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  1. And btw, since you are in Kalm, you should get the enemy skill Matra Magic from Custom Sweeper outside of Midgar. It does a lot of damage and hit all enemies, perfect to get many kills for learning new Limit Breaks (especially for Aeris)
  2. You can explore the world when you get the airship.You can do a few things when you get a car and the submarine, but not much.Also you can access an optional area with the broken airplane (Wutai). But it will be tough if you try to complete it on Disc 1. Right now you can only progress the story. You have to get a chocobo from the farm in order to pass the lake with the big snake. Or do it like i did it the first time i played the game and i couldn't understand English. On foot! As for Aeris, you have time to learn her 4rth Limit Break. The Temple of Ancients will be the last dungeon she will be available
  3. I'm done with Lost Song. That was my fourth completed SAO (or third, i've done HF twice). I am a bit disappointed till now. HR and LS had silly stories, i believe that if it wasn't for the anime, those games would sell like 90% less. HF was way better with a decent story and twists. I have Accel, but i don't know if i'll start it now. I also have to buy Fatal Bullet but i'll probably wait for a decent discount (for the complete edition). I hope those two have better storylines
  4. True. But how many times would that happen? And keep in mind that most times, the trophies in question are the harder ones in the reported game. I've seen disputes where the flag was lifted because there wasn't a specific cheating pattern. Like for example in Batman Arkham series, if you get all medals together you are done, but there were occasions where some story mode trophies were out of order. Flags were lifted with an asterisk that if they found other games with improbable timestamps, the cheating team will report the game again
  5. You can't report a game if it doesn't have impossible timestamps. If you felt the need to cheat even one game, why should anyone believe you earned any trophy legitimately in your profile? This only involves accounts where is confirmed they used edited saves. For accounts reported because of hackers in multiplayer modes or some old games like Fuel, it think that's the reason they allow you to hide up to 2 games without being removed from the leaderboards
  6. If someone does it three times, how do you know he hasn't done it 33 times, but in the 30 out of 33 times he became better at cheating and there is no way to tell
  7. Don't risk it, start over. You are still at the very beginning i guess since i don't see the game in your profile. It will take a lot of hours to finish the game and it's not worth it to have to replay it for missing an item in the first floors
  8. Thanks for the giveaway! I would bring a Goho-M from the Persona series. This item gets you out every dungeon without having to find the exit. It's a paraphrase for Go Home. Perfect thing to avoid traffic in real world
  9. #175 The Last of Us (ps4) It can't be for nothing Enjoyment: 11/10 Difficulty: 4/10 One of the best games i've ever played. I could write a lot about it, but i'll just say that TLOU will force me to pre-order part 2, just to avoid any spoiler. I don't do that even for Final Fantasy games.I totally regret not playing the ps3 version before servers closed
  10. I had around 315-320 pieces of equipment when it popped. It's not glitched, either some fashion items or key items don't count or the number in the guides is not right
  11. A few questions about Lost Song. 1) If i use a teleport before a boss fight to go to town, can i return back or i will have to do all the dungeon from the start? 2) I see that members of my party are using items. Are those from my inventory and if yes, how to stop them from doing that? 3) Should i sell all weapon and shield duplicates? 4) For time efficiency, right now Kirito's Dual-Blade level is 215 and the Sword Skill i've been using from the start is at 185. Obviously the weapon skill is going to reach level 400 before the sword skill reach level 500.Should i continue with DB till i max the sword skill or should i focus on getting the other two weapon skills at level 400 for Skill Maniac trophy?
  12. #174 Lords of the Fallen Lords and Judges Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 2/10 Lords of the Fallen is an enjoyable rpg with mediocre story. It gives a Dark Souls vibe but of course it's nowhere near that level. It could be better if it didn't crash so often and the dlc Ancient Labyrinth never existed. I decided to create a Faith build and it didn't disappoint. Most guides suggest to play New Game instead of New Game+2 for the third ending, since the game becomes very difficult in NG++, but with high Faith i was able to one-shot every boss including the final one. Platinum and dlc took me 29 hours in total, but the 25 hours were spent in first playthrough. In NG+ and NG++ i just ran past most enemies. And finally i reached 174 plats, so now i can finish TLOU
  13. Go to ps store page. I don't know if there is one for Poland. You can use the European one for sure. Up right is the sign in. Then check your download list. You can download the game to your ps4 from there
  14. It was delisted after August. But it should be in your download list.Check it from a pc if you can't find it with ps4
  15. Well the person who started this thread, asking a specific question, is from Europe, so my apologies for answering to him/her