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  1. sign me up I've got trails of cold steel 1 and 2 i haven't started on 2 yet been trying to finish 1 first
  2. I have the disc version, and the cutscenes keep ending abruptly mid scene but the dialogue for the cutscene will keep playing anyone know what is wrong or how to stop it from happening
  3. I bought it new when the 500gb ones first came out and the total space yesterday was 406gb and now its only 300gb
  4. when I go in to system storage it says I only have 300gb of total storage my free space is listed as 179.77gbs and my total used is listed as 120.23gb has anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it
  5. I've been thinking about buying this but the ps3 version had a bug where it would randomly crash. does the ps4 version have the crash bug or did they fix it in this version
  6. I got a psn card to day and it won't let me add the money it said the the code is valid but when I puss add funds it come up with an error I've tried to add it on the ps4, vita, and web site but I just get different errors on ps4 wc-40355-7 vita np-2244-a the the web site says its an internal error has occurred do anyone know what is wrong or how to fix
  7. I been trying to use the vita store to download the neptunia rebirth 3 dlcs but every time the store opens it keeping going the connection to the server has been lost np-2244-2 it been given the the error randomly when I tried to get in all this month as wall does anyone know how to get the store to work
  8. this happened to me to with the hundred knight according to nis its a bug with the game that makes it quit back to the ps3 menu screen
  9. happened to me to my far cry 3 trophies I got to day won't sync with psnp
  10. I reinstalled the game 2 times it works for a while then starts happening again
  11. for some reason some dlc clothes and clothes that i buy from the clothes stores are disappearing from the wardrobe and some enemies and cars appear upside down and some enemies have huge heads and some cars will jump into the sky for some reason
  12. the most unexpected trophies was on call of duty advanced warfare when I went into a exo survival map as soon as the game stared I got both the exo flip and the flip flop trophies
  13. ps1, three ps2, ps3, ps4, Nintendo 64, two xbox 360, Gameboy advance , Nintendo 3ds xl, psp, psvita
  14. psn fenrir54565 say your from psnprofiles on request
  15. my psn id is fenrir54565 I have ps3 ps4 and vita say your from psnprofiles on request