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  1. I'm looking forward to this one, the last part of this year looks great for racing fans! Wreckfest, the new Grid comes out. A new NFS game comes out. This one has been on my radar for a very long time so this is a day one buy for me.
  2. So my PS4 still makes this stupid noise so i'm going to get it looked at by someone with more technical insight then me. During this time i will be playing through some of my PS3 backlog which is going decent, as i'm only playing Just Cause 2 now. I'm just noticing that adult life is getting grips with me and that gaming time is depleting my an enormous amount. I now have a girlfriend, i'm close to graduation and i have a full time job at the moment. I may have 2 evenings per week instead of the 5 evenings and 3 whole days i had before. So only a game like Just Cause will take me easily over a month to finish up. But i hope i can still get some enjoyment out of it now and then but i probably won't be getting trophies like crazy in the upcoming period. 


    I'm still planning on my sort of trophy rain day though, after my 200th platinum i'm going to try to get at least 200 trophies in a single day and i think i can easily get more, i already want to apologize in advance to people who hate Ratalaika because i will be playing a lot of their games. I'll be certainly doing:

    Tower of Dragonasia

    Word Sudoku (already set up it'll take around 5 minutes)

    Life is Strange Before the Storm (only collectibles)

    Super Weekend Mode

    Zeroptian Invasion

    Mochi Mochi Boy

    and a couple more, i don't know if i will finish them all but these are all games in which you can get around 10-15 trophies within 5 minutes. Hopefully i can do it because i think it is pretty cool to pop so many in a single day. 


  3. All the old racing titles would be great! Midnight Club 3 Dub edition remix NFS Underground 1 and 2 NFS Most Wanted Even NFS Prostreet Gran Turismo 4 Burnout Revenge Burnout 3 Takedown and, with a plat: Medal of Honor European Assault, just for the title screen music,.
  4. I also like the feature someone once suggested on how many rares, very rares, commons etc there are in 1 trophy list


    I really hope the video works, my playstation suddenly started to make this horrendous noise and i have no idea what has gone wrong. Can someone with a little bit more technical knowledge explain to me what is broken. Hopefully it is fixable otherwise i have to buy myself a new one and that is a bit expensive for me at the moment.


    1. Sir_Bee


      I cannot really hear it in the video, but it could be as simple as something is caught in one of the fans making the noise as it spins.  You could open it up and blow out the dust that is inside and see if that helps?

    2. Lars


      @Sir_Bee, it sounds a bit like someone is drilling a hole in the wall. It is gone now but i don't know how what the reason was. It also continues after i shut the system. Hopefully it will stay away. But i also notice the fan going crazy with certain games. For example wolfenstein and doom. Could be age of the system or so

    3. Sir_Bee


      The fan still runs after the system goes to sleep for a short period.  So it could still be a fan issue.  If you are comfortable with it, it might not be a bad idea just to open it and take a look.  Could have just been something caught in the fan that has since moved away.

  6. After two months i finally got another platinum with Eventide Slavic Fable. I played some fun games in the meantime with GTA V on PS4, Shadow Warrior 2 and Onrush. GTA V is definetely plattable at the moment i am now, i finished the story and i can get the 70 gold medals easily so that's the only challenging part done, the rest is just a grind and that is where my problem is atm. My time for gaming has decreased to <7 hours per week now so i have to be efficient if i want to get some more plats. I have a job and a girlfriend now and i must say that it is great. I am graduated and can start my adult life which means some sacrifices of which gametime is one right now. Next week i'll have some more time though so i probably can finish the Eventide trilogy and hopefully Hellblade. And after that it is time for God of War, which probably will be finished by the end of august. I'm also planning a sort of trophy rain day after my 200th platinum. On that day i'll just try to get as many trophies as possible so i'm saving up on some easy platinums. If i'm efficient i could get between 200-250 trophies on a single day so that would be cool. And a big chunk of +90% percent trophies out of my unearned pile because i now have over 9 pages of those🙈

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    2. Lars


      @DamagingRob, yeah i got the plat on PS3 so when i started it on PS4 all the online trophies popped immediately which was a pleasant surprise

    3. PooPooBlast


      You and me both! Working my up for the RDR 2 gold medals. We're almost there! Also making slow progress :/. 

    4. ihadalifeb4this
  7. Yeah i've done this as well. I've bought loads of games or got them from psplus. The ones i didn't like are all deleted. You can just delete/hide them on your console
  8. For me there are a couple. They are: unnecessary multiplayer which is multiplayer in single player focussed games. Really heavy grinds that are just there for a trophy. Good example is shadow warrior 2, you need 10.000 special orbs. After 2 playthroughs you are around 1000. I don't like speedrun and s rank things. But that has a different reason. These are often put in more arcady or platform games and i don't like those. For me trophies should be obtainable in the regular way of playing the game, and then they can be as challenging as the dev likes. For example difficult time trials in racing games. Thats just the game. The trophies people hate are often categorized as unnecessary. Just a dumb grind, tucked on multiplayer etc.
  9. I'm ill, it sucks but shit happens. To get some distraction i decided to play some GTA V as it is my favourite game. And i don't know if it is because i already have a headache, but i really dislike the first person mode. For me it just doesn't work. For shooting it is fine but for driving it is horrendous. I crash into everything. How did you guys play through this, in first or third person mode?

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    2. Froopy the Pogfish

      Froopy the Pogfish

      I get a sinky pit in my tummy when someone sets first person lock on races.  I hope you get better!


      @NERVergoproxy 150% agree with you there.  I just stuck it in first person and went to sleep one night.

    3. Lars


      I'm feeling better already, my headache is gone luckily. But i'm also thinking about idling it if i decide to go for the plat again

    4. PooPooBlast


      Dang it's like you're living my world right now albeit a little different. Had a nasty headache last Tuesday and was playing RDR 2. And I too noticed the first person kinda sucks lol. 


      I only use it sometimes in close up fights because it looks pretty badass especially duel wield and it's easier to aim this way. 

  10. I'm playing through Shadow Warrior 2 now, really a good recommendation for anyone that likes fast paced action games. It is a bit comparable to games like Doom, although that is more fluent in my opinion. 

    I enjoy the action, the enemy design and the levels. The only things i don't like are the few levels, there are a couple of levels which are constantly reused which isn't fun. I wanted to play some other games towards my 200th platinum but yeah, in the end gaming is about fun so i wanted to play this game.

  11. Does anyone have any tips for the pac-man and mrs. Pac-man games of the arcade game series. I'm trying to get the platinum for these games but the om nom nom trophies are killing me, even with the save exploit

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    2. DamagingRob


      Galaga took me longer than the others. But we all have our strengths and weaknesses.

    3. Lars


      @DamagingRob, Galaga took me 4 sessions. But it is a tricky one. But i'm just not that good at pac-man apparantly 

    4. DamagingRob


      I completed those the fastest (though Ms. Pac-Man took the actual longest, since it was part of a platinum rain day event). I had more experience with those, though. Played them on arcade machines a lot in my younger days.

  12. This is news that makes my day. My favourite racing franchise after Dirt. Great to see it back in action
  13. So today was a good day. I played tennis for the first time in 5 weeks since my injury.

    I expected i would struggle and that the pain in my knee would maybe come back but it didn't. Even better i won both my matches which exceeded my expectations 

    1. Shinobi


      Glad to hear! 👍

    2. MaximumOverdrive
  14. For me the only reviewer i watch and listen to. If he tells me it's a good game then i'll consider it and vice versa. Great fun reviews to watch and i generally agree with him after playing a game. That makes it easy for me to look at his opinion as if it is my own so that's also why his reviews have an influence about which game i buy and which don't
  15. I'm proud of loads of my platinum trophies. Skyrim because it was my 1st. Dirt 3, the one that got me into trophy hunting and for me still one of my favourits games. Top Spin 4, the most tedious mp boost i ever did Singularity, surprisingly good sp content but massive mp grind, took a group 3 weeks Geometry wars 3, the only game i think i'm good at. I was in the world top 10 on some levels, even nr 2 in 1 level. Gta v, big milestone and very fun plat. Again the mp is daunting and long. And there are more including, fifa 15 and 16. Bulletstorm ps4, the alien breed trilogy (challenging games). Call of juarez the cartel and even more