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  1. I used theese set ups: Reading the forums I was scared about TT too, but they are not that hard. I'd say a 3/10 diff. The hardest one seems to be Suzuka, took me about 6 laps to put the best 3 sectors together and beat the record by +1sec. I kept the driving assists on, except brake prediction and steering. In Suzuka, this allow you to drive from 2nd corner to the end of first sector full gas, i mean FULL. The assistance forces you to reduce just the necessary to pass thru those corners. If you know the tracks, beat the gold times woudn't be a problem. Good luck
  2. Hi! Still need some help. Please heart me and my level please. Author page: Level: I'm doing the same with the previous post. Addme if you need some help Bye! ---------------EDIT--------------- Trophy earned. Thanks to everybody who helped me. I'll sill play the game for few more days, so I'll read the new post of this thread and hearted everybody who needs it.