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  1. I liked that the new King is someone who can't have successors. After Bran, the next King will be elected from the people.Westeros will get a democratic system. I also liked that we never found out the Night King's motives.Anyone can make his own theory. I believe NK just wanted to see the world, travel and such.Yes, i'll go with that
  2. It will better to use Holy Lance on them while Estelle has the Great Deluge skill equipped (it will be in the bottom of the list). This way, Holy Lance will become Holy Rain, a very useful spell for the Arena and for making Estelle a good attacker
  3. Episode 7 If it keeps up, this anime might become one of my favorites. Great plot. Nezuko reminds me Velvet from Tales of Berseria.I'm very pleased it will have 26 episodes and not 12. The ending today was awesome
  4. I really hoped the answer would be " Yes it does". I hate using rubberbands on the controller lol
  5. Regarding the trophy for travelling 50,000 km, does the progress carry over NG+?
  6. Well, she killed the Night King so she must have earned a shitload of experience. Physical and magical defense are through the roof. A little debris and puny fire can't harm her
  7. Who would have thought it, dragons aren't useless after all. This season should have been called Game of Convenience
  8. Black Friday 2019 can't come soon enough
  9. I really hoped we'd see some footage outside Midgar. It's been 4 years since they announced the remake
  10. The game is already easy, i hope they add a trophy for doing everything in Merciless. And perhaps make the Reaper immune to despair
  11. #148 Tales of Hearts R Master of Hearts Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 2/10 ToHR was my fourth "Tales of" game. It has an interesting story and all the classic elements of jrpgs. I must admit that i started to really like the Skits element of these games.At start in ToS, i found it a chore, but there are some really funny dialogues that give variety to the common ''town/open map/dungeon-town/open map.....". Some things i didn't like, were the lack of fast travelling and the absence of sidequests. You get an airship but it's very late in the game. And as for sidequests, apart from the go & fetch ones, it has only a post-game dungeon and an arena. Which is why the game felt short in length. Platinum took 60 hours and two playthroughs. 50 for the first and 10 for the second (skipped all scenes/dialogues)
  12. Grand Theft Auto 6 New Batman game Final Fantasy VII remake and IV-V-VI-VIII remastered World of Final Fantasy 2 Elder Scrolls 6 New Dragon Age and Mass Effect
  13. Raised subscription price? Check No more games for 2 consoles? Check No further additions for the 3rd console? Check Not better quality for the last 2 free slots? Check So the only reason to pay for ps+, is to have the ability to access content you already paid for? Isn't this extortion at this point?
  14. For Vita Adventures of mana Disgaea 3 Disgaea 4 For ps4 Tales of Vesperia Accel World vs SAO
  15. https://psprices.com/region-gr/discounts/?platform=PSVita