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  1. Thanks for the advice everyone. I played for a couple more hours last night, did 2 more jumps and I found an “Overgrown Moon” which was quite nice - a lot of storms but lots of animals and actual grass and trees not just fungal caps and tentacle plants everywhere so I’m going to build my base there for now.
  2. I'm playing in normal mode... just gonna keep at it!
  3. Well I'm not really complaining about the survival aspects, mostly just curious about the lack of "biome" diversity I've experienced and whether it's normal or not. Seems like it isn't to me just based on what I've seen of other's games. Thanks for the link on sentinels, AJ, that's really interesting. I didn't know they actually were on every planet but that makes me feel a bit better about my luck haha.
  4. I'm really trying to like this game but it seems like 70% of the planets I encounter are toxic planets with ugly fungal caps and brown haze everywhere. I've put in about 10 hours so far, have jumped 3 times and every galaxy I'm in has 1-2 toxic planets and maybe a frozen moon and if I'm really lucky a planet devoid of life with almost nothing on it. I haven't encountered a single "nice" planet yet, or even anything that shows a smidgen of diversity. Not to mention the damn sentinels which come after me every time I start mining for more than 3 seconds on every single planet. Am I super unlucky or is this just how it goes???