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  1. I genuinely enjoyed Duke Nukem Forever and think it's a great game. I don't care if the graphics were outdated, I still had lots of fun playing it.
  2. He means on a scale from 1 to 10. Great game, the no death run wasn't too bad. Still hoping for Earthworm Jim 2 HD remaster.
  3. I got you fam.
  4. Thanks guys, I tried it out and it works fine! Playing the DLC on my main account now and no problems, trophies pop too. I suppose it really doesn't matter if you buy the main game and dlc from different stores, as long as both are in the same region.
  5. Well, if it takes a 16 minutes video to explain the very basics for a game then it probably IS hard.
  6. Yeah I figured it wouldn't work between US, EU or Asian regions. But what region do games on the Turkish store belong to? Technically Turkey is not really Europe but maybe Sony lumped it together with the rest of the European countries or something?
  7. I would like to wrap up Far Cry 4 but their shitty DLC costs 15 euros and it hasn't been on sale for months. I refuse to pay such an outrageous price for the DLC. My main account is German but the DLC costs less than half of that on the Turkish store. I have bought games from the Turkish store before and played them on my main account without any problems. But is it possible to access DLCs on my main account that I bought on a different region?
  8. It's not going f2p. You still need to buy it, only the expansion will be free if you own the base game. And judging by the amount of randoms I get while boosting, CQC is far from dead.
  9. Violence is being censored? Where? Games like Tlou2 are a gore fest straight out of a snuff film. I can't imagine what kind of violence this game would need to get censored for it.
  10. Well, yeah, I don't like Sony. Really disliked the vita and the PS4 and not a big fan of their brand, marketing or company politics. The only reason I will stay loyal is that I'm a sucker for trophies. Yes, I do realize it's a very stupid reason to keep buying their products but I enjoy trophy hunting too much to give it up now. If not for trophies there is no way I would ever buy another Sony console again.
  11. You already answered your question in your last thread. If your CQC wins didn't register properly, then your CQC kills didn't either. Just keep going, it will pop sooner or later.
  12. Does anyone even give a shit? I mean, at the moment I have no idea what my "level" is and I can't be bothered to look it up. All that matters is the platinum count and completion rate. New trophy features would be cool for sure, but this certainly isn't it.
  13. You know, I just replayed HD to try it out and still can't agree. The Damsel is often very inaccessible or well hidden that I can't get a hold of her. I had entire runs where I barely grabbed any at all. In S2 it feels like I have a pet right on my way in every level. Besides, you can often just opt to cook 2 turkeys to get lifes.
  14. Some people will always find new ways to get offended, I guess. There was always a choice to pick the Hunk or the Pug for people who don't like the Damsel. That being said, if I have to sacrifice or save a human character, even if it's a cartoonish one, for me it has a much bigger impact than doing that with a hamster. With the Damsel I almost felt guilty when sacrificing, not being able to rescue or even accidentally shooting when robbing a shopkeeper. Sacrificing her was a nice, dark humorous touch. But a hamster is like, yeah, whatever, it's just a hamster, who cares. Why would a dark god be pleased if you gave them a hamster anyway? Another thing about the pets is that there is one in every level now. They are so common that I sometimes just ignore them and don't bother to pick them up. In Spelunky HD Damsels were much harder to find and sometimes they were forced into slavery by the shopkeeper. So whenever you managed to find a Damsel, it felt so much more important to grab her and make a decision to sacrifice or rescue. Again, just a minor thing but I definitely don't agree with Derek's "If a female character is easily interchangeable with a dog then it's probably a good indication that something is wrong". Because to me they are not interchangeable.
  15. I don't know guys, been playing Spelunky 2 extensively since release and I just can't really get into it. Yes, I beat the game and explored it a fair bit, but it just doesn't click. I don't like the new aesthetics and design choices. The music from the caves is annoying the HELL out of me. Some enemies, like the moles and the rolling lizards are easily avoidable yet just straight annoying. And worst of all, unlike in Spelunky 1, dying doesn't motivate me to start again and do another run, it just makes me want to stop playing because I dislike the caves so dang much. After all this hype I'm a bit disappointed. Just glad I didn't start it on my main account so won't feel compelled to get a platinum on it. Maybe the reason Spelunky 1 worked so much better for me was its simplicity. No distraction from stupid mounts, turkeys or keys. No caves that are 90% empty. No challenges. No exploding stuff when you rob a shopkeep. No different routes. There is a lot more, like the missing Damsel but that would be nitpicking. Anyone else likes Spelunky 1 more than 2?