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  1. Is this trophy not bugged now, with the new update just coming out? If so so does anyone have any tips on how they got it? Cheers Ben
  2. Cheers for the tips great help! I hope they get it fixed! I haven't tried the trophy myself yet! 😕 Really want this platinum too!! Cheers again 👍🏼
  3. Hi, I am playing on career mode, I have created my own player as a rookie. His position is a Lock. I have played 5-6 seasons and for about 4 of them my rating hasn't moved from 80, even though I keep trying to update my skills. Because I am such a low rating my contact money is rubbish and so I can't update my skills enough to make my player good enough to be picked for intentional or origin duties! I have won the Daly M twice at rating 80 as well. Is there something I am missing? Because people seems to have platinumed this and have the various career trophies! I am looking for some advice if anyone can help?! Thank you for your time
  4. Just starting Uncharted 4 :)

    1. 30 Year Old Boomer
    2. StrickenBiged


      You are in for a treat. Have fun.

    3. Benalicous


      cheers people!!!

  5. Love this game!!! how do I go about getting hold of this?
  6. Hi I am just looking to see if anyone has any good tips to help getting this trophy as quick as possible or the best way to grind this trophy? Cheers Ben
  7. I am playing on Pro difficulty but if you are scoring 10 tries a game as a pro I am clearly doing something wrong . I will lower my difficulty then cheers people!!
  8. I have started my career and played about 6 seasons and have only scored about 5 tries in that time I am playing as a second row/forward at the minute. I need some help on how I get my player scoring more tries?. Do I need chance his position to a winger/ centre etc?. Do I need to play for a better team because my team never wins and hardly finds or gives me scoring opportunities?. Or will I score more tries once I level up more because my player is at 73 at the min?. Just want to ask if any of the people who have the plat for this game could shed some light on how they achieved it! Thanks Ben
  9. Mine is the 'Lunatic' trophy in Outlast
  10. Yeah I have a few ps4 collectors editions but like you said I grow out of them, but if they come up at a nice price I will buy them!. Just not going out to purposely buy them anymore like! Just having the physical copy to add to my collection is usually more than enough for me now
  11. A little bit disappointed with this list me no interest in any of them at all me
  12. I use guides for things us as collectables etc I don't have the time to go finding everything these days ha ha! Hail those people who make these guides
  13. I think you are bang on with what you are saying, its not scary in the middle of the day sun shinning! I would try and play these game's: in the dark; on your own and with a headset on and the sound blarring!! Completely different story then. I remember back in the day, Manhunt, designed by Rockstar, (those who make GTA) the game actually tells you before you start that the best way to play that game is: curtains shut; lights off and sound up!! Setting the scene is the key when playing some games.
  14. Agent 47 for the win!!
  15. My backlog is crazy long at the min, I need to buy a ps3 to start mine so many games and so little time!!