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  1. Interesting, let us keep the trophy hunting going.
  2. Okay, I've made a little roadmap of trophies to get for the MGS V's platinum trophy to be the level up, 3,000th trophy, and 50th platinum; all at once, I found it weird since I didn't expect all three to be doable at the same time with so little planning. Have you got any other interesting coincident (albeit forced in my case) trophies/trophy milestones?
  3. Man, I was really optimistic about going back to playing in the profile as if nothing had happened, but I'm feeling that again, it's pretty weird.
  4. Thanks for your replies! I guess I'll just stick with my current profile since it would be too much to redo in a new one.
  5. To begin with this, I need to tell the whole story, by the end of 2014, when I had another ID, I began to feel uncomfortable because I started to dislike it, quite a lot, so I created this one and also started to hunt trophies, and everything was going OK so far, then I started to feel like I felt back then, but this time it is because I have Minecraft in my game list, I just don't know why I started to feel this way, but I've been thinking about creating another account just so I don't see it anymore, what's happening to me? Am I giving it too much importance?
  6. Let's see, like 2 months ago I had another problem, it was about not ranking up on the leaderboards, then 1 person visited my profile and told me there was nothing wrong about it, i didn't believe until I saw and boom! problem solved, and now the same here, is it because I'm mexican?
  7. Hi, I've created this account since I didn't like my previous ID (eduardo20576) and also started to hunt trophies, but there's a little error I think, the profile views is now stuck at 1030, and it hasn't moved from there since the last month, what happended?
  8. Hey look, there's something strange about TPP, its trophy points, they're just 1155, which could translate into possible future DLCs because many games with score lower than 1185 use to have trophied DLCs, what you guys think?
  9. OK I get it, thanks!
  10. Yes, that's what happens to me, I appear on the leaderboard with way more points that the people above me, but it still takes an hour after manually updating the profile (and no, no errors) to rank up on the leaderboard.
  11. That's what worries me, my account takes too long on updating on the leaderboard, is there anything I can do about it?
  12. Hmmm once I update manually my PSNprofile after earning trophies it always takes 1 hour to go up on the leaderboard.
  13. Hey, do all standard accounts take 1 hour to update on the leaderboard? And also, what exact benefits do premium accounts have?
  14. You're kind of right, but not even every quarter/half level?
  15. I mean, it would be nice to add the percentage with each trophy in the trophy log instead of just the level up icon.