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  1. Nice, I hope they do, would make game tracking much easier
  2. Haha yeah I'm terrible at Puyo Puyo though so no idea how I managed to win And yeah I do wish it would save at start of Zone 2 instead of one when you get a game over, the bosses don't seem too difficult though but I'm only at the 5th stage or something. Nah different strokes for different folks and all that, there are many popular games I can't get into either and I think if you're not into 2D platformers much it's probably not for you
  3. Sonic Mania is really good! Starts off a little slow especially in the first 2 zones but it really opened up after that to be really fun and this is coming from someone who has never played the classic 2D Sonic ones
  4. If you guys have a JPN Switch account, you can download the MHXX demo for free, really fun but wish I knew Japanese so could know what the different hunter style meant lol
  5. Hah yeah thanks, sadly for this year I think pretty much only Mario Odyssey and Pokken is a definite buy for me but hopefully Sonic Forces and Rabbids turn out well as I'm definitely interested in those
  6. I had another go at the recent Splatoon testfire and yeah just wasn't for me sorry, you guys enjoy it though! 😊 I've already played Bayo 1/2 on Wii U so won't buy a port but a new game from Platinum would be cool
  7. I know nothing about One Piece and I'm enjoying it alot! The huge diversity of characters and how each play uniquely make it really fun and much better then the other anime fighters I've played in Naruto 4 and Xenoverse, no idea why it got such low reviews although I guess the story is kinda short and not much single player modes but the core gameplay being so good makes up for it easily imo
  8. One Piece Burning Blood, gameplay is pretty good, definitely one of the best anime based fighter I've play although certain mechanics do make it seem somewhat unbalanced lol
  9. Just finished Odin Sphere which i played halfway and stopped for literally a year, had no idea what was going on story wise when I picked it up again lol and now playing Super Robot Wars V plus Dariusburst & Naruto Storm 4 which I picked up in the Japan sale, I have never ever watched a mecha anime but still fun to play and use all the different robots plus gorgeous 2D animation ofc
  10. First Zelda DLC is out!
  11. My day 1 purchases for Switch in the future are Mario Odyssey Kirby Pokken Fire Emblem Switch Pokemon Switch Maybe depending on reviews Rabbids Yoshi Metroid Prime 4 Sonic Forces And the rest mildly interested but probably never get unless it's on a great sale or something and even then unlikely FE Warriors Fate Extella Sonic Mania Xeno 2 Arms You're kinda on the wrong site if trophies aren't your thing haha 😅 and the 2D Metroid game is actually on 3DS but yeah Zelda is totally worth it~
  12. Bunch of Switch announcement 😊 I'm so so glad they didn't focus on 3DS at all during the conference, it's good to show strong support right off the gate even if some games aren't coming for awhile Mario is definitely the hypest one though, you can freaking controls enemies!! And Zelda DLC looks cool but ofc there's more amiibo cuz why not lol, finally a HD Kirby is cool too although I wish we could finally get a 3D one, FE Warriors looks awesome and so glad my girl Corrin is in Yeah it looks interesting gameplay wise, not many RPGs besides Xcom play that way so curious how it turns out
  13. I'm more excited for the games shown the pre show then the main event haha, Everybody's Golf and Ni No Kuni 2 yes plz! although MHW is nice and Spiderman looks cool even if it has too many QTEs
  14. Skyrim trailer, pretty cool you can play as Link, still no release date though hmm And another fighter for Switch! Pretty interesting that's it's using easy Smash like inputs which is good cuz the Switch has no dpad lol If it's budget priced, might get, can never have enough anime fighters 😆
  15. Yeah I'm pretty shattered UltraSM was not for Switch, even just an upres port would be cool and I like fighting games but suck at pretty much all of them haha so I'm glad Pokken is so easy to play especially since Pokemon is one of my fav franchises