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  1. When i'm pressing the option to show which ones are undone, it lists those as well. I hope i won't have to redo them
  2. Some skillshots i've unlocked, don't have the green tick next to them. I can see the name of the skillshot instead of the ?. Will i have to do those again?
  3. It is a big deal, if true. Personally, the reason i want ps5 to play ps4 games is because i have 30 ps4 games i haven't played yet and another 30-40 in my wishlist. I don't want to buy another ps4 to finish them, just like i did with ps3 on 2015.And i take good care of my consoles. Ps1 is 23 years old and still kicking.Ps2 is 19, SNES is 26, GB is 27. The latest generation consoles are prone to malfunctions, no matter what you do
  4. On NA store it asks for credit card if you try to get the 1 month package, even if you have 10 dollars in wallet That doesn't happen with 3 months though. You can buy that just with 25 dollars in psn wallet and no need for credit I don't know about the 12 months
  5. @Alayaes You must be great company when (if) watching Action Movies. I'd like to see Commando (1985) with you or a Jame's Bond movie
  6. Because at different scenes, they have different HP. They die when the bar reaches 0. It's like that Megaflare you survived with high hp and barrier. I think a nuke does more damage than a bullet, amiright? Or Cloud can pierce metal but can't Omnislash a booth
  7. Just be aware that they are in specific star panels. From example, Meteor is on the one above the starting point, the one that costs 850 points
  8. From the world map. I don't believe you can get them in the Arena Meteor Shower Ragnarok Lightning Ray Check the maps, it numbers where they are Also i believe you need to play with the character that learns the command
  9. Yes they are random. If you check each Board (Royal,Keyboard etc) it shows the panel where it may appear. So aim for that one at the beginning and if it's not there, quit and retry. Also, play don't attempt that in the arena, only on the world map
  10. #201 Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition True Survivor Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 2/10 Still my favorite Tomb Raider from the reboot trilogy
  11. The sixth one is the Lapis x Labyrinth? I can't find the trophy list for Rabbit x Labyrinth
  12. I believe i am a Kupo Lover now 😁. I have 13+3 fantasy 13+2 are on the link above plus Adventures of Mana
  13. Thanks for the giveaway grimy. I'm voting Ghost after the Sekiro experience
  14. It's because Cut your teeth and Wanted trophies are obtained under one hour
  15. If you can, i'd appreciate it. Just make sure it's a game you already have the trophy in your main account (in case it pops there)