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  1. I went with a dex build and the Great Scythe.Felt like i played on easy mode
  2. If you have played the game before,it's not worth it at the current price.I mean they didn't add anything other than trophies and boosters you don't need.I will get it when it's on sale,at least 50%
  3. Why are they trolling us with the 21 euros price? I have to buy a 50e card
  4. Sly should add a dislike button or something for clickbait threads.Seriously
  5. Yeah,that's how it works with those RNG related trophies.Congrats for the plat
  6. Do you solve the puzzles quickly? Try to play your next run,like you are playing for the first time,when you didn't know what to do.As i said in my previous post,i got lucky because i went to the wrong place.If i had pushed forward,i wouldn't have seen him doing his business
  7. Thunderjaw for me as well.I loved getting its disc launchers and blast it to oblivion.Worst machine,without a doubt the Glinthawk.Or Glinthawks.The toughest machine is definitely the Rockbreaker
  8. Surprisingly, it was a lot easier than i expected.I only did the main quests though.I completed it with two deaths,one in the second fight with the deathbringer (it blew up the platform i was on and i died from the falling) and one against the thunderjaw when i tried to pick up its weapon.I bought 6 or 7 adept weapons but the only ones i used was the Hunter Bow (3 handling,1 fire mods) and the Sharpshot Bow (2 handling,2 damage mods).HB was firing hardpoint arrows like a machine gun!
  9. #109 Horizon Zero Dawn All trophies obtained Obtained all Horizon Zero Dawn trophies. Enjoyment: 9.5/10 Difficulty: 2/10 A very enjoyable game.Great story and i loved the combat,where unlike other rpgs you can't hack your way through everything.I hope they will conclude the story with next dlc (or dlcs).Unfortunately,i don't see how they can create a successful sequel.Also i loved the voice actors.I knew i heard those voices in Fringe,Jown Wick and omg they even had Alucard!
  10. I got it with patch 1.03. He did it on my second playthrough at the area where you fell in the water (with the pot) and you used his tail to get up.When i climbed it,i went towards the way we entered the area (not intentionally) and when i turned back i heard the speech and Trico did his thing
  11. It took me 55 hours on Normal.I did every quest,errand and listened to every dialogue.It's a very enjoyable game.I even farmed shards (80.000) and hearts for the adept weapons on ultra hard
  12. Beat the game on critical under 10 hours without dying or changing equipment.It will be a silver trophy
  13. You're probably right.It's just that i don't remember scanning the Behemoth.I encountered one so far, near a corrupted area with two Rockbreakers (level 34).I thought that the Behemoth was a Ravager and i just spammed fire from a vantage point.I actually understand that it was a different machine when i went to loot its parts
  14. I encountered a different glitch.Or not,i'm not sure.I just checked my catalogued machines in notebook and i'm missing one.It's the Redeye Watcher.It make sense cause even if i encountered one i wouldn't think to scan it (i wouldn't be able to tell the difference from a normal Watcher).But i already earned the trophy for killing every type of Reconnaissance machine.And the guide says thet Redeye is included there.So did i kill one accidentaly but it didn't register in the notebook? Or killing them doesn't mean they are auto-catalogued?