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  1. i need tthe beggining trophies poison splash for the witch and all of dlc 9 & 10 if anyone can help me i would appreciate it
  2. if i do that will i lose my single player progress? because i only need the combat immersion on realistic for the plat but i want to leave it as the last trophy and gorod ee is the second last trophy so if i downgrade the game with that method..will i lose progress on bo3 or any other game?
  3. Does anyone know when will the servers close down?? i'm really looking forward to plat this game i just borrowed it and i have it with me i just don't want to install it yet unless i get the green light that online trophies are still obtainable
  4. im so frustrated i keep dying by one hit in der riese zombies is it just me?? it happens to me anytime after 10+ rounds AND when i have 2 out of 3 wonder weapons cs im trying to get the trophy...does anyone else has this broken issue? any solutions? suggestions?
  5. Can somebody help me with this stupid mode they decided to add? i have a problem with the figurines..which figurines are the best to use to defeat all of the battles without a struggle? i made it to vados in the story mode in HC with zamasu, gotenks, 2 androids 16, ssgss goku, what changes should i make? maybe there's a glitch about my hp or the enemy's hp or a glitch to get plenty of experience and max out my figurines? Anything!!!
  6. do u really need a move controller to get this trophy? can't this trophy get achieved by a sixaxis controller (wireless)?
  7. so what's the solution exactly to the gorod ee?
  8. what are those cusa codes i dont understand shit im bad at this lol have u tried it?
  9. if i downgrade do i lose my campaign progress? and exactly do u downgrade?
  10. i know dg2 does damage ut i just get killed with 1 hit...turns out its a dg2 bug
  11. i'll try wanna give me a hand?
  12. u might be right cs i had the dg...sooo the wonder weapons trophy cant e done solo? unless dg is the last one i get from the box
  13. dude im an avarage zombie player i know what perks do een without jug u need 2 hits with jug im getting 1 hit down after 10+ while holding 2 wonder playing rn add me if u wanna
  14. i'm stuck at joker's 3rd and 10th kombo challange any help please?
  15. How do i check how many wins i have in terrorist hunt protect hostage missions for the camper trophy?
  16. am i the only one who has trouble getting 3 stars in a few speed runs? whats the best car for speed runs and off-road speed runs and a few tips and tricks to keep my mph meter steady? i tried using the regera but fuck even with that they are still impossible
  17. sorry for cursing in the title but this trophy is pissing me off!! i danced horribly in maisonette 9 or whatever that club is called and it still gave me a bus stop dance but in Hercules i danced almost perfectly just 5-6 mistakes but it won't give me a bus stop dance what's the problem what on earth do i have to do to get the bus stop dance and not getting Luis laid? and what's up with that opponent dance? when he wants to battle me? that's a HUUUGE waste of time
  18. Is the premium pass like the season pass? if i buy it will i have the dlcs free to download?
  19. thanks for the heads up
  20. cheers
  21. so what if i get eeeevery other trophy in the game and then go for the online ones....there would be no trophy for them pop right?
  22. yea don't worry i was going to plan a gaming session ooh i heard about the veteran, alright...but i've been through every cod's veteran i guess i'll be used to this one thanks a bunch for letting me know guys
  23. im not sure but either way i use the same password just so i wont forget it on any acc
  24. i tried to create an account with my email and it says its been used while i have no idea about this site
  25. Which app?