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  1. Hah, figures it's all been solved already. Oh well, here's all the times to open the files in case anyone wants them: 221 - 2:40 project plan 030 - 1:58 meeting notes 3 123 - 4:30 track 06 ideas 130 - 9:15 meeting notes 2 344 - 8:33 MES 7:33am 404 - 12:55 DDLC.txt 501 - 14:14 14.txt
  2. This is a list of files found in the Internal folder and numbered subfolders in the virtual desktop. They all give the same error as the project plan file that is needed for the Stonks trophy when you try to open them. I'm not sure if this is all of them. They might be needed for the Breakthrough trophy since no one has gotten it yet. Or Breakthrough is just bugged. Either way, I figured I'd list them here and maybe people could figure out how to open them. It might be worth it just for the extra lore. 030 - meeting notes 3 123 - track 06 ideas 130 - meeting notes 2 221 - project plan text - open at 2:40 to get Stonks trophy 344 - MES.txt 404 - DDLC.txt 501 - 14.txt Good luck, Lit. Club members!
  3. Yeah, no PS4 trophies for the game can sync right now. Devs must not have uploaded the info to the server. Usually it's fixed within a couple of days. Same thing happened when Persona 5 Strikers released.
  4. In addition to the other good advice already posted (except for starting over, don't do that), I'll suggest visiting the Community Events forum and signing up for a backlog challenge or two. That will help you focus on completing a smaller batch of games within a certain amount of time. Go to the forum, check out some OPs, and find a current challenge that fits for you. I took a break for the summer, but taking part in backlog events and challenges here has helped me put a dent in my huge backlog over the past 2 years. My numbers are still "bad" too but slowly getting better. And that has kept me motivated to keep improving them little by little while also enjoying my games more.
  5. Update 20. 5/21/2021 Starting PCG 32.61% Previous Week 37.14% Current PCG 37.31% Goal 50% Another light week for me. I didn't play much, but I managed to get the platinum for Resident Evil 8. Those last couple of S Ranks on Mercs mode were kinda rough, but everything else was fun. I'm not going to have as much time for games during the summer so no more weekly updates from me for now. I'll start them up again in September, and I'll just rely on the monthly updates until then. The gaming time I do have I plan on spending with some slower, longer games. Stuff like Stellaris and XCOM. So I'll still be making completion progress, it'll just be pretty slow. Well, slower. Have a good summer everyone!
  6. Sorry for the confusion, but I won't be joining this challenge after all. I won't have as much time for games this summer. Plus, I want to spend the time I do have digging deeper into some games I've been neglecting, rather than being in "backlog clearing" mode. If that makes sense. Good luck to everybody! I'll be back for the Fall and Winter challenge.
  7. Update 11 - 5/17/2021 Batman Arkham Knight 68% Bioshock PS3 4/19/2021 Dead Space 2 14% Dynasty Warriors 7 30% 34% Forager 100% 3/20/2021 Gris 3/14/2021 Ratchet and Clank 58% 4/28/2021 Rez Infinite 4/2/2022 The Walking Dead Season 1 (PS3) / 100% 4/6/2021 Ys IX Monstrum Nox 10% 6/10 Completed 2/2 swaps used Another ho-hum update. RE8 and then the Guilty Gear Strive beta took up most of my gaming time this week. I should have the RE8 plat in another day or two, and then I can get back to my challenge games. I did make a little progress in DW7's Conquest Mode, but there's still plenty of grinding left to do. I'm hoping to get that and Dead Space 2 done at least, with a slight chance of squeezing Ys IX in there as well. Batman is, once again, probably a lost cause. Just too much stuff in that game for me. I'll keep chipping away at it outside of any events and hopefully get that 100% by the end of the year. Week 12 plans -keep grinding out Bonds and Skill Points in DW7 -start on Dead Space 2 Hope everyone is finishing up stronger than me. Two more weeks!
  8. Update 19. 5/15/2021 Starting PCG 32.61% Previous Week 37.10% Current PCG 37.14% Goal 50% Updating a little late thanks to the Guilty Gear Strive beta. Not much progress this week. I ended up playing Dynasty Warriors 7 more than RE8 thanks to starting Conquest Mode. So I'm actually making trophy progress in that game now, which is nice, but there's still plenty of grind ahead. I thought I'd be finished with RE8 by now, but I ended up watching people play it more than actually playing it myself. But I'm back at it now and hooked again so I should have the plat by next Friday. Week 20 plans -RE8 plat -DW7 plat Take care!
  9. Update 10 - 5/10/2021 Batman Arkham Knight 63% 68% Bioshock PS3 4/19/2021 Dead Space 2 14% Dynasty Warriors 7 30% Forager 100% 3/20/2021 Gris 3/14/2021 Ratchet and Clank 58% 4/28/2021 Rez Infinite 4/2/2022 The Walking Dead Season 1 (PS3) / 100% 4/6/2021 Ys IX Monstrum Nox 10% 6/10 Completed 2/2 swaps used I completed all the Batmobile DLC trophies in Arkham Knight as planned, but didn't completely clear the second island of Riddler trophies. I also barely touched Dynasty Warriors 7 for some reason. Just wasn't feeling it this week I guess. Then RE8 took over my weekend. So once again I'm falling apart at the end of one of these challenges. There's still 3 weeks left, but RE8 has me in its clutches right now and isn't letting go. If worse comes to worse I'll shift Ys IX over to the Summer challenge, but I'd like to get all 10 games done. We'll see! Week 11 plans -Clear the Hero and Rogue DLC trophies in Batman AK, and clear more Riddler trophies. -Finally start Conquest mode in DW7 Take care!
  10. Update 18. 5/7/2021 Starting PCG 32.61% Previous Week 36.90% Current PCG 37.10% Goal 50% Just a quick update this week. My PCG was a little higher but starting RE8 knocked it down a little. Retromania Wrestling was a fun and quick plat (6 hours for me, but could be done in way less time). Got a few more trophies in MK X and Street Fighter x Tekken, and finished all the Batmobile DLC trophies in Arkham Knight. Even though I'm trying to take it slow, I'll probably have the RE8 plat by next week. And I'll keep going with Batman AK and Dynasty Warriors 7 for my Spring backlog challenge. Take care!
  11. Seems like there are enough trophies that negate other trophies to make a 1 run plat impossible, or at least more annoying than just doing 2+ runs. Shooting 5 crows, using the sniper rifle, etc would negate the knife only trophy. Customizing all the guns and crafting all the items would seem to negate the frugal trophy. And getting all the collectibles under three hours in a first run usually isn't possible in RE games without a step-by-step guide. But, if it is possible I'll be looking forward to trying it on a replay sometime.
  12. Seems like 3 story playthroughs minimum? 1. Hardcore run getting all collectibles + misc trophies 2. Shadows run, missed misc trophies cleanup 3. Easy run under 3 hours + frugal and melee only. Then Mercenaries mode. Edit - or do the Easy run second if the unlocks are good, then tackle Shadows.
  13. It's a "visual novel" in the most lenient sense of the word. There are no choices or gameplay elements, you just advance text over some horny anime pictures and get trophies. You can set it up so that all text is skippable and advances super fast by holding R1. So you literally hold R1 for a minute and then you're done. It's really not worth it, even for $3. It didn't even boost my % that much either. Kemco RPGs or even those POWGI word puzzle games are a better way to spend money and get easy trophies.
  14. Update 9 - 5/3/2021 Batman Arkham Knight 61% 63% Bioshock PS3 4/19/2021 Dead Space 2 14% Dynasty Warriors 7 30% Forager 100% 3/20/2021 Gris 3/14/2021 Ratchet and Clank 58% 4/28/2021 Rez Infinite 4/2/2022 The Walking Dead Season 1 (PS3) / 100% 4/6/2021 Ys IX Monstrum Nox 10% 6/10 Completed 2/2 swaps used Got the platinum in Ratchet and Clank as planned. The second playthrough with powered up weapons was fun, and it didn't take long to get all the weapons to level 10. Once I got Death by Disco it was all smooth sailing. Started chipping away at Batman Arkham Knight again, too. Got a couple of the car DLC trophies done. More Story stages done in Dynasty Warriors 7 as well. For the final month my plan is to focus on one main game per week, but also keep working on Batman AK a little everyday. Then, if all goes well, I'll have the final week to finish the hard DLC in Batman. Right now I'm planning on DW7 -> Dead Space 2 -> Ys IX -> Batman AK. I'm sure RE8 will throw my plan off a little though. Week 10 plans: -DW7 plat -Finish the other car DLC in Batman AK, clear another island of Riddler trophies. Have a good week!
  15. I'm in again! This is going to be a Final Fantasy summer (plus SaGa) for me. Game List Final Fantasy 7 Remake 45% Final Fantasy XIII 5% Final Fantasy XIII-2 0% Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns 18% Final Fantasy XV 5% SaGa Frontier Remastered 7% I'm going to attempt the patch reversion process for FFXV sometime before May 31st. If I can't do it I'll take the game off my list. Hopefully I can figure it out since I have all the DLC and would like to get the 100%. Edit - Made a new post, but I'm not joining this event after all. Good luck to everybody else though!