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  1. I used @Helyx video without modifiers (because with more speed the predator changed branches after a while). I played one hour games and later 30 minutes games. The trophy popped after i clocked 8 hours this way (i had almost zero time on trees before i started grinding) Edit. Well anyway, i just saw you got the trophy a little after your post
  2. If you are talking about the 1000 claims trophy, it's around 60 claims per hour with modifiers that increase speed. One minute in-game and around 3 minutes loading screens per 4 kills. If you have one other guy to boost, you can get 34 claims per 10-12 minutes. But you probably have to return the favor so it's still a long grind
  3. Bots count for claims, 100%
  4. Before the patch, the Trials were even harder. But overall they were easier than the challenges in GoW1
  5. But can i accept the quest and betray him? If i refuse i read i have to fight him immediately
  6. I'm about to meet the Undying King. I don't want to give him the heart because i want the crossbow weapon. Can i accept his quest and betray him later or i have to refuse and fight him immediately. Trophy wise, what's the best option?
  7. So kills count when time runs out? I never saw what happens if a quickmatch's time finish
  8. I think that was the magic number for me as well Regarding the 500 AI kills with Predator. If you play in private, you kill AI until the time runs out? Or should i put Fireteam bots to kill them and finish the match? I wonder how long it takes to find them
  9. Any tips for deactivating the bomb? We are trying in private and there isn't enough time. It's much less the 30 seconds i read you have. Any modifiers that help?
  10. I liked the anime. I hope it's good as a game
  11. Tennis, Golf, what's next? Squash? Cricket?
  12. Final count for me, 63 trophies Life is Strange - 61 Tokyo Xanadu - 2
  13. 61 trophies so far, or the Life is Strange platinum. Great game btw, reminded the Butterfly Effect (2004) which i will watch again tomorrow. I broke my last year's record (51) and i will still earn some more trophies from Tokyo Xanadu (vita)
  14. Which patch broke the game? I'm about to start the ps4 version
  15. Does anyone know if they are planning to add dlcs with trophies? The Deluxe edition is on sales atm and it includes the season pass