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  1. With the drawn-out release schedule, pulling for new URs when they release is actually strategically better (for the ones you want, anyway). Tennis Kotori won't come to the seal shop for a Very Long Time (iirc JP is only up to the Dancer set?) so if there's an older Kotori UR you want, you can always buy it with URs you don't want. Whereas if Tennis Kotori is like, your dream UR, you wouldn't be able to SS worthless URs away for her.
  2. Got Taisho Honk from a BT, making her the third UR pair I've gotten in a week (I had zero before that). My pure team is second-years, so she fits it. The bad news is she's pure, and my pure team is all UR/SSR and over 70k, so...hopefully I can get Animal Honk, Circus Umi, or Fairytale Koto soon.
  3. I was tempted by the First Years since Constellation was in it, and these boxes seem to be the only way to complete sets now that the limited boxes are so...bad, but I have to stay strong for Wonderland Riko.
  4. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is the first thing that's interested me in, like, a year. Hype!
  5. It worked!! Didn't do anything for my score, either, but I was also in offline singleplayer. I might try it on my online world later to see if the score trophies will pop that way. Thank you so much!
  6. Riko's half will be out late December/early January unless Klab switches things around, like they did with releasing the Summer Beach set before the Circus set. I've already bought the cheap packs and all but one of the expensive packs, though.
  7. Funny, that's the same UR I got from the first step. Unfortunately, it made me do the other two steps as well, despite saving for Wonderland Riko, and I actually got Dancer Rin on the last step. Now I'll never be able to afford Wonderland Riko so I'm kicking myself, but at least Dancer Rin fits my team.
  8. I've been part of a big "placeholder" group for a game that is impossible to do in one sitting. The way we did it, re: "too many people, not enough places", was that we all friended the session host and he invited people as people dropped out. This carried on for weeks, so there were plenty of opportunities for everyone. The other thing that can end up happening is that players in the section might split off into several boosting parties, thus eliminating the need for the host to choose between players. I just think that placeholder sessions really need to not have feedback, because I boosted several times with that group, but got a ton of "no show" feedback from people who weren't a part of the sessions I was in. But placeholder/recruiting sessions are super important for games like 7 Days to Die, for instance, where you're definitely not going to kill 2500 players in one sitting.
  9. Confirmed that Aqours is kinder to me than u's and my decision to switch groups was a good one. Did an impulse pull and got three SSR Summer Beach You + UR Summer Beach Chika. Then I did a BT hoping for a cool UR (to complete tricolor Aqours) and...Cheer Chika. I was going to do 10+1s in Aqours only and BTs in u's only, but u's hates giving me URs from BTs.
  10. Platted Nightmares From the Deep. I nearly finished Fractured But Whole, but after 20 years of watching SP, it'd be a travesty to not use the game for a milestone, I have two days off in a row this week, so maybe I'll get something else done...I bought a ton in the sale this week at least, haha.
  11. Did you activate the Creek ultimate as both Tweek and Craig? If that's not it, I'd say just run through the kids one by one. It's possible you missed one, or maybe the game didn't count one as having been seen for some reason. Also, confirming you definitely don't need to see both of Kenny's ultimates. He's the last buddy you have the ability to use in combat, so he was the only one I was missing, and it unlocked when he blew himself up.
  12. You'll get it at the end of the night.
  13. I third this. I'm in the minority of players who enjoyed Mass Effect 3 (it let me date Kaidan, FINALLY), but apart from the original ME trilogy and DA:O, Bioware...doesn't make great games. I wish they could go back to making fun games, but if they can't, who cares if they go?
  14. Fair warning, the first Osanpo Rally (or ~adventure stroll~, i guess) is really dull and slow. They overhauled it entirely for the YohaMaru Osanpo and it ends up being a lot of fun, but for now, enjoy the slowest event ever.
  15. Personally, I find a full shelf aesthetically pleasing. I refuse to have people over, so no one sees my shelves - I just like how they look. I'm about 50/50 with digital and physical, but being able to resell physical games that I no longer want is really nice for someone with limited income.