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  1. #163 The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Master of Unwritten Tales Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 1/10 An enjoyable and easy point & click game, i believe it was offered last summer from ps+. You know, when SONY still gave a fuck about ps3. Thanks a lot to @zadorvp for the guide
  2. @Bumperklever Fastest clean-up party ( at least that's how i did it) is the follow: Two paladins with Overspin One Valkyrie One ranged unit (i think i had a Hunter although an Archer is just the same) And the most important thing, a Catapult Paladins have priority, so use the Catapult and send them inside the enemy group Overspin with both for a lot of AoE damage. Valkyrie then destroys the most dangerous party member of the opponent Hunter/Archer hit the enemy with the lowest health Second round, do the same and the battle is over When you want to level up a unit for the Skill trophy, switch the Hunter/Archer with it and put it in the back row. The two Pals and the Val will take care of the rest
  3. For clarification: -Cid gives you the battle meter after making you a SeeD or when he gives you the item for Diablo. -In the prison you need to play cards with a guy and he will upgrade it, showing the kills for each character. -The CC group member that has the Leviathan card (in the training center) upgrades the battle meter again, showing the GF kills ( they count for the trophy)
  4. How can i report a blasphemer in this forum?
  5. I kinda knew Alice was and android for the beginning. When Alice was taking a bath at the motel and Kara was watching the news, Todd told the reporter that his android attacked him and left. He even put some band aid on his head. Why lie, when the obvious thing to say was the android kidnapped his daughter? As for why Alice feel cold or have a fever, i think it was mentioned in a magazine, that she was designed that way so the human parents will have a child that needs care or something
  6. #162 Final Fantasy VIII Lionheart Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 1/10 FF8 REMAKE! FF8 REMAKE!! FF8 REMAKE!!! FF8 REMAKE!!!! FF8 REMAKE!!!!! FF8 REMAKE!!!!!! FF8 REMAKE!!!!!!! FF8 REMAKE!!!!!!!!
  7. Catherine. I'm still skeptical about starting it
  8. Bosses have more than one option to draw, but the GF will be always shown (it won't be ???) and i believe it's always in the bottom of the list
  9. I must admit i had more fun playing Piet and Ellone in space with all rules while getting Alexander and Laguna. I lost rare cards to them but i took them back anyway. Now, if you want Laguna at all costs and can't stand the rules, an extreme way to do it, is to mod every card except the 5 ones you want to play. You can get every card back in disc 4 from the members of CC group. I think only PuPu card can't be reclaimed but at that point of the game you don't have it anyway
  10. I thought we mention games that are removed from the store here, my bad. Anyway in my country there aren't any left (retail) except for xbox
  11. Divinity Original Sin — Enhanced Edition is also gone from EU store. I missed my chance in the August sale
  12. Units are based on Class (fighter, magician, archer etc). I remember finding a post where someone wrote down some patterns, so you will know what your unit will learn later on.For example, if your fighter learns X move on level 10, Y move on level 15 and Z move on level 25, then on level 52 he will learn A move. Now, if you were looking for a fighter that learns B move on level 52, you could stop leveling him if he had the pattern i just wrote. Still i advise you to start now, the platinum time isn't 100 hours atm. It's most like 50-60 hours plus learning the skill Short Sights which is like the treasures in Uncharted 3. I believe that the plat time will be over 150+ hours offline just because you lose the easy exp method
  13. Learning every skill on one of your units. You have to level up different units in order to create an item with the skill they learn. The fastest way is to have a party with 2 or 3 main high level units and then get 1 or 2 units you want to level up. Play online wars against strong teams and get a lot of exp. I don't know if there is any good spot in campaign mode for exp. Also be aware that units learn different skills (i mean the same unit). Meaning that you may level up a unit that will never learn the skill you want, therefore you have to try again with a different one of the same class
  14. Then it should be fine, you also get one for reaching S level
  15. I don't know if or how you can boost but if you play against AI, you need a decent party to finish the battle quickly. I believe getting all flags was the last thing i did Actually, Dragon added that note after i sent him a pm that i got almost all flags from online wars and the other methods didn't work. It may be best to ask some of the latest achievers