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  1. Tree Tops is definitely and understandably not easy for a lot of people, veteran players included. Even if you know what you're doing while playing the level, completing it consistently without issue can be challenging nonetheless.
  2. Or you're just bad at the game. 🤔 Even when taking more difficult levels like Tree Tops into consideration, I wouldn't say that the platinum difficulty increases by that much. (They did mess up the controls for the flying levels, so I'll give you that much) Obviously it goes without saying that people who've played the original will likely have an easier time getting the platinum for this game than others. That said, Spyro - especially the first game - was never that hard compared to other, similar 3D platformers/collectathons. (i.e Banjo-Kazooie) Some of the mini-games in the later two titles - most notably in the third - can be pretty annoying, however, and in some cases more in Reignited than they were in the originals. (You don't need to reach the highest level of in-game completion to platinum the third game like you do with the other two, though, so there's that at least)
  3. And we're surprised about this being the case... why? lol This is such a strawman argument, and it's annoying to see people still peddling this around as if this can be made as a direct comparison to Microsoft acquiring Bethesda. Sunset Overdrive has a singular game compared to the several that most existing Bethesda IPs have now, many of which have existed for decades. The two are completely different levels of severity, and not really comparable beyond a surface level as a result. :/ Combine that with the fact that most of Insomniac's games and IPs are exclusive to PlayStation platforms anyways, and the comparison makes even less sense. Plus, it's not like Microsoft was going to make another Sunset Overdrive anyways. lmao (That said, I honestly don't expect Sony to make another one either in all fairness) Thank God at least one person has some common sense about this whole situation. lol I'm all for more competition, but this move by Microsoft was too extreme in my eyes. (Pretty much as equally disagreeable as Disney acquiring Fox a few years ago) It'd obviously be no better if Sony bought Bethesda instead of Microsoft either, but they didn't... so...
  4. All I know is that - if my initial experience with World's Iceborne expansion was any indication - Sunbreak is going to seriously kick me into the dirt at first. 😂 Looking forward to it nonetheless, though, especially given the change in aesthetic and theme from the base game to freshen things up. I seriously need to get back into SMT - and turn-based RPGs outside of Pokémon in general, really - 'cause SMTV looks great so far.
  5. Reignited needed that due to Activision rushing the game, but this is true especially since the point you made about the Series X version of Far Cry 6 sounds quite similar.
  6. That's perfectly understandable, and I can see what you mean now in regards to randomness. The purple one didn't bother me as much personally because his projectiles were easy to avoid compared to the blue one's ice, but both were pretty darn annoying. lol (The former was harder to kill, though, since you're basically forced into a much more confined space that loops with little room to shoot at it as it crawls towards you) I think my only other "major" issue with the E.M.M.I. as a whole - even if I still enjoyed them up until the blue one - was the following pattern I noticed; Encounter an E.M.M.I. upon entering a new region in the game Go to another new region to obtain an item needed to progress further in the last one Go back to the previous region you came from to beat the E.M.M.I. with the new item now in your possession Go to the next region, be it the one you just came back from with the new item in question, or an entirely new one Rinse and repeat It admittedly felt a little too formulaic at times, so a little bit more variety here and there could've helped things out in this regard for sure. I understand that backtracking is a staple of both Metroid as a series and the Metroidvania genre as a whole, but this specifically bothered me a little for whatever reason. Otherwise I didn't mind the backtracking that much if at all since I'm accustomed to it with these games, and they handle it a lot better and organically than other games do.
  7. I personally found that there's plenty of other and creative ways to avoid them. The last two "proper" ones can go straight to hell, though, especially that blasted blue one. lol Starting with that one is when I felt that they had outstayed their welcome and became a bit unfair, not to mention far more annoying than fear-inducing. I honestly hardly used the phantom cloak unless I messed up really bad and got cornered, and even then I usually found other methods to get away from them. It really all just depends on how well and fast you can think on your feet, and how creative you can be when in a pinch or dodgy situation. (Both of which I usually suck at, to be fair, so I have absolutely no idea how the hell I got through this game without having a heart attack at some point lmao) I do disagree with something more random being better, however, as that would've arguably been more annoying to tackle and alienated more people. To each their own, though, I suppose. The E.M.M.I. certainly aren't for everybody, and understandably so. lol Still a neat concept either way, imo, even if mileage may vary. The loading times were weirdly long, yeah. 😂 Is the game that intensive on the hardware, or is it loading more than it really needs to at once, I wonder? Admittedly I wasn't bothered by them that much if only because they - like the elevators in the Prime games - were animations instead of just an otherwise blank screen. (That said, I still hope they patch it to significantly reduce the loading times if possible in the relatively near future)
  8. I get why some people are displeased with Pokémon as of late for sure, although I do agree that a lot of people go way too far with their negativity at times. It gets a little old.
  9. Yeah, I didn't quite understand their point about generations myself. lol Although there are sadly a lot of people who won't play things that're "old" because old equals bad in their minds for whatever reason. That said, I wouldn't say that most remakes are "completely" different games from their originals. If you're playing something like Shadow of The Colossus for PS4, you're still basically playing the original game just with some slight changes and quality of life improvements. (Obviously something like Final Fantasy VII Remake or the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3 are a different story entirely, but I digress) Not to mention it's a pretty unrealistic stance to have in general, subjective or not.
  10. Again, not everyone's going to agree with that, which is the point being made here. Not with this specifically, but just in general. I don't know if I agree with the generational mentality outright, however. That's never mattered to me, at least, but that's subjective as well I suppose.
  11. Okay, that I can agree to. Newer games are pretty much always preferable, imo.
  12. Exactly my stance on this kind of subject. They'll more than likely continue to re-release the original RE4 even after this remake comes out too, and probably the remake itself as well. lmao
  13. Good games can also age poorly in some or even several areas, though. It's really not that hard to comprehend, nor is it completely illogical and without reason or purpose. Most people, for example, are not going to say that the original Ocarina of Time is wholly better than its remake for the 3DS unless they're blinded by nostalgia and/or elitism. (Save for a relatively small handful of people where it's purely a preference more than anything, nostalgia-driven or not) Is the original better in some areas? Sure. Is it better all-round? Probably not. Either way it's still rather subjective, but there's still an obvious and clear preference here for most people. You're even admitting that it's a personal preference here despite treating it as an objective statement earlier. Maybe try conveying that better next time instead of cherry picking out only specific points to rebut with nonsense. Depends on what the movie is, as we wouldn't have gotten the masterpiece that is Peter Jackson's King Kong if he didn't remake and reimagine the original 1933 film. That said, the mediums aren't really that similar despite how hard the video game industry is trying to parallel Hollywood, so it's not really fair to compare them to that extent. You don't have to worry about how a movie controls since they aren't interactive, but for games that's one major part of what makes them what they are.
  14. I already said that my point wasn't about RE4, as I don't necessarily agree with it getting a remake myself. Please actually read what I'm trying to convey to you instead of being unreasonably stubborn. And no, it doesn't, as I've already explained. At least not objectively and all the time for every single game, anyways.
  15. Patches for games didn't exist until the PS3/360 era for the most part, though? And no, that's not how that works at all. Games improve upon things constantly, both within the same series and outside of it. A game like Super Mario 64 was great for its time, for example, but it's aged rather poorly in terms of controls when compared to later mainline 3D Mario games. (And when compared to similar platformers in general that've improved upon what it accomplished during its time) Obviously some games will have aged better than other similar games, as well as even later ones within the same series, but that's not an objective or all-encompassing fact. Either way, this is an incredibly narrow-minded and rather out of touch stance to take on this subject. :/