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  1. Yeah, like Satoshi said, this was JP's New Years event for last year (year of the Rooster, hence birds). They're the Muse counterparts to the YohaMari event cards, if you remember those.
  2. Hanamaru's birthday has already passed, so you have a year before you have to worry about it, haha.
  3. Yes. 600 gems gives you a really good shot at her, since it only takes 900 to clear the box. You'll have time to rebuild her birthday stash between then and now, and you might even get her on the first pull. Then again, your box might contain Honk and Umi, but if you want the Kotori, you'll probably never have another shot at her.
  4. Oh gosh no, that's overkill. I have like, no SIS unlocked on any URs except Cyber Nico, and that's because I idolized her by copy back before seal idolization was a thing. My teams aren't all scorers, URs, or even idolized.
  5. Don't use someone else's save file. You'll risk getting flagged for the game.
  6. Eehh, disagree. I get T1 score on most events and my teams are mixed attribute and members.
  7. Congrats! Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway, it was very generous!!
  8. They appear to have been delisted early, unfortunately.
  9. I SEE YOU'RE A MAN OF CULTURE AS WELL... It's one of the few Aqours songs I really, really like. Chika's voice 😍
  10. Nothing I care to play, unfortunately.
  12. Yep! I had 40 BT total, so I did 8 of the SR/UR BT scouts! Got Baseball Eli, Pool v2 Honoka, and another China Dress Kotori. The rest were SRs, but Pool v2 Honoka is a total beast, and she fits my 2nd year smile team. Kotori...will probably be a seal and not an idolization (since I was planning to idolize her via seals once I get two more dupe SSRs). We'll see.
  13. Liiiittle bit better than that, actually! Scope this link. Also, confirmed, we're getting 5.5. Get ready for those tickets. B^)
  14. Cumulative login bonus. I've been playing since 2014 and have only missed like 3 days, so I'll be getting 20+ BT. Assuming this is the 5.3 update, of course. Dunno whether to use them all or to also save them for when Sky Kotori releases. :c They're all going towards the 5 BT Muse box, but...decisions.
  15. I like trophies that add longevity to the game without making me hate the game by the end. The Bully trophy list, for example, has you do all the sidequests and minigames in order to unlock the plat. On the flip side, there's White Day, which forces you to get every ending on every difficulty. Beat Hell mode on your first go? Great. Do it 9 more times, and then repeat that on Hard, Normal, Easy, and Very Easy! I also hate multiplayer/online trophies, as they're at risk of becoming unobtainable after server closure.