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  1. Listen, I know that AC3 Connor's voice actor is kind of stilted and awkward, but oh my god there has never been a more perfect moment of sass as that final eye roll at monologuing Charles Lee. 

    1. BlazingCat83


      His voice actor said he did it to emphasize English isn't his first language, so it's not just bad acting.

    2. Elyther


      Oh yeah, I totally get that and I think he did a good job of it. I think it went a little far at points, but I guess I meant that I've seen a lot of "Connor has no personality" things in posts and reviews (which I think is at least a little attributed to the stage direction of his voice acting) and all I can see is him just dead-pan dropping a box of tea into the ocean staring directly into the eyes of his enemies like "...oops how did that happen"