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  1. One month ago someone replied the same thing. It sounds more like, 'I will look into it so go bother someone else"
  2. FYI, if you think it is hard with Aqua, you will find it impossible with Terra. With Aqua and Ventus i had more wins than loses against him (4-3). Terra took me 20+ tries on ps3 and a few on ps4 (i think MF is nerfed on ps4). Just make sure you are using Cartwheel or Dodge Roll because the other ones with the elements (for example Firewheel) don't give you invincibility frames
  3. Yes it's obtainable.I got it last month.It will take a few hours grinding for bounties
  4. Sign me up.I have 9 platinums and 3 100% hearts
  5. You don't need all blueprints, just 30 of them (i think it was 30).This means you don't have to bother with all level 3 missions.You may be able to pull it off in ps4
  6. I don't really get if you are talking about the ps3 or ps4 version.The 130 hours guide was for ps3. If you are talking about the ps4 version, 60-80 hours are way too much.It's doable in 40-45 hours without rushing.Two full playthroughs, one in easy mode and one speedrun in proud. For easy mode you go for unchanging armor and undefeated (and possibly doing it in less than 15 hours).After that you do all the other trophies since nothing is missable.This step is 30-35 hours depending your luck.I was farming 2-3 hours the magicians for Donald's weapon. Then one speedrun in proud mode.This will take around 10 hours, even including some leveling and by playing casually. The importance in both playtrhoughs is to get Second Chance and Leaf Bracer as soon as possible (i don't remember the route/choice of weapons) If you are talking about the ps3 version, 130 hours are maybe too much.But in ps3 you had to invent a lot of time in the Gummi Missions.The problem wasn't the difficulty trophies that didn't stack. You had to understand that mini-game, make different models for different missions, farm those blueprints by destroying ships.So 80-100 hours for ps3 are reasonable,even more
  7. No because i will never be high enough to care about it
  8. People demand KH3 leak
  9. Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment (Vita) Defeat The Horn of Furious
  10. Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment (Vita) Defeat The Legacy of Grand
  11. Maybe all characters obtain Morgana's ability and transform into vehicles. Wonder what would Futaba transform into
  12. I hope it's not exclusive to Japan.Or Persona 5 Racing....
  13. Maybe dlc then? I saw ''New projects''
  14. I just saw this.A sequel?
  15. do you know an easy way to make rokurous final breaksoul? i cant do it and i need to do it at least once xD

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    2. cador25


      thanks a lot i will try!

      how do i put my party in manual? from the arte menu?

    3. sephiroth4424


      I don't remember how.If you can't put them on manual, order them to play defense.It's the same thing

    4. cador25


      thanks a lot again!