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  1. Interesting to see how the way I play and buy games changed over the course of my life.


    1. As kids we played anything we could get in our hands and traded cartridges or cds. No internet, barely any choice of games. Still lots of fun though.

    2. As teen I finally could pick my games but only bought used (because I was broke) and physical because I used to like collecting and was skeptical of going digital. 

    3. As adult, seeing how insanely cheap games could get on sales I gradually went digital only. Games lost value in my eyes and were just deleted and discarded after I beat them, along with any notion of "collecting" them.

    4. Now with having Premium I doubt I'll ever buy games again except maybe some DLC or upgrades.

    5. I guess next step within next 10 years or so will be some kind of gradual transition to streaming only. I've always been skeptical about streaming but I suppose sooner or later we will get there anyway so I'll relax and go with the flow.


    What about you all, anyone still holding strong with physical collections? 

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    2. Silver-I-Chariot


      @MikeCheck-- Yeah same with DVDs, too much of a hassle to get up and put it in, so much easier to just watch everything digitally.


      @zizimonster Not having internet had advantages. You always felt motivated to explore and take time to play the game. Nowadays you will just use google the very second you get stuck. There were also gaming magazines that could offer help, or you would talk to real people and exchange infos about games. Fun times.

    3. zizimonster



      Not really. I was stuck in the early areas of the original Metal Gear Solid for months


      ...until I found a magazine at a thrift store. It said I needed to blow some wall with a C4 so that I could fight the first boss Revolver Ocelot. 😅

    4. Silver-I-Chariot


      @zizimonster MGS was very cryptic so that's not surprising. Luckily many of my friends played MGS so we kind of helped each other. But the old MSX MG games were even worse. I've played them much later with a guide and I think I'd never would have managed to beat them without help.

  2. On the contrary, I've met lots and lots of people willing to help others even when they are done with trophies. Maybe you just have had bad luck. I think I've only met one person in my whole trophy hunting career who straight up left the group after getting their trophy.
  3. I enjoy listening to Joe Rogan ramble about aliens and ancient civilizations with wacky guest speakers.
  4. I finally managed to buy Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered and it was a real pain in the butt. First of all, you can't buy the game separately in the store. Secondly, you can't upgrade the game if you own it on PS4 or have it on premium. The ONLY way to get it is if you own Miles Morales, which is a sequel, and upgrade it to ultimate edition for 20 bucks, and only then will they mercifully allow you to play the remastered PS5 version of the first spider man. Sony, what the hell is wrong with you? It's like they are deliberately trying to hide their games so customers won't buy them. I mean okay, they already did this with their whole PS3 library but now they are trying to prevent me from buying PS5 games too.

    1. Troz


      Yup, exactly what happened to me. Told ya :angel:

  5. Let's say I want to play Marvel's Spider man remastered on PS5. Let's say I have PSN premium. There is nothing in the PS5 section but for PS4 premium there are: 


    Marvel's Spider-Man
    Marvel's Spider-Man: Game of the Year Edition


    First of all, why is there even the base version if the complete version is also free? If I claim one of them, can I upgrade it for free to the PS5 remastered version or do I need to pay? And does it even work with the premium versions or do I need to buy the game in order to upgrade it to PS5 remastered? I'm either too dumb or this is indeed very confusing. 


    1. Troz


      I believe you need to buy the PS5 version full price. Unless you own Miles Morales, then you can get a good discount on the menu screen.

    2. Silver-I-Chariot


      @Troz I just saw on the PSN store page for SM remastered it says "PS4 Standard Edition owners must upgrade to PS5 version (at no cost) in order to redeem". So I guess it SHOULD work for free? But I'm still not sure if it will work with the premium version or if it needs to be actually bought. 

    3. LC-Fraggers


      As far as I know, for all PS4>5 upgrades you need to have actually purchased the PS4 version. If you're playing it from PSN Premium, you don't technically "own" it as they can revoke it from the service whenever they please. Even if you had it downloaded to your console at that point, the game would just lock until you bought it.

  6. The kills in levels that you need to speedrun do not count, you can kill as much as you like in them.
  7. Many old games that are being remastered look 99.9% the same but there is always something that gets censored. It's always something minor like a character sprite or dialogue lines. I was replaying FF8 for the first time since 15 year and instantly noticed that there is something wrong with Siren because that's not how I remembered her 😄
  8. Really depends on how they are going to implement it. I hope it's not as linear as FF13 or 7R.
  9. I'm interested in the ME: Legendary Edition and now that it's on sale for 28€ I was thinking about buying it. However, on the PSN store it says it's also included in EA Play, which costs 4€ a month. I'd probably need 2-3 months to complete the collection because I like taking my time. Anyway, 8€ for 2 months sounds like a good deal for a game I really want to play. Now my question is, does this have any hidden costs or conditions? I've never even heard about this service before but considering EA reputation I'm not sure if it's some kind of scam. 

    1. KingGuy420


      Nope, no hidden strings. It’s actually a really good price compared to other services. I’ve used a few months here and there.

    2. Silver-I-Chariot


      That sounds good, guess I'll give it a try. 

  10. At least Germans don't work 60 hour weeks at 3 different jobs just to make ends meet. Not saying OP does as I don't personally know him, but based on anecdotal evidence I have from Americans it's not unusual. In any case, the point is that OP sounds like he is depressed, massively overworked and doesn't have any time or energy to play, which again most likely stems from terrible work schedule.
  11. He said he gets home at 6 pm and then keeps working from home. Doesn't sound like a bar or a restaurant job.
  12. By growing up you mean working till 8PM? That's not healthy, do americans really do this? No amount of therapy will help with this kind of work schedule.
  13. You literally, physically can't play them all. What is there to catch up with? Just play whatever feels right at the moment. Your games won't run away. I still haven't played Skyrim and it released more than 10 years ago. Sooner or later, when the stars align I will. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in 10 years I will wake up and say to myself "This is it, the time has come for me to finally play Skyrim". My lifetime is not enough to play everything I want to play so why worry about catching up? Oh and while writing this post I've realized I'm replying to a post written 5 years ago. These necro threads, I swear.
  14. I don't quite understand the point of these cheap platinums. I mean if you are competitive about it and are a top 10, even top 100 kind of guy then sure, why not. But having 1000 platinums would barely get you into top 700. Having 500 platinums would make you around.. top 3000 or so? Does ranking really matter that much?
  15. You can apply the same logic to any other free platform out there. "Zuck owns Facebook/Instagram/Whatsapp and we are just freeloaders enjoying his hard work. We are not entitled to anything from Jack Dorsey who owns Twitter. Just make your own YouTube if you don't like it or use competition. You are not customers, take it or leave it." The ability of some people to defend questionable business practices and devs never stops to amaze me. Now obviously Sly is nowhere near as bad as mentioned website owners but the argument you are making is a bit silly. Oh and he does make money off this website so we kind of are his customers, no?