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  1. I’m also just getting back into this game. Haven’t done much multiplayer myself. I was playing the og Quake on switch and thought to come back and play some more of this
  2. I also would like to know if anyone has tried achieving that trophy with 2 consoles in LAN that would be great
  3. Was hoping to get a session going to boost as well
  4. A very disappointing move by Sony. There’s no reason to disconnect services like this. A lot of people buy all of their consoles and games. I have all systems. I like being able to play older stuff as well as new. Maybe while I’m playing an older game someone on the new one wants me to join them? I don’t see how this helps pushing people to new hardware. We pay monthly for their services we shouldn’t be losing more and paying more
  5. Sucks, if games would just get put on PS Now they would see plenty of people playing older games with online
  6. Was curious if people still played this online?