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  1. Getting one million is trivial. When you get the fishing trophy, it will be very easy to catch Royal fish at Eastern Road. They sell for 4000 each, in 20 minutes i caught 50. Make a save and sell all your materials and when you get the trophy reload. As for the speedrun, it can be done easily in 7-8 hours, and within that time i'm counting grinding for money and materials in order to have good weapons and items for bosses. You can combine it with Ending E (which needs 2-3 hours) to reach and just play the rest on a different save file EDIT. I just saw you have the money trophy, so ignore my post
  2. Does PvZ have online co-op?
  3. #257 Borderlands 3 (ps4) Ultimate Vault Hunter Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 3/10 I read some comments about the game being bad, but i liked it just as much i liked B2. Sure the twins ''lost'' to Jack but the game overall was better than any borderlands game so far. They finally made a better fast travelling system, they added Mayhem mode, they made a ton of awesome weapons and in order to reach max level you don't have to replay the game as enemies scale to your level. No more killing low level enemies for nothing. The only thing it lacks atm is Raid Bosses, it needs more and i hope they add them with new dlcs. I played as Moze and used Maliwan weapons and gear, especially after getting my hands on a Radical Pistol. Arms Race was an interesting addition, although i would prefer it didn't have that murdercane with the timer
  4. If you are going for the plat, you will meet two dlc bosses that make the final boss look like a common enemy, so don't worry about it. As for avoiding curse, you can try Hollow Skin
  5. #256 Assassin's Creed Odyssey Epic Cycle Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 3/10 When i started this,i wasn't expecting to play a RPG. I've played only AC2, Brotherhood, Revelations and Liberation before, so i thought i'd play an action/stealth game. Although this gameplay is closer to my preferences, i found it very repetitive. Perhaps the story didn't help me since i demand more from RPGs. Anyway, i liked the fact that it was based to Greek history/mythology. Even if it was inaccurate for many occasions. I played as Alexios and getting 100% took 101 hours. I didn't finish everything in the map
  6. Justice SERVED!
  7. Can you play the story co-op like in Sniper Elite games, or it's a solo game with co-op for online trophies like Uncharted for example?
  8. Check 3:25 Check 1:15 A disgrace to football, so glad he lost CL from Chelsea as well Go Italy
  9. Go Italy, punish the English divers
  10. I completed ''We Remember'' questline for Socrates but still i can't get the Moving Forward from Herodotos. Do i have to complete the Fate of Atlantis dlcs first? EDIT. Fast travelling to Elysium and back, made it appear so it was a minor glitch
  11. Can you get a free ps5 upgrade from ps now games?
  12. I have the two season passes and i'm getting a disc copy of the main game, i just hope i won't have to pay for anything else
  13. How many more dlcs are planned? I hope it doesn't get a season pass 3
  14. If you buy the the disc, can you play in a EU ps3? I thought it could, but i'm checking some JP copies of Demons Souls on Ebay and the sellers mention that you need a JP ps3 in order to play
  15. When it happened to me 4-5 years back, i freaked and formatted the ps3 lol. I replayed a game i already had 100% in my new ps3