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  1. So i finished some easy platinums in the last weeks, with Enigmatis, Lost Grimoires, Daggerhood and Metagal. And know i'm going for the 100% in Skyrim which should be cakewalk as i'm a level 89 powerhouse, with Daedric and Glass armor for massive damage and defense (Daedric) or stealth (Glass), i have the Chillrend sword, with a Daedric sword or a Daedric Shield. For two handed i have a Daedric Warhammer. Or i use my Daedric Bow. All are upgraded to Legendary, and all have very strong enchantments together with some rings and necklaces. So i have around 1800 armor rating i believe, and i do over 300 damage with one strike which is pretty nice for not using that many exploits. I only used the restoration potion glitch to quickly level smithing, alchemy and enchanting because upgrading those takes years, especially smithing. I won't level up anymore probably because i don't use magic but i don't need it. This is probably the best my character has been in 5 full playthroughs in which i haven't used exploits. I used the Oghma Infinium glitch on the PS3, then you can have all those items during the middle of the main campaign without having started any side stuff. But i think it is pretty clear that i really love Skyrim. I may want to try one of the Fallout games on my list in the near future

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    2. DamagingRob


      Congrats on the Plats! Good luck with Skyrim. I loved Fallout 3, but Morrowind never really did anything for me. Don't know if I'll ever try another one. 

    3. Lars


      @PooPooBlast, you spotted it. Proud moment lol.

      @DamagingRob,that's the one i may want to try. Despite it's age it still looks like a great game

    4. DamagingRob


      Yeah, it was and probably still is awesome. Everyone seems to love New Vegas, too, but my copy froze all the time, so I never got very far in that one.. 

  2. Another small collection of platinums i got recently #180: Drowning This game would be something i would normally do off as very easy and very boring. Unfortunately for me it is also very true, i dealt with depression and i'm still not fully recovered from it. It hurts me to say but it was a rough time the last few years. With some ups and many downs the thoughts you have are almost always negative. I see this game and the game represents it pretty well, like an endless path with no end. And people who talk to you that for you aren't even there. Especially the way you think about yourself is what this game does well, it represents the negativity in someones mind that you have if you are depressed. If you feel this way and you want some help don't feel ashamed but seek help!! Difficulty: 1/10 Enjoyment 7/10 (not really enjoyable, but because i felt understood i gave it this number) #183: Far Cry New Dawn: This was another game from my favourite franchise, and it was a bit of a let down based on my expectations, I was probably one of the few who really was looking forward to this instalment in the series. I really enjoyed the idea of the RPG elements with the levelled enemies and the base building mechanics. But for me they were way too basic, also the resource gathering sounded great but wasn’t that well implemented because you could find resources only in set locations. I thought you could get any resource from any enemy but that wasn’t the case. The odd thing for me with Far Cry now is that gameplay wise, my two least favourite games were in my 2 favourite worlds. I loved the forests and environment of Far Cry Primal, absolutely breath-taking but gameplay wise there wasn’t enough variation for me, especially in the weapons and approaches you could have there. In this game it is a bit of the same, I absolutely love the world, gorgeous place but the gameplay lacks variation. For me the missions were really fun but there were too many expeditions for example, because everything stacks you basically have to do the same mission 3 times, same goes for the outposts. The enemies were fun too fight though. In the beginning it is a massive challenge to fight level 2 enemies for example. Same with animals, jesus christ these are difficult in the beginning of the game. Running into the path of a bear is instant death if you don’t come prepared. But the only reason I didn’t like the implementation of the RPG elements is the fact that it was easy exploitable, it is really easy to gain perks fast. Doing some expeditions gives you some great resources, and ethanol can be boosted very quick with a couple of outposts. This meant that at 40% completion I already was a powerhouse, I had all elite or level 3 weapons which made the remainder of the game a cake walk. But I still enjoyed the game because it is Far Cry, I always love Far Cry. The carnage you can create is great, the gunplay is always fun. But I have some ideas that would make the next Far Cry more fun then this one. If you could craft weapons of your own creation with items you find ingame that would be great, they could make it more difficult to get resources and reward exploring. Now you could buy maps for the locations, and the rest of the world didn’t matter anymore. So hide big rewards in random unmarked locations of the map. On a side note, for collectibles, I think that Far Cry 4 had the best implementation of a collectible in an open world game with the Yalung masks. They showed the location on the map and when you get there you get an area where the collectible could be so you still have to search, I hope they bring this back. Make more different levels of enemies and maybe even have the ability to level your own character, I know that this would be just a Far Cry: Fallout game but still, this would make the game better in my opinion because I think the Far Cry games have a great base for good RPG elements. I think to be honest that Ubisoft will go in this direction because they did the same with Assassin’s Creed, and I still have to play these. Why can’t I stop time and just play my entire backlog so that I can focus on the new games as well. But to summarise, if you like Far Cry you’ll enjoy this game. It is still a fun game but and it tries some interesting new games which in my opinion are just not good enough implemented, but I have to give Ubisoft credit for the fact that they dare to step off a proven working concept and go in a new direction with their biggest IP’s Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 7/10 #184: Sniper Elite 3(PS3) I’m proud of this platinum, the reason for this is that I gave up on it twice and came back twice and finished it. I first gave up after playing a bit of the story and realising that I wasn’t that good at sniping and stealth and I thought the multiplayer was a bit too long. After that I still decided to go for the multiplayer and finished that, I also did the co-op run at that time which was fun but I didn’t do Authentic at that time. Then the game sat in my backlog for 1,5 years, this year I decided to go for the authentic difficulty run, I did it with @Conker which was a good run. Luckily we could use a glitch that made the hud come back so also some aiming assistance. But we did well, we only failed chapter 3 more then twice. After the authentic run I did a 100% run. I got all the collectibles except for one weapon part, and just my luck that is the only collectible that you can’t track and I was so lucky to have missed the weapon part in chapter 1. So after that it was just the DLC and during this time I unlocked one more trophy, and I only had the double marathon trophy left, which was literally 2 minutes of work left. I enjoyed the game a lot, the levels were well designed, with fun objectives and multiple tactical ways of tackling them, if there was a tank, do you go in the open and shoot it’s weakspots or place a mine, they both have advantages and disadvantages. Shooting weakspots can be done silently with sound masking your shots but takes more time and shots, a mine takes out the tank immediately but alerts the whole map so that still means a lot of danger. These kind of tactical decisions is what makes the game fun and leads to a lot of replayability. The most fun thing though are the kill animations or the bullet cam. The ways you can kill enemies is great. The only thing I didn’t like was that going completely stealth was a bit too difficult, even on cadet it was a big challenge to not get spotted. And I thought the XP distribution was a bit strange, for a stealth kill with a knife I would get 15XP, with the Welrod (silenced pistol) usually 20XP, for a full “The A-Team style” loud rifle kill I would get at least 25XP. You would say that the game would encourage stealth but it doesn’t, although I have to say that sound-masked headshots with the sniper give you the most XP. So the game technically encourages stealthy sniping which is logical. The story didn’t interest me that much. But the locations are awesome, fighting your way through villages, mountain passes, an airfield and even a factory with a insanely big tank in it. This leads to some really cool setpiece moments as well. I really enjoyed this game and this may lead to me going back in the series and give the story of Sniper Elite 2 another go. Difficulty: 5/10 (would be much higher if Authentic would be done without glitch and solo) Enjoyment: 8/10
  3. I have updated my list completely again, so i hope everyone enjoys the read. I kept my reviews for easy games as short as possible so just 1 sentence because i don't think anyone really cares about those
  4. I like this month only because i thought about picking these up, but i waited for both and it paid off apparently
  5. This is not nice at all, i missed one of the weapon parts apparently in Sniper Elite 3. I don't know if it didn't register, if the correct enemy didn't spawn but i probably have to do every level again focussing on those parts. So that is another small playthrough, pretty annoying.

  6. I recently platted Far Cry New Dawn, which was quite fun. I still have to write my review for it.

    I'm also close to plat Sniper Elite 3, so another UR platinum to add to the list. Still a very late thnx to @Conker for doing authentic difficulty with me, was a fun and good time.

    I still have no idea what i will play after Sniper Elite though, so if anyone has some good advice it is always welcome


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    2. Lars


      @PooPooBlast, all the games on my profile. But for now i prefer a shorter lineair game

    3. PooPooBlast


      Batman from telltale? 


      Dang you have so many good games that you haven't completed like dying light or gravity rush 2. But since you're asking for a linear game go perhaps for a telltale game like Batman or walking dead new frontier. 


      I also saw nier Automata on your profile which was pretty good imo if you want to indulge yourself in a good story

    4. Lars


      @PooPooBlast, that would be a good suggestion, or guardians of the galaxy from telltale. I can play that without a guide just to relax a little. I think i'll try that one

  7. This list looks pretty fun, although i expected some more silly random trophies as that is what the devs announced a while ago. But in general i like the new trophy list designs of the recent years. Games make you do a bit of everything and don't expect too much of you. You can't get the plat normally while regularly playing but if you want the plat can be gotten by not going that far out of the normal way of playing and without a guide. So many games have this style and i really like it.
  8. Buying loads of games that i now sold back with a massive loss without even playing them or seeing the title screen. That's my biggest mistake. Purely looking at one game i accidentally deleted the savefile for Top Spin 4 in which i was literally 2 matches away of getting the longest and grindiest career trophy so i had to start a whole new save to get the platinum.
  9. So this is very lucky. Ubisoft patched the glitch out in Far Cry New Dawn and i actually unlocked the trophy upon entering the game, so i can finish up this plat rather quickly i think

  10. So this is quite annoying. Last Sunday i started with Far Cry New Dawn. The game is fun and the world is beautiful. I get the criticism and i think it is correct but i like the Far Cry games for their gameplay and in this one that is also really fun. What i don't like are the many glitches, and they aren't just simple glitches, there are so many in this game. Enemies that start to rag doll, that even disappear through the map. But the most annoying ones are ones that are tied to progression. Story triggers that don't work. But now the most annoying thing that has happened is a trophy glitched out on me. One of the guns for hire didn't register so the challenge is stuck at 7/8 and i didn't get the trophy. So that means that i have to do another playthrough which pisses me off a little.

    Especially because it seems so common and accepted these days that games release with many glitches and so. But also glitched trophies and game breaking bugs, like a progression in the story not triggering. I never get that why that is even possible, like recently with Anthem i read that the game has many bugs. That means that not enough testing has been done and so on. It is actually ridiculous how many games have glitched trophies, but i guess nothing can be done because i assume that for most developers it isn't a big issue when a platinum is unobtainable or a trophy can glitch. I hope Ubisoft fixes this but it is still very annoying

    1. panikooooos


      They're called Ubishit for a reason 

    2. Lars


      @panikooooos, i really like their games usually. But i feel that since devs have the option to update their games post release that the release versions of the games are often unfinished. That the players are the testers and not the devs themselves, how it should. In the ps2 days, in which this wasn't possible i didn't encounter glitches at all when i played games. Since ps3 every game has them

    3. Spaz


      Sorry for responding on an old status update, but I have to agree.


      What's disappointing is Ubisoft seems to put minimal effort into their remasters. I expect a lot of improvements with remasters, but from what I saw with the Ezio trilogy they just sprinkled some pretty graphics and left it very much the same. No framerate improvements or anything like that.


      In comparison, God of War 3 on the PS4 is a lot smoother with much improved framerate over the PS3 original.


      Funny that I heard of new glitches and bugs with the Assassins Creed 3 remaster, when the original game already had a ton of glitches, and not just simple ones. They made have already patched a few, but it's a little pathetic knowing that a game you bought for a newer system is going to have lots of improvements when the end result is quite the opposite.


      Some PS2 games had glitches, but you were pretty much stuck with them. Back then it was much easier to game test the games because they were much smaller in scope. Nowadays when you have games that cost dozens of millions of dollars and involve over a thousand people with their production, it's more difficult to spot the bugs and glitches.


      We pretty much have to spot them for these people.

  11. So this year i want to get rid of the many E and F ranks that i have on my profile. So games i quickly started to get 1 trophy. Tbh that was to get them to show up on TT. Because at that time that site had more interesting stats imo. Nowadays it hasn't anymore. 


    My plan is to just go through the campaign of the different games, not worry too much about trophies because the only way to get some worth for my money is by playing a lot of them. So i can't play games 6 times, or do a playthrough that requires twice as long because i want to collect everything. Especially games with loads of mp trophies that i don't have spring to mind. So Bioshock 2 for example. If someone has some recommendations for me that would be great.

    Games that i definitely want to try are:


    Bioshock games

    COD single players

    Batman games

    Borderlands games


    And that is just in the first 3 letters of the alfabet. I just want to try as many games as possible. So i probably won't get that many platinums, or the game has to be very easy to play after 1 playthrough and then i can think about it. So i know that COD and Bioshock will be games that i plat. I know those ones are challenging because of the difficulty levels.


    In short, i hope to experience more titles this year, despite the shorter amount of gaming time that i have 

    1. Evertonian


      Good plan


      I would get straight into Bioshock Infinite. It is one of the very best games of all time. If you bag the DLC then you get a great bit of extra story too. Borderlands 2 is also just superb. You really cant go wrong with either of those mate



    2. Spaz


      Pretty much what I've been doing these past few months.

  12. I got many platinums recently, not all of them are noteworthy but imo these 2 are #176: Assassin’s Creed Rogue This is one of the lesser known Assassin’s Creed titles as it released for PS3 on the same time as Black Flag did I believe. This game is massive, absolutely massive. It has so much content, not that much quality content but loads of filler content. The game is fun though, especially for me. I wanted to play a game in which I could play it, do all the things I required to do and not miss anything. Because it is open world, everything is on the map it is easy to just go down the checklist and not be afraid of missing out on a trophy or make it very difficult for myself. The story is not interesting at all but the missions are fun. What makes the game interesting is that you don’t play as an assassin. You behave like one though so gameplay wise nothing changes. This game is gameplay wise exactly the same as Black Flag, loads of naval combat and locations on islands around the map which you can visit for missions, shops and collectibles. The only difference is that this game takes place in the north which means that it is cold there, so there are loads of icebergs in the sea, and bad weather. And you die if you stay in the water for too long. Like said the game has loads of content. The game has loads of collectibles: 200 animus fragments, more chests then animus fragments (I estimate around 350), war letters, treasure maps, crosses, shanty’s and Viking swords. In total I think you are around 700 collectibles in the whole game. Then the missions, 6 sequences, 12 assassin interceptions, 12 hunting challenges (not required for plat), 4 legendary battles, 7 native towers, outposts, supply camps. And in the sea: Convoys and prisoner of war ships. And the online missions(naval story) that you could do in every AC game. So loads of stuff to do. Apart from checking of this list you have to spent loads of time hunting and battling ships to upgrade yourself and your ship. So this is actually a really time consuming platinum, I had around 40 hours on my profile, I did do all the hunting challenges though. This is an ideal platinum if you don’t want to follow a guide at all for a rather easy platinum. It isn’t like those story driven small point and click titles in which you can get the plat in 2 hours, butt you have to follow a guide every single second or otherwise the chances you miss a trophy are high. So I really enjoyed my time with this game although I took a pause from it a year ago, at that time I didn’t care for a game like this and it took too much time for my feeling and it was very repetitive, and I can confirm that it still is very repetitive but if you are like me and have a bit of stress something like this is perfect. No worries about missing anything, no, hoping that I get that trophy when it should pop, stress. You don’t need to think or be strategic, just a distraction. Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 #173: Just Cause 3 This is a game of which I’m really proud of getting the platinum, I platted it in December but I never got around writing a review on it. The game is fun, but I also think that this has to be one of the most repetitive games I ever played. That doesn’t mean I didn’t like it but it is very repetitive. The game consists of a couple of missions, the rest is all open world madness, destroying everything you see, parachuting, wingsuiting and grappling to everything you see. That is what makes this game so much fun. You are in a land called Medici, which is ruled by a dictator called Di Ravello. Your goal is to get rid of him and his army. He has taken over the entire land (which contains of 3 parts, one massive island and two parts with smaller islands) and owns all villages, towns, cities and there are military bases and camps all over the place. Your goal is to take over every single one of them, and also collect all the collectibles scattered over the world. They are difficult to find on your own because the world is absolutely massive. Luckily they are shown on the map after a while, I think after taking over everything in a certain area of the map. The story is not interesting at all but that is not the main part of the game. The platinum is difficult, and you may think why, because going around blowing stuff up couldn’t be that difficult. Well it isn’t. The problem sits in the fact that this game has challenges, these challenges contain of different things, destruct loads within a time limit with a certain weapon. Time trials while driving, flying or with sea vehicles. But as everyone who played it knows those aren’t that difficult, the difficulty lies in the wingsuit challenges (spoiler alert, they weren’t that challenging for me). There are loads of these and they are difficult because they require you to go through rings, and then a small ring in the center of the bigger outer ring. To get the required score you have to be close to perfection, you may mis one or two inner rings to get to that score. That is where the challenge comes in, you have to be perfect and have loads of control over the wingsuit, you can’t lose speed or altitude otherwise you can’t go through the inner rings. Especially the last couple of challenges are difficult, they require knowledge of the flight path and a bit of luck. They are close to land, or over water or close to mountain ridges. But I managed to get control over the wingsuit pretty quickly, the most difficult challenge took me 10 tries so I was pretty satisfied with that result. Passing these challenges gives you gears, from 1-5 gears. These gears give you upgrades which make you a bit stronger but don’t make that much of a difference. I also played and completed the DLC’s and they give you some awesome equipment, a really fast boat, a very good wingsuit and some very strong weapons, mechs and so on. If you want to play through this game from the start think about the DLC’s they are fun and give great stuff. In general the game is fun but very repetitive, the game is colourful though and the explosions are gorgeous. Absolutely spectacular. I don’t know if I can recommend it though, as Just Cause 4 is out now, but it is still a fun title and just give it a go because it was free on plus last year. Difficulty: 5/10 Enjoyment: 8/10
  13. I have planned a boosting sessions for upcoming sunday for Sniper Elite 3 on the PS3.

    I would like to try to do a co-op run on Authentic, so if someone is interested then i hope you can join me.

    1. LucianaRosethorn


      Good luck with it, I don't remember it being that bad as long as your partner is decent. Also if you ever get stuck you can always use a glitch to make the hud appear for one person, it's very useful on Authentic. 

  14. Last friday i got the platinum for Assassin's Creed Rogue, fun game but repetitive gameplay. But the ideal game if you just want to play something that doesn't require a guide at all. Because there isn't trick, or glitch or exploit or easier way than you may think for these trophies then just work your way down the checklist of collectibles. I'll write my full review later this week. Also for Just Cause 3, a game i platted in December but i would like to share my full opinion on that as well.


    Glad to be back and to feel better again. I feel like the depression i coped with for a couple of years, with an all time low last year, is gone for the most part, i sometimes feel bad but it is maybe once per month now. 


    I also like gaming a bit more, and i enjoy it sometimes. I don't play all day but just a couple of moments (2-3 hours, instead of 12) per day. And i enjoy it again instead of it feeling like something obligatory.


    My next games will be Wolfentein The New Order (PS3). Will be my second time playing through this, although the graphical downgrade is massive i probably still enjoy it.


    Far Cry New Dawn, despite the not so positive reviews i'll enjoy it anyway because i really love the Far Cry games

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    2. BlackSquirrell1


      Congrats on the plat!  And good to hear you are feeling pretty good again.

    3. Fat Chocobo
    4. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

  15. @Trope Hore, I believe Redout, a small indie racing game a bit like wipeout, was completely changed after a patch. The trophies weren't changed but the ingame requirements for the trophies were changed. So you have to win so many events. But the requirements for winning were changed from doable to really difficult. This happened with patch 1.03. And for Flatout 4, this works but not if you already had a save file. For me i discovered it pretty late, removed the patch but the two extra cars didn't appear so i can only get the platinum with removing my entire save file and starting over