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  1. Finally found some time to make my review for this game #159: Prototype 2 This is another really fun open world superpower playground of which there are some more, mainly the Infamous series springs to mind when playing this one. I liked the Infamous series more because the powers were a bit more fun to use and mainly because the main character was a bit more easy to control when flying and climbing. The controls in Infamous were more fluid then in Prototype. I didn't play Prototype 1 because of my massive backlog and the difficulty of that platinum. In this game you play again as a prototype human which has some special qualities in a city which is haunted by a massive virus that kills of many people. I'm not 100% sure if Heller (main character) is also infected with that virus but he is at least an evolved human, therefore he has all those superpowers. Hellers main power is to consume other people, this way he can shift between himself and the human he consumed, this can be used to do things stealthy or to use these people to enter closed facilities. There are also important people/enemies that can be consumed for new powers,extra xp or to get new side missions. Story isn't that interesting with Heller wanting his daughter back from an organisation. The gameplay is fun, you feel that Heller is getting stronger and stronger everytime you upgrade a level or a power because the upgrades are good and noticeable. The different powers are also very fun to use against enemies. When you have Heller fully upgraded the game is really easy because Heller is really overpowered then. All the powers make short work from the different enemies, they are Claws, a Blade, a ground spike, a sort of leash which is very powerful and an attack that you can fire of at enemies which then sticks them and bangs other items into the enemies. These can all be upgraded. The open world is decent, most buildings are pretty general but it is still fun to traverse it with your movement powers, you can fly,wall run and hover your way around the city. You also can use tanks and helicopters. Next to your body powers you can also use the weapons that are dropped by military enemies, generally these are assault rifles, rocket launchers or grenade launchers. In this game it is also advised to go for collectibles because every small set that you complete gives you an upgrade choice so that is an easy way to upgrade your character. Also a very good use of collectibles. The trophies are all very easy to get because the hardest difficulty one can be done on new game plus with OP Heller. Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 9/10
  2. Damn, one of the games i was looking forward to the most is delayed until 2019, game is called Wreckfest and it is a racer with insane crash physics and it looks really cool

    1. Spaz


      This reminds me when Days Gone got delayed, I'm like fuck.


      I enjoyed Bend Studios work with Uncharted: Golden Abyss, so we'll how how good their PS4 game is going to be.

    2. Lars


      That's another one of those, really excited to see how that one will do next year. Hope it will live up to expectations

  3. The magic of overcoming my insecurity and asking a girl out on tuesday. Making six jumps with my head touching the roof from happiness that she said yes. I just kept texting her a bit and today she blocked me. Just a short summary of my life

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    2. LuciaRosethorn


      That sounds like an excuse more then anything. You can simply not message people if you don't want to, blocking someone for that reason is kinda childish. I hope it hasn't upset you too much?

    3. Lars


      A little, talking with girls isn't my biggest talent and i never even had a date. So that's what upset me the most. that she said yes to a date on tuesday, and block me on saturday

    4. LuciaRosethorn


      If it helps I'm bad at talking to girls too (even though I am one), I've never had a friend who is a girl and if I do they end up being bitchy or don't agree with my opinions. I get on with boys far more better and so not every girl is hard to talk to, you just need to find the right ones. =) 


      Also try not to put too much pressure on yourself about finding a partner or having a date ect, it makes it a lot worse. People make those sort of things a big deal and so it can be upsetting when you haven't experienced it but once it does happen you'll realise you didn't need to worry, let things happen in time and when you're fully ready. ^_^ Also she doesn't sound like a nice person so don't let her upset you, there's far better girls put there and it's better to be hurt at the start then date someone then get hurt down the line.

  4. #157: Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition (PS4) I really love this game, one of the many underrated shooters that the playstation has to offer. In this game you play as some bad-ass characters,who crash their airship on a planet with some crazy inhabitants. That's pretty much all i can say about the story because in this game the story doesn't matter at all. It is all about the gameplay. And there are loads of cheesy sex jokes in the game, which are not always that fun i must say. In this game you have a couple of unique abilities, they are that you can kick enemies in any direction you want. You have a leash which can be used to pull enemies towards you. The leash also has a more powerful version which is called the thumper, but this has limited expensive ammo. The thumper can be used to thump all enemies in the area of effect in the air and they are easy targets then. This together with the environments and the weapons can be used for some very creative kills. There are i believe 10 different weapons in the game, they all have a normal fire mode and a more destructive charged mode. This mode also has more expensive ammo. Then the gameplay, like i said, crazy environments with special skills and a good variety of weapons lead to some very creative kills. These kills are called skillshots and they give you points, the more difficult they are the more points you get. A regular kill gives 10 points but the hardest skillshots give 100 points, and when you combo enemies the points get higher. Normally this wouldn't matter, it is nice to get points but it doesn't say much but in this game the points are the currency to buy upgrades and ammo. This means that the game forces and wants you to be creative with your kills which makes the gameplay varied and loads of fun. You for example can kick enemies of bridges, you can kick them into a cactus, into a furnace. You can use a gun which fires and lets you explode the bullet (flail gun). When you kill other enemies with it, that is a skillshot, so extra points. Thump an enemy into the air and shoot it to the moon, extra points. There are 113 different skillshots but they could've made over 500. That is what makes this game so much fun. It isn't a shooter where you can use the same weapon throughout the whole game and thus forces you to vary and be creative. The game has a good length and the game also has an echoes mode where the goal is to score as much points as possible and be quick. This is always throughout story portions of the game. The trophies are tricky though, the highest difficulty is easy in this game because you can play it on overkill mode. Which gives you infinite ammo for all weapons on which you have all skillshots done. This makes the game a cakewalk. The difficulty comes from the echoes and the anarchy (multiplayer wave based gameplay) modes. They have difficult trophies which require you to be very strict and have loads of clean runs. The anarchy trophies are easier and less grindy though then the ps3 version of this game. The echoes trophies are also easier because there are extra levels in the game and you have to get trophies like "get an x amount of total points" which are easier if you have more levels. This game is definitely a recommendation for every FPS lover. Especially if you are used to the general FPS titles then this will be a massive breath of fresh air. Especially now the rumours are going that this will be free on plus next month. Even if it isn't free next month the game is pretty cheap now and it is a title that you should experience. Difficulty: 5/10 Enjoyment: 10/10
  5. Apparently i'm into a gory game love at the moment, I platted Doom, Bulletstorm and now i'm close to platting Prototype 2.

    And i'm thinking about going for either Dante's Inferno or The Darkness 2 next

  6. I will help you, The answers to your questions are: Pizza Mozzarella Patagonia 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown That is assuming your questions are: What is your favorite Dr. Oetker Ristorante pizza? In which location did your favorite Top Gear special take place? What is your favourite British panel show? This has to be enough information for you to move on with your problem
  7. Hello guys, i asked this yesterday and i hope one of you has another suggestion.The problem that i have is that i can't sync my new trophies to the PSN, i get the error message np-32091-5. I also cannot earn trophies in/play those new games. I tried the suggestion (rebuild database) that (sorry for tagging you again guys) @Lorajet and @Mesopithecus gave me and it didn't work. So i read that it could help to either delete my profile and recreate it, but i don't know if my trophies would disappear then. Or i could initialize the ps4. The error message apparently means that i have corrupted trophy data. I have all my saves backed up daily so i should be good on that. So if someone knows the exact solution i would love to hear it. 

    Thanks in advance guys

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    2. MidnightDragon


      Did you have a game that may not be on the servers by chance? That can cause sync errors, too.

    3. Lars


      As far as i know i haven't. The games i bought were all out and had owners on this website.

      But i'm going to try to recreate my profile, it shouldn't be that difficult i believe. Because i have my saves backed up so i think i should be safe. My problem is just that i'm so a-technical that i'm afraid i'll make a mistake

    4. Lars


      Thank you guys a lot, unfortunately i had to initialize my PS4 but i have all my saves. I could play the games now and i don't get the error message anymore. So it is solved finally 

  8. Damn, i got an error message today that was called np-32091-5 which means i apparantly cannot sync trophies anymore on my ps4. I have to restore my database or something and i have no idea how. Or restore my profile which hopefully won't wipeout all my saves, if i lose my Rocket League profile of level 225 with over €250 worth of items on it then my ps4 will get killed in the process i think. Same goes for my Project Cars save on which i have the community ambassador trophy, although that won't matter probably 

    1. Lorajet


      Do you have a backup on the cloud or on a Flash?  Can you back up what you have right now on a flash, and worse case, then rebuild the database?

    2. Mesopithecus


      You could always back up your saves to PS+ cloud first before trying to rebuild the database or restore your profile.  If you want to rebuild the database, go into safe mode on the PS4 by holding the power button on the console - you'll hear two beeps, one initially and then another around 7 seconds later - you can let go of the power button after the second beep.  You'll need your controller to be connected with a USB cable.  You should now be in safe mode on the PS4 and rebuild database is the 5th option on that screen 


    3. Lars


      Hello guys, i tried to rebuild the database. Would it be a good option to initialize the PS4, i have made a back-up of all my saves and most of my games are on a external hard drive. I don't know if this error is the same as error np-36005-5 though, then i might know how to do this. Can i safely delete my profile? I don't know what happens then. @Lorajet and @Mesopithecus


  9. Hopefully this means that they will announce a new game. Would be great

  10. Yeah i know, the thing is though i just bought the DLC packs when they released with the idea in mind to play them when i got to the main game. So i paid €45 for stuff that were my belongings, and then they took it away and made it a requirement to grind around 50 hours of mp to get to them. That is just unfair imo. That's why i won't 100% that one
  11. #156: Doom A platinum image that doesn't require a genius to figure out which game it is from. And that game is Doom, a extremely fast paced shooter that requires you to cause havoc and shoot demons. The story tells that some weird lady of which i forgot the name opened a portal to hell and that it has to be closed. Unfortunately the portal lead already to a invasion of demons on Mars. The enemies you have to fight are all demons, so no "human" enemies on Mars which makes sense. You start of with a simple shotgun and you can find new weapons in the world and upgrade these with weapon mods that are hidden in the world. This game though isn't made around a strong narrative or a good story. This game is all about the gameplay and the shooting. Everything is fast, the enemies move fast and are always close. You can move fast around, pick-ups are fast and don't require any button prompt. Just run close to a ammo or health box and doomguy will pick it up. You lose health and armor very quick but because of the glory kill system it is also really easy to regain health. A g(l)ory kill isn't just a regular kill but a nice animated kill that you can use when you shoot an enemy enough to make it stagger which leads to a gory animation of you ripping an enemy apart. This gives you loads of health and sometimes ammo. The weapons are well varied and nice to use, some are powerful and some are a lot weaker but you learn which weapons suit you and which don't. Good shooting isn't everything though, it also needs nice levels, for me this is not a 10/10. The levels themselves are great and the combat areas give loads of options and variety to the combat. You can camp a bit although that is dangerous, you can also run and gun and jump around but this has the disadvantage that it is easy to lose track of enemies and this will get you surprised a couple of times. The problem i have with the game is that the environments aren't varied, there are 3 for: Mars exterior, Mars interior and Hell. That's it basically. Of course the levels aren't the same but they feel very similar and for me the game could have improved this. That is my only minus point for the world. The levels have a good length and reward exploration. The collectibles are really well hidden though, as in impossible to find sometimes without a guide. That is something that i see often in Bethesda shooters, Wolfenstein also has some very cleverly hidden rooms and collectibles. They are even difficult to find when you have the map upgrades which show them on the map, i still needed a guide to find some of them. Oh, and the dlc trick is disgusting, i bought all the dlc but didn't install it and then without any warning the content i bought was behind a grind wall again. That was a dirty trick on which is was really pissed. This means i will never 100% this game. Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 9/10
  12. In this post a quick update of the recent platinums i got. #152: Gravel This is quite a fun racing game but it didn't live up to the potential it had. It has some great environments to race in with good tracks. There are some massive issues for me though, the graphics are not that good, especially the details on the car don't look good at all. But for me the greatest issue is the handling, the cars feel like you are driving on ice all the time which doesn't make it fun at all, the cars are very difficult to keep on track. The events are not that plentiful and often recycled, because the locations are nice but there aren't many of them with a lack of variety in tracks as well. When i saw the trailers i was really excited, a full on offroad racing game with loads of lap racing against opponents. Instead of the usual solo rally racing you often see. But because of above named reasons it didn't live up to it's potential, they went for the save route and should have made it a bit bigger and better. And the smash-up events were absolutely horrendous, no idea where that came from. But in general i still liked it, especially because i just enjoy racing games in general. But because of the lack of variety i was also happy when it was over. If you enjoy Dirt you definetely get your enjoyment out of this game, but don't expect a similar experience. Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 6/10 #153: Mx VS. Atv: Supercross This falls in the same category as the last one, but still good that i got a ultra rare platinum. That is especially because of the ridicoulous multiplayer trophies that this game has. The controls are pretty bad, especially on the mx bikes. The ATV's are really easy to control and you win those races really easy. The championships are all pretty easy to win but they are all exactly identical on exactly the same tracks, no variety at all. So i get why the game is ultra rare, the sp portion of the game took me around 2 days to finish that off. The graphics are bad, the controls are atrocious in the beginning. i think also that is what turns people off on this game. You must really enjoy racing to be able to finish this one off. Not that fun because of a massive lack of variety. I only finished it because i did the multiplayer a long time ago. Difficulty: 5/10 (because of the To The Victor trophy) Enjoyment: 5/10 #154: Devious Dungeons I actually really enjoyed this one. A sort of small loot game because every enemy gives you coins which makes you stronger and stronger. It is a rogue like platformer which is pretty easy actually. You'll die a lot but every death leads you to stronger equipment and armor. With the strongest equipment the game is a breeze. It actually is fun to play a game like this, so if anyone has other suggestions of games that play like this i would like to hear it. The gameplay is not that varied though, every level is the same setting, although randomly generated they have the same structure, you have to find a key and with that go through the portal. Every level is littered with enemies and destroyable objects. You will encounter stronger and stronger enemies as farther as you come. But your equipment is stronger as well so you the game is just as difficult throughout the whole game. There are boss battles but they are not that difficult and give good money. Also there are hidden books (give loads of xp, only way to really level up is finding these) and treasures which give you loads of coins. I don't get though where the platinum time comes from, i spend at least 6-8 hours in this game while some people can apparently complete this within 2 hours, which for me feels impossible. But one of the more fun easy platinums that there is. Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 #155: Fullblast A real gimme platinum this one, a shmup game that only requires you to play the first 3 levels, and nothing else. Takes about 20 minutes. I heard that the steam achievements are horribly difficult but this trophy list is a joke. That is how easy it is. Difficulty: 1/10 Enjoyment: 3/10
  13. I haven't done the hardest part yet. But i went back to Blur a couple of times and now i only need to do the highest difficulty run. But in the beginning i couldn't even win a standard race. Same goes for Red Dead Redemption multiplayer, i went back to that 3 times before i got it done
  14. I'm playing Gravel right now, i like some things but i also hate some stuff, in general i like the idea. Loads of offroad races in cool locations, fun cars and loads of different classes with different events.


    The bad things for me are the handling, it is absolutely horrible, like driving on ice. And the massive overflow in the open area events, these are races/ time trials/ smash ups in more open areas with checkpoints. These races for me are less enjoyable then the more closed circuit races. And the smashup races are absolutely dumb and not fun.


    When i saw the advertising for this game i was really hyped, but in the end i feel like this will be another classic milestone game, with a 6/10 mark probably. But i hope that the game will improve later, at least that it will be more fun

  15. Really looking forward to it. I hope there will be a trophy for getting champ rank because i finally achieved that recently. But looking at the other trophies they won't be really difficult