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  1. Oh there is A LOT of filth in their games. Is luring hookers in your car to murder them not filth? Don't get me wrong, I love the GTA games but there are many people out there who find the content absolutely vile and revolting. And I kind of get where they are coming from. But drawing the line at a flag with everything else going on in their games is really funny. Besides, who knows what will be unacceptable in 10 more years? There is apparently transphobic content in GTA5 journos complained about. There is a jewish mob with lots of stereotypes in GTA4. Somebody out there was certainly made uncomfortable by that. If Rockstar stays consistent, surely they will need to remove things like that in future ports and remasters. Because why stop at a flag? I watched a documentary about the history of GTA recently. A really solid, 2 hours video. Anyway, before the release of one their older title, idk maybe it was GTA3 or something, there was a huge outcry from concerned parents and lots of controversy about the game in the media. But instead of rowing back rockstar decided to double down and made their PR as offensive as possible and it worked out well for them. If they avoided unnecessarily offending people then there would be no GTA as we know it today. They basically pushed the borders of what was acceptable in video games.
  2. Mass murder innocent people (including blacks and women) in every way imaginable, rob them, beat them up and commit every crime you can think of? Sure, let's do it! Show a 150 years old flag most people wouldn't even notice? Woah let's not overdo it now.
  3. Well technically there is a game from Konosuba so I'd pick that because of reasons.
  4. Just watched Fury vs Wilder 3. The whole trilogy had so many insane moments, it felt less realistic than a Rocky movie. 

    1. Pray_4_the_End


      Seen it live last night and I'm confident in saying it was one of the greatest heavyweight fights ever. Fury is an absolute beast but you gotta give props to Wilder, he was basically out on his feet from the 7th up until the 11th when he got KO'd.

    2. Silver-I-Chariot


      Seeing Fury getting knocked down twice in the 4th round and then standing up and just going on like it was nothing was insane. 

      Fight should have been stopped earlier IMO but both Wilder and his corner talked themselves into this situation. Now I wonder what's next for Fury and if we ever will get to see a fight with AJ. 

  5. Looks surprisingly fun. Just the choice of music is a bit weird.
  6. I think it's pretty funny that the trophy for winning the match as Axis "Und das heißt..." is an obvious reference to a popular nazi song. Guess it's easy to miss as a non-german speaker but a nice touch nevertheless.
  7. I think we knew all that since the release of the game 5 years ago. And you only had to look at the platinum rarity of 0.79% to know the 5/10 difficulty is BS. I mean, what did you even expect?
  8. Dead by daylight has killers from almost every popular horror franchise so I'd pick that.
  9. Maybe they had a change of heart, who knows. I imagine pachinko isn't the most profitable business to be in right now and they figured since covid won't go away any time soon they might just as well develop games again.
  10. Not really. I welcome the chance to come back and revisit a game I completed long ago. If the new trophies are unobtainable then that's a different matter.
  11. Have you managed to solve the issue?
  12. Sure, why not? Since I always go for 100% anyway a little something on top wouldn't hurt.
  13. I don't see any completed games. Did you start a new account?
  14. That sounds like something AJ would write on his alt account.
  15. I'm not sure about the art, I liked the old better. And character models look like they are from a cheap mobile game. The original games were enjoyable enough, why do we need remakes of them?