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  1. Hi there. I was playing this game a couple of months ago and the server was working but currently there are not many people playing this game online. I am level 1 and was facing level 15 players... OMG 😬 😂
  2. I still need this one. Any advice?
  3. In the Brazilian Psn store I can just see some psn games (not worth taking) although there are some nice games over there, like Persona 5. We are old gen now guys, they will phase PS3 games and assistance out.
  4. Coming back in 2018 on PS4

    1. ruffedgz


      be safe and happy early new year



    2. Maxximum


      Have a Happy New Year. 

  5. Hello DB fans Really enjoying this DB game. I am having trouble when sending gifts to other users. I would like to share some Mr Satan coins with others users as I have plenty of Zenis already, but I am not being able to send them. Only items rated 1 and 2 stars are avaible in my list... Anyone knows how to fix it? Tks for any support/help.
  6. Hi guys Coming back to this topic after a long time. Don't want to give you false hope, all these achievers are cheaters. See official feedback we had received from Official EA Forum in 2015. There are no challenges available it's not possible to obtain these trophies on PS3. Sorry to disappoint you
  7. Thanks Rakan for the tip. I've already worked on that VIP trophy (star chaser I think) and I got it a few days ago. BTW what about the WDF tournaments: how many tournament are done every month or what is the frequency they're updated/renewed by Ubisoft? If you get a good position on the final standings of a tournament, does your online level increase faster? Tks
  8. Hi Is the plat still obtainable on PS3? I see some people got the STAR CHASER, STAR STRUCK and that ´2,000 ONLINE LEVEL´ (forgot the name of that trophy) this year. Thanks.
  9. Hi ee28max I have deleted all my saved data and I got XPs for that. This is not going to solve, the CHALLENGING and ON MY OWN are specific events on EA's servers. As I told you we have tried a lot of possibilities, but in the end the problem is that their servers are down and at this moment it **SEEMS there is nothing we can do (I repeat on PS3, Xbox and PC, as for PS4 the trophies are available by changing date/time on running PS system). Hi there I am doing this. After FIFA15 I have not buyed ***EA anymore. Rgds
  10. Dear all Is this game worth? What about the difficulty level? Is it same with Just Dance 2014 or easier? Any known trophy glitches or unobtainable trophies? Sorry for so many questions and thanks in advance
  11. Dear RAKAN_KSA_MAX, closertim and renatabls I got it today finally. Thanks for all your support. I deleted my save data, updated the game to version 1.01, played without a dancer card, was always logged into my PSN account and I have redone all musics again. After NITRO BOT I then cleared the Just Dance Universe trophy. Tks again
  12. Dear All This is not going to work, I have already defeated all Teams on World class level, but it doesn't count toward the trophy. As already stated before the problem is that EA servers for FIFA14 are down. They should just reload an old or previous On My Own or Challenging events (or just put permanent ones like they did for TOTW player trophy on FIFA13) in order to finish the plat. However their Development Team replied that they won't do anything for their "old" titles... Sad but true... You can find a link to their reply in this topic. Now I think there is nothing that can be done regarding those two trophies (on PS3, Xbox and PC). Rgds
  13. Dear friend, Thanks for joining the discussion. I deleted all my saved data and update the game to version 1.01. All the time I am logged into my PSN account. I have followed your steps as per your instructions, I mean from left to right without a dancer card (blue one HAPPY) and after Careless Whisper the trophy sadly didn't pop up. I didn't get five stars on my first attempt, however I only moved to the second title <Just Dance> after having 5 stars on the previous song <One Direction/Kiss You>. What shall I try now to get the golden trophy? Do I need to make 5 stars on all musics again but with no dancer card? Thanks a lot
  14. Dear all I have got 5 stars on all CLASSIC versions, but the trophy didn't pop up. Well... it says: Get 5 stars on all songs (No Alternate versions, Mash-Ups, or Battles). But what about the ON STAGE and SWEATS and there is also the EXTREME for #thatPOWER? Do you need 5 stars on them too? If I'm not wrong some of these modes came with the original game. I have also downloaded some DLC musics, may this perhaps influence on that trophy? Rgds
  15. Thanks for your reply. Since I have 15 songs to unlock I'll try to get them in order now and I'll keep it posted if it works or not. Obrigado!!!