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  1. I hope someone can help me with this.

    I have a cabled internet connection, but it runs through a wifi-extender. When i play online (especially Rocket League) i really often experience the usually stable ping (always below 30) to suddenly shoot up towards 300 or so, which makes it impossible and very annoying to play. I tried resetting the connection but i don't know what's causing it. Does somebody here have the same problems and also a solution on how to fix this?

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    2. skateak


      Yep, that is a Powerline adapter. You said you use Wifi but have you ever tried using the wired connection like the image shows?


    3. Lars


      I do have a wired connection on it. But we also do have a really bad router to which this thing is connected. And i also use my laptop and phone on the wifi signal

    4. skateak


      Ah I see, when you said wifi extender, I assumed the console was using that too but we do know it is a Powerline adapter and not an extender so I was confused for a minute. Sounds like you know what the issue is and that it is your router.

  2. Not as impressive as others here because i usually avoid grinding at all cost. But the game was Singularity. And you have to do 100 public matches of extermination, doesn't sound so bad but 1 match with loading times costs at least 10 minutes. And you need 6 people to start a match. Therefore we had a big group and only select times where we could play. So it took us at least 2-3 weeks before everyone had their trophies
  3. mentions that it will release this year on september 14
  4. What do you guys think about the trophies? Not much to think honestly, trophies are still as easy and if you want a real challenge you have to buy a Xbox unfortunately because the achievements are much harder
  5. If the achievements and the trophies for Burnout Paradise will be identical then the platinum will be really difficult and time consuming

  6. The thing with his leadership is: There are people who constantly talk BS. Many people do that, only at my job i can already name at least 10. But that someone like becomes a leader is rare. But he then goes a couple of steps further. All the media reports about something that isn't up his alley is "fake news". Science doesn't exist in his world. He "proves" his ridicoulous claims either with the weirdest anecdotal evidence you can think of, or with propaganda like this. It is just complete madness, but how he still has support blows my mind. He has to be the only president who rules a country either from his couch via twitter or just shouting crap in a speech, but not doing anything. I still hope that he is the biggest hidden camera joke ever pulled off.
  7. #135: Squareboy Vs Bullies: Arena Edition This game started out alright, just cruising through the levels. Doing some of the moves required for trophies and playing through some levels that are all easy. But then you'll get too the last few levels and the game gets more difficult. A little bit because the levels get longer and the enemies get stronger. But more so because the game starts to cheat a little, at least, that's how it feels to me. The problem with this game is that the attack button and the grab button are the same, when you grab an enemy you can do more damage to that enemy but not flee or attack others. Then you get swarmed very easy, you also cannot let loose at that moment so you either have to finish that move, or you have to get attacked. There also enemies that do ranged attacks, when they hit you you fall on the ground and can't do anything. Often the moment you stand up, which the game does automatically you're immediately hit with another ranged attack. It can happen therefore that you're doing well, and suddenly you lose half your health bar because the game chains 5 of these "cheating" moves together which felt very cheap and unfair to me. The problem for me was that at the moment i encountered this, i only needed to complete the game (level 12-13-14) for the platinum so i didn't want to give up. Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 3/10
  8. I didn't think that this game would frustrate me this much, but i platted Squareboy vs Bullies just a minute ago. What an annoying game that is. Just one button for everything, so the thing you want to do only happens 50% of the time. I don't know who this designed it but this is one of the few easy platinums i regret playing. Normally you know a game will be bad or good beforehand, i went in with no expectations except for it being an easy platinum. But the game has so many mistakes in it which result in so many cheap deaths that you feel cheated almost. But yeah, platinum is in the pocket and i can continue with my main project which is Just Cause 3. Next week i'll be playing Gravel probably, the game looks actually very promising

    1. Meta Knight

      Meta Knight

      Congrats for what it's worth.

    2. Jaco


      Nice work!

  9. Damn, karma is probably a thing, why are easy platinums either those beautiful and fun Artifex Mundi games. Or broken horrible games. I've played little adventure on the prairie earlier this week, gameplay was so broken that it still had some grade of difficulty. Now i'm trying to play Squareboy vs Bullies arena edition which has some horrible flaws in it. For example the moves don't always work when you put in the correct button combinations. But the game is so unfair, you have some moments where you are paralysed, that is when you get hit and when you are on the ground, when you get hit you can do a counter move ( this is the only time when you can do that, you can't counter a regular hit) when you are on the ground you have no defense. So many times i got attacked immediately when i stood up, got thrown on the ground and over and over, so i was doing well in a level. The game decides that i'm going to quick, does this and i get to restart. The levels aren't that long but you have to replay the entire level everytime you die. The levels are too long for me to not have a checkpoint system in them. And the person who decided to put strike and grab on the same button should burn in hell. Because when you grab an enemy you can't let loose, and other enemies can get some free hits in. It is so annoying and frustrating. Still want the plat though lol, can't help myself

  10. #134: Little Adventures on the Prairie People who often read my posts know that i like to get an easy platinum once in a while. This game almost cured me from that. Damn it is bad, and because it is bad it also gets very frusttrating. Of course it is very easy, all the levels combined take probably around 20 minutes to complete. The "collectibles' are unmissable so the corresponding trophies are as well. There is only one difficult level which is level 7, that one is so unfair that it's scary. There is almost no platforming in the game, some levels have a little bit of it. The combat is just mashing the square button. The only problem is is that you get damage even if an enemy just stands close to you, not if it actually hits you. Very unfair and not fun. Only play this if you have the same easy plat addiction as me, otherwise, stay away, far far away. Difficulty: 0/10 Enjoyment: 1/10
  11. Oh, where do i start. I have over 20 games with closed servers. I'm most disappointed about Motorstorm Pacific Rift and Fuel, both racing games that are fun to play imo for the little parts i played. Also Test Drive Unlimited 2 but that had crazy difficult MP trophies so that would have been a no go for me anyway. Same goes for Ridge Racer Unbounded. Probably i will only plat about 10-15 more PS3 games out of the (just checked) 251 i still have to do. But i don't rule many of them out. I don't have many games that i must play for myself, only Kingdoms of Amalur looks like a really fun action RPG, yes Red Dead Redemption, Bioshock series, Borderlands and so on all look like loads of fun but aren't definetely must plays for me.
  12. #133: Siegecraft Commander This is a very easy platinum, you can get it within 1 hour if you know what to do. You just need to get a grip of the mechanics. When you know them you can then just set up all the trophies with a multiplayer account. This game is a strategy game where you fight in 1v1 fights i think. To build stuff you'll sometimes need gold or crystals. Then the same type of move/building only costs time to be able tot use it again, and the resources just require you to be on a gold or crystal spot on the map, then you have an infinite number of them. More gameplay then that i didn't experience because i just wanted to get the trophies out of the way and go on with Just Cause 3, which i hope will be my next ultra rare platinum Difficulty: 1/10 Enjoyment: 4/10
  13. I don't know if i will plat the game but i have now completed all the DLC trophies for Just Cause 3. quite fun but i'm happy that i didn't pay full price for the DLC because it isn't that long, it does give you insane weapons and items that you can use in the main game though, like a lightning gun, a rocket boat and a boosted wingsuit

    1. PooPDeePie


      Thanks for the follow :)


      And nice to see you're enjoying jc3. Loved that game!

  14. Why is he so dumb, and why do people still believe in him, i don't get it. He only shouts out the dumbest things in his speeches. And the only way he knows how to solve problems is to fight fire with more fire. He is the president now for a year and a bit and the only thing he achieved is that a nuclear war is closer then ever. Great job
  15. Despite this being a Milestone game i'm really looking forward to this one, i hope that it lives up. It's build in a new engine for them, it also looks like they put more effort and manpower in this game then in previous titles