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  1. Top 5 favorite platinums: Far Cry 5 Red Dead Redemption Just Cause 3 Doom Saints Row IV Top 5 least favorite platinums: Little Adventure on the Prairie Path of Motus Slyde Perfect Angle Eekeemo
  2. I think it is an easter egg. There is a hidden poster somewhere, if you shoot that the track will start. Just look up just cause 4 easter eggs and it will probably be there somewhere
  3. Long time since i posted here. My first good news point is noticeable in my trophy log though. But since 16th of november i have a girlfriend, since that time i had hardly any time to play some games and i couldn't care less to be honest because time with her is 10x more fun. As she is on holiday this weekend i had some time on my own. And i just filled that time with getting one of my proudest plats of the year. Just platted Just Cause 3. I had far less trouble with the wingsuit challenges as i expected in the beginning. The most difficult one i passed that on my 6th try. All the others took me 1 or 2. Great game although a bit grindy, and i'm really looking forward to playing 4 if i ever get to that. 

  4. A summary of all the platinums i got in the last week. All easy ones #161: The Path of Motus This is a very easy platinum but also a very boring game. Boring combat and puzzles that are stolen from a mobile game (Connect 'em) A platinum that can easily be achieved within 2 hours but it isn't fun. Difficulty: 1/10 Enjoyment: 2/10 #162: Full Throttle Remastered This is a game like Days of the Tentacle. A point and click title that is fairly easy to platinum with a guide. It has some fun humor and a nice story so this one is definitely a recommendation for people who enjoy easy platinums but also want to have a good and fun time getting one. Difficulty: 1/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 #163: The Little Acre This one is an amazing game, i played it quickly for the trophies and i still had loads of fun. Such a little charming gem that everyone needs to experience. It is short and has a bit of a weird story but has some great humor in the game. If you play this blind and interact with everything i'm sure you laugh out loud sometimes. Great game and a very easy platinum. Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 10/10 #164: Sigi: A Fart for Melusina This is a platformer that is pretty fast paced and fun. But you also need some luck to pass the levels. The game is fun but it shouldn't have been longer. Game is really easy but the final boss is really cheap and can kill you easily. Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 6/10 #165: Tachyon Project This is a fun little game that is very comparable to Geometry Wars. It is much easier to get the platinum though because you're not required any crazy trophies. The game is pretty easy because powerups can be used more often, the game is fast paced but not as fast paced as Geometry Wars. These 2 things combined make the game much more easier. It is a very fun game though but i don't know if the platinum version is still on sale because it is a limited version only. Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 #166: Life is Strange I don't know why but the plat image is completely white so no idea what happened there. This is a story driven game about a girl that can use the power to influence time which leads to some puzzles. Furthermore i can't say anything about the game without spoiling. But the game has a great story which is quite emotional especially towards the end. Great story driven game which plays a bit like a telltale game. Difficulty: 1/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 #167: Monster Jam: Path of Destruction With this i platted every Monster Jam game. one thing that i question myself about is that why all these games have absolutely horrendous controls. In this game it isn't different but it is the most fun Monster Jam game of all. The game has some fun varied events that are all very easy. Same counts for all the trophies. They are all easy to achieve and most of them don't require any effort Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 7/10 Sorry for the long post and the short reviews. Didn't have any time to write 1 review per game
  5. I've decided this month will be a month in which i want to clean up many of the easier quick platinums that are still on my list. To clean up a bit of my backlog before all the black friday sales in which i inevitably will buy 4-5 AAA games that came out recently. 

    I already earned 138 trophies in 7 days because it is easy to complete 1 game per day which is about 20 trophies per day. So my hands will hurt from spamming the most recent platinum section

    1. The Shopkeeper

      The Shopkeeper

      "spamming the most recent platinum section", is that what the kids are calling it these days?

    2. Lars


      Yes, and i'm not even a kid anymore so it's getting worse and worse. No but seriously, i always like to give my view of a finished game, and because i probably finish more then usual i will post there often

  6. On my PS4 update 1.06 just started. So it could be that this update finally solves the problems that the trophies had
  7. I think it is quite a nice trophy list except for the grindy trophies. But the game looks like loads of fun and that is the most important bit about the game
  8. #160 and my 10.000th trophy: Saints Row 4 Platinum and 100% With this game i have now finished the entire Saints Row franchise that has trophies at least. So that is Saints Row 3,4 and Gat out of Hell. This game and Gat out of Hell are exactly identical except for the setting and that Saints Row 4 is longer. In this game you still play as the Saints and you have entered the white house and are president of the United States. Then the creativity of the story team went a bit out of the window because suddenly there were aliens. An alien invasion enters the earth and all characters are captured by the main antagonist Zinyak. They are trapped inside a simulation of Steelport. Because this is a simulation the characters can have all kind of things that are normally not possible, mainly the superpowers. When you enter the simulation you almost immediately are able to use superpowers. These consist of a blast, a stomp (ground punch kind of thing), telekinesis and buff. Buff is an area attack around you. So for example for a short amount of time everything that you get close to is caught on fire. Telekinesis is not fun to use though, and more annoying even. These superpowers can be used next to loads of weapons. these consist of the regular weapons like an assault rifle and a shotgun. But after a while and after completing some main and side missions you get access to alien weapons. These are really overpowered. There is an levitating weapon, a blackhole gun. The really fun dubstep gun. These all have a special feature which makes the regular version of the weapon, for example Bounce Gun instead of a normal assault rifle, completely unnecessary. In this case the Bounce gun has more powerful bullets and they bounce of walls and enemies so you can hit more enemies per shot. The game consists of main story missions, and side activities. There are also side missions but the objectives are always a collection of side activities. Except for loyalty missions, these are short side missions. The main mission are really fun and varied, although most of them consist of loads of over the top action and carnage or over the top NSFW jokes and settings. Every mission has the same goal, save yourself and friends from Zinyak and kill loads of aliens. The side activities are varied and loads of fun, they differ from mayhems, superpowered time trials and for example fight clubs . They are used to get XP and money. XP doesn't really have a goal here, the only thing that it does is give you upgrades to buy with the money you earn. But they are behind a level cap then, that level cap is the only thing you unlock with the XP. Money is easy to get but you need loads to unlock everything because you can unlock personal and weapon upgrades. Aside from the different activities you can also amuse yourself in the map. Because just causing carnage is great. Next to the attack superpowers there are also movement superpowers, these consist of a flight mode and a super sprint. These make vehicles completely unnecessary. The world is also filled with collectibles. These are statues, audio logs and data clusters of which there are 1200. These can be used to upgrade the superpowers. That is basically it, the game is really fun to play and literally a blast. You can cause carnage with crazy weapons, superpowers and vehicles. I really enjoyed it myself except for the fact that after a short amount of time the game gets really easy. With all the upgrades to attack and defense it is almost impossible to die. And the game is pretty glitchy which really annoyed me. It hard crashed on me 3 times and the game got stuck really often. Also in the DLC missions the game is even more glitchy, especially in the christmas DLC there are some missions that just get stuck or become impossible to finish. The DLC's are fun to play though and have some really easy trophies as well. Difficulyty: 3/10 Enjoyment:9/10
  9. Today was an amazing day, i had my first date of my life, and it went really well despite me being very nervous.

    Together with that i'm only 2,5 hours of idling away from my Saints Row 4 platinum, and my 10.000th trophy. I actually finished everything in the main game in about 27 hours which went really quick. All in all an absolutely amazing day, with a trophy milestone a never expected to get and especially, a life milestone which i really hoped would come

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    2. ee28max


      Congrats on your great day! 

    3. Lars


      Thanks for the compliments guys, the platinum just popped so my profile looks great now! I'll write my review for the game later this weekend

    4. DamagingRob


      Congrats on all that!

  10. I made some great progress the last two days in Saints Row 4, i only have to finish up a couple of challenges and the story and then idle for a couple of hours. So close to that 10.000th trophy, after that the hunt is still on for my other goal this year, 2500 silver trophies before the end of the year.

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    2. kingdrake2


      saints row 4 is definitely worth a play. enjoyed the DLC especially plus it has gone on sale relatively cheap several times during the years.

    3. Lars


      @Spaz, depends on what you like, the game isn't like other saints row titles because here you get superpowers. The game is also really easy because of this, after about 7 hours chances are that you won't die until you finish it. There are also some annoying bugs and glitches. But, i really enjoy it, the powers are really fun to use, good map with some good side content. Useful collectibles. It is just carnage everywhere. Great game if you enjoy that

    4. ee28max


      Wow, you really are almost there. Good luck! 

  11. Today i set it up so that Saints Row 4 platinum and 100%, so i have to do the dlc before the plat, will be my exact 10.000th trophy

    1. Vanilla


      sweet choice

    2. Lars


      Thank you, at first i wanted to try Project Cars but i would like to have it done before the end of this year

    3. ee28max


      Awesome set up 👍

      I love all sorts of set ups for milestones. Always render a good feeling. 

      Have fun on your journey ☺

  12. @snakebit10, for me it is Killzone Shadow Fall, i started the multiplayer grind a while ago but it is so horrendous that i decided to quit that for now. Don't know if i will get back to that. Impressive platinum to have
  13. Finally found some time to make my review for this game #159: Prototype 2 This is another really fun open world superpower playground of which there are some more, mainly the Infamous series springs to mind when playing this one. I liked the Infamous series more because the powers were a bit more fun to use and mainly because the main character was a bit more easy to control when flying and climbing. The controls in Infamous were more fluid then in Prototype. I didn't play Prototype 1 because of my massive backlog and the difficulty of that platinum. In this game you play again as a prototype human which has some special qualities in a city which is haunted by a massive virus that kills of many people. I'm not 100% sure if Heller (main character) is also infected with that virus but he is at least an evolved human, therefore he has all those superpowers. Hellers main power is to consume other people, this way he can shift between himself and the human he consumed, this can be used to do things stealthy or to use these people to enter closed facilities. There are also important people/enemies that can be consumed for new powers,extra xp or to get new side missions. Story isn't that interesting with Heller wanting his daughter back from an organisation. The gameplay is fun, you feel that Heller is getting stronger and stronger everytime you upgrade a level or a power because the upgrades are good and noticeable. The different powers are also very fun to use against enemies. When you have Heller fully upgraded the game is really easy because Heller is really overpowered then. All the powers make short work from the different enemies, they are Claws, a Blade, a ground spike, a sort of leash which is very powerful and an attack that you can fire of at enemies which then sticks them and bangs other items into the enemies. These can all be upgraded. The open world is decent, most buildings are pretty general but it is still fun to traverse it with your movement powers, you can fly,wall run and hover your way around the city. You also can use tanks and helicopters. Next to your body powers you can also use the weapons that are dropped by military enemies, generally these are assault rifles, rocket launchers or grenade launchers. In this game it is also advised to go for collectibles because every small set that you complete gives you an upgrade choice so that is an easy way to upgrade your character. Also a very good use of collectibles. The trophies are all very easy to get because the hardest difficulty one can be done on new game plus with OP Heller. Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 9/10
  14. Damn, one of the games i was looking forward to the most is delayed until 2019, game is called Wreckfest and it is a racer with insane crash physics and it looks really cool

    1. Spaz


      This reminds me when Days Gone got delayed, I'm like fuck.


      I enjoyed Bend Studios work with Uncharted: Golden Abyss, so we'll how how good their PS4 game is going to be.

    2. Lars


      That's another one of those, really excited to see how that one will do next year. Hope it will live up to expectations

  15. The magic of overcoming my insecurity and asking a girl out on tuesday. Making six jumps with my head touching the roof from happiness that she said yes. I just kept texting her a bit and today she blocked me. Just a short summary of my life

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    2. LuciaRosethorn


      That sounds like an excuse more then anything. You can simply not message people if you don't want to, blocking someone for that reason is kinda childish. I hope it hasn't upset you too much?

    3. Lars


      A little, talking with girls isn't my biggest talent and i never even had a date. So that's what upset me the most. that she said yes to a date on tuesday, and block me on saturday

    4. LuciaRosethorn


      If it helps I'm bad at talking to girls too (even though I am one), I've never had a friend who is a girl and if I do they end up being bitchy or don't agree with my opinions. I get on with boys far more better and so not every girl is hard to talk to, you just need to find the right ones. =) 


      Also try not to put too much pressure on yourself about finding a partner or having a date ect, it makes it a lot worse. People make those sort of things a big deal and so it can be upsetting when you haven't experienced it but once it does happen you'll realise you didn't need to worry, let things happen in time and when you're fully ready. ^_^ Also she doesn't sound like a nice person so don't let her upset you, there's far better girls put there and it's better to be hurt at the start then date someone then get hurt down the line.