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  1. Off topic question.When you purchase a free game with ps+, do you own it forever? (as long as you are a ps+ member) And can you see it in your library? (where it shows everything you purchased on psstore)
  2. You only need it once.On ps3 i've done it on NG+, on ps4 i've done on NG
  3. Then, since you are neither rich nor stupid, you won't buy the overpriced games or you are going to buy less games. And their sales will drop
  4. Is it my idea or Thunder Surge does less damage in the ps4 version? I'm playing on Critical but i don't remember it so weak
  5. I really liked it.I even searched for persona 4 since i've seen some trophy lists but it's only for vita .I like games with good stories,i like RPGs, i like turn-based combat systems,ost was marvellous.So P5 had all the package.The only thing i didn't like was Haru,her presence felt unnecessary for the story.I remember her talking 2-3 days after finishing the 5th Palace and she was acting like she's been on the team for months.Also her reactions after the incident were purely made.As for the difficulty,it was easy.Hardest thing was that minigame, power something.But i played the game on normal,and i farmed the Reaper on December,so the final dungeon and final boss seemed weak.It took me two weeks and 136 hours (130 playing-time).As for the emblem,i'll go with Joker,since i didn't put the platinum on my milestones.Futaba and Makoto look nice, Ann isn't.I suppose you didn't like her?
  6. #111 Persona 5 (ps4) Legendary Phantom Thief Earn all trophies. Enjoyment: 9.5/10 Difficulty: 3/10 Marvelous game.Great story with an amazing soundtrack.It's the first Persona i've ever played and i recommend it to anyone who likes RPGs
  7. Kawakami without a doubt.I regretted romancing Makoto (i thought i could troll Sae this way but devs thought otherwise).Also if it wasn't for her services,i would have had to play a full second run for the plat
  8. My top ten P5 songs 1.Rivers in the Desert 2.Life Will Change 3.Blooming Villain 4.Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There 5.Keeper of Lust 6.Awakening 7.Will Power 8.Jaldabaoth 9.Beneath the Mask (Rain) 10.Last Surprise
  9. Post your full name
  10. And it's done.P5 and Bloodborne have the best ost on ps4
  11. Since you did the freeflow challenges in BAK, anything combat related is super easy in Batman.I remember struggling with some maps on ps3 in BAC but on ps4 i passed them all in my first try with all characters.Sometimes i had the 3 medals by round 2.You should also put all the bad modifiers on combat maps when you play the campaign.As for predator,Batman is easy.The other three are not.Especially End of the Line and Top of the World extreme will put your nerves to the test
  12. I just completed the first playthrough.Marvelous game.I have a story question though
  13. I'm right before the final boss.I have 191/192 personas and a Yoshitsune at level 89 registered (i chose Arms Master as well).I also have 1.3 million yen.I believe that they are enough to fuse Satanael on May in ng+.But i wonder if i should spend them now and get Yoshitsune at level 99,by raising him one level at the time,and focus on his strength and agility.If i do that it will cost me a million.As for the minigame,it took me one hour to pass the first one.Three seconds trying and waiting one minute to press and reload
  14. In order to fuse Satanael,do i need to reach rank 10 for Strength confidant in ng+? Also for a low level fight against the Twins,do you suggest a Yoshitsune with Resist Fire or Drain Fire (it seems very expensive).I have 1.5 millions, 92% Compendium and i'm on 12/15 (completed 7th Palace)
  15. Can someone explain me what to do with Power Intuition?? I can't even get past the first one.What do i press? EDIT. Nevermind, i completed this nonsense