with other people (I know it sounds vague but look at her cabinet and tell me if you can think of anything better ) ......and I guess you like apples?