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  1. First time that i don't look forward to the next FF game. I don't know, maybe i'm affected by XV's bitter taste. The choice of the director doesn't seem wise (if it's Hiroshi Takai) I'd prefer see Nier's director making a FF
  2. Does this affect the multiplayer for the ps4 version? Maybe like a warning?
  3. You need to defeat Ifrit asap in this fight. So have limit breaks ready for him and blast him immediately. He doesn't have much hp. With Cloud's and Aerith's limit breaks, the fight is not hard, just need to time them
  4. Is it something you re-enabled or sony did?
  5. Sweet!! I hope we get three different stacks, i'd throw another 350 hours gladly
  6. I bought South Park on ps3 just for this event. I'll try to get all 51 trophies in that day
  7. I'm from Greece so no luck. No email. No contact. And those cretins NOT EVEN put the avatars in the store so i can at least buy the one i want as a customer. F$#^%$ Sony
  8. So i tried 3-4 times in live chat support and all i get is this page without a place to type. Is this where you waited or i am in the wrong place?
  9. Yes. Just make a UK account and redeem the code there. Then activate the UK account as primary on your ps4 and earn trophies in your NA account
  10. In digital content?
  11. I didn't get an email. Can you link where we supposed to ask for the avatars?
  12. Just finished. It never crashed for me. I used a Hellfire with Lilith with a bouncing corrosive betty and a class mod that increases fire damage by 56%. I burnt everything except the burning enemies who i killed with grenades. Two things that i found out, Guardians always leave remains when killed, no matter the way. But every 5 waves or 1 round the bodies disappear. The same happens with normal enemies as well. The only things that don't vanish are the parts of those midgets when they suicide. I didn't change anything in settings. I also decided to play entirely with my new ps4 character, didn't want to risk playing 100 waves for nothing with the imported one from ps3
  13. I don't really care about not getting a platinum, but i'm concerned about the multiplayer. That's an addition, correct? Does it affect trophies?
  14. You have already guessed that answer