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  1. I've seen a lot of people that come off as extremely passive-aggressive when they voice that they don't like something that a lot of other people do, as if it gets under their skin or something so they have to be pretentious twats about it to try and do the same to others and to feel better about themselves. lol They never shut up about things they don't like either. Go outside, find a different - preferably outdoors - hobby, something more productive than trying to feel vindicated over your opinions by treating them like fact while trying to put others down for having differing opinions to your own. Your word isn't law, you're arguing with and being petty towards absolute fucking strangers on the internet, and you're a massive nerd playing video games, ffs. lmao

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    2. LC-Fraggers


      Imagine hating something in this hobby so much that you spend significant portions of your life trying to get strangers on the internet to hate it too.


      Pathetic. 👍

    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      @Zephrese same boat on Nintendo..Hate the switch, joycons, 720p-1080p. All the cartoony graphics still. Not everything needs to be realistic but i hate it. 4hr battery if lucky, joycons are designed like crap. Yet i buy new switch stuff alongside my never ending preorder list. I totally get it lol


      Plus yeah every company has good and bad

      Ill take Sony Ps Premium as example. I like it, no it isnt perfect but people expect too much. Gamepass isnt all that great either. But for a new Playstation 5 user to be able to get premium and get games like Returnal and Miles and Guardians, its not bad. I just have played those lol.


      Only thing sony has done that annoys me, is the 100GB cloud save storage...... being limited at 1000 saves. Just go off the available space.... i have 90Gb free or something. Cant get more, had to delete old saves ill never use because they limit to 1000..Pretty dumb there. But yeah. every company has faults.

      @LC-Fraggers thats essentially the majority of politicians in a nutshell, except not necessarily on an internet level, though Media... so its huge part of it haha

    4. AK-1138


      I feel attacked but do not care.