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  1. If you could help me out with the last 6 trophies (Expansion 10), that would be great. Im absolutely out of this game, just want the 100% back, before the next update drops soon... Thanks!
  2. Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines Next would be The Witcher 3, for the double Plat i have to go for at some point. Very nice list btw.
  3. 15 hours max if you go straight for the platinum. Its a pretty easy and fast platinum.
  4. Go for it at the end of an expedition, while all the guys are running at you. Its super easy this way. Let a few of them come to your position, start it and run at them while smashing the R3 button. Try to do a few takedowns by running in circles around them, to fill the bar a bit up. And there you go.
  5. My trophy was a bit delayed too. I guess that this "special faction kegs" maybe dont count towards the total amount for the trophy...
  6. Play a private match with a friend. Simply win round 1, let him win round 2 while he is 20 points ahead and finally win round 3 and the whole match.
  7. going to try it out now
  8. You just got it, could you tell me/us how you did that?
  9. Played exactly that combo yesterday in a private match and it did not work. Tried it again and now the trophy pops up.. Ok. Thanks.. nevermind.. Now i need a solution for that zeal thing. Makes no sense to me that it does not come after the zeal unit dies to my trap. edit: yesterday with the 3 gb patch allready*
  10. Did someone find a solution for "Blitz" that works in private matches and could share it here? Played 5-6 cards private and in casual matches a few times allready and nothing happens. Same goes for the trophy to "destroy a unit with zeal before it´s triggered". tryed the trap card from scoiatel a few times on 2 different zeal units and it does not work. same goes with destroying it simply the turn after it was played. Both trophies got earned by a few players allready, there must be something to get them.
  11. Allmost 3 gb update file. Lets see if this is going to fix the trophies. edit: Trophies seem to be fixed.
  12. I think there are bugged trophies at this point. I finished my arena run with 9-1 and got the bronze-trophy for the finished run and the golden one for a run with at least 6 wins. So far so good. But the bronze-trophy for playing an arena match is still locked. Same goes for a 3-win streak in "any multiplayer mode" (There are only 2, arena is one of them). I lost my first game after 6 straight wins and should have unlocked it at this point, or am i reading something wrong? even more: -Trophy for changing the leader skin, avatar, border and title did not unlock yet, while i did the things a few times allready. -play an online match, much like the arena trophy. - destroy 4 units with a single card also did not pop up more to come i guess =( - Got a draw recently and the goldtrophy did not pop up too... Hopefully they are gona fix this really quick..
  13. Can someone confirm that the "deal with the devil"- Trophy (play an arena game) unlocks after my arena run is finished? Cause im 6-0 currently, enough to allready unlock the last gold trophy for a 6 wins arena run, but im a bit scared that the trophy mentioned first is not unlocking properly and that could be the case for the gold trophy too. Can someone test it out quickly?
  14. Ni No Kuni 2 for sure. =)
  15. The 100% list of Nioh for sure.