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  1. Servers till up? Active?
  2. ANY risk for servers getting down soon!? Not too long ago Burnout been closing. I'm afraid NFS games may follow? How long you think? Months? A year? Two years?
  3. What DLCs have you enjoyed the most at current gen or last gen?
  4. I'm wondering if there are like any horror games out there on Playstation (released or unreleast) that goes beyond the line of what is being OK. I mean games... like horror games or action games that are so violent, raw and realistic they might been forbidden, or Sony did not permitt it too be released or that it was made for a short time so it just got a few releases. I mean discusting for real... When we see games like GTA or god of war we see a good portion of fiction. You wouldn't get flashbacks when you sleep after playing GTA. Would you? Are there games that reflects war, rape, homocide etc. on a very real, raw and very insensitive way? Maybe there are such games on PC (I assume) but what about Playstation? Has it ever existed? What games did got totally rejected on Playstation for their relalism? Only GTA got controversy? EDIT: Also I'm not just interested in what games there are... also like if there are some kind of backstory to it. Like if their was some new laws, if people made some protests. What was the consequeces for the game studios etc. Did anybody criminal like terroist blame those games etc.? Did that game change gaming history? etc.
  5. Since this looks like a small game with a small base of players and is also a almost 10 years old last gen game I expect there is unattainable trophies!? Or are online servers still up really!? BTW, still a little disapointed. Top Gun to NES was such a good game and this one doesn't seem to live up like that original one...
  6. 100 % as many games as possible (huge backlog)
  7. I play on PS3 because I got a... hugh backlog that I will never complete. But I can clean up some of it. I'm not really sure I enjoy PS4 more than PS3. No.... I don't think so. Except for the graphics, and the clearly smoother, less laggy gameplay it get boring after a while. I seems like I would enjoy PC gaming more than PS4... but I can't live out with those trophies lol. I'm obsessed lol. Else I might got myself a steamOS PC or a gameshield possibly.
  8. I was first lol (but almost same time)
  10. Sleeping dogs was great! I enjoyed it really. A little raw/shocking early, a little immature maybe sometimes but I really enjoyed it anyways. I would rate it 8/10. The DLCs was too short and little repitative if you asked me but still OK. Could also been even better if it was mp.
  11. Hmm... I'm not sure. Maybe completing NFS Hot Pursuit DLC which is almost done and then also the NFS Most Wanted DLC which I been missing for years. After that I assume it could be a plat in either LittleBigPlanet, Ace Combat Assualt Horizon or Dead Island Riptide. I also considered starting Ferrari Challenge which seems to be a fairly fat and easy platinum as well a couple of Telltale games I got for PS3 (Game of Thrones and Wolf among Us) but I think I will wait a little with those titles. I just about to get some progress with GTA IV and Dead or Alive 5 but those are clearly more time consuming than the first 3 I mentioned...
  12. Such a disapointment of dead servers here... I was just thinking I might should redo this game with the remaster. But living in EU with already dead servers and aim for this game maybe in 1-2 years later from today (when I done my backlog) isn't a very good idea maybe. Yeah like somebody else said. I assume people like to have a new Burnout. A Burnout Paradise 2 would been great if it came a *little* earlier. Sometimes I don't really understand why successful games never gets a sequel. Mirrors Edge could been great too if they didn't came up with a reboot like almost 10 years too late. I don't dislike Catalyst but I think it could been so much better. It's a failure if you ask me. Also many of us older gamers who played a lot of Mirrors Edge and Burnout Paradise on PS3 moved on with family and might not be any gamers anymore. You wrote this in Januari but I heard not too long ago they was about to close the servers for PS3. I'm pretty happy I did 100 % for the PS3 version like 5 years ago. Way too late for my sake but at least it been done.
  13. Wow... I was expecting servers been took down since infinity is dead and Ace Combat 7 been released!! Yes I going to do this game ASAP.
  14. Those last DLCs won't be released for PS3/ViTA or?
  15. I just done the first episode of this game. I start the second now. I have to say I think this game is far too political in my opinion. Or should I say politically correct. Drugs are "cool", hunting deer is "bad", people blaming obvious hipsters are "mean", the security guard is a "bad guy" and the upper-class are necessarily "bad guys". Except that I got the opposite political views I don't like the game. It's a trash game with a trash soundtrack... OK, I been playing more boring games. So it's a little entertaining at least (well made) despite I don't like the core values that being promoted here. I do only play this for the very fast and easy platinum. To boost my PSN profile and gaining a little rank on the leatherboard on PSNP is what makes it funny. I wished Square Enix could bring up some better stuff than this "hipster" thing. They used to make such good stuff especially the older FF. Ohh... btw, just to mention how incredibly immature those (higher education!?) students are for their given age. When I was working on my bachelor my classmates didn't act like kids in elementary school. It's so ridiculous... and not too realistic.
  16. Also I'm not just interested in what games there are... also like if there are some kind of backstory to it. Like if their was some new laws, if people made some protests. What was the consequeces for the game studios etc. Did anybody criminal like terroist blame those games etc.? Did that game change gaming history? etc.
  17. Missunderstanding... I was not asking about rape simulators lol. I was thinking about all games that goes beyond the limit. No matter if it's rape, violence, horror or anything. I had no clue Sony did censor "real bad" games but it just comes to my mind that might be the case. I assume Sony don't want to have shit circulating around because maybe it would decrase their sales. I expect that. Parrents might not want to buy a PS5 to their kids if the new popular game would be like... Manhunt 3 or something.
  18. No but I just found this list by Google "Manhunt playstation" https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_banned_video_games Wow... some of these games seems to be really bad. Worse than I expected...! Seems like Playstation has a quite familly friendly community compares to PC afterall. Which could be a very good thing.
  19. OK now I played another 2 episodes... I have to admitt it has not been as bad as the first one. But not because I don't like the core values... but because the game is entertaining. I noticed there is one track I liked so far and that's crosses. But I did never like the original "crosses" by José Gonzales. I actuallly listened to the Tiësto remix like 10 years ago, so it's probably why I liked that track more than the others. I was into clubbing with progressive/uplifting trance and house music like in 2007. That's more my musical preferences... SO... it was at least getting a little better. But I still think it's not my kind of game and I'm not the in the "demographic" group either. Once again... no offences to them who like this. This obviously triggers opinions from both sides and just not one side. As you see at the comment above there are obviously not just "broflakes and homophobes" getting trigged since when you type a comment like that (that is condescending) you actually been trigged yourself. Some people really need to understand that opinions might be different. Donald Trump did not win because noboddy did vote for him... a lot of "normal" people actually did. Even black, hispanic and gay persons did. And not just 1 of them. Same thing when Obama got elected. People got different views and opinions about games and doesn't need to make people being idiots. Some people in this thread need to chillout a little. It's like saying "everybody who doesn't like to eat meatballs are douchebags"... common is it so hard to understand? People like different things. Big deal? You can't make the world having your own opinions and views. It's impossible. EDIT: I still doesn't regret I got this game. I highly doubt I will EVER regret an easy platinum. Not even if I would plat something like Leisure Suit Larry.
  20. I don't get why people are complaining about pricing for DLCs... seriously. Assuming you're living in an industrialized country... and assuming you are an adult (not a kid) with a normal salery $20 for a DLC is nothing... I mean an ordinary joe here in the nordic country are driving cars for $20 000 - $50 000. That's a typical car for any "middleclass" familly or any middleclass man/woman living alone in a middleclass area. Myself I had 4 bookselfs of blu-rays... approx. 2000 blu-rays a couple of years ago. Most of it was bought used or on sale. And I didn't even had a job living in a less good area in the suburb to Stockholm at that time... common, and you guys complaining about a $20 DLC? Those gaming companies also need salery to survive. Games requires lots of work. Stuff are not made for free... if that would be the case you can complain about anything that costs money. Then you can stop gaming right not and move out to the wood living like a hippie instead if you are against things that costs... or you simply accept fact if you want to have those trophies.
  21. Right now it is 46.34 % but I will expect it to go up a bit since since I own several Telltale games I like to complete. But I also decided to focus on some ridiculous hard and rare trophies, 100 % PSN games and platinums later on. So I assume my percentage could get up and sink again... later on. 30 % - 35 % wouldn't be bad. I never focus on the rarity actually.
  22. Burnout Paradise...! It is far from the hardest I got, nor will it be the hardest I ever get BUT it was my first platinum. Right after I started being a real trophy hunter. It took me many years to get there despite I played on PSN since the ever first beginning.
  23. Then look a little futher in this thread and you will find a few others. I respect your opinions as well.
  24. Yeah! It really sums up how "good" this game is. Hilarious! haha...
  25. I got the whole game not just the first episode. And didn't got it from PS+ either as somebody else here was expecting. I got it gifted from a friend. But yeah you're probably right. If I'm not wrong most Telltale games got their first episode for free too. I assume that is also meant to get more people involved in it in so they can sell more copies. A business strategy. However I still think it's a good thing.