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  1. game is not dead at all
  2. No i would only say 10 at most
  3. yea I just played it and I agree It sucks that you cant move all the way around. the aim controller makes the game so much more real. I did not get to co-op yet but I think that will be so much fun.
  4. I hope this game is good. I think if it does good in the futuer we could see call of dury games and so forth for the vr.
  5. how do I get interior minster, archduke, grand marshal, field marshal, supreme commander, western commander, eastern commander, and governor general. last traits I need for platinum, they never show up even to pick them even after getting all the other ones?
  6. 100
  7. any one got any idea how to get it?
  8. you dont got to do any side missions just get it at the end of the game on your playthrough of only one underboss left
  9. I got the game now and a few others at these good prices. thank for the replies will start it this weekend.
  10. is this game worth the price I never played a dark souls game
  11. sasuke I play the most
  12. go on ebay and get one they cheap
  13. yea I got the triple pack and Ms. Pac-man also
  14. I just looked at the price thinking it was going to be like $10+ but is not.
  15. i was planing to finsh a star wars game on this day so i will join i am doing Star Wars battlefront PS4