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  1. Batman Arkham Origins.The mp and the absence of Kevin Conroy kept me away from it.But mostly the mp
  2. Plat rarity on ps4 is almost doubled compared to ps3.And the game was released 12 days ago.I think it will reach 15% in 6 months
  3. From previous disputes, i think you are reported for obtaining the rings before beating Phalanx.I never played online,but it seems you can't access multiplayer mode before doing 1-1. Is the AS version any different from the EU or NA?
  4. I have to purchase the 2.8 collection.It's a bit pricey for a remaster and half a game,so i'll wait until easter sales.But tbh,i don't think i'll complete the event.I read again the first post and i saw the deadline.If SE do the same thing they did with FFXV (many dlcs),i'll wait for a complete edition before getting KH3
  5. The only enemy that took me hostage (twice) was the elephant in the 6th Palace.First time i failed the negotiation but he did again in the next encounter EDIT. This elephant
  6. As they say in the old country: "Nostloy bleckla, den noi pushta.''
  7. If you want a challenge you would do everything on Proud,not Beginner.And you wouldn't use saves like he did with CoM which is easier.Since the trophies don't stack on ps3,there is no reason to combine Proud with Unchanging Armor and then play the game on Final Mix
  8. So they hacked your game twice? Once on December 2016 and once on March 2017?? The nerve they got
  9. Although it can't be reported,i'm 99% sure you used saves for KH 1 as well.You completed it in the same manner as CoM,after 2 years hiatus.You did Proud without changing equipment and then you played on Normal.Who does that?
  10. Woke up today and for some reason this tune played in my mind.Must have seen weird dreams lol
  11. Whatever.Do what you want.Another day in the arcade for Sakamoto....
  12. Romance anyone for the trophy.Reload and do a romance-less playthrough.No more dilemma.Spend Valentine's the way Joker would
  13. GTA V (ps3) had over 75.000. I think that's biggest number i've seen
  14. Sign me for Blitzball Champion please.I have 8 platinums (all in my trophy cabinet). FF9 will be my...ninth plat,but i'm saving it for a milestone