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  1. I keep losing my 5k poker buyins to stupid disconnections. No refunds obviously. Can't believe people spend real money on this nonsense
  2. I did it
  3. When you're in the burning building, I once forgot to push my analog forward. I died because of the roof falling on me on the stairs
  4. Yesterday I died in the office building because the truck ran over me. Couldn't believe it. I had never died there before
  5. I don't know if this topic is still active. But if it is, add me on psn for multikills. I bring myself + 'sheep'.
  6. but how do you get 1500xp in just 4 minutes? it takes me the full 15 minutes match to reach it
  7. i've installed it on another ps3 and played through the whole game again. and have it now. glad it's over
  8. yes, the other one is gone. I'll just forget about it. Maybe there's a patch later
  9. I'm very sure it's the one. I've found all the others.
  10. yes that's the one. When I'm close to it there's no button options. Like if it's not there
  11. Great just great. This stupid last trophy glitched on me. I can't pick up 1 relic. I now have 28/29 relics found and there's nothing to do about it. I've tried everything inlcuding completly deleting and reinstalling the game. And once more on another ps3. That cost me 5 hours and 2 playtroughs extra just to see that it's hopeless........ It's the number 28. Last level. Any suggestions?
  12. The Better than developers trophy took me an entire afternoon. But got it. It wasn't really too bad
  13. Assassins Creed 2 And it's got me started a AC marathon
  14. Los Santos Legend Congratulations! You're Vinewood's biggest star! I am Los Santos Legend! again