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  1. Can someone verify if the Darksiders 2 platinum on Ps4 requires an online connection?

    1. Fierce_DeityX1
    2. fabmorais_2011


      @Fierce_DeityX1 In fact, according to very link you shared it doesn't:

      "Pay It Forward is now impossible due to server closure but the platinum.png is still possible in the PS4 version due to all the online stuff being removed."

    3. Lars


      I think the crucible stuff required online on the ps3, but that in this game it has been placed as a offline feature. But not sure on that

  2. I hope there is a single player career, if there isn't then i won't be getting this one. If there is then i'm really looking forward to the game, because gameplay looks very interesting
  3. Monster Jam Adventure Time Root Letter Duke Nukem 3d Anniversary Tour The Bunker Valley These are the easy ones i think. Maybe a couple more that i don't know of
  4. #100: Horizon: Zero Dawn Great game, i can recommend it to everyone Can be added to the archive
  5. It has happened!! After 2,5 years of trophy hunting i have achieved one of the biggest milestones. Platinum #100.

    And how, Horizon Zero Dawn is a game, an experience that i will never forget. Definetely one i will play again, everything about it is great, the story, the gameplay, the atmosphere. Guerrilla games have made a masterpiece, i had high hopes for this one and the game even delivered more than that. What a game, what an experience

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    2. Hemiak


      Big grats man! Game sounds great. 

    3. ee28max


      Congratulations on the big milestone! :yay: 

    4. Ala-Arska


      Congrats on reaching that awesome milestone, mate :yay:

  6. Yeah, the game is absolutely horrific. I always do a small review on this site on the game and give a game an x/10 mark. This was the first one that i gave a 1, even Orc Slayer didn't manage to pull that off
  7. Unbelievable, how much bad luck can Toyota have during the 24h of Le Mans. They have to be able to win it sometime, hasn't it? They were so much quicker then the other, and then they lose their two cars within 45 minutes, while their 3rd car was already out for a longer time

  8. This could be another <1 hour platinum just looking at the list, looks very easy. Don't know what this game is
  9. Today is the final day of my internship, it was a tough period in which my report was criticized a lot. But i'm still satisfied with the end result, i hope it is enough to pass. This also means that today my holiday starts. This will start for me with buying a new controller because my other is quite old now and not that good anymore.


    But for my internship, my colleagues were great and it was fun to be here, had a lot of good experiences here and it was also a good learning experience. Today i got some time off and a small present from my colleagues. But i will see them again soon because i will be back here in August again because i used to work here as well and will continue with that in August

  10. I have to gamble a bit, i think it is a Rayman game, don't know which one for sure. Could be Rayman 3, Origins or Legends. But not 100% sure. If i was wrong feel free to give the correct answer. Not so difficult this one i think, although it is an old game
  11. Haven't fought Stormbirds and Deathbringers yet. Apart from those i enjoyed fighting the Thunderjaws the most. Although most bigger enemies prove a decent challenge and are fun to fight. Then i'm even talking about Bellowbacks, Sawtooths, Lancehorns, Glinthawks, Stalkers, and so on. Rockbreakers were the toughest and the only enemy i wasn't able to beat when i encountered it for the first time. I think i was killed by a Stormbird once though, close to a village in the Northeast where you can start 2 quests. I was fighting some machines on the ground there when that big bird attacked me and killed me instantly.
  12. For organising the Kill Your Completion and having the platinum on Super Meat Boy
  13. That moment you notice something cool. I now have earned a platinum every month since november 2014. Haven't earned one yet this month but Horizon isn't far away. That would be 32 if i calculated right but now i'm at 31 then

  14. Another game on which the trophy list only contains the collectibles. Never heard of this game. Haven't looked at any gameplay yet
  15. Finally finished with my internship. Finished my report today and will hand it in tomorrow. I hope to have passed it because i got quite some negative feedback recently. But i think now my report is how it should be. Can finally get back to my backlog. Will start with finishing my 100th platinum this week. After that i have a lot of easier games on my list and other games that are close to platinum. So this summer will give loads of platinums for me i think

    1. D1RTIEST


      Good luck buddy, hope you get good scores. And good to start hacking away at that backlog too!

    2. Lars


      Hope so, have to wait a while though. Have my final presentation and result on the 28th of June