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  1. #69 Remnant from the ashes

    #70 will be Far cry new dawn, I'm almost there

    Definitely a recommend if you want a challenge, some of those bosses are a pain.



  2. Exactly, I agree with this. I have seen comments on articles/yt where white guys say that if a game forced them to play as a black guy, it "ruins the immersion for them and refuse to play if char creation isn't included". If we had this kind of tech back in the 60s, they would be making the same asinine comments that they make about gay/lesbian characters being allowed to be a protagonist. And they are the same reasons that "SJW" is considered a slur and an insult. Pointing out how ostracized and humiliated gay people have been treated for being gay whenever some celebrity comes out of the closet ruins their fantasy, no matter how the other has a right to exist independent of their fantasy, embarrasses them for the other to say anything contradictory. That whole, "why is is this news, they should just keep this to themselves" comment, despite that it was less than 20 yrs ago it was widely acceptable to call something negative "gay". Coming out of the closet ruins the number % of they can apply to rest of the population and "accuse" them of being in the minority. It still isn't legal or safe to be in certain parts of the US, but hearing how many are gay and abused is unnecessary (because it reminds them of their behavior towards gay/lesbian), but its a problem when they- the majority- feel alone by having to hear someone isn't hetro, isn't playing into their fantasy, isn't allowing a stranger to live through them aware or unaware. Even putting a female as the only playable character breaks that "ol boys club" herd mentality that they are forced to confront in every other aspect of their lives, professional and recreational. "You are not like me, you cannot exist here". Maybe it is an agenda, but it isn't a BAD agenda to have. It just isn't an agenda if you already acknowledge that your "fantasy" isn't the only thing that should be the center of all things. If you have to be educated that gay/lesbians have the same right to exist independently of your opinion on how they "should exist", that being in a same sex relationship should not be grounds for an insult or an assault. Or to be educated that not everyone wants/ or is born to be like you, then you do need an agenda. An educational agenda, and therein lies the problem. Anything seen as educational is seen as overbearing, scorned, and patronizing...at least here in the US. That is the problem isn't it for a lot of other people, that gay/lesbians are human beings. That last paragraph, exactly what I am talking about above. Drake is them, Elena is their "fantasy". No one can ever exist outside their fantasy. It does define something that they are not, and that is never acceptable. It doesn't matter how many on twitter, reddit, etc feel marginalized or think inclusion of something else is terrible; the fact that something exists outside of the shadows that does not fit them bothers them. Angers them. If its women in STEM careers, gaming, wanting to be paid equally (especially when they have not had children), then they are seen as intruders and "unworthy". Lesbians are not surprised, we have dealt with this harassment and discrimination for years in the shadows and out as women. Its males who leave the closet, that find out they are not included in the "boys club" the same as before. But they knew that, that is why it took so long for them to leave publicly or else they would be treated the same as women are.
  3. Xcom 2- Surprised me how much I actually liked this game. Its not my typical taste with the whole turn based/only move so far. Bought the war of the chosen but haven't started it yet. Transistor- One of the best indie games I have ever played. Dragon Age Inquisition- The best of the series imo. I like it more than Origins, Idc what anyone says. Talos Principle- Way better puzzle game than the witness. Relaxing, unique. Alien Isolation, enough said Honorable mentions: Cities: Skylines (ctiy/resource manager/builder not like Tropico series though), Prey, Invisible Inc, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
  4. Thanks, I will keep this in mind
  5. Was it fallout shelter? Had this happen to me a couple times past few days. Was re-rolling lunchboxes/pets. Turned it back on and said my external hdd was unplugged improperly, every time (it wasn't). Moved my hdd to rest on the shelf laying down instead of how I had it and moved the game along with a few others to my ps4 hdd.
  6. Xcom 2 war of the chosen is up for 23.99 and something called Shadow Tactics: Blades of the shogun (19.99) were left off their list. Xcom dlc being the main thing since its up on plus. Idk about ps3 but I doubt theres much for sale not listed considering support is dropping off.
  7. Am I the only one who thought blades was also coming to consoles? Thought they said that, guess not. Still holding out hope that its not mobile/tablet only. That it was just an option to also "play it on the go".
  8. I know its first day but bethesday wins E3 this year right?

    1. BG_painter


      They delivered it!

    2. ShonenCat


      With DOOM Eternal, Fallout 76 and Elder Scrolls 6, it's looking like a great lineup for Bethesda ^^

    3. Not_like_therest


      Not a fan of doom and haven't played the last one, but am excited about blades. Could have swore they said that was availble for consoles too not just phones/tablets

  9. Alien Isolation is shaping up to be the type of tense jump scares I expected from Prey. Though Prey was still an excellent game, just not as tense as I thought it would be. 

  10. I am indecisive. I loved my ps3 libary that I had yet to even start when I decided to trade it in, mine was pre-owned and was starting to show it. Every time I wanted to sync my trophy list I had to save and quit the game to do so. The store crashing/slowness was something I could deal with. I swear Sony deliberately sabotaged their updates to push customers into buying a ps4. On the other hand, I love how my ps4 feels instant but seems like there are more remasters than new games. I'm fine with sequels but I do relish new IPs that aren't 8 bit/16 bit indie/ shovelware just to have that "indie" title. Or that "competition" to be the next indie darling. I don't want to even hear about ps5 yet either. I feel like it will be a repeat remaster gen to get all games to that coveted 4k/60fps bragging rights. I feel like there is a lot more life to be had in ps4 than another system release that wouldn't be too far ahead of a ps4 pro.
  11. Woot! With fc5 plat (#60) my S and A game completion levels are equal for 1st. time. Now to decide if I wanna go back to ME Andromeda for the insanity and clean up pt :\ or spend some time on vr tomorrow

  12. #60! Far cry 5 Gawd was that mp annoying. Had my progress reset too, idk if it was because the game had an update or what.
  13. Inpatient and invisible hours are in my cart just under $23 with my 20% code. Yt full walkthrough vid have Invisible hours at around 6hrs which is great for a vr title. And read they supposed to release a non vr version or a patch sometime this month so maybe check on that if you're interested.
  14. Hoping, but I have a fairly large backlog atm and going through a dwindling motivation to game right now. I have a 20% code thats up on the 30th though, I hate when those things go to waste bc there's no game/sale I consider worth it.
  15. Np! Congrats