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  1. Damn, bad way to start off the day. 

    Rest In Peace Totalbiscuit!

    1. Deluziion90


      Just googled it seeing your post. Haven't followed him in ages wtf thats so sad ūüėě

  2. Two platinums today, one great game and one fun easy title #142: Tomb Raider I wanted to play this one for a long time. I did the mp for this one in 2015 and i don't really know why i never played this one. I had to start a completely new playthrough because i mist a conversation for the chatterbox trophy. I paid attention to all trophies in this game and only missed the zipline trophy. The game is great, good story, very well written characters and fun gameplay. It had a bit of a darker theme to it then i expected at first. But that made the game all that more exciting for me. Fun collectibles as well which are very easy to track. You play as Lara Croft and after your ship gets in a storm you wreck on a mysterious island. On this island you quickly discover that you're not alone, there is a cult looking for the treasure of a old Japanese queen. Lara's group is constantly in danger by this cult and the many dangers this island throws at them. You have to fight, kill and climb your way through many of these dangers to find the solution to the problem. You feel connected to Lara all game long and you really care about her, at least that's how it felt to me. You also want to fullfil the quest to be able to save the rest of the crew. Of course because it is a PS3 game i sometimes felt that it was older but that didn't let from having an absolute blast with this one. I only think the multiplayer shouldn't have been in this game, it is a single player game that doesn't need a multiplayer. Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 9/10 #143: Inksplosion A easy shmup game, you don't see those often. This one isn't a 1/10 at all though. It can be quite frustrating in the beginning. The problem that i have is that there is too much randomness in the game. You fight waves of enemies that are randomly selected, there are always 4 enemies which can be chosen out of 13 different enemy types. And you get a randomly selected weapon out of 5 different ones. One of these is the rocket gun and it is useless, the others are decent. The problem is if the randomness gives you 4 strong enemies you only have a chance with the shotgun or the laser gun. So i had it happen that i was very close to finishing the fullfilment for the trophy and the game gave me the rocket gun with strong enemies and i had no chance at all. And another round you could get 4 weak enemies with the shotgun and you can pass that without even looking. The game is fun but the randomness can make it very frustrating and unfair at times. Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 6/10
  3. Why is it so that in Driveclub someone has gotten the brilliant idea that so many DLC events have either rain, nighttime or both. Especially with rain, it also restricts you to use a Rear Wheel drive car. So frustrating. And i find it very annoying that when you have to get clean sectors that these can be denied by the AI running in the back of your car, then you can not get a clean sector anymore

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    2. Lars


      it isn't that difficult, i don't know about the online part nowadays though. I only have to grind a bit and then i have the platinum

    3. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      @Caju_94 Platinum is easy. The DLCs are a freaking pain.

    4. Lars


      @Satoshi Ookami, i can back that up. I tried the infamous Henessy Venom time trial yesterday. It is close to impossible. So much rain that you don't even see the track most of the time.

      They are fun though and you can drive a great variety of cars but it can also be very frustrating

  4. It is always fun how you can remember things different, and often much better then they really are. Especially with video games, i mean when i now think of GTA IV, i think of it in GTA V graphics. Same goes for another game i decided to pick up today. I played Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel because it is regarded as a easy platinum that you can get quick and without many problems. The thing is though, i played this one a couple of years ago and the way i remembered it was so different then the way it played today. Horrible graphics, but very poor hit detection as well, i don't know if i will finish it because i still enjoy it a little, and somehow i have a habit of liking bad shooters because one of my favourite shooters is still Call of Juarez: The Cartel. I just really liked that game, especially because of the awesome locations.


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    2. Konoe


      I can see where you are coming from. However, going back to older games, I really don't mind the graphics. I can still pick up and play any Command & Conquer title from 2000-2002 and it still looks incredible to me. I'm more inclined to go back to games I enjoyed for the gameplay. I can still play Luigi's Mansion but I don't remember it differently. It's probably the most consistent game I've played for the past fifteen years

    3. Honor_Hand


      Yep, nostalgia sometimes plays a nice trick in our memory, making us remember things in a different way or adding details that weren't originally there. Some months ago, I was reminiscing about playing some Perfect Dark on my N64 and, for whatever reason, I was remembering the game to be a lot prettier, up to the point of thinking the characters actually had some sort of facial or lip animation on cutscenes.


      Imagine my surprise when I loaded the cartridge on the console lol :facepalm:


      I played the game for a couple of hours, had a good time with it and remembered some things that made me happy about it in its time. It obviously doesn't look as pretty as any of today's games but the gameplay definitely held itself together until now. As both Konoe and Spaz mentioned, graphics can only take so far. If the game has good gameplay and is still fun to play, you won't have problems playing it despite its age.



    4. Lars


      I don't really care about graphics either. But it just struck me how big the difference  between the mind and reality was when playing this game

  5. Can someone tell me if i have to do the special events in Project Cars. Or do i just need to do the events required for the championship i'm doing

    1. Mami Tomoe

      Mami Tomoe

      No need for any special events unless you want to do specific trophies, like 24h trophy in LeMans event. However even 24h trophy can be done afk with a trick.

    2. Lars


      Ok, thanks for the reply. I will probably continue with the game this week as i want to make it my 150th platinum

  6. #140: RocketsRocketsRockets This game is a really easy platinum and for me falls in the category of a game that could have been so much fun but just no one knows about. I did all the trophies either against AI or with multiple controllers which made it easy. Gameplay is quick but also very difficult and it is almost impossible to see what happens when the screen zooms out. But is still sort of fun. Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 5/10 #141: Puzzle Showdown 4K This game isn't special at all. But for me it is one of the perfect easy platinums there are. Because there is no story, i don't have to pay attention at trophies, i only have to do some puzzles, listen to some music or youtube video and just play the game. The only time you have to pay a bit of attention is with the puzzle under 2 hours. Which i did in just 1 hour so it isn't that difficult. Not special, but for easy hunters this is a perfect game to relax a bit and get a platinum in the same time .
  7. I only have to do the Shantytown and Shipwreck Beach collectibles including 3 tombs. So i expect to have enough XP and salvage to get all skills and all collectibles.

  8. Hello guys, i have a question for you guys. I'm playing through tomb raider. I've just left Shipwreck Beach to go to the Endurance. Do i still encounter many enemies after that? I still need the zipline trophy and the arrow in the knee, rifle and shotgun trophy. They are all trophies in which i've made good progress, and i expect that i will get them soon. I am worried about the zipline though, i don't know how many chances i will get for this one but i have luckily made a separate save before the shantytown. The others i will definetely get. I still need loads of collectibles so that means i will get loads of xp for that as well. And i will probably find enough salvage to get the trophies for improving weapons. This can also be solved by killing animals 

    1. ManaFear


      I'm pretty sure you can get all of those at any point in the game, except for the zipline trophy. If you're already past the Shantytown, I doubt you'll have any more opportunities for that one.

    2. Lars


      I expect i am max 3 away for that trophy. So i hope i'll find a couple of extra chances in the final part of the game. Otherwise i'll just reload the save from shantytown

    3. PooPooBlast


      Yea I'd say get it out of the way just in case or you can as you said, make a save and return to it if you can't find any in the future. 


      I don't like to take risks though :P

  9. I missed one of the chats required for the chatterbox trophies in Tomb Raider, am i in trouble? Because it is the one everyone says isn't required for the trophy.  On one hand i'm not sure but on the other hand i still don't want to start over, despite being just 1 hour in.

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    2. cr1s


      Yeah, there's so much conflicting information regarding this specific conversation. It wouldn't trigger for me, but I decided to continue playing the game and the Chatterbox trophy still popped. If it still doesn't trigger for you then I'd recommend just playing the game and the trophy should hopefully still pop. If it doesn't then at least it doesn't take forever to go through it again.

    3. Lars


      @cr1s, doesn't this trophy only pop when you do them all in one playthrough?


    4. cr1s


      They don't carry over to another playthrough from what I know. I meant that it doesn't take a lot of time to go through all of the conversations again if the trophy happens to glitch for you.

  10. #139: Far Cry 5: Another game from one of my favorite franchises, together with Dirt and Ratchet and Clank. This one is again so much fun although it has some issues as well. I really liked the new system where you can choose your own way around the world and do the different regions in the way you choose. The story was good, until the ending. I won't spoil it here but i really didn't like the ending at all. I expected something different. The characters were very well written though, each had their own story and their own reasons for their actions. I think Joseph Seed was a good main villain although not the same level as Vaas. The other ones were good as well, especially Jacob and John were creepy and weird guys. I must say though that the writers and world designers had some crazy thoughts when making this game, you'll encounter many weird situations were people have been sacrificed in the most cruel ways. Same goes for the story, the game tries your best to make you hate the cult, which works out well. Especially the side mission where you have to kill The Cook, don't play that mission when you've just eaten. The world is beautiful and alive, there is much to do but not too much. And because you do most of it on foot it feels massive, all the locations are nice and fun to explore, always keep your eyes open because there are many unmarked treasures in the world. For example there are many hidden perk magazines and hunting magazines in the different houses. The way you explore and discover the world is fun but also has some improvement options. You discover locations by talking to NPC's you find in locations or that you liberate from the cult, the thing is though that almost every NPC has something to say so the map unlocks really quick and then it still can turn into sort of a checklist. I started in Jacob's region and i discovered everything that there was to discover about 2/3 of the way through his region. So i knew every outpost, prepper stash mission and every side character before even going to the other regions. So that is an improvement point, that NPC's tell you about stuff in the region your in, not about other regions. And they can tell you more, for example other locations, fishing and hunting spots. Another issue i have with every Far Cry game is the way you progress through the world. It is way too easy to unlock the strong weapons and strong perks. This leads to the following situation which i've had in every Far Cry game, you spend loads of time in the starting region, in my playthrough this was the left half of Jacob's region. Here you struggle, you try to get the useful perks, hunt some animals for money and so on. Here you don't make much story progression. But when you have the required perks and weapons that suit you you can then make so much progress through the game and some core mechanics lose al their influence, hunting is such a thing for example. You can earn loads of money with this but money isn't necessary at all. You only have to buy some weapons and for a trophy you have to buy vehicles. This lead to me spending 2,5 weeks in Jabobs region, a free weekend and 1 week in which i did both John and Faith's region. Oh yeah, and Peaches and Boomer as a combination is OP as hell, you can eliminate a whole outpost without even entering it. Side missions are all very well done and fun. There is a big variety of content and there weren't many outposts, but the ones that were there were fun and well developed locations. And man i loved the prepper stashes, those were some of the most fun side missions i ever had in a video game. From now on, every game should have something like this, just a small puzzle that is easy to solve but gives a good reward. The other side missions were fun but i didn't play that many because for completing the regions it didn't matter that much. Another small issue for me was the lack of weapons. Especially assault rifles, there were only 2 of them. And now Ubisoft give me the DLC, especially the Vietnam war one looks really promising. I can recommend this one to anyone who likes a good open world shooter with puzzle elements in it and who likes a world that is alive. Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 9/10 P.S.: I don't even talked about the Arcade because that was so boring to play. Just not fun and could have been better developed or just left out of the game.
  11. List looks so easy, with the pictures it looks like Eekeemoo. Don't know that for sure because i haven't done any research on the game. But probably one for @IBadDriverI to keep an eye on
  12. Damn, i have to hurry a bit. Still haven't gotten a platinum this month to keep the streak going of getting a platinum every month, i've been running that streak for a very long time now. Not sure if it was november 2014 or 2015 that i started with the streak. I may get Far Cry 5 finished this month. Otherwise i'll just plat an easy platinum just to keep the streak going.


    On Far Cry 5, i actually love it. The singleplayer that is. The only thing that i dislike a bit is that while talking with NPC's unlocks the map bit by bit and gives you locations that just playing through one region unlocks everything. I'm now in John's region and no one wants to tell me something #lonely.


    The world is beautiful though, AI is not always that strong but that was to be expected because it is an ambitious game with those new features it has and the size of it. I like it a lot. There are some things that could have improved, i would have liked to see a bit more weapons for example. But the typical Far Cry carnage and action is there and there is loads of it to love. Beautiful world, fun and well written characters, amazing story so far (only done Jacob's region). Nice to see the perks have been improved a bit with the challenges, this leads you to variation in your gameplay. Some fun collectibles that are easy to find but fun to search for if you want to make it difficult (like me). But why can't i do machete takedowns, i loved that, it was so much fun to just bury your knife through the organs of a pirate or a royal army soldier. And the peggies deserved the same treatment. Because, damn they are sick people. There are some scenes in the world that aren't advisable to visit when you've just eaten. 

    And i love the prepper stashes, if every game could include something like that in their game then i'll be buying it, just small litlle puzzles that are fun to solve, take a bit of searching and give a good reward. 

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    2. starcrunch061


      Good luck on keeping your streak alive! I've been finding that my own streaks are getting boring, mostly because I've lost interest in playing games that require slavish devotion to guides, but this usually means that plats are pretty long.

      Well, you got me interested too. Your streak is great! I myself have a plat every month since beginning in January 2015.

    3. PooPooBlast


      Wow that's nice! I never noticed such a thing till you mentioned it. I checked myself for me and found that I had the streak since Dec 2015 which is actually the time I started going after trophies seriously

    4. Lars


      Thanks guys for the compliments, i must say though that i don't regard the streak as impressive because in most months i just earned an easy platinum to keep the streak going

  13. I've platted the game and the ai is rubbish, to win some races you just need pure luck. Not much skill needed, just luck to win the races. And if i remembered correctly the controls are pretty bad, but it is still quite enjoyable thats why i pushed through
  14. I think you are a good gamer when you enjoy what you play. And let that purely be the reason why you play games. So i'm not a very good gamer. Skill based its difficult to say. I think im pretty skilled in Rocket League, i'm around Champion rank continuesly. But am i good at that, i don't think so. I just played so many matches that you're bound to get better at that game. But i feel like i'm close to my max now
  15. Is there any news on this topic? I would love to see this implemented, would be fun to see this stat