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  1. So, as one of the guys with the plat, I’ll give you my strategy, but it requires having a vita. Since the vita version is not glitched, you can use it as a map/timer to determine the safe times when spikes are retracted. Really the only sections where it is necessary are the spike pyramid up top and the long corridor right before the top area, since those spikes have no visible presence. Alternatively, you might be able to mark down safe times, since I was able to pretty consistently use the timer to match safe times, but I don’t know if that would require exiting and re-entering the level (not sure if spike timers reset upon death or not, maybe someone could check in a level that actually HAS visuals). Best of luck to everyone!
  2. I’m having trouble with assembling the gun horse, how did you end up getting it to pop? I’ve tried getting each piece last, never seems to work
  3. I have been trying for the last few days to get this, and I'm just not having any winter levels popping up regularly. Is anyone else having this issue? I played to about night 28 and only had 2 winter levels show up in the first 6 nights, then nothing.
  4. The best way I've found is to play the online challenges. If you find one you can both get gold at, the winner gets 135 pts and the loser still gets 45 every time. Pretty helpful for boosting rank quickly, as every 2 matches can get you 180 pts if you trade wins. On a related note, I'm looking for someone to play the online challenges with so I can grind out my last few levels at once, message me if interested, PSN IS mouse611.