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  1. Royal Edition was released two months ago so it can't be that. I saw a release date for Japan, but that was 20 days ago
  2. For me, it's ICO. It's 6.33% atm, but it should have been UR. Last Guardian is way easier and it's 3.35%. I believe the reason ICO is a VR plat it's because it has a lot of cheaters but it's impossible to tell from the timestamps
  3. Yes i understand that. But since you were killing the colossi, your health should be rising as well. And there is a big gap between unlocking the stamina and health trophy. Judging by ICO, he did the 2 hours run within 6 hours (even got the sword) so he maybe had experience with the games from ps2
  4. Your timestamps are saying that when you started earning trophies (and syncing them), you had a Wander with almost maxed stamina but basic health. You unlocked the stamina trophy after beating the 2nd Colossus and the health trophy was almost the last thing you did before the plat. So your story about continuing playing from your original save is pretty weak. Unless you are claiming you spent a ridiculous amount of time, killing lizards over and over and over without beating any Colossus and that is just a theory, i don't know if it's even possible
  5. Spoiler Alert.......
  6. Latest achiever got this trophy and the platinum within a week, so yes it should still work
  7. It happened to me as well on 2015 with my old ps3. Although i played without a problem on 2012. When i returned to it my ps3 was overheating and shut down after 10-15 minutes. Funny thing i could play GTA V for 10 hours without an issue but my ps3 couldn't manage UC2 and Ratchet and Clank Into the Nexus. I ended up getting a new ps3
  8. #159 Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate (vita) The Dark Knight Enjoyment: 5/10 Difficulty: 1/10 Possibly the worst game in Arkham series. The ''action'' part of the game is almost non-existent since combat and predator are very basic. This game feels more like a puzzle where the hardest part is navigating. Platinum needs 3 playthroughs, but second and third one doesn't add anything new, you just have to play again for two belts. If you haven't played it, you are not missing anything
  9. Well, i played the ps3 version 6 years ago, so maybe there has been changes. There is even a game where they changed trophies,not just requirements
  10. Riddler's Revenge are the challenges
  11. That's not your only problem. You shouldn't have unlocked PK-Day 2 without obtaining every medal with Batman
  12. Seven+ years and the only email i get from Sony is: ''Thank you for the purchase''
  13. Every online trophy will become unobtainable at some point. You should feel lucky you still have a chance with FFXV. The standalone Comrades have more bosses and trophies than the original so there is no point asking for transfering saves
  14. I'll wait for August savings. I hope those will include vita discounts as well.
  15. Another effective method for 3TDM is doing it with four people where everyone has two controllers. The setup is like this: Two teams have 1 player that uses the second controller, so Team A has A1,A2 Team B has B1,B2 The third team has two players,so Team C has C1 and D1 When the three teams manage to find each other, Team C kills Team A and Team B This way 2 players win and the other two (Team A and Team B ) don't have to worry about getting kicked because when one character dies, they take the second controller while waiting for the first to spawn. The best way is to let Team C get all 50 wins or at least 25 so you won't have to find each other many times When team C is done then the setup go like this Team A has C1,C2 Team B has D1,D2 Team C has A1,B1 If there is trust between the boosting partners, using this way, you will only have to match up TWO times (unless there are disconnections) Team C should be placed in the middle of the map and each player cover one side Matches end in 2-3 minutes this way so you need 2.5 hours for 50 wins and 5 hours for everyone to get the trophy