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  1. Yes, application tokens are pain in the back - our team of 3 folks just finished, we played all maps sequentially, starting from normal, then hard and expert. In the end I've found out that I have 10 extra tokens, another guy - 16 extra tokens and the 3rd one is missing 1 token (but has all 27 stars, of course). Though, by design, you can obtain only 108 application tokens in total - not less, not more. So for the 3rd one CEO trophy is not obtainable now, and, more than likely, will remain so for ever. We tried to replay maps, added new accounts so that they could get some application tokens in hope that it might affect the 3rd player somehow. Tried advice to change equipment to cause "save" operation - it glitched only for chips. Even tried to change PSN name (as there were reports that doing so results in losing server-side stats in some games) - alas, it did not work. EA support keeps silence, but some googling proved that none of such issues were resolved in the past. Looks like they are even not able to reset/delete game progress on their own servers (at least, not for Syndicate). BTW, on EA forums one guy complained that he did not get C2C Pulse application, which is rewarded by completing one of the maps - so, looks like, the application tokens are not the only one thing that may glitch on you. So if you aim to plat this game - think twice as there are chances (not high, though) that you will run into some glitch and get stuck in 91%.
  2. So, I managed to get myself the last trophy + plat with empty timestamps playing Killzone: Mercenary on my PSTV. I have a bad habit to play offline and eventually I ran into exact the same issue reported here (wish I came across that info earlier) - last time when I turned the console on it asked me to set up date & time again (probably, an electricity shutdown occurred when I was not at home), which I did, launched the game after that (wrong - I had to sign in to PSN first and get the internal DRM clock set), and got the last trophy after some time. So now both trophies (last one + plat) are in the bottom of my trophy log, altering the Milestones, e.g. now my 1st plat is considered to be Killzone, which, well, is not accurate. But the "First Trophy" is shown correctly, though shouldn't it be picked up among the trophies with missing timestamp? Anyway, I understand that it all works as designed and "nulls go first" is easier to implement from technical perspective, but is this approach applicable to all cases? If a game has some trophies with valid timestamps, shouldn't its plat with empty timestamp go on top of the trophy with maximum timestamp (among game's trophies) in the trophy log (since it's a trophy that can only be obtained last in a game)? Just thinking out loud
  3. That's good to know. The only thing that worries me is that now you have to elite pass the Fury campaign. I have a bad feeling that Detonator will be a pain the ass. Upd: nope, there was no pain. It feels like PS3\Vita version of the Fury was harder on novice than PS4 version on elite.
  4. I would not say that there are too many of them. I used this PC video-guide for the secrets and counted only 4 differences (+ one for the glitched Egyptian texts in Episode 9). I've made a small video-guide that covers all of them, maybe it will come in handy to somebody.
  5. Got stuck on that 3rd secret too, but thanks to this thread finally got it. Whoever came up with the alternative route - thank you! Was surprised that there were no video out there for this workaround, fixing this.
  6. Rowdi, that stinks, but thanks for the confirmation anyway.
  7. Haven't tried U3 mp yet, but would like to confirm - in U2 randoms could not join a game, which was in progress. Looks like it has changed in U3? And there is still no "vote kick" functionality?
  8. Got it, thanks again! Well, played only in PS1 version back in the days. It was pretty fun, though this PS3 version feels cool too.
  9. OK, then I will make my way through the main campaign. Thanks for the help, IDiivil! I'm also wondering: I have just completed the 1st event - looks like it has only 6 races, other cells are blacked out. Will they unlock later with progressing through the events or that's it - there are only 6 races for the 1st event? I.e. event not necessarily means 32 races?≠
  10. A quick question to those who knows the game and trophy requirements well - for "Bling Brigade" trophy am I supposed first to complete the campaign (get at least bronze in each race and event, i.e. 8 events * 32 races?)? Does Fury Add-on provide any short-cut for prerequisites for this trophy? I just want to get the online done first and then return to the plat later. I have just tried to create an online race and haven't noticed a place where I was supposed to select that damn skin, which is required for the trophy. Is it somewhere among the locked cells when selecting a ship? Tried to google, but with no success, like it's an obvious thing for everybody, except me :/ Thanks in advance for the help!
  11. Agreed. That's what I did eventually.
  12. Same here. When I started boosting I was following the recommendations from this thread, basically these: That was a huge waste of time, but the results were not encouraging - sometimes it was OK and sometimes stats did not get saved several times in a row. So eventually I gave up spending any extra time on waiting on the stats screen, as it did not seem to make any difference to me (and the experiment that I described in my previous post convinced me in that even more).
  13. It's a pure gambling, my friend - stats are either saved or not, and the probability that they are saved, well, I think it's above than 50% - maybe 60%-70%. When I was boosting I tried a lot of tips, including waiting after a match, quitting the Warzone by the host right after a match ends, and many many more - nothing really worked and I was wasting my time. So the last 3 days or so I did this: - alt was a host - bodycount for 10 frags (takes about 2.5 mins) - once round ended I was waiting for a several seconds until "saving" icon disappears, then started the next round. No extra waiting, no Warzone log out, nothing like that - just round after round non-stop for 1-2 hours (I was watching movies in the process so paused and checked stats only after movie ended ). Don't remember the exact output in points, but I think yes - I was not less than 1k per hour. Here is what made me think that waiting after a match is pointless: I did a small experiment - after a round ended, I waited until the game was saved (blinking white icon disappeared), then immediately left the game and Warzone. Then I checked the stats couple of times (with an interval of 15-20 secs) for friends on my alt - there were no changes there. Did it again after 1-2 minutes - the stats got updated. So it seems that what really takes time - is processing and updating the stats on the sever-side. I don't know, maybe the problem arises in this internal process somewhere (too many stats-update tasks and the queue gets truncated or something like that) or maybe it works as designed. But I tend to think that the game sends "stats-update" request to server only once - and no matter was it rejected by the server due to some limits (I think the servers were trimmed in resources) or it was failed to get processed internally - the client will not attempt to send a new request if the previous has failed, so waiting is pointless - it was either saved or not. Anyway, waiting or not after a round is up to you - I'm not going persuade anybody. I personally did not wait and did fine with the 2nd place in the end
  14. For those who prefer to keep a boosting group as small as possible - all mp trophies in KZ3 (including DLC, of course) can be done with only 2 players, except 1 trophy that requires a minimum of 3 players. Providing that looking at some trophies you can think "no way it can be done with 2 players" (I was thinking the same), I decided to write a small guide: prerequisites: "A" - player-booster, "B" - player-assistant. 1. "Medic! - Revive another player" & "Team Player - Play a match as part of a squad" - two trophies from the main game. - select any map where spawn area is protected by turrets (I was using Frozen Dam from "Operations" mode - it has a lot of turrets on the ISA way). - search a game for the selected map/mode and wait until you get connected. I tried to create a squad beforehand, but in such case the search was taking forever. - once you get connected, "A" presses "Start" button and invites "B" to the squad - that will move "B" into "A"'s fraction. So the match will become 2 vs 0, but it will not prevent it from continuing. - since you cannot turn on friendly-fire in ranked matches, "B" now needs to expose himself to the enemy turret and after that "A" (being close and playing as Medic) can revive him - that will unlock "Medic! - Revive another player" trophy. - finally just wait till the end of the match (you don't have to win it) and that will unlock "Team Player - Play a match as part of a squad". 2. "Highly Decorated – Unlock Ribbons" from DLC #2 You can find the list of the ribbons you need to unlock here. One of them requires you to make 5 assist kills. Here is how you can do it with two players only: - "A" plays as Engineer and repairs an ammo box , "B" stands close to that box. - "A" does non-lethal shot in "B", after that "B" quickly destroys the box and dies due to explosion. "A" gets "assist kill". - repeat until the ribbon unlocks. Have not checked, but most likely the same approach will work with turrets, instead of ammo boxes - i.e. "A" shots "B", then "B" exposes himself to the enemy turret. Though, with boxes it works 100%. 3. "Radec's Revenge – Kill the ISA" from DLC #3 I would recommend to do this trophy with 6 real people, but if you don't have any other choice, you can do it with smaller group, including a group of only 2 people. For this "B" needs 4 additional PSN accounts on his console (and if he doesn't then he will have to create them - I know, it sucks, that's why it's better to do it with 6 real people). If both of you need this trophy, then "A" will have to do the same - i.e. create 4 additional PSN accounts. So the idea is simple - "A" plays as Helghast and kills "B", who plays under his primary account. After that "B" quits the match (so that only "A" remains there), closes the game, selects his next account on the console, launches KZ3, connects to the game, gets killed by "A" one more time, then switches to the next account and so on, until "A" gets 5 kills of 5 different "players" - ballast accounts of "B". It takes about 3-4 minutes per 1 cycle, so the whole process will take up to 15-20 mins, but luckily Warzone games can last more than 20 mins, so it's not a problem. Of course, "B" will need to prepare his dummy accounts and launch KZ3 at least 1 time under each account - as you know, during the 1st launch of the game you cannot skip the intro. Adjusting the Map Settings beforehand and selecting "Radec Academy" for Warzone would be a good decision too - all this will save you a lot of time during boosting. 4. Finally the "Deadly Threesome – Triple Kill" trophy, where you need at least 3 people. It's a bit tricky to do it with only 3 people, but it's 100% doable. So the idea is - "B" and "C" play in the same fraction (obviously), "B" plays as Medic. All 3 players come together - "A" kills "C" (but not with a head-shot), "B" revives "C", "A" now kills "B" and "C". All this should happen very very quickly - you will probably need a couple of tries for this. So to sum up I can say this: probably the best approach would be organizing a boosting session for 6 people for only 2 trophies: - "Radec's Revenge – Kill the ISA" - "Deadly Threesome – Triple Kill" For the 1st one you will not have to waste time on creating dummy PSN accounts, and, I believe, all players can get the trophy during one match by changing the squads on the fly. For the "triple kill" one quick 3 vs 3 match will be enough. After that all other trophies can be easily done in small groups of 2 people. So the initial group of 6 players can be split into 3 groups and after that each group can move on by its own. Alternatively, you can do it in much smaller groups (since only 1 trophy - "triple kill", requires 3 people), though it will take a bit longer, since you will have to set up extra PSN accounts for "Radec's Revenge".
  15. Exactly my case - bought Killzone collection (sealed) about 3 years ago, the expiration date for the code was sometime in the end of 2016 - could not redeem it. The error was something "your code is invalid or has expired". Don't know, maybe my bad luck.