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  1. #121: Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Another gem from Bethesda. After playing The New Order i decided to start this one shortly after that as well. This game is set before The New Order and tells the story on how the location of Deathshead compound was found. You again play as BJ Blaskowicz who infiltrates the infamous Castle Wolfenstein. If i have to compare the two the i liked the setpieces and story of The New Order a lot more but in this game i really liked it that the game seemed to be more focused on gunplay, instead of stealth, i had the feeling that stealth was often a much more difficult option and also the fact that most perks focused on combat instead of stealth. But i really enjoyed both games and this franchise has quickly put itself in my favourites. The collectibles again were fun to search and cleverly hidden. In general, fun game again. A lot shorter then The New Order, the only thing i didn't really like were the zombies. I know these games are over the top but this was a bit too much for me. After the story mode came the challenges, this is where it gets difficult. Most challenges are pretty challenging, that logic. You have to achieve gold which can only be done on the second to highest difficulty setting. Especially in the beginning it felt like the game was cheating a bit. That wasn't the case, i just wasn't used to the difficulty setting. Most challenges were pretty easy after a couple of tries but the Wulfburg Square challenge annoyed me a lot. That one was very difficult and had some very cheap deaths. The ironic part was that a method that wasn't working for many worked for me on the first try. The other challenges were all doable. Looking forward to Wolfenstein 2, day 1 pick up for me. Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 9/10
  2. I bought 4 games recently I hope i will enjoy these titles
  3. Lol, didn't even notice that. That's terrible
  4. Hey guys, This could very well be another very easy platinum. Depends a bit on how difficult level 6 and 12 are and how difficult the game itself is
  5. Just reminded that indeed, i also read that with all the DLC they will be releasing which will be free if i remembered correctly. The total car count will reach 600 or so. So still enough cars to enjoy
  6. I've said this in another thread as well. I was very excited for this one, GT is one of my alltime favourite franchises and the Sim-racing franchise that is available on the Playstation. So for this game i expected the usual GT experience, massive amount of cars, big single player mode and that is supported with a big online function that also has online events to compete with others in time trials for example. But this game has a much smaller (still quite big with 177 cars i believe) car list. But my big disappointment for this game is that it will have NO single player career. The only single player content will be the license tests we had earlier, they will function as a sort of tutorial to jump in the online mode. This game will be almost all online and will focus on esports. According to a lot of articles on the internet and youtube vids, also according to the developer itself
  7. I like trophy lists that are not that difficult. But still require some creative trophies and/or misc trophies. Beautiful trophy image though. Probably won't pick it up on day one but i'll wait for reviews and a price drop
  8. I was excited for both Wolfenstein and Gran Turismo. But i have to see if GT lives up because i heard that it will have no sp career mode and that the game will be focussing on esports
  9. I was hoping to get the Wolfenstein Old Blood platinum today. But those gold medals on the challenge maps are turning out to be much more difficult then i expected, was stuck on the third one for a long time and the 4th is even more difficult

    1. Miles_Warren


      Ugh don't say that. I am still playing through the game on UBER and finding it difficult. I can only imagine what the challenges will be like.

    2. Lars


      I played the game on the 2nd to easiest difficulty, and just played the last chapter on Uber, thats enough for the trophy. But the challenges have to played on the 4th difficulty level at least. So thats a big difference and thats what probably makes it difficult for me 

    3. PooPooBlast


      Tbh it was slightly difficult but not impossible. What I did is that I picked them apart one by one from a distance, taking it slow. I also tried to shoot them at angles where they couldn't see me. Just stay persistent and keep going for headshots :)

  10. #121: MXGP 2 Another racing game from Milestone, the same developers as the WRC (until 4) series, and the MotoGP series. And some other random race titles like Ride, and Valentino Rossi: The Game. Their games can all be described in one word: Mediocre. All their games are not amazing, but also not bad, i always enjoy their games when i start, but they often are getting boring at the end. The same with this one, in the beginning it is fun to race on all the new tracks. But after the first season it gets boring really fast, the only fun part is the first lap when you have to overtake other drivers. The worst part of this game is that every track in the season requires 2 races. So one season takes 38 races, or 40, not 100% sure. But then the grind is pretty long. Therefore i liked the WRC game i played a long time ago more because new seasons get you to new locations in new cars that also feel different. In this one the 2 classes feel exactly the same, and there isn't much difference in the tracks either. The platinum is very easy but requires 2 full seasons and all real events, which is a half season if you look at it. One race at every track, although most of them require 2 laps or less. Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 6/10
  11. As others said, reviewers journalists and so on. We can at least ask someone how difficult the trophies are because one of them already has the platinum
  12. Damn, just heard in a youtube vid that the new Gran Turismo won't feature a career mode. The only offline part will be the licence tests and missions we had in previous games. That takes a lot of hype off for me and takes this game from a no brainer to a possible no sale. This game apparently will be focusing on esports a lot 

    1. DrakeHellsing


      I would have been interested in it as well, but if those are the only offline options, then no thank you.  I mean, I don't mind driving games at all, so I would have given this a go, but now, not so much anymore.

    2. Spaz


      At least Gran Turismo 5 and 6 were mostly online. Too bad about the two online trophies in 5, that definitely would of been something to consider being the highlight of my trophy hunting.

      Meant to say "offline".

  13. I will keep it short because of a lack of time. I almost succeeded in my Season 3 progress that i wanted to get. I've done 5 out of 6 goals. I've got all the platinums on my list, they were. Far Cry Primal Infamous Second Son The Order 1886 Wolfenstein: The New Order MXGP 2 I'm about halfway with the Killzone MP So that stays for season 4. These are my picks for season 4: Killzone Shadow Fall MP Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Dirt 4 Saints Row: The Third (100%) Tomb Raider (PS3) Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor (PS4, only platinum, maybe 100% if i have enough time)
  14. I don't know about now. But i tried Bad Company 1 in februari. At that time it still worked. I believe bad company 2 doesn't. So i would try that game first, it is pretty cheap now, in the store where i buy it is €5 now. And if it doesnt work you have a pretty fun game in your library.
  15. #120: Far Cry Primal This game is the newest Far Cry game after 4, and it feels like a sort off spin-off. Because for me it isn't a Far Cry game. It does have a couple of features that we know from the Far Cry franchise, like the big influence of animals, the crafting and skill trees, and that there is loads of content, many side missions in the world. But there are some key parts missing for me. In the first place the game doesn't really have a main antagonist that continously haunts and taunts you during the game. You meet them maybe twice each. So you don't feel the hatred towards them that you have more with Vaas in Far Cry 3, and Pagan in Far Cry 4. What Far Cry games also have is a big and varied arsenal of weapons. Which i found that this game was really lacking in. You basically have a bow, a club and a spear. That's it really. There are also shards, some bombs and traps. But i found myself not using them that much. This means that there aren't many ways that you can tackle your objectives. The other big problem for me is the native language. Yes it is good that they tried but for me it doesn't work, i can't follow the story because of this and in the beginning it is cool, but after a while it just gets very annoying. This is the same with the animals, it is really cool that they can follow you but after a while they also get annoying. Especially when you want to go for the stealthy option because the animals will always ruin that for you. And that was my general feeling with this game. It starts out strong but after around 15 hours it all gets very repetitive and boring. Because of the lack in diversity. Even the beautiful world can't improve that feeling, because that was my major strong point. The world is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. Very colourful and diverse, you also notice the difference between the north and the south. The side missions are very repetitive, most of them reward you with XP or a skill point. but also with resources but they are very unnecessary because resources are very easy to get. Just sleep and the daily stock is refilled. And there is an XP cap, which is very annoying because i reached the cap when i still required 11 skill points. So i needed to do all those boring missions which reward you with a skill point. It isn't that i hate the game, but i expect more from a Far Cry game, especially because the franchises two previous games were great. Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 6/10