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  1. I finally decided to join one of these instead of lurking. I'm starting off with 10 games but hopefully I'll get through them and add a few more later. Tentative List: SnowRunner - 15% Sakura Wars - 4% Hero must die. again -25% Horizon Zero Dawn (100% everything) -11% Titanfall 2 -4% FFVIII Remastered - 5% Secret of Mana - 4% Trillion: God of Destruction (Vita) - 20% Resident Evil - 3% Resident Evil 2 - 12%
  2. Yeah I'll be using it as much as possible before it gets "fixed" again.
  3. The shooting gallery farming method seems to be working again. I just posted in the PvZ thread as well, but it stopped working for me after a December update. With the newest update it seems to be working again. I've had it running for over 30 minutes now where before it would crash after only 10.
  4. Seems like the turbo button method is working again! Since my last post in Dec until the newest update the game would crash after only 10 minutes or so every time I tried it. But I tried again today and it's been going for 30 minutes so far with no crash. I'm gonna let it run for a while just to be sure, but so far so good.
  5. For smallest: It's one of the things that turn into a tree. The chestnut I think. You have to transform the tree back into it at one of the holes in the center of the seasons. For tallest: It's the big yacht. One of the big things you can move between the season islands with.
  6. Seems like the newest update causes the game to crash after just 5-10 mins of target shooting. The turbo button strat may not work anymore.
  7. Gonna sound like Heartman, but I consider the roads like arteries and then have ziplines branching off of them like capillaries.. I got lucky with some well-placed online ziplines in the mountains, too so that was nice.
  8. Hard difficulty only matters for Standard Orders. Orders for Sam / Story Missions can be done on whatever difficulty you want, there really isn't a major difference. Boss fights take longer but that's it. You don't get anything extra for beating them on hard, there's no new mechanics, they just have more health and take less damage that's it.
  9. I haven't played since I got the plat, but I think the higher your rep with a kingdom the more gold and royals you get from them for completing quests. I know you got more for completing Operations for the online War, but obviously that doesn't matter now.
  10. I used the bounty with all witches on the first travel map. It's the stationary one. Kill all but one or two, whittle those last ones down to near death, then bunch all your units together and cast Reflection after one of the witches charges a spell.
  11. Yep, you should be good to go. Like the guide says, consider making your own "spin to win" Paladin or a Valkyrie for the Lone Warrior trophy and to help with the bounties.
  12. You get blueprints from the tougher bounties that are a little better than the King's weapons, but not by much.
  13. Ah, bummer. Oh well. At least I can say I did it once before the shutdown.
  14. I was the Hero of Fiel a couple of days ago thanks to some crazy grinding. Does that go away after the new Hero is chosen? I'm sending my Rogue with the King's Dagger out with some low level units to give people a chance to win it. And I changed from Fiel to Landerth so that might affect Hero status as well. Finally got the plat after spending most of my free time grinding last week. Wish I had put more time into this game when it came out. Good luck to everyone still going for it! Just leveling up characters to see what skills they can get for Skill Collector. Also not as huge of a deal, but many of the Policy Point requirements use War mode. Like sending a detachment x number of times, attacking fortresses, etc. They can be refreshed and changed though. Still, you might be able to knock a few quick ones out while War mode is still running.
  15. If you hire the level 99 Paladins even those troll squads go down quickly. It's also worth sticking Death March on a unit and keeping them at the back of the formation. That way you can get out quickly if it seems too crazy. But with the Sallypally hire, another level 99 hire, and my two level 99 units I've been able to handle most fights in a turn or two. Only the most overleveled squads with like all 99 stat Dragon Mages have been an issue. but those have been rare.