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  1. My day 1 purchases for Switch in the future are Mario Odyssey Kirby Pokken Fire Emblem Switch Pokemon Switch Maybe depending on reviews Rabbids Yoshi Metroid Prime 4 Sonic Forces And the rest mildly interested but probably never get unless it's on a great sale or something and even then unlikely FE Warriors Fate Extella Sonic Mania Xeno 2 Arms You're kinda on the wrong site if trophies aren't your thing haha 😅 and the 2D Metroid game is actually on 3DS but yeah Zelda is totally worth it~
  2. Bunch of Switch announcement 😊 I'm so so glad they didn't focus on 3DS at all during the conference, it's good to show strong support right off the gate even if some games aren't coming for awhile Mario is definitely the hypest one though, you can freaking controls enemies!! And Zelda DLC looks cool but ofc there's more amiibo cuz why not lol, finally a HD Kirby is cool too although I wish we could finally get a 3D one, FE Warriors looks awesome and so glad my girl Corrin is in Yeah it looks interesting gameplay wise, not many RPGs besides Xcom play that way so curious how it turns out
  3. I'm more excited for the games shown the pre show then the main event haha, Everybody's Golf and Ni No Kuni 2 yes plz! although MHW is nice and Spiderman looks cool even if it has too many QTEs
  4. Skyrim trailer, pretty cool you can play as Link, still no release date though hmm And another fighter for Switch! Pretty interesting that's it's using easy Smash like inputs which is good cuz the Switch has no dpad lol If it's budget priced, might get, can never have enough anime fighters 😆
  5. Yeah I'm pretty shattered UltraSM was not for Switch, even just an upres port would be cool and I like fighting games but suck at pretty much all of them haha so I'm glad Pokken is so easy to play especially since Pokemon is one of my fav franchises
  6. Most likely yeah seeing MK8D was, Pikachu is a good choice since he's kinda an all round character but Charizard is too slow for me but all the Pokemon play pretty different to each other so you should definitely them all out to see what fits your playstyle
  7. Disappointed it's not for Switch but will get regardless, one thing I hope they improves on is character customization, yes its cool we can finally go hatless but overall I found the clothes inferior to XY, I just want my character to look as good as my Pokken character 😥
  8. Yep, pure fighting game but also a pretty unique one since you can fight on both a 3D and 2D plane and there's a dedicated special button so special moves are really easy to pull off as well a triangle battle system where grabs beat counters, counters beat normal attacks and normal attacks beat grabs as well as a dedicated block and jump button. Sounds confusing for sure but once you get into it's not that hard to grasp and the Switch ver will have 21 characters Yes there's 2 Mewtwos and 2 Pikachus for whatever reason but they play pretty differently from each other thankfully, Blaziken was my main on Wii U but I'm definitely gonna try Scizor and even Empoleon to see what fits me best
  9. Excited for Pokken DX, I did buy the Wii U release and had quite a bit of fun with it since it has easy inputs for a fighter, so glad they're porting over to Switch with the new characters, finally get to play as my fav Pokemon, Scizor 😊 Plus Decidueye looks pretty neat and Litten/Popplio support
  10. Here in Australia it's gonna be $30 so not too bad I guess and yeah the only reason I buy physical for Switch and also for 3DS/Wii U/Vita is that it saves memory space unlike PS4 where I also buy all digital now, retail or not, plus PSN always has better digital sales then Nintendo
  11. Welp there it is for Switch's online play Pricing not too bad I guess but I probably won't get it unless MHXX launches by then I would have no choice 😑 I don't really care about classic games and I don't buy Switch games digital so discounts are useless too
  12. Change the cursor to type B asap in the settings lol, no idea why A is default and you adjust the cameraish using Y ZR but yeah there's no grid top down look like in FE and there's not too much micromanaging, I usually put on the highest def armor and some shoes if the character is lacking in movement and weps just what they have the highest affinity with. And yeah no point comparing to FE when they're so different besides both being SRPGs haha, the fun in Disgaea is at least for me is the wacky characters and dialogue and the over the top attack animations coupled with pretty good gameplay although not as tight as FE for sure but with way more options although I will admit 5 is kinda lacking in story and characters compared to 4, wish they didn't make Killia so monotone all the time I just had another go at it, it's more fun then I was expecting especially since you can use the shoulders buttons as punches but yeah probably still not gonna get it immediately but definitely interested in it more then Splatoon 2.
  13. Did you guys try the Arms testpunch, I woke up too late and only got a play a few minutes 😴 Seems okay from what I played, couldn't get used to the motion control in time though but the traditional controls seemed okay
  14. MHXX coming to Switch yesss! I haven't really played the series since the PSP days, can't wait to get back into it 😍 Can't wait to play as a cat and wreck everything 😉
  15. Looks like the first E3 leak has began Hm mildly interested especially since it's turned based but have to wait for more impressions Yeah I tried the Splatoon 2 testfire earlier this year and found it wasn't for me either so hopefully this will be better And really, I admit the story in Fates isn't the best but the gameplay is such an improvement over Awakening I can't help but love it and its definitely my FE game so far, but then again I only played through Conquest and Rev so I didn't get burned out too much lol