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  1. do i have to press new game for the trophy to trigger? (which it doesnt have for me anymore) or do i go on chapter select and start from mansion and all tthe way to aztec.. cs i went to chapter select i went from mansion aaaall the way to dark lever without falling/drowning yet no trophy.. do i have to complete dark steam and ice in order for ir to pop?
  2. how hard is this game to platinum? any struggling trophies or online ones? cs 470+ ppl have this game but only 11 ppl have the platinum and that had me thinking
  3. really??? crap i almost did the dark level i fell and i rage quit dammit thanks for the info anw cheers..but i must go to "select level" and then mansion right?
  4. Can somebody help me with this stupid mode they decided to add? i have a problem with the figurines..which figurines are the best to use to defeat all of the battles without a struggle? i made it to vados in the story mode in HC with zamasu, gotenks, 2 androids 16, ssgss goku, what changes should i make? maybe there's a glitch about my hp or the enemy's hp or a glitch to get plenty of experience and max out my figurines? Anything!!!
  5. (tag der toten) i didnt quite understand how to obtain this trophy it actualy random? or is it as someone suggested on utube to walk all over the flinger to overcharge it to throw u all the way back at that iceberg?
  6. would it work solo? some youtubers said its not doable solo
  7. i agree this mode is stupid and i was thinkin of buying tp to get better damn figures but turns out i kept my figures and kept fighting over and over the fights...its basically luck based...i repeated the last free battle fight i needed for about 40 tries and eventually got it
  8. just one question tho about the 3000min whats the difference between a turbo controller from a normal one?..wont it do the same thing the normal does too?..also why set the x button to meter burn?
  9. i dont have that many gohans
  10. i need tthe beggining trophies poison splash for the witch and all of dlc 9 & 10 if anyone can help me i would appreciate it
  11. if i do that will i lose my single player progress? because i only need the combat immersion on realistic for the plat but i want to leave it as the last trophy and gorod ee is the second last trophy so if i downgrade the game with that method..will i lose progress on bo3 or any other game?
  12. Does anyone know when will the servers close down?? i'm really looking forward to plat this game i just borrowed it and i have it with me i just don't want to install it yet unless i get the green light that online trophies are still obtainable
  13. im so frustrated i keep dying by one hit in der riese zombies is it just me?? it happens to me anytime after 10+ rounds AND when i have 2 out of 3 wonder weapons cs im trying to get the trophy...does anyone else has this broken issue? any solutions? suggestions?
  14. do u really need a move controller to get this trophy? can't this trophy get achieved by a sixaxis controller (wireless)?
  15. so what's the solution exactly to the gorod ee?
  16. what are those cusa codes i dont understand shit im bad at this lol have u tried it?
  17. if i downgrade do i lose my campaign progress? and exactly do u downgrade?
  18. i know dg2 does damage ut i just get killed with 1 hit...turns out its a dg2 bug
  19. i'll try wanna give me a hand?
  20. u might be right cs i had the dg...sooo the wonder weapons trophy cant e done solo? unless dg is the last one i get from the box
  21. dude im an avarage zombie player i know what perks do een without jug u need 2 hits with jug im getting 1 hit down after 10+ while holding 2 wonder playing rn add me if u wanna
  22. i'm stuck at joker's 3rd and 10th kombo challange any help please?
  23. How do i check how many wins i have in terrorist hunt protect hostage missions for the camper trophy?
  24. am i the only one who has trouble getting 3 stars in a few speed runs? whats the best car for speed runs and off-road speed runs and a few tips and tricks to keep my mph meter steady? i tried using the regera but fuck even with that they are still impossible
  25. sorry for cursing in the title but this trophy is pissing me off!! i danced horribly in maisonette 9 or whatever that club is called and it still gave me a bus stop dance but in Hercules i danced almost perfectly just 5-6 mistakes but it won't give me a bus stop dance what's the problem what on earth do i have to do to get the bus stop dance and not getting Luis laid? and what's up with that opponent dance? when he wants to battle me? that's a HUUUGE waste of time