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  1. I was looking through some forums on what cards are best for XYZ expedition mission and came across a number of posts about how to get most of the cards in under 15 minutes in the xbox version. Turns out it works for the PS version as well! To get started, what you need to know is that you can only have 3-4 copies of a (non-foil) card in your deck at any time. That means that as soon as you have 3-4 of a specific card (EX: Big Head Enemy), it is removed from the card pool and your chances of receiving rare cards goes up. This was how I did it. First, I didn't start opening packs until I had 100% of the main game. This is because various things you do in the game give you credits and gift card packs. By the time you have 100% of the game, you will have around ~260,000 credits and 24 gift packs. Opening the 24 gift packs will get you the 150 card trophy. Start opening bronze packs for 5000. Don't bother with silver/gold/etc as they cost more credits and don't give you as many cards. As you open bronze packs, sell off all the gold and blue cards you come across. DON'T sell any of the silver or bronze. You want to eliminate these cards from the card pool. Continue buying bronze packs (and selling ALL blue and gold cards to re-coup credits) until you reach around 25,000 credits. By 25,000 credits, you should be opening packs where most, if not all, five cards are gold. When you start opening cards with all gold cards, sell three gold cards (doesn't matter which, you'll be getting them back pretty much immediately) for 4800 credits. If you get a blue card, sell that card and one gold card for 4800 credits. Now, continuing to do this (selling 3 golds, keeping 2) will slowly removes gold cards from the card pool and keeps your credits up around 20-25,000. Every now and then sell 4 or 5 gold cards. It's important to keep your credit buffer around 20-25,000 as once you get to the all black foil card packs you can't sell anything. Once you notice that you're getting the same gold cards you just sold, over and over, stop selling gold cards so they're eliminated from the card pool. Soon after, all the cards you open will be blue. Once all your cards are blue, sell 2 and keep 3 to keep your credits up. Repeat until you start seeing black cards. Soon after all the blue cards are out of the pool, you'll be getting all black cards and are nearly done. You know you're close to finished when you start getting all black foil cards. Remember, you'll need that 25,000 or so buffer to get these last few packs. I'm not quite sure if this gives you ALL the foil cards, as there seems to be more cards than the inventory limit**, but this method should give you all the really useful cards in a short amount of time. (**My last 5 card packs before reaching inventory limit were all black foil cards, but when I used up some non-foil cards in expeditions and bought another pack I got 2 more black foil cards. Hasn't happened since so there might be a bit of luck involved) Hope that helps!
  2. I was using this video for the remaining synth things I needed. Gives time stamps for each item and the best route to get to them. Edit: I would say the only problem with the video is it can be a little difficult to tell which enemy drops which thing but it gives a good ball park https://youtu.be/feXy7gOu9cI
  3. Anyone playing Uncharted: Fight for Fortune want to get the multiplayer trophy out of the way with me?

  4. HA!!! Four tries with Aqua, two tries with Ven and thirteen tries with Terra to take out Mysterious Figure! I am feeling GREAT. 

  5. You know, I really am liking BBS so far but going from Flips McGee "Leaps a small building in a single bound" Sora to cement shoes Terra has been a liiiiiiiiiiitle bit of an adjustment

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      Okay I think nows the time to tell you....I love you mate, I've always loved you


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  6. Plat #75 - Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories! Was not as terrible of a grind as I was expecting! I had incredible luck with the enemy cards (only took two rooms for White Mushroom and 7 for Black fungus for example) and the gameplay was much less infuriating than it was the first time I tried. And I really liked the story.

  7. Hmm, I'm not sure if they changed in the PS4 version over the PS3 version, but I was more referencing Madbuk's post about the PS4 not saving checkpoints at all, or that restarting a mission after you quit to the menu sent you back to the beginning. For me, the PS4 version had mid-mission checkpoints that I could make back-up saves from, and they worked fine if I failed the objectives and downloaded the save.
  8. Backing up saves worked for me on PS4! For the flying mission where you can't take damage, I quit to menu either right before or right after getting into the flying machine (can't remember). When I loaded it back up it started me at the bottom of the tower to get up to the flying machine (skipping the whole sneak portion of the start of the mission). I made a back up save and it always started me near the machine when I re-downloaded that save. About half-way through the flying portion of the mission where the carriages part of the mission starts, I also quit to menu there and backed-up my save. Loading put me right at the start of the carriages portion of the mission. I'm pretty sure I did the same thing with the tank mission where you can't take damage, but I found that one way less irritating so I can't remember where the checkpoints left me.
  9. Listen, I know that AC3 Connor's voice actor is kind of stilted and awkward, but oh my god there has never been a more perfect moment of sass as that final eye roll at monologuing Charles Lee. 

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      His voice actor said he did it to emphasize English isn't his first language, so it's not just bad acting.

    2. Elyther


      Oh yeah, I totally get that and I think he did a good job of it. I think it went a little far at points, but I guess I meant that I've seen a lot of "Connor has no personality" things in posts and reviews (which I think is at least a little attributed to the stage direction of his voice acting) and all I can see is him just dead-pan dropping a box of tea into the ocean staring directly into the eyes of his enemies like "...oops how did that happen" 


  10. Plat #63 Assassin's Creed Revelations. I liked it much better this go around then the first time I played it on my old profile but I'm so torn now. I told myself I was only going to finish the Ezio collection and Syndicate, but now I want to finish the current story arc. But the AC3 grind is reaaaal

  11. I forgot all about Ezio's singing in Revelations! Ah he makes me laugh. What a great character.  

  12. Was pretty impressed with how perfectly Assassin's Creed Lineage managed to cast people. They looked exactly like the ACII game characters!... Then I remembered MoCap was a thing haha.


  13. Hmm, Hoarder popped early for me in Hyper Light Drifter. The only collectibles I had left were the 16 monolith and horde mode outfits, but getting the 16 monolith one popped Hoarder. Anyone else have this issue?

  14. 1028 chain dashes in hyper light Drifter!  I was really dreading this trophy, but it was much less frustrating than I was expecting. 

  15. Plat #59 Severed. What a fun game! Loved the art style and the touch screen combat was very well done. 

  16. Ha! The trophy that got me to level 20 was called Trophy that I got it for picking up a trophy. 

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      Oh shoot you're right! I saw the icon and the description and completely substituted the actual name. Got them trophies on the brain, as it were. Ah well, thank you!

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      LOL! I didn't know what you were talking about at first, but that's pretty awesome. Congrats!

    4. DaivRules
  17. From what I understand, if you complete ANY of the community bundles, it locks you out of the Joja trophy because you can no longer purchase those same improvements through Joja. I think you might be able to get away with it if you save up all the items needed for the community center bundles, and the ~130k for Joja at the same time (not completing either). Then back up the save and do one then the other. But just as a warning it also takes multiple in-game days for Joja improvements to show up so if you want the 'Good' ending, make sure finishing up Joja doesn't overwrite your "nothing is started yet" save.
  18. As far as I know, there aren't any missable trophies related to the time of year/specific days. However, there are missable trophies in terms of actions taken. If you buy a Joja's membership you will be locked out of the Local Legend trophy for the community center. And if you start the community center bundles and then buy a Joja membership you get locked out of both Local Legend and Member of the Year trophies.
  19. Started Yomawari: Night Alone last night and got super lucky getting the big bell collectible. Spawned first time I went to the vacant lot and somehow I didn't activate the monster cat. I definitely saw the cat run away from me but it didn't turn into a monster. 

  20. Hello! Please sign me back up for Tomb Raider. I've added Lara Croft Go, Lara Croft and the Guardians of Light and Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris to my completed games list. Edit: I don't think I would have played the Lara Croft games if it wasn't for this PP so thanks for adding in those as bonus games. They were a lot more fun than what I was expecting given some of the gameplay videos I watched.
  21. I pretty sure I had either 83 or 84 at the end of my run, and you need 80 for the trophy so you're close!
  22. Don't you just love it when glitches help instead of hinder? Somehow got the "Survive 7 days and escape" endurance trophy in RotTR to pop by dying on the first day.

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      Haha, brilliant!

  23. Sign me up for Tomb Raider! I have Legend, Anniversary, Underworld, TR: Definitive Edition and Rise of the Tomb Raider!
  24. Good news everyone! There's another bugged Murfy challenge for a free diamond cup in the vita version. The current distance needed is currently 556.00, however 555.99 also seems to give a diamond. Good luck, and remember to tickle the enemy right before the last jump if you're having difficulty. This seems to give a small boost in distance.
  25. Ah geez, that really sucks. I'm sorry it didn't work out. Yeah same. I got the points and an increase in cup stats for getting the diamond but I think you're right, the trophy pops with the reward screen.