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  1. @Optinooby is there any reason you are not completing the SQ An Aspiring Merchant? Or have you completed it and i didn't undersand?
  2. Not that it matters, but i think some negative reputation with Coin Guard that results with them being Nice in the end, is given during the MQ Treason. When i did that on ps4, i arrested the lieutenants which gave me negative points. You skip that objective and go straight to defeat the commander so that may be the reason you end up friendly with Coin Guard. Also you used some equipment that disguised you as a recruit and got into the barracks from some scallfolding, while i went from the front door and murdered everyone (on ps4) Those were the steps 429-433 in your guide
  3. According to my post regarding A Big Step, i got it when: -Every Faction joined -Every Companion was alive -Didn't finish Face of Egon (but it was present in quest log) -Kill Constantine (i think i sided with Duncas) Now that you mention it, i think i revealed the truth about the tablets ( i will do that again) If you want, try ending the game with the above and see if it pops
  4. I am certain i did everything in one pt on ps4 but i used several guides. I prefer yours since it's all-in-one. If ''A Big Step Towards Peace'' can be done in secont pt with speedrun, don't change anything from current guide, it's not worth it. But i am certain that when i did it on ps4, it worked by just not doing Face of Egon. Someone else tested it at that time and got the same results as me
  5. I am at 300. I stopped there in case you made some changes. If it doesn't work, can we get that trophy in second pt by just doing main quests? We have to do a semi pt for Aphra's trophy Oh, the only differences till 300 are the level ones (i am 2 levels above without going out of the way) and an option at 37 -Ask why the Nauts would have taken their son (if available).- (it wasn't available for me)
  6. I didn't do Face of Egon (coin guard sq) and i got that trophy even if everyone was friendly i believe (on ps4) Right now i am there so i will skip your guide and still won't do it, i just hope the rest of your choises won't mess it up
  7. Any info if we can upgrade P5R on ps5? I would love to buy this stack as well but with TLOU1 remake, GoW2 and FF Crisis Core, i'm toast
  8. Unpopular opinion: Common trophies give zero points We all have them, no need for ribbons and other things. Just leaderboards where 50+% trophies don't give points
  9. From time to time i read ''Sony doesn't care about trophies, trophy hunters are a tiny % of playstation community etc'' I wonder why Sony allows these jumping trash on psn. They cost 1.49-2.99
  10. Thanks. I used a second controller for almost all the challenging dungeons bosses. I lost only once in Mystery Dungeon (lost 2 hours there) Also you can unlock insatiable hunger by chapter 3 and get the best equipment there, made Light,Dark Dungeons and Ancient Ruins a walk in the park
  11. Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon is m 20th plat/100% Another 84 hours on an FF game
  12. I thought that it didn't record time if you play offline, but even playing online has issues. Currently i'm playing Chocobo Mystery Dungeon. At the moment, my save file says 60 hours played and on ps5 it says 33
  13. The single player campaign is just a necessary evil for R*. They are just making a big map to include more online content, sp will be shorter than IV, V. Expect a big ''empty'' map with 30-40 missions, lack of vehicles and probably a bunch of collectibles. And of course, after release they will expand this world online and screw the offline world, just like they did with V
  14. Little Nightmares has less score in Metacritic than Tony Hawk? Ok
  15. Does anyone has issues with psn messages? Today i got 4-5 messages deleted from Playstation Safety.

    Same with messages others sent to me.

    None of them were on english, they were greek and ''greeklish'' (greek with english characters)



    1. DatZoolander


      No, this week has been pretty quiet.  The weird greek language is kinda strange though.