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  1. The problem is that greatness is subjective. I've played Shin Megami Tensei games since the 90s...Persona 5 is the only one I didn't finish. The Last of Us and Uncharted are praised as great games, and I know many people enjoy them, but I hated every second I spent with them (fortunately, I earned no trophies in TLOU, so I was able to delete it from my profile). Conversely, Life is Strange, Until Dawn, and Deadly Premonition are all incredibly easy plats, but I had way more fun playing them than I did other games. I just like playing games until I get bored of them. This inevitably means that most of my plats are short/easy, but I'd rather not overplay games to the point of hating them. If I come back to them to work on the plat later, I do. If I don't, I don't. But I'm an adult with a job, and I don't want to come home and feel like my hobby is even more work. Thankfully, I have a sub to PS Now now, so that makes gamehopping easier.
  2. You were VERY blessed by best Aqours girl. Congrats!
  3. Oh haha, it's not the SSR I wanted! It's the Pure SR Honk in the first image. I've been trying since 2015 and she just would not come home.
  4. Maki go home, this isn't the first years box. Funny story about Constellation Honoka: I scouted for her when she first came to the EN server and got Constellation Maki instead. I've been trying for almost three years to get her to come home.
  5. I believe you have to have the game even if you're premium but I could be wrong. Anyway, you should PM @MMDE this instead of making a topic. He can report the game for you if you bring it to his attention.
  6. Milking us before the release of SIFAS and gearing up for the shutdown of SIF. I don't want to believe it, but these past two months have been....oof.
  7. If you care at all about customizing the UI, it's objectively better to gather all the backgrounds from the shop instead of the Maru. While we recently got those login backgrounds released to the seal shop on JP (like, the Muse and Aqours Christmas backgrounds, etc), we haven't gotten a chance to get the backgrounds from either of the Osanpo Rallies. It may come later, but it also might stay as an event reward (similar to figure skating Maki), so it's something to keep in mind, since cards can be idolized by seals anyway. (I have all the backgrounds EXCEPT the ones from this Osanpo on my JP and believe me, it haunts me every day.)
  8. I'm assuming for the play non-stop trophy, you can just put your system into rest mode.
  9. I'm not a whale on JP
  10. JP. JP is 71 real URs and a bunch of paid promos, plus all the login promos (final live, Christmas Koto, etc). Almost all idolized. EN is 35 URs and then whatever login promos we were given on that server as well. On JP I guess I have the most Eli? I dunno, I have almost every UR on that server haha. On EN it's definitely Rin.
  11. My EN friends list is full atm, but I added the JP account! I'm using this Kotori as a team center: but since her center skill is basically useless, I'm happy to switch if he ever needs. I have 70-ish URs so I can pretty much provide any bonus.
  12. Leveling up skills = higher score tier = more seals in the long run. I usually get T1 because I've leveled up my scorers so much. My Skill Level 5 Cheer Riko adds about 160k to my score alone. I do a 5 BT roughly after every event.
  13. Make sure you're buying all the teachers from the shop every month (60 N seals total), and also during this event, play the 5 LP expert songs with the x4 multiplier. N seals, Cotaros, SR support teachers, better SIS, etc, all have a better drop rate if you use the x4.
  14. Halloween Kanan is one of the strongest scorers if you go based off of the absolute meta, so congrats! ;0 Skill level her up to 3!
  15. Yeah, I downloaded it the day it came out. You literally start with a real UR of whichever boy you choose. I couldn't really get into it because none of the boys really seem like my type of character. I'll just stick to aichuu when I want male idols.