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  1. Been playing for a couple of hours and already encountered two bugs that don't let you progress through puzzles. Super annoying since I've seen the puzzles work in playthroughs online, so it seems to be random. Will update with more details if I can figure out a work around.
  2. I've basically done every other DLC trophy for this and spend about 2 hours doing them but I have yet to see a single Maelstrom in my game. I know it doesn't show up on the map for whatever reason but I've spent a good amount of time waiting at The Tower and the The Leyshrine of the Serpeant and found nothing. I've adjusted my settings so the cooldown is at the minimum and the duration is at max. I also changed the day cycle length to 1 minute as per a comment in the Isle of Siptah thread on here and I'm having no luck whatsoever. Not really sure what else I can do other than wait it out so I'm hoping there's something else I'm maybe missing.
  3. Only started playing this and I've been going for the drinking games straight. I would hate to see how they were pre-patch.
  4. Late to this but you can't use the grapple hook exploit on a day one copy since the Parkour Fever stuff got added in with patch 1.04. So if you went back to day one you wouldn't access to the DLC.
  5. I'm having problems with this too. Missed 4 trophies because they didn't pop, restarted my console twice and got 2 trophies (Perfect Layout and Competitor) but the trophy for finishing the first mission still doesn't unlock even though I've replayed it like 5 times now. Super frustrating.
  6. Self explanatory title. Working my way through the email missions and I've yet to have a single trophy unlock. I've even tried a couple from a video guide that are seperate from the missions and nothings unlocking. Do I need to do all of the contracts first before I can unlock some trophies? Edit: I've managed to unlock Pefect Layout and Competitor after turning my console off and on again however Beginner Gardener (after having replayed the first mission) and Give It Some Fresh Air hasn't unlocked after the console restart.
  7. So I'm currently working my way through the co-op missions and trying to get the collectables and for some reason my HVT just isn't appearing now during Missile Plant. He appeared but once I moved Sam towards the objective area the HVT name just disappeared from above the soldiers head and it's now re-appeared. I've restarted the checkpoint and now it just doesn't seem to spawn again. Super annoying seeing as Missile Plant is meant to be the worst mission to do split-screen with two controllers solo.
  8. Title says it all. I've been going for the Shanked challenge on the Serbia mission but it seems impossibe for me right now as I'm unable to kill guards with icicles. I've literally had icicles go through guards in the level but they don't die so I can't get the challenge. Not sure if there's been a patch recently but I've had a bunch of glitched challenges on the legacy maps with is really frustrating. Hoping someone knows of a fix or a workaround for this.
  9. So I'm currently replaying all the levels trying to grab all the collectables and I've run into an infuriating problem in Mission 5, Abrunza Monastrey that I can't find any solution for. The most I've found is one mention of it in a comment on an old YT video guide. Pretty much I only need one more letter to complete the collectables in that level but the person who has the letter I need doesn't appear in my game at all. I've replayed the mission about FOUR times now and he still hasn't appeared so I'm basically unable to complete the collectables. The specific collectable is the "Facist Flame" letter which is held by a guy called Ludovic. In my level replays I've scanned every enemy, made sure I know who each of them are so I know I've already grabbed their collectables and the guy I need just doesn't appear. I've looked up several guides and they have no problem finding him and I have no solution for how to find the soldier. At this point I've wasted about 2+ hours trying to find him so I'm about to just give up on this game at this point. Hopefully someone else has had this problem and knows a solution or at the very least this post can be used as a warning to anyone who's looking to try this game out.
  10. Ready for the comments saying I suck and whatever but just needed somewhere to moan for a bit. For the record I've 100%'d Uncharted 1 and 3 and didn't have too much trouble outside of certain spots so I'm used to how the difficulty works but I really do think Uncharted 2's Brutal mode is an absolute joke. Just got up to Chapter 12 and I've already had more hassle with this game than I remember having with U1 and U3. The shootout section in the crashed train is an absolute pisstake and in my opinion is the best example of how these games weren't built for a mode like Brutal. You have to deal with enemies from three different sides of the area before they send out two juggernaut enemies with miniguns who can absolute destroy in seconds if you're in the wrong cover (which you can't move from until after the miniguns enemies have spawned since there's a short cutscene) which then sends you right back to the start of the entire gunfight, before the minigun guys have spawned. All of the checkpoints up until this point were pretty fair when it came to gunfights so to be sent back to the first phase of a pretty difficult section after barely having a chance to adjust to phase 2 is an absolute fucking joke in my opinion. It seems to me like Naughty Dog didn't bother testing this mode and just figured it'd be cool to have an extra difficulty mode for the remaster since the checkpoints clearly aren't made for such an unforgiving difficulty. The on rails turret section at the end of Chapter 7 in Uncharted 1 is another good example of how Brutal doesn't work well in these games. Even using tweaks to help out hasn't made this mode any more enjoyable for me and it just seems like it was an afterthought including Brutal for the remasters. Feel free to comment some tips or just your thoughts on Brutal. Just needed a place to vent for a bit but it would be cool to hear what other people think.
  11. So I've been trying to get all the collectables in each region before moving on with the story quests and I've just found out about a bug regarding the Artifact collectables. Pretty much I found one my last Artifacts for the Ledecestrescire region and the game didn't register it as collected. It was a Shield Scheme (design scheme) that I found as part of the regions Treasure Hoard map collectable that bugged out for me, although the Flying Paper (tattoo design) collectables are all randomised in terms of your reward so you may find a different collectable at this location too. I couldn't find any forum posts about this issue but I made a post on reddit about another issue with collectables and someone told me about this bug so I figured I'd let you all know. EDIT: Turns out I was sorely mistaken. Treasure Hoard collectables don't seem to count towards a regions Artifacts so it didn't glitch, I had just missed a couple of other Artifacts. Silly me. I also wrongfully assumed that Artifacts appear on your map after you've bought maps from the Cartographer so myself and the guy that told me about this glitch are both wrong. I can't seem to delete this post so I'll leave it up as warning in case there are any real glitches regarding the collectables that can be mentioned here.
  12. I know I'm late to the party with this but the diffculty spike is all out of wack, even on normal mode. Can't get close to passing the second area so I'm not going to bother trying to finish it.
  13. Playing through this game again and I'm about a third of the way through my Item Hoarder run on normal. Loaded up my save and had it switch to Nightmare which didn't seem to be too much of a problem however now I can't find a battery pickup that the guide's showing. There's supposed to be a battery I can pick up in the music hall area of the school but it doesn't appear in my game. I'm following a video guide and he can clear be seen picking it up. I have the same amount of batteries (16) as the guy in the video before he picks it up so I don't know what the problem is. I'm guessing that Nightmare mode might make changes to item locations however I can't find anywhere that says so, so I was hoping to find a solution on here. I can add pictures of my game and the video guide for reference if needed.
  14. Unfortunately missing any of the hoops would pretty much mess up the whole course. I managed to complete the course a couple times only missing perfect score on a few hoops and I was nowhere close to the 5 gear score.
  15. I keep messing up when I try to hit the red marker on checkpoints that are really close to the ground. Usually think I'm about to hit it right and then I just crash and mess the whole thing up. Happens just after the snowy section, going towards the excavator/crane section. Think I've only ever actually finished the course 3 times.