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  1. nvm, OP just proved otherwise Not as huge on the combat of this one compared to the last 2, so probably wont be doing the nightmare runthrough, its still got plenty of time to change my mind though
  2. I really disliked the game when i first got it, just couldnt get into the game, so i traded it in along with Dead Space for about £10. Bear in mind these two games were the first ever games ive traded in. Then like 6 and a half years later i felt bad for both those games and bought them back for £10 each (Awful business sense i know) And then i fell in love with it, and couldn't put it down. Unfortunately my PS3 conked out before i could love Dead Space....lol
  3. So just finished the first game, Super hyped and still in a little shock from the plot twist. With the game coming out in early June, Has anyone seen or heard any news of there being a digital version via the PSN Store? Currently there is nothing on the PS4 Store and cant seem to find any info either, though many have just not been looking well enough. Thanks.
  4. Im surprised psnprofiles hasnt updated the trails of cold steel 2 trophies for ps4, Gutted i wont be able to get it until Thurs/Fri, But im assuming the trophies will all be the same as the ps3 with very little difference in gameplay? (Apart from the more dialog and stuff.
  5. Oh i see. Thanks for the clarification! Pretty hyped for part 2, just plat'd the first one so
  6. Oh ok So it will be available you think on the store. Just not a preorder
  7. Bots OP man. Nice job so far though. Looking forward to seeing the first Non Solo Insane playthrough from someone!
  8. To Confirm, this worked for me. Went through the steps and didnt change my play call clock. Only thing i can think of. Also played as the away team for the whole 32 teams while first run i did some of home and away.
  9. Played all 32 teams in Exhibition, 1 Minute Quarters, 10 second play clock, no sim, not OT wins, Trophy still didnt unlock. Game sucks lol
  10. I have a feeling that they wont be fixing the trophies anytime soon. They are all still possible, but a huge grind being you have to do the killing enemies and some other in one sitting. But the game itself is super fun and enjoyable. If you can pick it up, its really worth playing.
  11. I played a lil bit today and the 10k trophies felt like they popped early. I was on my 6th run and the trophy popped for both 1000 kills and reaching the 3rd floor 10 times. So they must be patched. Shame about the 10k kills one =[
  12. Agreed, If I hear anything more, i'll let you guys know, hopefully they will all be solved in this latest patch.
  13. Small Update With the new patch on steam yesterday, i emailed the team again to see if the Console versions will have any trophy fixes as it didnt say anything about them in the update notes on steam and got this response: Not sure which ones will be updated. But hopefully this will encourage people (and myself) back into the game
  14. Before I go on my summer trip, Heres my update! Not sure how many more games i'll be completing because of this but ill give them a go! Update #2 Moonlighter : 28% 20/5 Lego Marvel Super Heroes : 20% 12/46 Journey : 14% 3/14 Horizon Zero Dawn DLC : 0% 0/23 The Order 1886 : Not Started Walking Dead Season 2 : Not Started Murdered: Soul Suspect : Not Started Batman: Telltale Season 2 : Not Started Completed Tales From The Borderlands : Completed Flower : Not Started Dont Starve Together : Not Started RiMe : Not Started Never Alone : Not Started Completed Games Included But Not Counting Sims 4 : 13% 9/51 Just Cause : 26% 25/65 Batman Telltale Season 2 Mini Review With Telltale games, I tend to go into them thinking "oh i'll play 1 chapter a night and get through them that way". Well i guess its a good thing that after the first chapter, I just keep playing and end up finishing the whole game. So they certainly keep you entertained. The story itself was great and with a few unpredictable moments. I kinda knew where the game was taking me through the story. Which is ok, but a underlying problem all telltale games have in my opinion of saying your choices matter but overall, you still all play the same story nonetheless. Would totally recommend the storyline of the 2 games to someone, Visuals : 8/10 Characters/Audio : 10/10 Story Rating : 8/10 Replayability : 4/10 Eagerness for More : 8/10 Overall : 38/50 Never Alone Mini Review A game I bought a age ago on sale but never got round to playing for whatever reason. The game and DLC is pretty short, took around 6 hours to complete at a very leisurely pace. But for the price I paid for it, was still goo value for money. Visuals were great and if you like watching more informative games, this one might appeal to you, as you learn about real life stories from the makers of the game which i thought they incorporated very well. Few glitchy moments where I had to essentially restart the checkpoint for the objects to reload or to unfreeze my character, more so in the Foxtales DLC, but overall, a nice little, well polished gae. Visuals : 8/10 Characters/Audio : 7/10 Story Rating : 7/10 Replayability : 4/10 Eagerness for More : 5/10 Overall : 31/50
  15. Update #1 Moonlighter : 14% 10/57 ----> 28% 20/57 Lego Marvel Super Heroes : 20% 12/46 Journey : 14% 3/14 Horizon Zero Dawn DLC : 0% 0/23 The Order 1886 : Not Started Walking Dead Season 2 : Not Started Murdered: Soul Suspect : Not Started Batman: Telltale Season 2 : Not Started Tales From The Borderlands : Not Started Completed Flower : Not Started Dont Starve Together : Not Started RiMe : Not Started Never Alone : Not Started Games Included But Not Counting Sims 4 : 13% 9/51 Just Cause : 26% 25/65 Fallout 4 : Not Started ------ As Moonlighter is still a little buggy with trophies atm and Fallout Shelter has now got me hooked, but I decided to play Tales from Borderlands and it didnt disappoint. Tales of Borderland Mini Review The characters were actually for the most part really enjoyable to play and I loved getting to see the side of two stories from two of the main characters. As always i cant really see how much my choices really effected the final outcome of the game but I think thats liek the majority of Telltale games, you always get to the same point eventually no matter what But was really enjoyable, does the borderlands franchise justice, makes me wanna pick the old games up and as always, makes me want a season 2 to come out for it. Visuals : 8/10 Characters/Audio : 9/10 Story Rating : 8/10 Replayability : 3/10 Eagerness for More : 8/10 Overall : 36/50
  16. Just finished Telltale Borderlands. Was actually really good, makes me wanna play borderlands again!
  17. I have real hope for this game. Maybe they will have a online co-op like borderlands where you can have your own private server so to speak where its just you, thats what alot of other games have done in the past with open world concept. If not, i'll still be picking it up as i think the solo experience will still contain a decent story.
  18. Glad they finally got a release date on this. Again the hype train as been going for a while so i hope for its sake it delivers and gives it justice.
  19. This does look stunning. They have done Spyro great justice unlike the PS2 versions that were, imo shocking and made Spyro look a bit sharp and scary looking Might have to pick this up on pre-order.
  20. So much hype, I really hope it delivers, the teaser is great and all but i'll reserve judgement for when the gameplay comes out.
  21. My GF really wants this. I myself love my Limited Edition Star Wars console. But its tempting to upgrade
  22. Id love a Smugglers Run on the PS4, but i think the company who made it got bought out so i doubt it :'(
  23. Id love to get to 60% completion rate. But old PS3 games (my PS3 broke) may hinder me there. But maybe getting 30 plats would be nice.
  24. Im happy with the releases coming out. Though im sad how Sony really messed up on their conference. Least the games pulled them through.
  25. The first image was a reply from their company website. They also responded on Kickstarter if you dont believe Piotr Modzelewski is from there. As they know the issues, im not sure what a tweet to them would also do