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  1. Can't believe it's 20 years old
  2. I'm pretty sure it popped for me when i had 2500 kills or 2700.Keep slaughtering
  3. It took me 3-4 hours to collect around 20 cards i was missing after playing (rather speed-running) on proud.The key is to use Teeming,Almighty,Looming Darkness and close the application every 10 minutes
  4. You can always buy the remastered version for ps5.It doesn't have mp trophies
  5. Can't decide which one i like better
  6. Thanks for this! #sephiroth4424 Lvl30
  7. I'd like to sign up.I'm new to the Tales of series, only played and completed Tales of Symphonia but i liked it and i have all the games in the list except the Vita one.Just started Tales of Zestiria
  8. The goty edition won't drop below 20, so get it.Honestly, the game has too much content with the 2 dlcs, it's a steal at that price
  9. I created a NA account just to play it for a third time, this month.If it's up to August 15th, you still have time for the platinum
  10. Then you'll see 10 pop-ups, 5 sign-ins and 5 sign-outs.No thanks
  11. So, i get Mafia 3 for free. And then pay 40 euros for the 3 dlc and get the 100% experience (or 30 for the season pass) Dreams do come true
  12. I don't know but i predict shitty games nobody cares about. I'd wish NieR Automata or The Seven Deadly Sins : Knights Of Britannia
  13. #130 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition The Limits of the Possible Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 2/10 This is the third time i went for 100% this game and i wouldn't mind going for a fourth.This time i chose Yen
  14. WoFF. Type-0 was short and boring
  15. Regarding the resetting and the close application exploit. Does it make any difference if you have a digital or disc version of the game? Like having less time to close app in digital? I'm thinking of picking the game from the store (summer sales)