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  1. Anybody else ps5 make thud thud sound when a disc is in? Dashboard and in game, menu and sometimes during game play but seems to be at the beginning far anyways. Mine only does it for Sifu. Returnal was fine. Is this something I need to pry the plastic off and clean the inside? Or contact Sony on?

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    2. mecharobot


      I once tought my PS4 made a mad sound with a disc in, but turns out the noice was actually from vibration that shook a glass door on the table its placed at. Just a thought on alternative causes

    3. AK-1138


      If it starts to glow all blue and sparkly, hit it repeatedly with a wrench.



    4. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      Nope. Maybe your stand isnt tightened.

      Power off, unplug it, take the cover off and inspect. Could be a clogged fan or something simple. I've seen some people have a dirty house(how the hell can they live like that!) and some of the stuff that gets into consoles... insane.


      Take it apart, at least both covers.

  2. Np.
  3. They don't reset. You mean the ground level with the elevator? Just push one in, go up push it out, send elevator down. Pull yourself up with the grapple hook and push the crate down on top of the elevator. Climb to the top of the tower, jump to the pole and glide in. From there its obvious how to complete the ruin, don't worry about second crate. If your having difficulty, wait until dusk/night when they glow brighter.
  4. Took 9 years but I hit several of those nice round stats rather close together.


    10 trophies from 7,000

    100 plats

    500 gold

    1500 silver

    113 trophies from 5,000 bronze


    I have several games hidden for various reasons so I probably would have hit the silver/bronze before, but still satisfied with it.

  5. Man, so angry that I didn't get #99 RE8 plat before midnight. Was hoping to get 100 plats before NY but Vos mercenaries was harder than I expected then when I should have been getting through a section it still felt like I was forced to fail, take damage, etc. Was thousands away on last map right before midnight then it took me 3 hours to get back to that level of success. Fingers ache now, feel stiff too.

  6. Hey @DaivRules can we not delete our own topics anymore? I thought we could. Anyways, will you delete my locked topic for Outriders on ps4?

    1. DaivRules


      The forum software hasn’t allowed people to delete their own topics since the overhaul. I’ll remove yours now. 

    2. Not_like_therest


      Ah ok. I haven't made a topic since before then. Thank you though.

  7. Platted this recently. My save didn't start corrupting until towards the end. I never turned console off nor exit the game, just let it finish loading and everything and I was still able to play but only from that day forward, as the previous save files had been deleted. And once it started it would corrupt every other in game day or so. Which was fine, slightly annoyed but fine. How many save files do you have on your system? Maybe it gets overloaded or something? I know it stopped giving me new saves and forced me to reuse slots. Its not optimized well at all. I played on ps4 pro, Idk about ps5.
  8. Wasn't skilled enough to plat Invisible Inc but it is a great game. Xcom 2 for me though.
  9. Hey I seen you came by, I'm still in that car crew thing right? I will be going back to it after RE2. Don't kick me please.

  10. Could you send an invite? I just logged off, I'll accept it tomorrow though.
  11. Rant- Tropico 6 Spoilers, Act of God mission. I know some of you don't care but some of you might.









    The game requires you to keep a 50-100 political relationship with the Axis faction. For the uninitiated this includes WW1 and 2 as the World Wars generation. The game will not allow you to trade with the Allies because doing too many (even a handful is too many) will put you under 50. I feel like we should have been allowed the option to choose which who we ally with like every other mission. I don't care if I did skate by on only doing the mission, no praise no trade with Axis, just try and live in the debt....I do not want to. I fucking hate when developers take the choice from me. I will never buy another game from Limbic or Kalypso...Fucking rot assholes.

  12. No, a lot of the guides on here lie about the difficulty/time to complete to make themselves feel or look better. I never really pay attention to those unless the difficulty is 9 or 10 because it is really hard to lie about that. Trackmania Turbo for example, no one would believe a 7 or 8.
  13. #75- Uncharted: Lost Legacy I definitely would not have attempted this without the bonus weapon cheats enabled. Just screw crushing difficulty on all Uncharted games, starting with the first one. Only one person even bothered making a crushing guide compared to how many for each of the others? There weren't even that many combat sections, nor were these all that difficult comparatively, (especially UC4 from hearsay)...but its like ND don't like to play test their own games on higher difficulty. I've heard the horror stories for the other UCs and I remember how absurd some situations were on normal on ps3... Think I will be passing on them for the IGC this month. All is well, I think I have my next 4 or 5 chosen if I can keep the momentum going. Edit, I would recommend this though. Enjoyment was a solid 7 on easy/normal
  14. #75#75 Plat! Personal plat, as the title is "Don't Ruin the Moment" as I seem to be going through massive periods of burn out the last few years, as I should be well past 75, maybe even 100 by now.


    Second is that it is a "U" titled plat, being the first but also my first Uncharted plat, and likely the last. Screw that crushing difficulty b.s. Lost Legacy FTW