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  1. Lazy devs are lazy
  2. It took me one hour to finish this crap.I did it in 51 seconds but it said that i got a title for Colette, a dog title
  3. Yes you start a ng+ again.Ur-Dragon can only be fought in normal, regardless the difficulty your game is.The maximun exp you can get from him is 586.000.The Daimon (both forms) give 1.4 million with the same conditions (on easy or normal) and 2.8 million if you defeat him on hard.The conditions are 1) No main pawn 2) No additional pawns or pawns that are 25 levels below your Arisen's level 3) Be under Weal when you defeat the Dragon or Daimon
  4. Yes.There is no need to do NG+ in normal.I got Ever-turning wheel and Veteran in the same playthrough.If you can play the Speedrun playthrough on Hard, you can combine all 3 trophies in one playthrough.But i don't know if you can put Hard difficulty in speedrun mode. Also there is no need to grind money and equipment.If you farm the Ur-Dragon for the 200 level trophy you will get millions form selling the 20 wakestones each time
  5. No.You have to start a new game.Choose hard mode from main menu and transfer your current save
  6. Was hoping Witcher 3 Complete Edtition would be there
  7. The only thing they have to do is to disable trophies in case you co-op.They should have done that with every Souls game.No-deaths or SL1 runs are pointless.Perhaps add a trophy for beating NG+7
  8. Unless you've hidden a legit Sound Shapes (you have 500+ hidden trophies), you are off the leaderboards permanently.Your GoW Ascension is out of place as well
  9. #124 Final Fantasy IX Heroes of Gaia 6000th Trophy Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 6/10
  10. #123 Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Dream Drop Distance Master Enjoyment: 6/10 Difficulty: 2/10 Not a fan of the drop system, but i liked the combat one which was similar to Birth by Sleep.Easy game,and even if this was the first time i played it, it took me 48 hours to plat without skips.In the past 2 years i've played most of the KHs (except the movie ones). And although i still don't understand what the fuck is going on with the story (time travel made it even worse), who is that guy's Heartless or Nobody, the χ-blade and blah blah blah, at least they made clear what is the goal.I hope KH3 will put an end.I need some closure.And please no more masterminds behind masterminds
  11. One-Winged angel is now a Master of Hearts hearts
  12. KH DDD completed.I guess that's it for me
  13. I guess they have problems making this
  14. A question about the card minigame.In order to get the Fever trophy, do i need to earn a star in all tournaments? Rank A is not enough? Also does my DE's level matter? For example, a level 50 Rex has better cards than a level 35 one?
  15. When you do the Link Portals, do you have to get the bonuses as well? (except the trophy where you have to complete 1 of each bonuses)