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  1. The guide is quite good, that's the only mistake I've noticed so far. But yeah should have definitely been marked. It won't save after epilogue, goes right back to the last save you made. Luckily, I had an older save. Last chance to do the quest is in the first part of "The die is cast", which is almost 10 main quests removed from the ending so you need to go back quite a bit.
  2. The trophy is marked as unmissable in the guide so I haven't been paying attention to it, concentrating on missable ones first. Now I'm at Epilogue and Capon won't give me the quest. He wants help with his amorous DLC adventure, then goes straight to the camp which leads to the last cutscene. I assume there is no way to trigger it now?
  3. Sometimes bitching and whining does actually work. Who would have thought?
  4. Well technically it is approved in the EU but it doesn't have a very good reputation. For a while it was pulled from the market even after being approved. Germany (and I assume) other EU states bought millions of doses but they are now rotting away because nobody wants to use it. I don't know what the situation with vaccines is in the USA or other parts of the world but EU screwed up majorly.
  5. Sorry to hear that, especially as you have a near perfect completion rate. I haven't heard of this bug before, wonder what caused it.
  6. Not sure if you tried but do a clean reinstall and copy your save file.
  7. You forgot to mention AstraZeneca in your list, friend. In that case it does matter. When they called me and offered a shot I told them to call back when they have a proper vaccine ready.
  8. -I personally loved the story and characters, they are very lifelike and authentic. Even DLC and sidequests made me care for them. -Combat was not hard at all. You only need to realize that character skill levels matter much more than your skill as player. You can level up your sword fighting skills by training with an instructor npc. Then by clinching and poking enemies in the face you can win every 1v1 encounter easily. Same with lockpicking or other skills, actually. At first you will find lockpicking difficult but then you will realize that it's Henry who needs to git gud, not you. Same with archery. -I'm doing almost everything on my first run except virgin and merciful and it's not ruining my experience with the game at all. However, I had to make a list of things I need to be careful about. Such as not learning to read, not to drink alcohol, doing certain quests before a certain point etc. If you are careful and pay attention you can do a long and comprehensive first run with all dlcs, then do a quick hardcore run as a hardcore merciful virgin and that's it.
  9. They make more money with Pachinko than they ever made with videogames.
  10. Paypal through google pay stopped working on Revolut for some reason. However, I was able to just do a simple transfer from my bank to my revolut account. Just took a couple of days but still worked.
  11. Just as pointless as this thread 😄
  12. Did you honk in every system you went through? There are A LOT of undiscovered systems on your way there. And you will get a lot more if you use FSS or even map the right planets.
  13. They can't reuse old once because CGs progress a storyline, which is far from over. They already stated that the storyline will run for 2 years and it would make absolutely no sense to suddenly drop it before the expansion was even released.
  14. Game is amazing, I love how there are different approaches to doing quests. One of the first main quests I had to find a way out of Talmberg castle because the castle lord didn't want to let me go since it was dangerous outside. So while screwing around I stole a pie from some peasant's kitchen, someone saw me, called the guards, I got arrested and thrown in jail. When my time was up they kicked me out of the castle for stealing - quest completed 😁