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  1. And after a month, i finally got another platinum. Went to hell with some bad-ass weapons in a massive unnecessary grindfest.

    But still managed to plat Saints Row: Gat Outta Hell for the second time.

    Some glitches in there, especially while driving

  2. Damn, i would love to buy Hellblade but have no funds right now
  3. Yeah, the t150 has many features the more expensive wheels have as well. And to switch it between ps3 and ps4 you just have to press a button and switch the cable. Good luck on your find
  4. Exactly this, force feedback is one of the main reasons to buy a racing wheel instead of using a controller. The big problem with your budget will be where you want to attach the wheel to. Because where i play my games i don't have a spot to attach the wheel to so i had to buy a wheel stand as well. Those alone can cost something close to your budget. For the wheel itself i would suggest the Thrustmaster T150, compatible with PS3/PS4, it has force feedback and it is just a solid wheel for a very fair price. I'm using it myself as well and it works fine, the only complaint i have is that the pedals require shoes, because playing with bare feet or just socks on really hurts, i think thats because of the profile on the pedals. And i believe the hori racing wheel is the cheapest out there, you won't find much cheaper out there
  5. Still not sure about Gran Turismo, probably won't pick it up
  6. Bought 3 new games during the Black Friday deals. Wolfenstein 2, the full edition. Really looking forward to this one. Assassin's Creed: Origins. Bought it because it looks really good, really want to try it out. Agents of Mayhem: At first i wasn't really sure about this game, but it was so cheap last week (€15) that i decided to pick it up anyway Where did you buy that? I already have the game but €14,99 is much cheaper than the regular season pass and I really want the DLC
  7. That's what i always think about these deals as well. The prices are never that good and if you wait the same games will be on sale next year for €20 less then they are now. Want to play Crash but i think €25 is still a bit much
  8. I don't know if the game is that rare, but when i still used my PS3 a lot i really wanted to play World of Outlaws Sprint Cars. At that time my local game shop sold it for €45 euro's or so because stock was always limited. Now i'm still a bit interested because i'm a massive race fan and i like to watch these kind of races on youtube. But where i live ( The Netherlands) the game is close to impossible to get for a normal price. The only website that sells them sells it for €65 including send costs, which is very expensive for a 7 year old game. If someone knows where i can get this for a bit of a normal price then let me know
  9. Saints Row 3 is brilliant, i'm now trying to get the specialist challenges done so that i don't have to worry about that after the story. I'm already close to the brute trophy because i'm just creating havoc constantly with a tank, thanks to the special edition i have an insanely strong tank in my possession. It's great fun, not looking forward to the useless grindy challenges though like 600 seconds of vehicle surfing, or 250 carjacks

    1. Scyther


      The final story mission is one of the best things in gaming. 

  10. Played some Saints Row 3 today, has been a long time since my PS3 was on and it took some getting used to. 

    Of course the graphics are much worse then on a PS4 but that's also logical, the game is loads of fun and i hope to play it much more later this week.



      Looking forward to it. 

    2. PooPooBlast


      Game's pretty awesome so hope u like it :)

  11. I had the same issue before. But challenge score is the one that counts, i believe that score doesn't include daily challenges
  12. Project Cars- Community Ambassador Am i happy to finally have this trophy, it took me 6 months of checking back on the game and checking the topic on this website. The events used to appear twice a month maximum, now there is one per week. I don't understand why it had to be 20 though, make it just 1, or 5 or so.
  13. #125: Skyrim (PS4) My platinum count once started with a game that i didn't knew before a classmate told me about it. He said that you go into villages, get quests and kill dragons, he wanted to sell it to me and i decided to do it. I was addicted to it from the first moment i played it. I have 3 +100 hour saves on the PS3 and i platted it and this was my first ever platinum. When it released on the PS4 i bought i day 1 last year, i played it for a while but it felt a bit old at that time and i decided to put it away or a while. Recently i decided to play it for a while during the time i was playing Dirt 4 which i planned to get as my 125th platinum. But that one dragged a bit so i moved to Skyrim and fell back in love. I played it all day long for the past weeks which ended in the platinum last week. One of the best RPG's ever in my opinion because despite the many glitches it had on launch it didn't have many flaws. You can do so much and have so many different play styles, you can be a pure mage, warrior or archer. Then you can choose many playstyles which fall in between this, i was a warrior mixed with archery and stealth. This game has so much content, many locations with enemies, loot and puzzles to complete. Storylines of the different factions are decent and they are all very different from each other. Locations look quite similar but i don't really care because they are all really fun. What i love about this game is that you really feel the progression in the game, characters comment about things you've done, you actually become stronger despite that the enemies level with you. The game goes on forever, literally because of the radiant quest system which basically means infinite quests. Just one of the best games ever and too much to talk about. This game has everything that you want if you like western rpg's. Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 10/10 #126: Blackwood Crossing: This is a very easy platinum. This game is a walking simulator and i have to be honest, it is a bit creepy and very weird. The game is set in a train, where you walk around in a dream, you see your family with weird masks on and a rabbit, this is still true. The whole game feels like the writers have been on drugs while writing this. You are a girl and you follow around your little brother and end up in his treehouse and he has his own land which is called Finnland. i can't tell more about the game without spoiling except that there are hardly any puzzles and that it is more of an experience. It takes around 2 hours to complete this and the first 1 hour and 45 minutes are weird and not really enjoyable. The thing i can say though is that the final 15 minutes really struck me and that the ending is really heavy. Once you start understanding the weird things that happened throughout the game, the pieces of the puzzle (which the story is) come together at the end. Difficulty: 1/10 Enjoyment: 6,5/10
  14. @totallycrushed, thanks a thousand times for this topic, every week you reminded me to go back and complete the events because otherwise, i would have forgotten, i finally got the trophy yesterday so now i can go on and try for the platinum for this game now the most tedious trophy is out of the way
  15. Does somebody know if the Very Hard Campaign trophy from Bulletstorm on PS4 can be done in overkill mode?