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  1. #136 Heavy Rain (ps4) Heavy Rain Master Enjoyment: 1/10 (8/10 on ps3) Difficulty: 2/10 I had my doubts about its replay value when i picked it up (from ps+) and i was right while going for the platinum.It was boring.I loved it first time around on ps3 but this time i couldn't play two chapters in the row without falling asleep.If it wasn't for that 22nd of September event, i wouldn't have finished it.I got 37/57 trophies that Saturday with the Perfect Crime and All Endings being 2 of them.I had no problem with Kamikaze or the Twins trophy.Only the Baby Master took me some tries.Still hard to watch through Lizard though, fuck that chapter
  2. Thanks a lot @Dangisuckatgamin !!! I came by a little earlier and i was confused because i wasn't seeing ads. It took me like 5 minutes to realize what's going on
  3. I'll keep it if there is a stupid trophy like in the first RDR. If there isn't, i'm taking the taxi-wagon or whatever they call it. No radio, no mindless riding for me
  4. I also see Ys VIII:Lacrimosa of DANA at 20 euros which i will grab.Perhaps the list is incomplete?
  5. It's not effective if you played as a Sorcerer or Mage.I don't know about Mystic Knight. I played as a Sorcerer and farmed Daimon with Holy Focused Bolt. On hard mode,without main pawn and two additional pawns with lower level than mine (25+), i was getting over 2 million exp in 5-6 minutes (getting there and killing him)
  6. Thanks for the giveaway.I'd like to enter as well. My favorite horror movie is The Thing
  7. If you play only one version, play the ps4 one. The 3rd dlc has the actual ending for the game
  8. I don't think that you need to buy the dlc for ps3 if you buy the ps4 version first.At least i downloaded it free
  9. #135 Tales of Berseria Champion of Berseria Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 3/10 Without a doubt Berseria had better story and characters compared to Zestiria (Edna excluded).The only issue was that sometimes they overdid it with skits.Some of them were unnecessary or too long.I was expecting a slightly different ending since i knew one party member's fate from playing Zestiria first, but no complaints, i guess we will see that story in a Tales game that cover the events between Berseria and Zestiria.My favourite character was Magilou and my party was Velvet,Magilou,Laphicet and Eleanor.Magic casters are so powerful in these two Tales games.Combat system was nice although playing as Velvet seemed like cheating.I preferred the crafting in Zestiria which was more rewarding and less expensive.The whole run took me 2 playthroughs and 117 hours.I farmed every piece of equipment in order to avoid getting the items from mini-games.Out of the three Tales games so far, Symphonia takes the cake
  10. If you do that, can you receive friend requests?
  11. Farm Abysteels at Hennes Mines (last part of dungeon).It will take 2-3 hours to reach level 99 from 70+. Spam Sleepga + Curaja
  12. I've already started NG+. I had 727 items without farming equipment and doing any mini-games.I opened all treasure boxes and did all side-quests though. In NG+ i'm playing on hard while farming for titles and i got a few new equipment from drops but the counter didn't go up. So i believe that you have to redo everything.In Zestiria you had to, i'm 100% certain.It sucks because even the Katz boxes didn't carry over. It should be mentioned that you should farm soul orbs without spending them in 1st playthrough, now i'll have to farm them again to open all 58 boxes and take the fashion items.It doesn't matter that i bought the options to carry them over from the grade shop
  13. Death Note approves this request
  14. In NG+, do i have to re-collect everything i got in my first playthrough? Or only the items i missed? For example do i have to get all costumes,ventites,glacites etc even if i buy the option to carry them over from the grade shop? All low rarity equipment?
  15. After finishing the Mystic Artes, i checked their Break Soul attacks and i was missing only Rokurou's 4th move.I've done it 3 times but i didn't get the Shattered Soul trophy.Any thoughts? I have 4 for Velvet and Rokurou, 1 for Magilou and 3 for the other 3 characters. EDIT. Nevermind, i was missing Magilou's Tetra Detonator