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  1. I kept 2 games i got free in the past. Unfortunately i wasn't fast with this one
  2. Another thing that works is sign off and uncheck the auto-sign off whenever you are booting the ps3. I've been doing this for a week and it hasn't autosync any trophies for Hunted yet.
  3. I don't get to read comments of praise there though
  5. Personally, i believe that the issue with Bullet Train is the Silenced Pistol kill. In the latest patch (March 30) they made some changes from what i read in the patch notes. They probably broke something there. I also saw someone who got the trophy after the patch without auto-popping it from ps4 or ps5. He had completed the Untouchable mission before the patch though. So he probably had the pistol kill registered (it's more likely to use the pistol than the shotgun or smg in your first run) Anyway, i hope they will fix with the next patch, it comes out on May 10 from what i read
  6. Yes. They can be done in 10 minutes (all of them). You just complete the sniper missions, score doesn't matter
  7. There are no mp trophies for Dragon Age Origins or any Dragon Age
  8. Does Ending E indicate a possible sequel?
  9. It's there. But she sounds older (shocking, i know)
  10. Can you share a screenshot with the platinum? I'm close to 250 milestone
  11. So, the spider i murdered while searching for my ps3 in the closet, died for nothing......
  12. Regarding qcma, when i try to copy from vita to pc i get disconnected every 5-10 seconds. Same thing was happening with content manager as well. Can it be fixed? Same thing was happening when i tried connecting vita with ps3. Every attempt was with cable, latest firmwares running on both vita-ps3
  13. Sony isn't dropping anything too quickly. The initial prices of their exclusives are a rip-off. Take for example the new Ratchet & Clank on ps5. It costs 80 euros. Yes 80 euros for R&C. And if it doesn't make enough sales at launch, we may not see another R&C because we didn't support the dev enough. What a bunch of nonsense. Almost all games are too expensive at launch from the ps4 era and onwards