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  1. This is my first major update for this event At first the two games in which i haven't made any progress, those are Wolfenstein: The New Order and MXGP 2 So now the games in which i've made progress: Far Cry Primal I haven't played this since the KYC event. But the bit i played was really enjoyable. The open world is filled with stuff to do and there is some real cool stuff in there. I don't remember that much though because i played this two months ago. I remember the beasts to be really cool, combat was nice. I didn't care that much about the story because of the spoken language is a old language that i don't understand. So i have to read the subtitles continuously. Now i'm still at 15/51 trophies. Killzone Shadow Fall My goal for this was to get the mp done which is a big grind, even in the offline botzone. I have done a big part though because the mp weapon challenges are finished. Which means i still have to grind out the special abilities. I haven't made much progress in those so still a lot of boring work left to do. Infamous Second Son Damn i love these games. I've got the 100% on all ps3 games and this one will definetely follow in a couple of days. Almost done with the first playthrough. Only the final boss and the side events. Of which i've done most. Then the Evil playthrough on Expert. Then the platinum is in the pocket. Great game this one, loads of different powers that you can use. Every type has it's own advantages and disadvantages which makes the game a bit more tactical as well. Nice open world that feels alive because people actually respond to you. Great title although all the touchpad interactions are unnecessary. The Order 1886 This game i have already platted. The platinum is very easy, the game is indeed short and the ending is rubbish. Gameplay is much more fun though, gunplay feels good and there is a good variation in weapons. Graphics look stunning but the game is too short, i bought it for €15 and at that price it feels right. But for the initial €60 it isn't. That price is close to a disgrace for what you get. What i really disliked was that the bossfights were just QTE's. And the game rushes to an ending which made me believe the devs had to push the game before it was finished.
  2. @Dragon-Archon, I'm still in the same rank, but now with 8 plats. Only All4One missing. But i really disliked the bit that i played so i don't know if i will finish that game. Is it fun to play that game on your own?
  3. Today i played a lot of Infamous: Second Son. What a game, absolutely love it. The platinum from this game will be definetely added to the log in a short period of time. 


    I also was very annoyed at Just Cause 3. Because the leaderboards still aren't fixed for me so the easiest trophy of this game that requires  an online connection is still unobtainable. And talking about stuff i should have done when i had the chance. The Doom DLC. That is just dirty


    I payed for it. But didn't play it until now, so now i'm locked out of the items i payed for and have to grind until prestige 8 to unlock them. That's not fair imo

  4. Someone here who is still in the beginning of Just Cause 3, and would be able to help me with the mp call out trophy. I tried it with someone but our scores of the feats didn't appear on each others leaderboards.

    Would be nice if someone could help me out, maybe try a challenge this time 

    1. PooPooBlast


      Hmm I helped a friend before and I already had my stats maxed out and at 100% but it still worked for them. If u want I can add u and see if it works.

  5. I platted the game. And yes, it looks good and has some nice places to walk through but the pace is so slow that it god boring very quickly. Luckily the guide i followed was very clear which lead to having the plat in the shortest amount of time. But yes, the game is very boring gameplay wise imo
  6. Made another update today, 100%'s are updated, tomorrow i'll update the platinums
  7. Had a good trophy hunting time for the last 1,5 week. Got 9 platinums, all easy ones btw. Got 2 mp's done that i didn't expect to get, they are Pure Pool and Mx vs Atv Supercross Encore. 


    I have 3 very specific questions though, hope somebody knows the answer.


    At first, for the guy who i boosted Mx with, we did the To The Victor trophy last weekend. But for him it was unobtainable because he wasn't able to see everyone that was in the lobby. I saw everybody, 11 people while he only saw 10. We tried loads of stuff but nothing worked. So if someone knows how to solve the problem feel free to tell, would help him a lot.


    Question 2 regards Dirt Showdown, my question is very simple. I didn't like the game that much, online is just ridiculous, but can you grind levels while idling solo or with 2 people?


    My third question regards the game Clockwork: Tales of Glass and Ink. I played enough of these games on the pc, and also i used to many walkthroughs for these games. So i decided to go in blind and only read the missable trophy descriptions. I did check the walkthrough to see if i hadn't missed anything. I apparently missed 3 steambugs, which are the collectibles. I could pick up 2 but the 3rd one wasn't where it was supposed to be. It should have been on the main street on a lamp post. I was past the point where it appears. Did i miss that one or is there another moment where i can get it?


    Hope somebody knows

  8. From one event to the next one. KYC is now finished so i can focus on this one now. I'll give some small updates on the games. Far Cry: Primal: 15/51 trophies The Order 1886: Platted that one yesterday, will give my thoughts about that later today Killzone Shadow Fall: 4/11 mp trophies The others i haven't started yet
  9. Game 9: Hard Reset Redux This game was a bit like Shadow Warrior and was also fun. Just like Shadow Warrior the story didn't really interest me. but the gameplay is really enjoyable. Fast paced action with a lot of enemies and a lot of ammo in a highly destructible world. Just carnage in one word. I like those types of games. Doom also fits in that category. So far this game hasn't disappointed me. Not that many weapons but as far as i know all available weapons can be carried at once and are upgradeable. All enemies are robots, most of them are small enemies that are killed in a a couple of hits. Most areas also contain a couple of bigger enemies which are more difficult to kill. Luckily every area as said is filled with exploding and destructible items which can be used as a tactical advantage. The levels are all filled with secrets which are ammo points. So it actually has a goal to search for these collectibles, and they are very well hidden. Again a game that i enjoyed so far. My problem last weekend was that i had a tennis tournament. I only was home to sleep and then i went back to the court again. Which meant i had no time to play my 10th game which is Battlefield 1. As a substitute i have a game that i also played last week which is a bit similar to this one and it is Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition. Game 10: Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition I love this game, the story isn't that interesting but that is also not why you play this game. This game is all about the crazy gameplay. The goal of this game is to kill your enemies in the most extreme way possible, that gives the most points to you. These points can then be used to buy ammo and upgrades. So if you decide to go on a boring regular killing spree you don't have enough points to buy upgrades, sometimes not even enough to buy ammo. This makes the game a lot harder for yourself so you have to be creative. You can kick enemies, or slide on the ground and into them. You can then leash them towards you. But you can also direct enemies with one of these methods towards environmental objects like a cactus, a furnace or a big drop. There is a good variety of weapons in the game that all have their own set of skillshots, the more difficult the shot the more points you get for it. All weapons also have a charge shot which is an extra expensive upgrade that is also a lot more powerful which again, has some own skillshots. Even the collectibles have some skillshots connected to it. For example there are electroflies that you have to shoot. But if you kick an enemy into them they are electrocuted which gives you a skillshot as well. There are also two other modes which are Echo, and Anarchy. Haven't played Anarchy yet but i believe it is the mp version of Echo. Echoes are small parts of levels that you have to get a high score in. Again the skillshots play a big role here because they give you points. It is also a time trial because the quicker you are the more bonus points you get at the end of the level. This is definetely a game i recommend, which makes it 9/10 games. I played the following games: Far Cry: Primal Shadwen Shadow Warrior Mafia 3 Assassin's Creed: Unity Hitman Homefront: The Revolution Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare Hard Reset Redux Bulletstorm Of these 10 only Shadwen was one that i really disliked. Homefront was a bit disappointing and the others were all really good games. I don't have any statistics but i'm sure my completion dropped a bit. This was my first event on PSNP and i really enjoyed it. I shouldn't do any events that require a lot of games being completed because i'm not that good at completing stuff. If i finish a game from the event i will still post here about that one.
  10. It is all personal taste isn't it? And if you're not used to something or don't do it you can find it pointless or at least a bit odd. But everyone his own thing. For example my family often says that it is stupid that i game (just gaming, not trophy hunting, i wont even bother trying to explain them) a lot, they don't do it so they think it is pointless or stupid and they also think that i spend way too much money on it (on which they're right). But i also think that about my sister who spends a lot of money on sigarets and make-up. Two things, especially the smoking, that i don't do or use while for her it is completely normal. To the OP, i've never met such a person. I got a couple of people who messaged me that they were impressed with my trophy count. But never the other way round. What i do get is people threatening me with my life in a Rocket League chat. Which is something i have more problems with.
  11. This has been an amazing week!


    I have been playing tennis since i was 7, so that is 14 years now. I've won 1 league but never a tournament. In our village there is a yearly tournament in doubles that i have competed in for 4 years now. It is the most fun tournament around because it not only focuses on the sport but also on fun off the court. The tournament started at tuesday until today, with matches on weekdays starting at 18:00 until around 23:30, weekends start at 9:30 until 19:00. There are 6 divisions based on player rank. 1 is the best you can get but only pro players or players who are close to that have a 1 rank. and 9 is the lowest you can have. The divisions are the same for male and female players, of course separated between the two. They are the 3-4,5-6 and the 7-9. I was competing in the 7-9 division. We were seeded 2nd. In our class there were 21 duo's playing. And we made it to the final and won it as well only dropping one set the whole tournament. Really proud to have finally achieved it.


    And the best thing about this week was the whole experience, of course winning is nice but everything about the tournament was amazing. Our opponents were all great guys, we had a good laugh and some beers after every match and made some friends there. And a lot of my friends also competed so every night i was home late and had a great time. It was great. From thursday until saturday there was a DJ. I'm normally not really a party person or someone who drinks a lot. That changed this week because it was just great fun. Especially friday evening when the big party was. Looking forward to going out more with my friends and also to next year, i hope it will be even better then

    1. marvelboy10


      Glad to hear you had a fun time. :)

  12. Game 8: Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare I was a bit hesitant towards this game because i suck at mp shooters. I think i'm one of the few who once pulled it off in a COD match to have 2 kills and 36 deaths in one game. Therefore i started with the Garden Ops which was a mistake. That was much more difficult then i thought it would be. I died already in wave 2 so i wasn't very good. But the mp part went much better. I tried it and i had a positive KD ratio in every match i played. Gameplay is fun with the different types of plants and zombies. It makes the game varied although most people the same types. You and the characters level up by doing challenges which makes the game loads of fun. You can't level up by playing with the same style everytime. Because one character has a max level of 20 i believe. So that is your max if you play with one character. So you have to swap characters. One strange feature that this game has is that when you die you also switch sides mid game. So if your team is losing you can switch sides, which makes the game even more unfair then because the losing side loses a player and the winning side gets an extra player. So that is a bit strange but it makes the trophies for winning matches a lot easier. This is a game that i liked, not loved because imo there is a lack of content. Just the mp and garden ops mode which is a co-op wave mode. This is a type of game that i will go back to once in a while when i'm a bit bored. But this is not a type of game that i can play for hours and hours.
  13. Game 7: Mafia 3 I thought i played this game for a significant amount of time. But when i look at the trophy list i see that i didn't even get the first story related trophy. I've done the mission where i have to kill a guy in the bayou. That took me a long time because i died quite often. I'm not that good yet because aiming is a bit difficult. The aiming cross is bigger then the actual target so accurate aiming is difficult. So far i've enjoyed the small part that i've played. The biggest complain that this game got was repetitiveness but i can't judge that yet. The story so far is very interesting. you play as Lincoln, a Vietnam veteran who returns back to the United States where he meets his friend Sammy, who has some problems with the local Haitians . At least that is what i think the story is so far. I've also discovered that Sammy and therefore Lincoln as well has a high debt with one of the big maffia bosses. So i know the rest of the story will be very cool. The world looks good and alive. Lots of stuff going on, unfortunately most of this is very negative towards my character because the game plays in an era in which racism was normal and the differences between white and black was very big. And in this game that is no different, it makes the game realistic but it is also sad that this was once normal. Although for some people it unfortunately still is. Gameplay so far feels good, car handling is decent but of course because the cars you drive in this game are all old American muscle cars the handling will always be bad because those cars handle not so well and have the turning circle the size of Germany. Shooting is fun but like said aiming could be improved. Graphics look good. So far that is 6 out of 7 in games that i liked from this event. I'm now playing Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare and it looks thats going to be 7 out of 8
  14. I haven't played it yet but i expected Little Nightmares to have a platinum. But reading through this topic i have to agree with the titles Hitman, Walking Dead Season 2 and Trials Fusion
  15. Game 6: Assassin's Creed: Unity I don't really think i still have to explain what an Assassin's Creed game is, in the base they are all the same with some unique setting or gameplay element in some of them like the ships in Black Flag, which is still my favorite of the series. But i think Origins could be another great game with what has been shown now. This game plays in France and you play as Arno, Your dad has been killed so you now live with a guy called De La Serre, and Arno and the daughter of De La Serre which is called Elise are in love with each other. But i do think that nobody knows this or at least that Arno and Elise don't want others to know. The game is based in Paris and in the beginning in Versailles which is the part where i have spent most of my time. I played until sequence 2 and did what i always do in open worlds. Do some stupid stuff that has nothing to do with the game. Which in this game is killing guards and just run around. A lot of people don't really like them anymore but i still like the Ubisoft open world games. Although they are all very similar i always like that there is a lot to do in these games and that there is a lot of content. So far in this game i also found the story to be quite interesting. I've know just joined the Assassin's Creed itself so that is the point where the game really starts. There are also a couple of things i dislike about this game. What i do dislike is that ubisoft has decided to direct you to the ubisoft club automatically before you even see a menu. I find that really annoying, if i want to see what's there i will go there from the menu, not automatically. And of course the classic Assassin's Creed annoyance that everyone has encountered many times. And i think this is really bad because it was there in AC 2, but now in this one it is still there. What it is is that my character during freerunning sometimes just jumps where the game has decided that would be a good place. Which often is jumping down from a very high building to the death of poor Arno, i directed him all across the walls until there is a jump on which the game decides that i pressed a jump off the wall instead of up. It happens so often in these games that you want to make a jump, also think you pressed the right buttons but the game decides otherwise and makes a jump that you don't want to do. This leads to deaths, or sometimes when you are in a chase you lose the person you're chasing and you fail the mission. That is really annoying and i hope that this will be improved because it is a thing that has annoyed me in every Assassin's Creed game. I've played a bit of my next game which is Mafia 3, until now it is enjoyable and the combat is loads of fun. The driving is a bit annoying because of the older muscle cars which are difficult to control. But i'll keep you guys updated on that.