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  1. Horizon Zero Dawn. On my list for a long time allready.
  2. Okami HD - need to go for it at some point, its on my list for quite some time allready. (2 days is impressive btw)
  3. Dragon Age: inquisition
  4. Great list. Death Stranding is my choice.
  5. Oh my god, thanks for the info. Thats some good news.
  6. That double heavy rain stack smiles at me. too late, in this case, clearly Horizon Zero Dawn.
  7. Edit: Got it done by myself
  8. Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines Next would be The Witcher 3, for the double Plat i have to go for at some point. Very nice list btw.
  9. 15 hours max if you go straight for the platinum. Its a pretty easy and fast platinum.
  10. Go for it at the end of an expedition, while all the guys are running at you. Its super easy this way. Let a few of them come to your position, start it and run at them while smashing the R3 button. Try to do a few takedowns by running in circles around them, to fill the bar a bit up. And there you go.
  11. My trophy was a bit delayed too. I guess that this "special faction kegs" maybe dont count towards the total amount for the trophy...
  12. Play a private match with a friend. Simply win round 1, let him win round 2 while he is 20 points ahead and finally win round 3 and the whole match.
  13. going to try it out now
  14. You just got it, could you tell me/us how you did that?