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  1. Rising cost of living and environmental concerns, but nah, let's leave the console on for 24 hours straight. Stupid and irresponsible trophy. Ten year trophy is pointless since you can just work around it. Overall, stupid list.
  2. How does this work for Squad Goals? I've been in a winning team. What's the catch? EDIT And just got Infallible.
  3. Won the first round easy then lost the next five! 😂 I can see how this is the best way of getting Infallible and wins but jeeeeez. So much luck involved.
  4. Looking at the guide here and on PST and I don't know how I can get this trophy. Every time I press R2 to pick up the TIE Advanced it barely budges before it implodes in to nothingness. There's not a single scrap left over for me to throw at the AT-MP. Did anyone else have this issue and how did you resolve it? EDIT: Never mind, got it. Needed to press and hold R2 and I kept letting go when the crushing began, expecting it not to be crushed at all, haha.
  5. 18.90s with 200% accuracy due to knifing where possible. Much harder than the MW1 trophy!
  6. Iden is definitely proving to be the best tip. It's a right massacre at times, haha. Thanks!
  7. Got it done this morning. Ended at level 18, although most of that is thanks to triple XP, so never got to fully equip my fighter. Four Hero Ship kills in one match was my best. It's just one of those things that come naturally and will get it long before you reach level 50 as I'm only level 31 and that is all I need, plus the 500 Hero kills, for the online trophies.
  8. Had a match yesterday that was only 2v2 so was taking ages to finish. I got half my bomber kills before I needed to go so then played the objective to end the match, haha.
  9. This trophy is worse than Multi-tasking. It's daft that there are only some maps you can play as a bomber and when you do get to play as one, the torpedoes don't do much damage so you have to soften them up, yet they end up getting killed before your torpedo can reach them, haha.
  10. I've been working towards this whilst working on the other trophies. I'll start the game as a bomber to get the 50 dual torpedo kills, then once a Hero ship shows up I'll play the rest of the game as a fighter. I have eight kills so far and I'm currently at level 7, so should get easier. I average about one kill a game. You just need to persevere.
  11. Unless stated otherwise, you can get the MP trophies in AI Fleet Battles against either named or unnamed AI. I don't believe you can get any trophies in custom matches.
  12. Many thanks for this. Amazing strategy.
  13. Just to update: I managed to get a refund on Deadlocked since it had been exactly 14 days since purchase. Purchased FFA/QF and no other game included. Guess I'll re-buy it!
  14. Can anyone confirm if you can get this on the EU store by buying QForce? It doesn't say in the description for QForce. I have already purchased Deadlocked/Gladiator but it was a couple of weeks ago so might be able to get a refund. However, I have just bought Into the Nexus as it stated that Quest for Booty was included and both games are now showing up in my download list. Very nice bonus! Good thing I spotted this thread as I was going to buy Quest separately just because it came out first. Understandably they don't advertise this but still! Cheeky.
  15. This trophy is infuriating. Highest I've got so far is 44k following all the tips in here. It could be one of those things that will eventually come together, but it's so annoying that it takes 30 minutes of trying each time. Another stupid trophy in a really enjoyable game.