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  1. Is the premium pass like the season pass? if i buy it will i have the dlcs free to download?
  2. thanks for the heads up
  3. cheers
  4. so what if i get eeeevery other trophy in the game and then go for the online ones....there would be no trophy for them pop right?
  5. yea don't worry i was going to plan a gaming session ooh i heard about the veteran, alright...but i've been through every cod's veteran i guess i'll be used to this one thanks a bunch for letting me know guys
  6. im not sure but either way i use the same password just so i wont forget it on any acc
  7. i tried to create an account with my email and it says its been used while i have no idea about this site
  8. Which app?
  9. is the dlc free? i don't know the game but i know there are some games whom their dlc's are free just like minecraft
  10. hey everyone i want to buy this game and get the plat does anyone know if the servers are still up? and if so when do they shut down?
  11. thanks but that doesn't help my main problem
  12. stupid motherfucking loading screen i died during combat and i'm still waiting to respawn it's been 30 mins.....still nothing......rumors say that even now i'm waiting to respawn please help i don't want to lose my progress i forgot when i last saved
  13. ooh sweet thanks man btw there's only one online trophy on the ps3 version right?
  14. so how much does it cost?
  15. i did what the trophy asked me to do TWICE and still no trophy and i did se chapter select and everything and still nothing. so what am i supposed to do now?
  16. playerLEGO Grand Theft Auto V it wasn't my fault. I joined a session where there was a hacker/modder and everything i was doing it gave me a lot of money and exp
  17. playerLEGO Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe i only had one more fighter more the supreme champion and my ps3 had some issues and i had to format it and when i format my ps3 it deleted my whole single player progress...then when back in it completed every character's kombo challenges again
  18. but i did it and still didn't pop and yes i got to chapter 15 and still nothing. could it be the restart checkpoint the problem here? cause i mean there is no other explanation to it
  19. with no restart checkpoints?
  20. yes..neither did sam but even if we did i would've restarted checkpoint
  21. i don't have the game and i want to buy it but does it have any online trophies? and if there are online trophies when do they shut down?
  22. good 4 u buddy
  23. how do u exactly get this trophy? i've done everything it needs. is it glitched?
  24. Guys please help me i've gain mastery of all fighters all 28 of'em but the trophy didn't pop out what do i do??
  25. Like the title says i have a problem getting the key to the city trophy.I've done everything that it needs to be done and still nothing i search on youtube and this site too but i've done every single thing and i'm still missing 1.25%. what should i do?