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  1. Does anyone know when they'll shut down the online servers, if they ever do?
  2. Won't the trophies stack with just survival 1? I mean there are trophies of survival 1 and 2 days 2done trophy says hard 2 or survival 2 and survival 1 is just above hard 2 so why should i do it with survival 2?....also, side survival one or two frustrating?
  3. Im about to start ng+ and my question is should i do it in survival or survival 2? Cs the 2 days 2 done trophy it says hard 2 OR survival 2 but there are trophies for survival 1 diff..
  4. or be at the same party right?
  5. i just want to know if this game is boostable for either wins or leveling up weapons
  6. thanks bud...but i cant seem to find this game anwhere where i live and amazon doesnt ship this game to m country so no fun and easy plat for me i guess
  7. it didnt wok for me tho
  8. i always kept telling myself right after fifa 15 and other games i had troubles with.."i will not ever buy an ea game ever again" so that i did untill i saw sims 4 was for free with the ps plus so i got it looked up the road to platinum i had to have an ea account i was like okay its an ea game but with this guide i'd be done with it before i could say "sims" joke's on me i swear i will be extra careful next time...ea games just doesnt seem to care about anyone at all other than whats in our pockets thats why i hate ea so much its always money and zero fucks about the customer
  9. alright cheers man tho this game its just boring i never enjoyed the sims i just got it bc it seemed quick and easy using the ea account..... also i cant make a new ea account for this psn account..already tried it and i still cant contact ea to help me change my email at least
  10. im thinking of buying this game since i got interested in darts this year and bc they didnt made any new darts game on ps4 but my question is: is the platinum obtainable with JUST the dualshock controller? also are the online servers up? does anyone know if they'll shut them down any time soon?
  11. so back in the day i made an ea account for fifa 15 i think but with my old email and i dont remember the password either and i went to ea page long story short i had to press contact us on their page i kept pressing it and it wouldnt open the page of contact us instead it kept refreshing the page and it wont let me change email nor password to live happily ever after so is my platinum screwed or what? bc i saw ppl login in their ea account to get the plat in less than 2 hours and i can...or is it still obtainable and it would take more time rather than 2 hours?
  12. how hard is this game to platinum? any struggling trophies or online ones? cs 470+ ppl have this game but only 11 ppl have the platinum and that had me thinking
  13. really??? crap i almost did the dark level i fell and i rage quit dammit thanks for the info anw cheers..but i must go to "select level" and then mansion right?
  14. do i have to press new game for the trophy to trigger? (which it doesnt have for me anymore) or do i go on chapter select and start from mansion and all tthe way to aztec.. cs i went to chapter select i went from mansion aaaall the way to dark lever without falling/drowning yet no trophy.. do i have to complete dark steam and ice in order for ir to pop?
  15. would it work solo? some youtubers said its not doable solo