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  1. #71 Detroit: Become Human Quantic Dream's newest installment Detroit: Become Human is a step-up in terms of storytelling, and a much better game compared to Beyond: Two Souls, which I find a bit dull to play through. This time what you do matters more, and there is a genuine sense of consequence. Further, I find this game is better than Beyond because it deals with current issues, notably on social segregation -- a ticking bomb which could explode anytime it wants to. Last but not least, if you love Beyond, play Detroit; If you hate Beyond, play Detroit; And if you adore Until Dawn (just like me), Detroit will quench your thirst for something similar.
  2. It is better to finish the mission -- and the mission is not long.
  3. It's an easy game actually, but the control sucks so bad. It makes the game unenjoyable and frustrating at certain parts, especially when battling bosses. Back when I was playing, I didn't really care because it was short game, and I just wanted the nostalgic feeling of playing a Fear Effect game (again) after so long. Further, I got it for cheap.
  4. The game is easy even on the hardest difficulty setting with fully upgraded Spider-Cop Spider-Man. Nonetheless, what matters the most is that the game is fun and engaging.
  5. One woman army seems like a (huge) grind. However, I think I'm fine with it because I love Wolfenstein.
  6. Stranger Things' best season is still the first one. It's a love letter to 1980s cinema. I've been obsessed with "Nordic noir" in the past ten years. If you want to try it out, there are a few series I'd like to recommend -- and, I believe, some are available on streaming services. Here they are: Bron/Broen (Swedish/Danish) Ófærð (Icelandic) Forbrydelsen (Danish) Karppi (Finnish) Bordertown (Finnish) Jordskott (Swedish) Case (Icelandic) It is absolutely refreshing to watch "non-Hollywood" series (for me, at least).
  7. I recommend everybody buy Crossing Souls. Plus, there is already an awesome trophy guide on this amazing site.
  8. #70 Marvel's Spider-Man As a gameplay-is-king type of gamer, Marvel's Spider-Man is a joy to play. From web-swinging to web-throwing, the Insomniac Games-produced title excels at almost every single thing. Yup, almost! The only criticism I can throw at the game is that the puzzles suck. So bad. And there are far too many QTEs to complete. Fortunately, you have the super power to disable both of them via in-game settings. Then, what about the story? Well, the plot is a rollercoaster. I even cried during the ending -- and, honestly, I haven't cried while playing a game since The Last of Us. 😢
  9. Define "normal". Kidding~ By "normal", you mean the standard/original PS4, don't you? Digital Foundry has created a video, testing the performance of the game on every console (PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One S, Xbox One X):
  10. The extended gameplay demo makes me more excited about this game. Moreover, the metroidvania-like adventure is definitely a selling point if the devs execute it well. --------------------------------- Note: first page updated!
  11. I started with Counter, and I used a list from a trophy guide to remind me of the next moves. And I just jumped around before I did the next move to keep the Freeflow from resetting. This trophy takes some effort. I spent around 1 hour to finally get it right back in 2015. I believe you just get to keep on trying.
  12. Another day, another trailer. The trailer has some gameplay footages we have never seen before. Take a look!
  13. I love both Uncharted and Star Wars, so this game is a must-buy for me. Yeah, I'm still upset about the cancelled Visceral Games' Ragtag project. I expect this game to be better than The Force Unleashed. Respawn hasn't crafted a bad game (Titanfall 1 & 2, Apex Legends). Moreover, Fallen Order is helmed by God of War III director Stig Asmussen. -------------------------------------------------------------- From what I've read online, Respawn is still keeping some stuff behind closed door. Wonder what that is. Well, we'll finally find out when the game ships in mid-November.
  14. Gameplay reveal Some gorgeous screenshots and concept arts
  15. Nine hours to go...