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  1. #222 Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Trophy Hunter Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 5/10 I've enjoyed this one more than HF, HR and Lost Song. The gameplay was much better and thankfully the grind much less because of the easy leveling from multiplayer. The plat is easy but the 100% can be troublesome because of two bosses you need to defeat on the highest difficulty #223 DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition Enjoyment: 6/10 Difficulty: 4/10 If this game wasn't a DmC, i would give it more credit. BUT, it says DmC so i can't help it. Vergil, what have they done to you... #224 Tales of Xillia 2 Lord of Xillia 2 Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 3/10 Despite the lazy design and the same dungeons from the first game, i found X2 much better than the first one. The story was more interesting, the MC was an upgrade compared to Jude, plus the addition of Gaius-Muzet gave some funny skits. Also the bad ending was totally badass, i don't recall seeing anything like this in a jrpg before
  2. Same as Borderlands 3 then. I'll wait for Ultimates
  3. Does it include dlc 7 and dlc 8? Campus and Sunset Harbor. I can't see them in the Mayor edition
  4. A similar (kinda) question. If you redeem the ps+ collection (20 games or so) on ps5, can you play them on ps4? I'm not planning to get a ps5 but a friend of mine has, so i was wondering if it's possible to get them with my account on his ps5 and then play them on my ps4
  5. I'm not planning to get a ps5 for the next 2-3 years (unless my ps4 stops working) so it's possible i can start this generation with FF7R part 2 I bought the ps4 2-3 weeks after FFVII was released 😁 Yes you are right i meant FF16 not 11. Although 11 is the only one i haven't played so far
  6. First game on ps1, Final Fantasy VII First game on ps2, Final Fantasy X First game on ps3, Final Fantasy XIII First game on ps4, Final Fantasy VII So i will either go for FFVII part 2 or FFXI or any remastered FF surprise
  7. My ps4 shutdown after 2 hours of playing from overheating the first day i bought it. I returned it and within 10 minutes the tech support told me that the HDD had problems and they gave me a new ps4 instantly. So yeah. Shit happens
  8. When you get the Hematic grenades you can clear BT areas. Let them grab you and defeat the area's boss. Not practical if you carry cargo but you can clear the area and pick the cargo afterwards. I only used this method when i did Misc missions that had you pick cargo from BT's areas, but it should work with every area (at least for side-missions). Later you get weapons as well
  9. If it's true, they can go fuck themselves. Extortion with online gaming, now extortion with backing up saves?? What's next? We will insert coins to start games?
  10. Great move from Sony. Let's celebrate ps5's debut by discounting almost every trash game on ps4
  11. The same way you log in your ps4 and claim the ps4 games from ps+. They are on your account's library forever,not on your console. Unless they made any weird changes on ps5. What i would like to know if this Bugsnax policy will be the same for all ps5 games that are offered with ps+
  12. If you have a friend with ps5, you can log in with your account and claim the game
  13. I'm a bit confused about Bugsnax. Are they saying that the version they offer is for ps5 only or are they saying that if you don't own a ps5 you can't put ps5 games from ps+ in your library (generally)
  14. Starburst? Is it the skill where you hit 20-30 times? Also you shouldn't spam basic attacks. When i was doing it, i was spamming that skill (1 and 2) constantly. By the time one finished the animation, the other was available (also using the handguns weapon art)
  15. I assume this will be available only in USA because fuck the rest of Sony's customers in the world. I tried FF7 Remake on a NA account, i got the avatars in 24 hours (which i can't use to my EU account). I tried in a few EU accounts i made just for it, nothing. I don't care if it's Sony's fault or the devs choice. Sony should demand the rewards to be available to everyone