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  1. As far as I know, you can play a trial version and when you buy the full game, trophies unlock.
  2. It came out today. I always appreciate a mlm or wlw dating sim, so even if it's played for laughs, I picked it up. Don't care about the Game Grumps' role in it, though. The voice lines are just an occasional "hm" or "yeah", so meh.
  3. Just to be clear, for the immunity challenge, missing an hour locks your trophies in, correct? As in, if I skip 3-4am, I can't pick back up at 6am and start earning points again?
  4. Roleplay purposes! 😚 I also needed both a catboy and a dragonboy because that's a tough choice. But if you don't have a credit card or don't want to go through Mogstation, standard is your only option.
  5. If Gamestop is charging $40 for two months, they're overcharging. A two month standard sub is $29.99. Go with Amazon instead. To answer your question, yep, you can use game cards only! Just note that if you've purchased a basic sub through the site, you need to wait for it to expire before you can redeem your game card, as the game card gives you a standard sub.
  6. Haha, Zone, I seriously thought you beat me until I remembered I could knock out more than just the letters I was missing. Congrats to you too! 😊
  7. Okay, I think I'm at about 1hr 35mins. (From "Dabbler in Carpentry" to "The Mystery Deepens" in my Trophy Log) Final Fantasy XIV: D, D (U), D (Q), D (Y), D (Z), D (E), D (V) Broken Sword: I, S, R, C, W, C (M), B, J, D (A), N, F, N (L), T, N (O), T Aabs Animals: K, C (H), C (X), L, P Saturday Morning RPG: G Wildcards: D, C, N Start time: 8:45:16 AM End time: 10:20:37 AM Time: 1:35:39
  8. Deadly Premonition: Life is Strange: Silent Hill 3:
  9. I know that the time starting with your first trophy was implemented for people in other timezones, but I really appreciate being able to watch Big Brother live now. 😊 Good luck to everyone who's starting tonight!
  10. Now that @Fredoline05 has given me his reward (thank you for that, by the way ❤️), I should ask: Do we need to announce our wildcard letters at the beginning, or at the end?
  11. I have no idea how coding works, so this may be an impossible suggestion, but would there be a way to discredit only the illegitimate trophies from a user's overall stats? In a game like GTAV, deleting your data without syncing, etc, won't work since everything is tied to the character. It would...really suck for someone who put in a ton of work getting all the gold medals and doing all the heists to then not have the legitimate work count for anything because someone hacked their level and popped one or two trophies. With other games the user could delete their profile to get rid of the hacked trophies, but as I understand it, GTAV is a special case where you'd just be completely screwed out of all your hard work and no way to undo it.
  12. Deadly Premonition. On the Xbox, difficulties didn't stack, so you had to run through the game at least three times to 1k it. I gladly did it then, and when it was free on PS+, I ran through it a fourth time for the plat. Amazing game.
  13. If you like mystery/puzzle-solving, Dangan Ronpa, The Nonary Games, and Root Letter are amazing. Oreshika is my favorite RPG/dungeon-crawler, and if you like rhythm games at all, IA/VT Colorful is really fun (though you'll need to order a physical copy off Amazon, as it's an import). If you aren't already, Suikoden 2 is hands-down the best psx classic, and you should pick it up.
  14. I feel like it's something you have to make your own judgements on. When I first played through Episode One, I thought Max was a little grating, but I stuck with it because I was invested in Chloe. I love both of them, now, and LiS is easily in my top 10 games of all time (and is definitely my favorite CYOA). But some of the stuff in the game really hit home for me, so I'm admittedly a little biased.