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  1. Update 14 - 12/6/2021 Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn (PS4) 11% 50% XCOM Enemy Unknown 15% 21% Another week of grinding and no plats. I got all the easy crafting trophies in FFXIV before the weekend, but then couldn't log in after Friday, of course. In XCOM, my easy playthrough is going well. Still grinding away in Rayman Legends and Freedom Wars, too but no trophy progress. For this week, I'm just going to keep the grinds going. Hopefully in another week or two I'll have some shiny platinums to show for it. Have a good week! Full game list (10/31 complete, 5/5 swaps used)
  2. Week 49. 12/6/2021 Starting PCG 32.61% Previous Week 44.74% Current PCG 45.85% Goal = 50% Games - Arrog Blue Reflection 0% 11% Cat Quest Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn 11% 50% Memory Lane Memory Lane 2 One Word by POWGI (PS4) One Word by POWGI (Vita) Sinuca Attack Surviving the Aftermath 0% 4% Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet (PS4) Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet (Vita) Tamiku Tokyo Run XCOM Enemy Unknown 15% 21% Another week, another batch of cheap and easy platinums, and I also made some progress in a couple challenge games. All my progress from FFXIV happened before the weekend when I could actually play it. But I also started 2 new games so that dropped my completion by like 0.60% or so. Three weeks left. I've got some more cheap games to bump my % up, but that 50% is still probably out of reach. Have fun, everyone!
  3. I'm in. This syncs up nicely with other challenges I plan to take part in next year. Here's my list: 1 - Road Bustle 2 - Space Intervention 3 - Flatland Prologue 4 - FFXIV (PS4) 5 - Hotline Miami 6 - Croixleur Sigma 7 - Titan Souls 8 - The Witness 9 - Darkest Dungeon 10-Devil May Cry V All the ratings come from Plat Prices, except FFXIV which is from the PSNP trophy guide for the PS4 version.
  4. Week 48. 11/29/2021 Starting PCG 32.61% Previous Week 44.77% Current PCG 44.74% Goal = 50% Games - Final Fantasy XIII 5% 7% Outriders 0% 9% Soul Sacrifice 11% 12% Wizodd 73% 91% XCOM Enemy Unknown 4% 15% I started Outriders so my % dipped a little as expected. I nabbed another trophy in Wizodd so I just need the last one for collecting all 4 necklaces in one run. Hopefully I'll get it by Wednesday, but I'm pretty sick of the game by now. Especially since I already should have had that particular trophy about three times now but the game bugged out. Most of December is going to be spent playing longer backlog games for the winter challenge (FF13, XCOM, and Freedom Wars), but I used the last $15 on my gift card to go on another cheap game spree between the Indies and End of Year sales. So I've got a decent stash of quick plats to bump up my completion %, but also 4 or 5 long games I want to start that will drag it back down a little. Should be an interesting final month. Good luck on the home stretch everybody!
  5. Update 13 - 11/29/2021 Final Fantasy XIII 5% 7% XCOM Enemy Unknown 4% 15% I had more time for games than I thought I would, but that didn't translate to much trophy progress. This was more of a setup week. I'm starting from scratch on most of my PS3 games since I never used to back up my saves much. So I spent the week getting back to where I was on 4 different games. I got one trophy in FF13, but I also played Just Cause 2 and Demon's Souls. I should start getting trophies in those two games this coming week. I also swapped in Freedom Wars to try and get the plat before the 24th. I have the trophy for unlocking Code 6 operations but my cloud save was only on Code 4 so I have some catching up to do there, too. I'm already on Code 5 ops so at least it's going quick as I re-learn how to play. I made the most progress in XCOM. Still on my first easy playthrough but it's going well so far. And still grinding out challenges in Rayman Legends, too. Probably no plats again this week, but over the next 3 weeks I should finish off some longer games. If the Black Friday sales games I got don't distract me too much. Oh and Luke and Happy Chaos coming out for SFV and Strive, too. I'll want to try them out. And Endwalker...but at least FFXIV is on my list. Bring on December! Full game list (10/31 complete, 5/5 swaps used)
  6. Swap #5 - 11/27/2021 Metal Gear Survive 45% - > Freedom Wars 43% With the news that the online service for Freedom Wars is ending on Dec. 24 2021, I'm swapping it in. Gotta get that plat. Now I just have to remember how to play. Updated game list (10/31 complete, 5/5 swaps used)
  7. Week 47. 11/22/2021 Starting PCG 32.61% Previous Week 42.92% Current PCG 44.77% Goal = 50% Games - Assassin's Creed II 57% 11/20/2021 Rayman Legends 70% 94% A Day Without Me 11/20/2021 Alien Destroyer 11/20/2021 Deep Space Rush (PS4) 11/20/2021 Deep Space Rush (Vita) 11/20/2021 Four Kings Video Poker 100% 11/22/2021 Knightin+ (Vita) 11/17/2021 Knightin+ (PS4) 11/17/2021 Legend of the Skyfish (PS4) 11/20/2021 Legend of the Skyfish (Vita) 11/18/2021 Lydia 11/20/2021 Storm Boy 11/21/2021 The Perplexing Orb 11/21/2021 The Perplexing Orb 2 11/22/2021 The Pig D 11/20/2021 Wizodd 73% How 'bout that Indie Sale? Got a surprise gift card so I spent most of the weekend playing through a bunch of sub $3 games. They were pretty evenly split between "Hey, this isn't bad" and "Okay, yeah this actually is bad." The highlights for me were Legend of the Skyfish and Knightin+, while Alien Destroyer and The Pig D were at the bottom of the pile. Everything else fell between those. Getting the four-of-a-kind or better trophy in Video Poker took me longer than all the other games combined, but I finally got it after roughly 2600 hands. And I would have the Wizodd platinum too, but it's crashed on me twice after beating the final boss. I suggest avoiding that one if you're looking for a cheap, easy plat. That 50% goal is looking within reach again thanks to this little boost. But, I also picked up a few bigger games that I'm itching to try so my % will be dipping back down a little soon. I also made some more progress on two fall challenge games. Got the plat for AC2, and finished all of the Origins paintings in Rayman. Not sure what I want to play next for that. This week is going to be tough for games so I'm not sure what or how much I'll play. Happy Thanksgiving!
  8. Update 12 - 11/22/2021 Assassin's Creed 51% 11/20/2021 Rayman Legends (PS3) 70% 94% Got the AC2 plat as planned, and finished off the rest of the Origins stuff in Rayman. I'm still about 1400 points from level 11 and need 180,000 more lums to hit one million. Soooo, that 94% won't be going up any time soon. Not sure how much I'll get done this week. Getting my booster shot today, and then I have a bunch of Thanksgiving stuff to do this weekend. I'd like to finish one more game before the end of the month, but that's probably not going to happen. Tempted to swap in another short game, but I don't want to use up my last swap yet. I'll see how this week goes. Happy Thanksgiving! Full game list (10/31 complete, 4/5 swaps used)
  9. A word of warning on Wizodd. It slows down constantly, the trophies are buggy, and it crashes a lot. I should have had the platinum three times now, but the trophies have bugged out. Deleting and re-downloading the game has fixed the issue twice, but it's still annoying. I should have unlocked the last two trophies (4 necklaces and beating the 3rd floor) on my last run, but the game crashed after I beat the last boss. If you're looking for a cheap, easy platinum for $2, look elsewhere.
  10. Yeah, that's weird. Take care of yourself first. Games, and especially trophy hunting, are way down on the list of important stuff in life. Good luck with everything!
  11. Week 46. 11/15/2021 Starting PCG 32.61% Previous Week 42.70% Current PCG 42.92% Goal = 50% Games - Assassin's Creed II 34% 57% Rayman Legends 68% 70% Binding of Isaac: Rebirth 1% 3% Salt and Sanctuary (Vita) 28% 11/9/2021 Almost forgot to update. Made a little progress in 2 fall challenge games, and finished up the Salt and Sanctuary platinum on Vita. I started playing Isaac on Vita again, too. I was hoping to get the platinum on Vita and then transfer my save to PS4 to do all the DLC, but the sync hasn't worked the few times I've tried it so far. Week 47 plans -plat AC2 -1 other plat -work on a low % game
  12. I'm playing the original D3 on PS3. The grind isn't too bad yet, but it's still very early and I'm only playing a little each day. I'm only in Act 3 of the first loop on normal. So I have a bunch of playthroughs to go, but they do get quicker and quicker. The real grind will come later on for the 5 million gold trophy, but I'm not thinking about that yet. Right now I'm playing as a wizard. I'm not really digging it, but I don't really want to start over with a new character either. I always played Barbarian on PC so it's taking me time to adjust. I'm used to mindlessly running into groups of enemies and hacking away, but the wizard needs to run away and kite enemies while damaging them. This takes longer and causes some slowdown when I've got a bunch of spells firing. But on the plus side, I'm starting to level up enough to get some of the better spells / skills so I'm looking forward to playing around with those.
  13. Update 11 - 11/15/2021 Assassin's Creed II 34% 51% Rayman Legends 68% 70% After a couple of good weeks, reality caught up with me. Didn't have much time to play last week, and then SMT V took up most of my weekend. I did manage to get a little further in AC2, and I finished 2 more Origins worlds in Rayman Legends. Just 2 more worlds left there, plus the grind for level 11. I hit level 10 a few days ago so I should be able to finish by the end of the year. I usually go for silvers in all the challenges, but maybe I'll spend more time trying for golds when I finish all the other stuff in the game. For this week, the plan is to actually finish AC2 and then start on another game. Not sure which one yet, but watching all the Elden Ring network test stuff has me thinking of going back to Dark Souls 3 again. Week 12 plans -plat AC2 -start another game -stay on the Rayman, Diablo 3, and GT Sport grinds Take care! Full game list (9/31 complete, 4/5 swaps used)
  14. Week 45. 11/8/2021 Starting PCG 32.61% Previous Week 42.35% Current PCG 42.70% Goal = 50% Fall Challenge Games - Assassin's Creed II 22% 34% Diablo III 16% 20% Drakengard 3 3% 8% Final Fantasy VIII 50% Untitled Goose Game 0% XCOM Enemy Unknown 3% 4% Other Games - HyperDevotion Noire 1% 4% Salt and Sanctuary(Vita) 5% 28% Officially passed 10% increase! So that feels good even if I won't reach my goal of 50%. Finished a couple more fall challenge games and made a little progress in some others. In non-challenge games, I broke out the Vita to start clearing out some easier games. I started with Noire, but switched to Salt and Sanctuary since it can be completed quickly. I've been following Optinooby's guide and chipping away at it throughout the day. I was hoping to finish it before this update, but got caught up doing other stuff. I should be able to finish it tomorrow and then I'll knock out the PS4 version, too. If I get those done plus a couple more challenge games that'll be a good week. Week 46 plans -plat Salt and Sanctuary on Vita and PS4 -plat 2 fall challenge games Have a good week!
  15. Update 10 - 11/8/2021 Assassin's Creed II 22% 34% Diablo III 16% 20% Drakengard 3 3% 8% Final Fantasy VIII 50% 11/2/2021 Untitled Goose Game 0% 11/3/2021 XCOM Enemy Unknown 3% 4% Another good week! Finished FF8 as planned, and made it through Untitled Goose Game pretty quickly. I probably spent more time trying to get the Back Gardens Quickly trophy than all the others combined, but eventually it came together just right. Then I jumped between some PS3 games to see what would grab me, but I ultimately ended up going back to Assassin's Creed 2. It didn't take long to get back to where I was, and trophies are unlocking again so that's good. Hopefully the trophies won't bug this time, but I've been backing up my save regularly just in case. Still knocking out challenges and Origins paintings in Rayman Legends, but no trophy progress. Probably going to be that way for a couple more weeks and then a bunch will unlock at once. Then I'll just have the ongoing grind for level 11. I haven't played Gran Turismo Sport in almost two weeks now, that's going to hurt me in the long run. I need to get back to that, and FFXIV too, while there's still enough time left in the challenge. Week 11 plans -plat AC2 -plat another PS3 game, maybe Drakengard? -Rayman, Diablo, and GT Sport grinds -super slow first playthrough of XCOM on Easy to learn the basics Keep up the good updates, everyone! Full game list (9/31 complete, 4/5 swaps used)