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  1. so we stuck with whatever color we picked on PS3 back in the day feelsbadman
  2. how to change Profile color on this site that was set on PS3 as PSN color of profile, that outline that makes profile like a chat bubble from ur avatar
  3. If someone know more sites where we can generate profile cards like trophy cards here gaming or not put it down bellow ✌️
  4. Is there a dedicated button for dodge on ps4 like there in revelations 2
  5. Does Destiny 1 from ps3 transfers trophies and statistics over to ps4 and can be completed on ps4 in terms of level and trophies u missed on ps3 version or there have to be a new trophy list and new statistics
  6. what games have rarest trophies like under 5% 

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    2. MaximumOverdrive


      FIFA!!! :awesome: 


      15 (PS4), 16, 17 and 18 are currently doable 


      @PooPDeePie Yep, fail. Imagine seeing Faith do one parkour fail 😂


      Also see a movie of Mirror's Edge with this as Faith


    3. PooPooBlast


      That's waaaayyy to sexy for Faith :P


      I'd rather have an animated movie or something tbh because I know for a fact I'll be cringing so hard at any reenactment that my eye balls will just cave in haha. 

    4. Vedrancito


      @marc_cp im not interested in gta trophies they are not difficult they just pollut the list 

      @ee28max i don't play fifa that serious only when friends come over

  7. i don't play on higher difficulties and there are only 2 trophies on survival mode if done with 3 stars on hardest difficulty that can beat gta ones but 2 difficult
  8. i did ducktales on easy 😁
  9. Why does gta v have so many very rare trophies like under 5% in rarity on this site and they don't really mean a lot just staying on my profile and no other game can beat it with their rarity system
  10. i used standard digital edition, but i deleted the game so i don't know does it still happens. My humble assumption is that it does :/
  11. Winter is here

    1. AlchemistWer


      Nice! More when you need to wait for a bus in midnight. 😅

    2. Vedrancito


      there is a bus on midnight :o

    3. AlchemistWer
  12. I'm just wondering how much bullet damage they can take because usually when i shoot them they just keep running like they're sponsored by Nike
  13. Is Uncharted shooting on PS4 improved or those enemies still inhale them bullets like air
  14. we gota do gta online before they close it

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    2. AJ_Radio


      True but this just means you have to grind out more hours if anybody plans to platinum both versions.

    3. BlazingCat83
    4. TheYuriG


      I need to get the game again for that and will take me a while since I'll be completely busy with other games until the 15th

  15. What I did Is formatted myPS3 completely and installed that game first and played it for a while and everytime u wanna play again u start that game first (preferably offline) so it's less chance to get stuck. While playing other games and than goin' into SR it gets stuck with black screen on menu with sound on... WEIRD