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  1. i got every single player trophy except that piece of shit i did EVERY SINGLE THING i also wrote them shits but i'm missing fucking 1.25% wtf really makes me wanna punch my ps3
  2. should i try?
  3. some people say "the competitor" trophy is an online trophy is that true?
  4. any vehicle or the ones from heists dlc (kuruma etc.)
  5. but how do u know arcade doesn't count?
  6. okay thanks for the tip it really helps
  7. really? but when u play arcade, b4 u enter the match with the enemy shows a VS and VS=VersuS p.s online servers are down so i have to play with a second controller? does it still count if i quit the match with the second controller?
  8. yeah but in mk9 says online or offline but this one just says win 200 matches and not just that arcade has 10 enemies and all the characters u can pick are 22 so that makes 220 versus matches and i still didn't got the trophy
  9. this is the hardest game that i'm going to platinum
  10. nevermind
  11. no they they are not closed i just checked
  12. how many online trophies and when the servers are closing? and rate 1-10 how hard is this game to plat (i don't have the game but i want to)
  13. is there any akumu mode tips and tricks glitches or something about the chapters? i'm ch.6 and i can't get pass the beginning please help
  14. but i told u i don't have any ammo i just have 6 or 5 bullets in the pistol and 2 in the shotgun 1 explosive bolt and 6 parts to create a bolt
  15. There's a trophy that says dance perfectly on both tony's clubs the club is the one that u work as a security guard if u want i did the bus stop perfectly but there's the Hercules club i doesn't let me do the bus stop i can only challange that one random guy but the trophy doesn't pop and like i said it doesn't let me do the Bus stop dance
  16. who did u use and u were doing?
  17. yeah and still nothing
  18. no at the very begin when joseph's slow ass is defusing the door bombs i don't have matches,ammo and neither stuff to create bolts and i know there's no goddamn checkpoint when u get pass through the 1st door no shit sherlock, but it's akumu mode so u can't aim for the head
  19. hey can somebody give me a save file on ch.15 please? thank you
  20. because i can't get pass ch.6 and if i continue playing i may have no ps3
  21. THIS IS FUCKING GLITCH!!!!! have u ever seen or heard that u can download hack? NO!! so that's a damn glitch...yes u can download it from community creations
  22. yeah i did that annoyns the fuck out of you
  23. it's difficult because you have to tap very very fast..i've done 3rd today but that fucking 10 it's unbeatable