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  1. I am not outraged as I'm not interested nor am I a fan of Tomb Raider, I'm just saying that's what it will be like when it comes out because there's definitely a trend.
  2. In other words, we are getting another God awful woke tv adaptation of a popular franchise with manufactured outrage and clickbait controversy. Although 600m seems like too much, TR isn't THAT popular, is it?
  3. Is anyone else excited to see Percy's 2000th platinum? Will it be another shovel ware or will he surprise us all and go for something sub 1%? Just 5 more to go, stay tuned!

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    2. Terra


      What a number

    3. enaysoft


      He said there's a Numbla game (or something) that won't sync, so he won't know if his 1999th or 2000th will actually be his 2000th. From the main man himself a few days ago



      I don't know, only because Nubla for the PS5 never got counted yet. When it does appear on my profile it will mess up the trophy milestones.

    4. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      How tf is he on 2000 almost, I remember back in the 700s or something!

  4. Yeah just saw that one too but strangely there is no report button even though I do own the game on the same platform.
  5. Some guy already got the platinum on MH:Rise because according to time stamps he received the game more than a month before release. But since it wasn't officially out yet, he must have grinded it all out solo without any multiplayer. The game is lots of fun online but I can't even imagine how boring it must have been spending several hundred hours doing the whole platinum solo. That's some serious dedication right there, hats off.

    1. Sikutai


      He is a member of the Power Pyx team. They always get the games early and then have the Trophy Guide ready for the release. He never played alone and was also the first in Iceborne.

    2. MidnightDragon


      Well, the game was on Switch first, so that's why no MP trophies is my guess.

      @Sikutai Still pretty impressive without the larger community. 

  6. Make a priority list on what you plan on playing, drop the idea of a large backlog, stop buying new games, stick to one game at a time.
  7. Decided to take the plunge and start MH:Rise. Loving it so far but I hope I'm not going to regret the platinum grind. Decided to start with the hammer because bonking the monsters on the head with a huge hammer seems fun. Not too complicated like some other weapons but still mobile enough. Let's see how far I can get before burning out.

    1. MidnightDragon
    2. Sikutai


      Bonking Monster Heads is fun.

    3. Beyondthegrave07


      I'll be honest, MHR is probably the best MH to switch weapons and builds to keep things fresh as most huntscan be done quickly to farm items. There's a lot of fun playstyles with differentwire abilities. I played switch axe, switch blade, light bow gun, Longsword, and dual blades, and they all felt extremely different to me.


      I got bored of MHW, but MHR was much faster paced and a lot more engaging. 

  8. Gamercris066 strikes again with another relevant topic from 2014
  9. Oh no, Forspoken bros, we got too cocky. How could we let this happen??



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    2. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      I'm sure all those reviewers are just big racist meanies who don't like black women. 😏

    3. Abby_TheLastofUs


      @Undead Wolf Not that I believe that's what's happening here, but it's possible for people to be racist but also dislike something for non racist reasons.


      You also don't seem to understand how an aggregate score works. Not every reviewer gave the game a negative or mixed review. So far it has 22 reviews classified as positive, far more than that's been classified as negative. So your attempt at being clever doesn't even make sense. 🤔  


      But we all know that if the game came out good reviews overall, you'd just blame it on woke reviewers. 😂


    4. Elvick_



      Whether they affirm my opinions or not, they're still worthless. Especially with zero context in the form of an arbitrary number. 

  10. Man, I'm so torn on this. Game looks fun but it's such a gigantic commitment.
  11. Since PSVR2 is way too overpriced and has no games and no backwards compatibility, I think it's time to finally buy PSVR1. They seem to be pretty cheap used, from what I've seen it should be possible to get a set for around 130€ which isn't that much.


    Anything I should pay attention to when buying, like any essential accessories? Are they compatible with PS5? Is it possible to connect it to a pc with some third party software?

    1. Ashande


      PSVR is compatible with PS5, but you’ll need to contact Sony for an adapter for the camera. Mine was free, but I requested it at PS5’s launch; unknown if they still offer it for free or not. (It also took about 2 months to arrive, for whatever that’s worth.)


      So far as accessories, you’ll need the headset itself and the PS Camera (the PS5’s HD Camera won’t count) as well as a pair of Move controllers (doesn’t matter if they’re the version that was produced originally for PS3 or the reissue for PS4/PSVR; the only difference is the charge port.) A lot of games will work without the Move controllers, but generally the experience is better with them, and some games require them.


      I cannot personally confirm - as I’m not one of the cool kids with a TV that can handle it - but I have heard that you cannot use 120 FPS mode with the PSVR hooked up (as it has a control/power box that splits the signal that goes between the console and the television) without putting an HDMI 2.0 splitter in place before the PSVR box. Something to investigate, if that feature is something you use.


      I know some folks have repurposed PSVR to use it on PC, but I don’t know how involved that process gets or what functionality will carry over.


      A handful of game suggestions: Resident Evil 7’s VR mode is pretty impressive… though it may not warrant playing the game again, if you’ve already done it. Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted was pretty well done, being both a sort of remake of the first four games in VR and its own thing; the animatronics are significantly more intimidating when you’re literally staring them in the eyes and you realize how bloody huge they are. Ace Combat 7 has a pretty expansive VR mode that’s well worth experiencing, but can be hell on you if you’re susceptible to VR sickness or just getting your sea legs with the format. Wraith: The Obvlivion - Afterlife is a fun adventure game, especially if you’re invested in White Wolf’s World of Darkness TTRPGs, and continuing the “spoopy adventure” line, Exorcist and Paranormal Activity are also fairly decent (and cheap.) Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a really entertaining rail shooter (and was free on PS+ at one point, so may already be in your library.) Doom VFR was a decent romp that was surprisingly light on the VR sickness issues for being as fast paced as it is. Borderlands 2 VR is a really good port with almost all of the DLC included, so if you somehow missed Borderlands 2 previously, it’s a great way to experience it.

    2. SnowxSakura


      Make sure whatever headset you buy that it includes everything it needs to work. The headset/camera/processor box/cabling. Also if you care about it, only the V2 version of the PSVR1 has HDR passthrough. A lot of the games require PS Move controllers, so you'll need those. It will work on the PS5, but it requires an adapter for the camera. All newer sets come with them, otherwise you can request one through the playstation website.


      Yes you can connect it to a PC with the iVRy driver for steam

    3. Silver-I-Chariot


      @Ashande, @SnowxSakura

      Thanks for the tips and suggestions! Now I just hope I won't get scammed when buying used 😆

  12. Will it be easier and/or shorter than world? I didn't play world but I'm considering getting this one.
  13. Does anyone playing OP Odyssey know if you can go back to the memory arcs? As there are no guides yet I'm not sure if I should leave Arubana yet or finish all side content first.

  14. It's pretty wild that the PS5 so far has only 4 exclusive titles despite being out for more than 2 years and having sold 30 million units. One of them is Astros Playroom which is preinstalled to showcase the consoles features, the other being a remake of a PS3 game.


    I wonder how long it will take for it to stop being an upgraded version of a PS4 and start having its own games. 2025, maybe?

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    2. Zephrese
    3. Sikutai


      The best feature is, the PS 5 is quiet.

    4. ExHaseo


      I'll be this year it starts getting exclusives. Most generational transitions are like this, with most game seeing multi-generation until the install base on the new console is big enough to make money. This transition was just a little longer, thanks to the whole pandemic thing creating shortages and pushing development on everything back.

  15. The game doesn't even come out until tomorrow, nobody knows.