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  1. The DLCs cost about 13 USD EACH here... a bit expensive I think. But I going to get it. For me it's worth it beacause I'm a completionist. I already started way to many games that I can't get 100 % on because they are 10/10 in difficulty or servers got down for good or something else. I like to get MW3 100 % ASAP. js
  2. I think they are online still but there is a risk they put it down pretty soon. It would be a very good thing to complete it ASAP. Add me if you like to co-op, if co-op is needed. As soon as I'm done with 3 games Modern Warefare 3, Black Ops 3 and Lego Pirates of the Caribean (almost done) I can startout this plat + DLCs possiblly.
  3. ANY risk for servers getting down soon!? Not too long ago Burnout been closing. I'm afraid NFS games may follow? How long you think? Months? A year? Two years?
  4. I just missing some gold bricks... I need to complete all those story mode maps 100 % (maybe I miss less than half of them), then I just need ride like 1 animal and sail all the minikits to get the platinum. I have not played this for years... but since I'm a completionist I feel like want to get it done. So I just started again. My stepkids best friend made all the redhats, and so did my stepkid and so did I. I assume this is a rare problem that appears to just a few that like to start the game. So new players should not worry to much I guess.
  5. CoD MW Remastred because I aim for 100 % in most CoD for PS3/PS4/VITA. Exceptions are when trophies autopop in public games, same CoD on multiple consoles (PS3/PS4) IF trophies are similar (so I can do BO3 on both) and if 100 % is not atainable anymore and if I'm not in time. So, I will aim for most CoD 100 % and MW Remastred is one I started but not completed YET.
  6. I was ranked top 75 as a non cheater at this game. (played it pretty much 10-12 hours a day) So I can say that I was among the best in the world on PS3. Except that I made 100 % of the trophies. It was a great game when it came, I loved it. The graphics was very good for it's time when it was released. I remember that. This was my first platinum too... now I got 25 + 1 that a modder it autopop in a BO2 public lobby so I have it hidden. Right now I'm fairly close to grabbing 3 platinums (BO3, MW3 and Lego) so I remember how much of a big thing it was to me to get my first platinum. Especially, since I played it that sooo much and really really wanted my first platinum. I played on PSN since the releaseday of PS3, and I got my first platinum JUST 5 years ago. I had some big problems to grab one. Since then I got in to it and I can get a plat fairly fast. Ironically enough, today I think the game was overated really. Too many assholes in the community (I remember one guy that was among the best in the world, winning 24/7 and showing his dick in cam when he won and abusing kids) and the game was not thaaaat amazing. It was really good back then, but not totally amazing like classics like Zelda, Halo, GTA, Super Mario, Call of Duty or Gran Turismo. I was a little suprised it last this long honestly.
  7. I haven't got the plat YET but I been playing it A LOT before I was a trophy hunter at my old accounts when it came years ago. My personal estimate is that it's somewhere between 6 and 8. It's certainly not a 9 or 10 where games such as Cloudberry Kingdom, Twisted Metal, Wipeout HD and some pinball games for instance. Maybe "Badland" too. Those games are not just "hard", they're stupid hard and that mean waaay harder than this. Maybe 100 % Mirrors Edge is 8-9 i difficulty compares to the most extreme games available on Playstation.
  8. I'm pretty happy I didn't change my name but made a new account (and forfeit my old ones) with a name I enjoyed BEFORE I had too many trophies. What I regret though was the day when Sony opened PSN name registration (before the PS3 release!) was that I did not end up with something good instead of something totally useless ("XhronePerfect") while I had the chance. I was on their site first hours!! I was way younger and careless.
  9. Yeah, when pretty much every "online server" on any last/older gen gets down it's also down for good. I assume there is no exception here either. I always been dreaming of something like 1 month where they open servers again on ALL PS3 games as an opportunity for trophy hunters to get their missed trophies.
  10. Stop joking. I don't have time for that. I don't expect an exact number either.
  11. Or maybe some smart person might get us some approximate estimation, or maybe somebody knows from somebody at Sony. I was reading somebody had an estimation in -12 and that was 24k USD including video content. I don't know if that was true, neither I think that number is up to date?
  12. As the title follows? How much everything cost on PSN store? Lets say in EU? I wouldn't buy everything on PSN store except if my salery was like 100k USD a month after taxes. YES, there are people being that rich. But now I wonder just out of curiosity.
  13. Yeah I'm apart of a current boosting session. That is the only oppertunity to get game modes done just like furry said. I got 4 challenges left for 100 %, and Ninjas is one of them. These clutch medals are certainly not impossible without boosting. I done 3 and that's just in between about 50 SnD wins. So compares to TDM anf FFA it feels like I barely played it. The worst thing that could happen is if Activision or the studio decide to remove those game modes since they're inactive. Or if they simply decide to put down the servers. There been speculations about PSN dropped for PS3 next 1-2 years but I doubt that.
  14. It's not as "stupid" as you might think. Randomness in computer alghoritms are not truely "luck based" since they're just pseudorandom. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pseudorandomness So if you're a bit PATIENT this trophy would basically unluck for any player that not been glitched for. I did it multiple times on different PS3 (a few times) and I never had a problem with it. And I have several friends (current or previous friends) whom only one complained but also got it after being a little bit persitant. And no, it's not a "huge grind" we're talking about here.
  15. I haven't barely played for 2 years now. Starting to pick up where I was. I just miss a couple of trophies now... Most challenges are now done on Weapon Specialist and Career. I just bought a PS3 for now, then I will get a new PS4 and VITA (as well as a new hometheatre, headset and so on) have to wait a little. So anybody like to team up for BO3 PS3 (game mode challenges) can send me a friendinvite and type "game mode challenges" so I know. About the difficulty... There are both harder games and games that requries more grinding and that's for sure. I was like 5-10-15 matches for completing 100 % Ace Combat Infinity which I think I played about 250 hours. So that felt pretty bad when I missed that last trophy while only having few games left. But I wouldn't rate BO3 10 out of 10 in plain difficulty either. God examples of a 10 might be Cloudberry Kingdom and Twisted Metal. And maybe Badlands... I would honestly also tell there are other CoD that is harder to make 100 %. Earlier BO games and WaW. I consider BO:Declassified maybe the hardest CoD game on last gen. I would say BO3 on PS4 is way harder than on PS3 but PS3 has a worse grind. I made CoD AW 100 % totally legit and I consider that games EE harder than BO3 zombies at least on PS3 version. This pack a punch ritual on round was was pretty tough and I was able to complete it with some total CoD pro's that been gaming since the 80's and spended countless hours on CoD. First guy is a zombie crazy dude that tend to go 40-60 rounds legit without glitching on hard maps and platted WaW legit twice. The other guy is litteraly on the same level as FaZe players. When he play online he always getting first place with lots of amazing quick scopes kills. He just don't want to attend CoD championship because he "don't care". We made the trophy on like 2:nd attempted, first attempted I screwed up having no battery on the controller. I did the first easy ritutal and just sticked togheter while those did pretty much the rest of it. First I tried with some ordinary joes but we screwed up time after time... they gave up and I gave up so I attempted doing it with those l33t dudes instead. So for anybody that is not considered as a CoD veteran, or somebody that is playing CoD often it might be the hardest trophy though. Then my friend, the FaZe dude went in and did the eichendrache EE on my account solo. lol So I can tell it's still not that easy. But as always when it comes to CoD time and dedication might clear your path eventually.