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  1. This trophy is infuriating. Highest I've got so far is 44k following all the tips in here. It could be one of those things that will eventually come together, but it's so annoying that it takes 30 minutes of trying each time. Another stupid trophy in a really enjoyable game.
  2. Just got this using Support with turret mines and seeker mines. Very useful, not only for this trophy but for getting kills anyway as people struggle to shoot you if you keep boosting and drifting! Took me 12 matches to get the ten drift kills. I mapped the boost button to L2 and had a much better time pulling it off than with L3.
  3. You can, but you can't quit the app if you die because there are no hard saves in chapter select. Therefore it's a lot harder so you're best off doing a new playthrough if it's getting too difficult.
  4. Yes, although I was playing the final two missions for the first time as I didn't unlock them in my first playthrough. It's possible that when I gave up in level 13 and just started killing everything, the game had saved my progress from my previous run through of 13-15 and I'd not killed as many Sligs first time? Not sure.
  5. Trophy didn't pop at end of level 15 despite counting 1,049 dead Mudokons. Any tips?! EDIT: Never mind, the trophy did unlock it just didn't "pop". What the hell? Glad to have the plat but sucks I didn't see it pop!
  6. I started doing it through chapter select but got pissed off, gave up and was going to try in a new playthrough, focusing solely on it. Almost positive I was over 100 kills yet the trophy popped anyway! So chapter select will work (I played on PS4 though). But level select to get this is the same as a new game anyway so might as well just do a new game.
  7. I was in the process of going through Level Select to clean up badges and save all Mudokons to unlock the last two levels. Gave up on trying to keep my kills below 100 on level 14 or 15 and figured I'd get it on a new playthrough (still need to do a no-death run). Despite that, my trophy just popped after completing level 17. Happy, but also confused!
  8. The guide on Powerpyx's website says you can just quit to the dashboard when you die or respawn and it'll be fine. Obviously only works on a new game and not level select.
  9. I'm currently using Level Select to improve my Quarma, get badges AND minimise Slig kills. Might as well try and see if it works! Will update when ready...
  10. Sucks, mate. Seems very random then at this point. :/
  11. All you PS5 owners glad you got it for free and I'm still a PS4 peasant who paid £45. 😂 A little steep for me, but I'm always happy to support these guys. Been a big fan since the original game in 1997 so happy to help. Although this game has been a bit of a disappointment, and not just because of buggy trophies.
  12. Likely bugged because the stats show that each level has 24 badges, when of course they don't. :/
  13. Congrats @Deluziion90 @IX_Edinho_XI. I assume you did it on a New Game? Did you delete any saves or just do a NG?
  14. I was working on this to try and answer this but I keep dying right near the end on that final monkey bar jump and it's pissing me off so I'm rage quitting for today.
  15. Says 7-11 for Bad and 12 or more for Good.