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  1. Yes,that's the sequence.To continue,the game is trolling me.After getting the trophy i used quickenings 3 times,one to each of the 3 optional bosses in Nabudis.I got two Black Holes, one with a 14 chain and one with a 25 chain.In the 25 chain, Basch alone did 4-6-5. F* you RNG
  2. Finally got it.I started with 5 level 3 quickies and barely made it with a sequence of 4-4-5 . I got the last quickie right after a mist charge with 0.11 seconds.Although the tip is to start with a level 3 quickie, i must say that i barely made 12 hits with that method (minimum for black hole).I was getting higher chains when i started with level 2 or 1 quickenings.Also about the level 3 ones being rare, i had a second time where i got 9 in the row (i couldn't get a sinlge level 1 at that sequence).This is very random,they must have changed something.Anyway i'm glad it's over
  3. I've been trying for about 5 hours straight and still can't do it.I don't remember it being so hard on ps2.Is it changed in this version? I had some really improbable sequences.For example, one time i did 10 quickenings and they were all level 3! I managed to get to 24 hits and i wasn't able to get my fourth quickening in level 3.I had many sequences like 3-4-4, 4-3-3 or 4-3-4. Is there any combination (characters) that works better? Or i'm just unlucky?On ps2 i was doing black holes without even aiming to
  4. Check this thread.For now you can't do anything.If you want to reappear on the leaderboards you will have to hide the game
  5. Yes you are.I have Sound Shapes on my profile (which i regret cause the game sucked) but i also have games like Uncharted and God of War and Witcher,Dragon Age,GTA that took many hours to get 100% again.And i'm planning to re-do Skyrim and all Kingdom Hearts.I don't see why replaying a game you like is lame.You could say the same for any port from ps2 or ps1 or remaster like Crash Bandicoot
  6. Dishonored Definitive Edition. I won the game in a giveaway here, but one DLC pack is keeping me away from it at the moment
  7. It happened to me on December when i was playing Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD.I didn't sync any trophies and i don't have ps+.Also the game doesn't have multiplayer mode.I saw here that the trophies were synced,while i was checking the trophy guide.The copy was digital
  8. Yeah,but in that case you can see how many trophies you have earned under the game.So for the easy one you will see 48 of 50 trophies with a B rank and for SMB you will see 2 of 24 trophies with A rank.Ranks won't work if you earn trophies in dlcs.For example,in Uncharted 3, if you earn many dlc trophies (50) you can have an A rank with only two main game's trophies earned.Anyway,i know it's not ideal,that's why i said ranks can give hints
  9. Well, ranks can give you a hint.Usually A rank means you are close to platinum.Especially if you don't care about getting a game with dlcs to 100%
  10. What's the reason to dispute one game? Almost everything on February 27th-28th is hacked EDIT. Actually the hacking activity starts way earlier.I'm really curious,how many flagged games do you have?
  11. I did mine offline on ps3 and still got the trophy on ps4 when i transfered my character
  12. Shit.I thought they announced it when i saw the title.I'd love to see witcher 1 & 2 on ps4.I started the series with Witcher 3 and i felt that i missed so many great things
  13. #99 ASSASSIN'S CREED BROTHERHOOD (PS4) Julius Caesar Win every trophy Enjoyment: 5/10 Difficulty: 4/10 Brotherhood was more challenging than AC2 which was a nice change of pace and it had in-game maps for the collectibles so i didn't have to use powerpyx videos which was even nicer.But after a while it became very repetitive.As i was doing the side quests and trying to sync them 100%, i got very bored.Also i felt like the story was rushed and the last sequence was bad.Anyway,i will have to decide which game will be my 100th platinum before i play Revelations,so Ezio will have to wait
  14. That's how i got it on 2014.I crashed someone and he put a bounty on me.So i drove to the airport and i combined that trophy with a platinum award.I think it was driving for 30 minutes without crashing
  15. The reason for the report was the medals popping within seconds?