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  1. At first, how is your child doing now? Hope he/she is doing well now i don't have a baby, but if i read your story i can believe you had a stressful time. I had that as well and i'm still in that period. I try to do it with doing as much stuff that i really like. I play loads of tennis now, play some games i know will be up my ally. I go to racing events, watch sports with my dad. I try to do as much as possible to forget the negative things that are affecting me right now And i don't know much about being a parent but i can imagine that you have to be able to respond quick so don't play games you can't pause. 😉
  2. Big rant coming up over the AI in NFS road games like Rivals, Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted.


    Why is it so clear that the game tries to screw you over with the AI cars that just drive around. They are always in your way on purpose, everytime i steer into a corner there is a car exactly where the exit of the corner for me will be, always. The game basically just revolves around luck, not skill anymore. I did a time trial in Rivals as a cop, there is always a "random" police chase going in which my "colleague" police officer always takes me out when i try to overtake him, it is so annoying. I know that the only genre i'm skilled at is racing games and this has not much to do with racing or tactics or driving lines. Because the game just decides when i can pass an event

  3. #150: Red Dead Redemption And again, another milestone for me. And as with the other 2 50th milestones i wanted it to be a special platinum. This game wasn't my first pick, that was the racing game Blur but i noticed that my skill had dropped massively and i knew that it would take me way too long so i'll try that during the upcoming period and hopefully i get that during the remainder of this year. I had about 1 free week, in this game i had finished more then 50% of the story but nothing else, no side content. I had mixed expectations because i enjoyed the shooting gameplay and locations, but the world had me doubting a bit because the desert is in general a bit of a boring setting. That wasn't the case with this game, i really enjoyed the world and the game felt alive because of the many random events, animals and other stuff to do. The setting was beautiful and it felt like i was there very often. Luckily i knew the story because it has been 2 years since i played this game, but i remembered the story so that was no problem. I really enjoyed my time with the remainder of this game, i really got to know the world and it was a bit of a grind to the end but it didn't feel like a drag, i was looking forward to the locations i had to go to, the things i had to do. The only little annoying thing was the hunting for animals because there were loads of animals that i encountered all game long constantly, and when i had to find them they were nowhere to be seen sometimes. Absolutely amazing experience. The world feels good, is beautiful and also differs between regions. You'll encounter the different buildings between Mexico and the USA, the landscapes differ a lot with the great plains of USA, and it felt like there were more mountains and so on in Mexico, the game has some towns and some big ranches where you can do jobs, have bounties to hunt or play some minigames like poker. Also in the world you can find strangers, which are basically the side missions of this game, and often contain some weird characters that have strange hobbies like visiting bandit outposts or cannibalism. Those are also in the game btw, a total of 8 outposts which also have some sort of story and you have to eliminate all enemies inside there and this gives you some money and honor. This honor system is also good because it decides how NPC's react to you. The shooting mechanics are well done and it was fun to be in gun battles. The story is very well done, it tells the story of Jack Marston, an outlaw who wants to quit his "job" and then is forced by some corrupt lawmen to fight his old gang and friends. When he fulfills this his name will be cleared and he can live a normal live. This unfolds a witch hunt towards some of his old gang members and it is really well done, characters are well done and very well written and voice-acted. A big letdown for me was the multiplayer, i used a glitch which got me loads of kills and xp and therefore also got me to level 50 really quick. But the lobbies were horrible and really glitchy. Especially the competitive trophies were horrible to do because getting in a lobby was almost impossible, but when i did this i pushed through and got them. If you've never played it then try it out, it is a must play game and a great experience. Trophy wise it is difficult because of the multiplayer, especially now so i don't know if you should go for the platinum from scratch, but the single player is a 10/10 experience. Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 9/10 (because of multiplayer)
  4. Damn, why does this even happen??? I finished the final event in NFS Shift, i was in the menu after the final race of the NFS Live World Series, and the game just cut out to the psn menu, and now i have to do the whole championship again ffs, i spend my whole evening on this one. Now the 6th time that the game got stuck or that this happened, 3rd time near the end of a serie

  5. I've got another big milestone. Platinum 150. At first i wanted it to be Blur but i saw that my skill had decreased massively and that it would be difficult to get that one within a week. So last sunday i decided to change the game to Red Dead Redemption, and i didn't regret that choice, i already made good progress towards the main story, with 35/57 missions done. Apart from that i hadn't done anything. Fun part is that i still knew the story despite that it was 2 years ago i played this. i really liked it. World felt alive and was very well done, plat was fun to get now because i already did the mp years ago. My full review will be on here as well later today.


    Now i'm working on NFS games, both Shift and Rivals. Shift is really fun and i am close to platting that. Rivals is also fun although a bit more a grind and it is annoying at some times because the game just cheats which is a bit annoying, and it is glitchy. But that could be because i play the PS3 version. But who made the decision that you can't pause this game, that is so dumb 

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      Great job! 👍

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      Nice work! Can't wait for the new one. Loved playing this one on the Xbox. 

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  6. Unfortunately, because of a massive lack of time i didn't find the time to write an extra review/post inbetween my last two games. It is also a shame that i didn't find the time to be more active on these forums this event. I still enjoyed my participation because i discovered 5 great games. The last 2 reviews coming in, because there are 2 i will keep it a bit short. The game that won close to every award there is. I haven't gotten to the core yet so for me it is still unclear how much i really like it but the beginning was still fun. I'm not going into the story because i just finished the prologue (and yes, i spend 6 hours in this game already). What i like most so far is easily the combat. You actually have to prepare a fight, i accepted a contract on a level 3 enemy, i thought it would be an easy fight but it wasn't because i didn't prepare myself and didn't know the weaknesses of the enemy. Combat is not based around doing many difficult combos i feel, but on exploiting weaknesses of the enemies and preparation. So far the world is beautiful, and i'm really looking forward to the blood and wine expansion because that one looks even more colourful. The game is looking to be that perfect game for me and i really enjoyed my first hours with The Witcher. Nier Automata for me is a game that is all about the combat, because i lost the story already. I have a vague idea about what is going on. You play as 2B, I don't know for sure if she is a robot of some sort, but her combat moves are at least sick. I so far played only the prologue and still have 6 hours on my save file because i died 4 times and this resets you to the beginning of the game. Probably the temperature in my room caused me to be not concentrated at all because in playthrough 4 i discovered the way to use healing items which helped me a great deal lol. The combat is great, really fast paced although i felt that just using my shooter companion is to OP because you never get damaged yourself. The sword combat does much more damage but has a higher risk as well for own damage. Again this game does something that God of War does, that The Witcher does sort of. And that is letting you fight boss enemies, big enemies in the beginning and therefore starting out great which makes you want to play the game immediately. I enjoyed all my games, if i should put number on them it would be as follows: God of War: 9/10 Life is Strange: 7,5/10 AC Origins: 9/10 The Witcher 3: 9/10 Nier Automata: 8/10 I didn't gave 10s because for that i should have played more of the game i feel. See you guys on the next event and i will be going for my 150th platinum this week, and i made a switch here. I'm going for Red Dead Redemption
  7. Because of some private issues i hadn't found the time to write a post here everyday. I did reach my 6 hours of playtime easily in Assassin's Creed Origins and i'm now playing The Witcher 3. This game actually surprised me, i was a bit sceptic at first because of the change of location (no massive city or water areas) and because of the change in combat and introduction of RPG elements. It does work for me, i really enjoy it. First the story, so far it surprised me, the only thing i always find difficult with stories is that loads of characters are introduced in the beginning of which some have no clear connection to my main character, also it is not really explained what makes my character so special from other NPC's. What the story does do so well is immediately make clear why my character is on a mission, i won't spoil it here but it becomes clear very early in the game, also the game introduces you to your wife who is in danger. I like it when these tough characters suddenly seem to have a heart, i also think it makes you as a player more willingly to fulfill the missions you are given. I always find that stories are weaker when you are just fighting against someone, a game gets better for me when i have people to fight for. That's also why the story of Wolfenstein: The New Order surprised me in a positive way because of the introducion of a girlfriend. I think that it makes the game better but that is just personal opinion. Progression wise i just completed the prologue, i only got 3 trophies but that is just the OCD part in me because i have done loads of side quests so far. The world is absolutely gorgeous in my opinion. People criticise Ubisoft games very often for their lack of depth and just because they have to much quantity over quality. One thing you have to give them credit for is their world building ability, every Ubisoft sandbox you see is big but also is always in exotic beautiful locations and really well made. Think about the Far Cry games and older AC titles. The worlds are very well build. Same counts for this one, the first city you arrive in is called Siwa and it gives a good introduction about what the game is, it is literally a sandbox with beautiful locations in there, i have already made at least 10 pictures and i'm still in the beginning of the game, i've just arrived in Alexandria. But i expect more and more of these breathtaking locations to show up the further i get in the game. One thing i don't like about this game though is that there is not enough to loot in the sandbox, so far i could only find loot in (hostile) locations. For example in Alexandria there are so many houses you can enter and none of them had lootable chests or urns, only places with a question mark have that, at least that's what i experienced. The gameplay is fun as well, i like the new combat style because it makes combat more fun, varied and fair. There are way more weapons in the game, and i find it more fun to battle enemies and animals. The first time i fought a crocodile felt really cool. The same goes for the bases you have to do, stealth is a fun option but i always found the old combat to be not fun at all. Stealth was a decent option but normal combat wasn't fun. Now it is more fun. Because of the different enemy levels the combat becomes more tactical and also more difficult. And because the RPG system i will get more and more skills to make combat more varied and more tactical. The owl also helps with this, you have an owl that you can change camera view to and mark enemies and treasures in the air, which gives a great tactical advantage. It can be tricky though because you never can be sure that you have tagged every enemy in the neighbourhood. But this is definitely a game that you can visit if you like fun combat, a beautiful world and so far a good story. I enjoyed my time with this one and i will definitely return to this game.
  8. Can anyone tell me if the Borderlands games have any collectibles. I know they have the millions of weapons but do they have any collectibles like for example the feathers in early Assassin's Creeds

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      @ERGOPROXY-DECAY :jaymon:


      Oh okay you were talking about a game. :giggle:

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      @ERGOPROXY-DECAY LOLOLOL 😂 me too. I lauged when i saw your post. Claptrap's dlc has some collectibles, In Torgue's dlc you have to collect *ahem* Moxi pics :eyebrow:

      And that's it I guess. ^_^

    4. Lars


      Thanks guys for the answers

  9. Damn i hate this. I have holiday now for 2,5 weeks, but in our country it has never been so hot and dry for a long time. I was looking forward to this period for a long time because i could do some fun stuff all day long. Hang out with friends, play tennis, watch the Tour de France. But also to play some games i wanted to play for a long time. The thing is though, i sleep and play games in the attic, it is so incredibly hot in there it feels like a sauna. I played some AC:Origins and was actually feeling sick after 30 minutes because of the heat. And because this will stay for a while it is just not fun anymore. So if anyone has some good tips on how to cool your room under these temperatures ( currently 31 degrees inside) then you are very welcome.

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      I felt kinda iffy yesterday, but it's because when I came home, I stupidly blocked the A/C intake with my bags when I came home :[

    3. Babu


      In Netherlands there can be so hot?

      Wow,.... okay never think that… I use Ventilators to cool my Apartment ;)

      And at night Sleep on my balcony.

    4. Honor_Hand


      What about getting a used portable A/C for the rest of the season and then selling it when you stop using it? They are pretty convenient to have and the installation is super easy as long as you have a window in your room or any kind of hole from which you can get the hot air out of the room.


      I think they are cheaper than console-type units but a little more expensive than window-type units. Maybe a used small 8.000 BTU unit should be enough to cool that area. Just a thought for you to consider.


      My bedroom used to be a sauna even though I had a high-speed fan on it but it was unable to keep the room cold in the afternoons and evenings. I bought a used 14.000 BTU portable A/C a couple of months ago for $140 and now my room is more like a fridge. :P


  10. #Game 2 Because i was a bit late to the party this is a combined post. But first the review for Life is Strange, the game is just good. It tells a good story with well written characters and it introduces a mechanic with time rewinding which also leads to some puzzles to solve. The game has 5 acts of which i played 2 now. I definetely go back to this one after the event because i want to experience the story further because i want to know how it ends. I don't know how my choices will influence the rest of this game but i hope they have real noticable consequences. But for people who like telltale like games, this one is similar so if you enjoy those this one is definetely for you. Now my predictions for game 3, i decided to play the other 3 games for 3 days. I have holiday now so loads of spare time and i really look forward to playing these games. First up is this one: I really look forward to this game, i always liked the AC games but they always had some kind of repetitiveness to them. I for example enjoy Rogue, but the game has just too much content which makes it almost annoying to play. If you want to plat that you are looking towards a massive grind because the story is very short. In Origins i expect that there is loads of content because every open world Ubisoft game has that, but i also expect there to be a good story, with fun gameplay because i know the gameplay has changed to a more RPG kind of style. This may not fit the game completely but i think it really fits with Ubisofts style of open world design and content design. What i definetely expect is to be blown away by the graphics and the scenery. And i have the chance to play it on a bigger and better screen because tomorrow i will go and buy a new tv.
  11. Game 2: Life is Strange I like this game so far, i wasn't really sure in the beginning because i didn't really get the story in the beginning but as it started to unfold it became a bit more clear. Although the time rewinding mechanic is a bit weird and for now not explained why she has it. You play as Max, a normal school girl who has a passion for photography and suddenly discovers that she has the ability to rewind time which gives her all kind of advantages. in the first minutes you prevent a murder this way. The game gives you the ability to free roam in small selected area's. But you are still hold by the hand and it is clearly told what you should do. You can interact with many items and have to solve some small puzzles with the time mechanic. The story so far is interesting but i just played the first act and this is more of an introduction for what is going to happen. The characters are introduced and especially Chloe, an old girlfriend of Max that already had a special role in the beginning of the game but at that moment you as a player didn't know that that was Chloe. I don't know anything story related so far but i have the feeling that she is the most important character of all the characters that are introduced. Tonight i will play Act 2. I hope the story gets a bit more interesting, other aspects like length are perfect so far.
  12. Two very easy platinums today: #147: Zeus Quest Remastered: This game is a point and click title which tells the story of Zeus, who does some weird stuff in his adventure. This one is a more classic title and these games are all the same, very easy to finish with a guide. Very difficult to finish without one. I followed the story but also used a guide, the game made me laugh some times but in the end i played it for the plat. But it definetely wasn't boring. Difficulty: 1/10 Enjoyment: 7/10 #148: Survive Mr. Cube This game is also fairly easy, you need some luck though. You get a random character every time and when you die it is game over. Then you get back at the starting point and get a new character with a selected weapon. In my opinion you need a ranged weapon otherwise you die too quickly. I got mine really quick but it took me a long time to find the level with the final boss because that is randomised. You have loads of stages with portals in them, one random stage contains the final boss fight. It took me about 15 stages with multiple backtracking actions to finally find it. Just that playthrough costed me 4 hours. But it says enough that the die 5 times trophy was my last one. Quite fun, but also really repetitive. Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 7/10
  13. #Game 1: God of War i didn't even need to play it this much to be able to see that this game is absolutely brilliant. The combat is fun, although i'm still in the very beginning, i just finished the prologue. This means that the only combat i experienced is without any upgrades to the weapon or anything like that. But still, 2 boss battles before the game even started, one of which could have been a final boss fight in any other game. The surroundings look amazing, the world is big and is beautiful. Graphics are great. The only thing i would have liked to see is a bit more background story, i know very little about the God of War franchise but if i remember correctly it was always in a different area and mythology. i would have liked to know why he moved, he got a wife and a kid. Just some more introduction to set up the story better. This is a set up for an amazing experience i feel. I'm already looking forward to going back to this one in the near future, but this week i also want to play game 2 because i'm a bit behind on schedule. That game is Life is Strange. I may be able to finish that one during the event. Then i would have to combine this event with finishing of Blur as my 150th platinum. I may want to play this game more during the event to give a more extended review, because i always want to explore as much as possible of the map i still have played the game for 2-3 hours. Next week my holiday starts off so i can play the games for a more extended time.
  14. Today i will play my first game from the event: God of War. My expectations are to be blown away by this game, however i haven't played any game from this serie so far
  15. It looks easy but you never know. It could be difficult to collect all notes, it could be a grind to get 12 weapons. Knowing Far Cry games it probably won't but you never know. I probably play all DLC's when they are all out, despite that they are not connected i prefer to do it that way