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  1. I love the retro vibe it's got going on. The trophy art has a very fun, almost 50s aesthetic. At the end of the day, trophies are nothing but pictures on a screen, so I might as well gather up all the ones with nice trophy images, eh?
  2. Considering literally every piece of DLC for DBD was on sale two(?) weeks ago except Freddy and Talbot, I was kind of hoping to see those two DLCs up for sale for Halloween. Oh well - next time.
  3. Losing my account or falling victim to one of those auto-pop hackers ('Specialist Super Fan' popped for me the very first time I tried Blackout mode in BO4 and my life flashed before my eyes until I read that it pops for everyone now). I've got no interest in men or kids so I don't have pesky things like that to stand in my way, lmao.
  4. I'd sell my soul for a Princess & the Frog world.
  5. Nice, worked like a charm!
  6. It's still very weird that this scene got cut while the scene in GTAV (which is quite literally a prolonged scene of torture that you actively participate in, and not just a still image) got a pass. Censorship is getting out of hand in recent years.
  7. No, just the ones that came out within the past month (the two lims and her sky UR). I had been saving for Sky exclusively, but then Klab decided to do the BokuHika 2nd Years and Birthday limiteds at the same time. I got extremely lucky - had her birthday UR not come home on the first pull, I don't think I'd have gotten Sky (especially since I got cucked by Tennis Kotori and Instrument Pana on my second and third pulls, and then had a UR drought until Sky Kotori finally came home). Kind of want to bust out the wallet and try to get 2/3 of the BokuHika 3rd years, but knowing my luck, I'd get two copies of the same UR. I'm also sitting on a crisp 8 gems, so it'd be pricey as heck.
  8. I've been dead but I beat the Kotori gauntlet. Got her BokuHika UR, Sky UR, and Birthday UR...I can rest now.
  9. Yeah but I don't care about completing her set. She won't make my teams and Rin is a mid-tier girl for me.
  10. Got UR Pirate Rin. That makes 8/10 Rin URs I have (only missing March & Cafe Maid). She doesn't make my team, nor does anything else I got lmao. I also blew 500 gems scouting for VDay You and regret it so much. I got Autumn Mari (worst girl), Halloween Hanamaru (worst girl), Circus Ruby (dupe), and Wonderland Riko (dupe). The plus side is that I got Initial Riko from BTs and also turned those URs into seals so now I can buy either Animal Honoka in September or New Year Honoka in June. Hopefully I'll still end up getting Sky Kotori even though I made a terrible mistake and scouted.
  11. I haven't backread much, but doing these step ups is generally considered to be a bad idea. This is the lead-up to the 4th Anniversary, so these step ups are more than likely a way to drain your gems before the main event comes on the 4th Anniversary. There's no guarantee that it'll be anything good, but the community seems convinced it'll be another 3% UR/Guaranteed SSR box. Scout at your own risk.
  12. Yeah, like Satoshi said, this was JP's New Years event for last year (year of the Rooster, hence birds). They're the Muse counterparts to the YohaMari event cards, if you remember those.
  13. Hanamaru's birthday has already passed, so you have a year before you have to worry about it, haha.
  14. Yes. 600 gems gives you a really good shot at her, since it only takes 900 to clear the box. You'll have time to rebuild her birthday stash between then and now, and you might even get her on the first pull. Then again, your box might contain Honk and Umi, but if you want the Kotori, you'll probably never have another shot at her.
  15. Oh gosh no, that's overkill. I have like, no SIS unlocked on any URs except Cyber Nico, and that's because I idolized her by copy back before seal idolization was a thing. My teams aren't all scorers, URs, or even idolized.