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  1. Here it is. The masterpiece. I'm in love with this song. 😍
  2. MGS 4 Cause just one trophy left to platinum
  3. #198 : South Park The Stick of Truth I can play this over and over again. I love it , can't wait new South Park game. Many missable trophies in here but they're not problem if you use guide. Enjoyment : 10/10 Difficulty: 3.5/10
  4. Nice , i liked it. They're mixing NFS and Fast & Furious I hope it will better than Need for Speed reboot.
  5. No online trophies ? Awesome ! Already no one playing multiplayer after 2-3 weeks in Milestone games.
  6. That trophy is glitched for me. In awards Stay Out of Trouble stuck at %80. What should i do ? Does anybody know solution for this glitch ? I escaped police in all big cities but nothing. Edit: I solved my problem. If anyone having same issues then contact Ubisoft Support and create a case. Ask for reset The Crew savegame. After reset escape all of region and it will unlock.
  7. I hope this time will better than first game. The Crew have some glitches.
  8. Platinum #197 : Paladins Champion of Champions It isn't as good as Overwatch but it is free!! I like mechanics and characters. There is just one tough trophy between you & platinum. It is 'Bounty Hunter'. If you aren't so lucky then create/join boost session. Don't try get legit. You can't. Fun : 6/10 Platinum Difficulty : 4/10
  9. I'm so excited about new Assassin's Creed. I love them
  10. Good luck guys. My vote goes to @HcG Clawz. That man like a monster 😁
  11. Absolutely Assetto Corsa should in list.
  12. Welcome to Monthly GTA Sale ! 😒
  13. I think his love & proud ultra rare platinums Keep work dude
  14. Nice add but nothing chance for me. I think psn rarity isn't competitive.
  15. Mortal Kombat X platinum trophy. I'm never good player for fighting games. It was tough for me especially online trophies. After all that i got it and i'm so proud