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  1. Based on the gameplay I've seen, it's definitely not the worst thing in the world. I mean, I remember panty shots being in Soul Caliber 3. Usually with these games, though, the pervy stuff comes from in-game CGs. I'd recommend looking up gameplay videos and some in-game CGs before you make a decision. (That said, I own it, but never started...if it was a little shorter, I'd consider playing it for this event.)
  2. It's not linked anywhere, buuuut here you go. I just did a google search for "psn flash sale" to see if we were getting one and it popped up.
  3. Flash sale is up and it's not great for me. There are some games that fit the theme in there, though. I can highly recommend The Silver Case to anyone who likes visual novels or Suda51. Plus, the sequel's coming out next year! It'd be great for this event.
  4. It's funny because when I applied for HR jobs, I was told that purple hair wouldn't be an issue, but this part-time retail position is making me change it. So weird. Also @Cassylvania, I'm doing TWD Michonne! Not mainline, but it counts.
  5. I also got the job, assuming that platinum hair is "natural" enough for them (I'm purple rn and they said I'd need to take that out). If not, I...guess I'll have to keep looking, because I won't make a permanent change for a retail position. Anyway, got started on Costume Quest, though I've yet to earn a trophy in it. Forgot how much I love this game. I'm hoping there's a Flash Sale this weekend, and that Night in the Woods, Night Trap, and/or Undertale is on it.
  6. Nope, SIFID is something you have to actually create an account on, not the in-game ID number that you use to add friends. It's kind of like Game Center in a way. Basically the way SIFAS is going to work (from what I understand) is that you can download it and play it completely independently of SIF, and vice versa. You could even download both and play them concurrently without using SIFID. BUT if you make an account with SIFID, you can link the games together and your SIF rank will be reflected in SIFAS, and there will be rewards for playing both. They likely don't have any intention of shutting down SIF right now, but a lot of players are afraid that they'll decide to focus entirely on SIFAS. Because we don't know what to expect from SIFAS, there may be no way of transferring cards over if that were to happen (i.e. if it doesn't include a card system, or if it doesn't include SIF cards). What I'm seeing right now is that F2Ps are mostly the ones hyped, and whales are the ones who are uncomfortable. Hopefully KLab knows that their priority needs to be the whales and already has plans to either continue SIF support permanently or to transfer cards over in the event of one app shutting down.
  7. Yeah, it's a mobage, and it connects with LLSIF through SIFID. If they continue to run concurrently, great, but if they eventually drop support for SIF in favor of SIFAS and don't let you transfer your cards over, I'm quitting. Other whales have expressed similar sentiments, so hopefully KLab recognizes that and doesn't shaft SIF. I've invested three years of my life and way too much money, I have 60 idolized URs, and I'm not going to be happy if I lose all that. On the plus side, they announced several updates to LLSIF including permanent score match and a couple new promos, so at least it sounds like they don't have any plans to drop the game right now.
  8. If they phase out SIF in favor of All-Stars and don't transfer all our cards over, I'm done. I've spent a disgusting amount of money on this game and I'm ambivalent towards most of the PDP girls and outright hate one. If I have to start from square one and give up my 60-some URs, I'm quitting lmao.
  9. Thanks guys!! We're gonna rock this, @xMissFantasy ! 💪
  10. I platinumed Dying Reborn! Not...the best game I've ever played, but it was a neat concept. I'd like to see more games of its kind, but more polished. In other news, my time gaming might be cut back a little if I ace this interview tomorrow, but I'll try to keep on track!
  11. Thanks so much for letting me know! That's a huge relief; I'll finish today!
  12. Woof, the voice acting in Dying Reborn is bad. Also it's kind of annoying because I missed a memo and it's not letting me chapter select? Every time I try, it just puts me in the chapter I left off at. Maybe you just have to beat the game first? I hope so, because if I have to play through the entire game again for one memo, I won't be happy. Also made some progress on Operation Abyss. Now that Night in the Woods has an obtainable plat, I might sub that one in somewhere.
  13. After one unsuccessful 10+1 (got the SSR Ruby which gives me all the SSR Rubys released thus far, but no Riko), I got desperate and decided to solo. She came home on the first one. I...hope I didn't just burn all my luck on EN? I'm actually saving for her there. But, uh, yeah. Kind of makes up for the really crappy scouts I had on Kotori's birthday. (Also the idolized is so good. I love pants. I love ikemen Riko.)
  14. @Toogie53 I'm gonna do a quick list update! Some things may get swapped out and others in, but I need more than just the three games on my list haha. Costume Quest 2 (0%) The Walking Dead: Michonne (0%) Severed (100%) South Park: The Stick of Truth (62%) Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy (1%) Metro 2033 Redux (0%) Metro Last Light Redux (0%) Dying: Reborn (0%) Nightmares from the Deep 2 (0%) South Park: The Fractured But Whole (0%) I'm hoping Undertale and Night Trap go on sale soon, because I'd like to add those. I might switch out the second South Park game if I find two weeks isn't a long enough time or if it gets delayed again (since I've had it on preorder since 2015).
  15. Weirdly, Klab EN lowered the rates from what they are on JP. I still think these boxes are hot garbage (I want cards from certain sets, like Constellation and Job v2), but they're even worse now that you have a lower chance for a specific girl. I hope you got some cute cards at least. :c