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  1. After rewatching Ghost in the Shell (1995), I'm in the mood for more cyberpunk. Over the past few weeks, I have bought Ruiner and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. And today I bought Dex (JP) AKA the best "Ghost in the Shell" game. :awesome:

  2. I can't answer what region it is, but I believe you can download all three games on the same PS4. You just have to download each from their respective PS Stores. EDIT: A Japanese stack, it seems, which you can't buy digitally unless you have a Japanese credit card. It has a CERO-Z rating.
  3. From PlayStation Access.
  4. Thank you. I might need to ask you again when I start Breach.
  5. So, I should start Breach with an alternate account doing the above stuff? Sending my main account challenges and win it on said account? I'm still confused about Breach, and that's why I'm still hesitant to do it. I need to research more on this so I know what I'm doing.
  6. Hello. I'm sorry for bumping this thread. So, if I'm going straight to Breach without playing the main story first, how can I get the Expansion Kits for energy and health? Thank you.
  7. I'm sorry for bumping up this thread again. This JP stack can be bought with Japanese PSN gift card, right? It has a CERO-D rating. Thank you!
  8. Ruiner is my first twin-stick shooter. I bought it solely for its cyberpunk setting. But, this game can be brutal even on NG+, a difficulty claimed to be harder than Hard. I wrecked standard enemies easily on this mode, but bosses wrecked me in seconds, especially TraffickKing, when you have to battle him three times in a row without dying. I spent almost an hour just battling him until I figured out a decent strategy. This game is a 7/10 platinum difficulty for me.


    As difficult as it sounds, this Ruiner soundtrack has actually eased my pain. A bit. Give it a listen.



  9. I've also been experiencing this for weeks, and it's my first time. It seems some people are affected, too. I hope I can get unbanned soon since I love this gaming forum.
  10. If cool games like Dishonored, Wolfenstein, Skyrim, Doom are going Xbox exclusives, we PlayStation fanatics are doomed. 😨


    P.S. I quit gaming on PC almost a decade ago, so it's no chance for me.

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    2. zizimonster


      @Stan Lee Thank you for a thorough explanation. Now we just need to wait. And see. :)


      @ShonenCat I still hope I'm wrong. :giggle:


      @BlackSquirrell1 @MidnightDragon Hmm. Since I know nothing about ESO and I don't play it, I can't comment. :blush:



    3. ScarecrowsFate


      Arkane makes some of my favorite games; I'll be so dejected if it turns out I can't play Dishonored 3 or something in the future. Don't care much about anything else Bethesda related.


      I really hate platform exclusivity.

    4. Pray_4_the_End


      I'll be fine personally, I have a pretty good PC that can run all those games no problem that I underutilize. I hardly play games on there as it stands now cause I'm not a fan of playing with a mouse and keyboard, but if I can just buy a subscription to Game Pass I'll have no need for an Xbox, still be able to play all my favorite Bethesda games, and I'll be able to use my PC more often! Win/Win for me... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  11. The kid in me wants this. Is it enjoyable? :giggle:



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    2. zizimonster


      How would you rate the platinum difficulty in the scale of 1-10? @Elvick_


      Thank you.

    3. Elvick_


      Depends if you add “annoying” to difficulty. I don’t, so a 2/10. The not getting hit is fine, just use the fire ranged character whatever it’s name is, he is op fully upgraded. If you add annoyance it’d be a 5/10

      it’s just annoying to have to go through Some of the Levels if you get hit at a boss. Especially the bee level since you can’t skip shit in that level takes like 8 minutes if not more to go through the entire level to the boss again 

      If you pay attention it shouldn’t be too bad but at least on Steam I had a few glitches but I didn’t have the same issues on PS4 so I’m not sure if I just was lucky on PS4 or if the Pc port had more issues. 

    4. zizimonster


      Okay. Thank you for the explanation. :) @Elvick_

  12. This is what I'm worried about when I have to play PS4 games on PS5. It is believed that PS4 games will run through an emulated software on PS5, but it isn't proven... yet. Now on topic. I guess it has been notoriously known that some third-party games may have a bad performance day one. It can be either having glitchy trophies or downright unplayable. And the most recent example is the new Marvel's Avengers.
  13. It is definitely Social Lubricant in Watch Dogs. I obtained it with the help of my brother before it was nerfed via a patch a few months after release.
  14. I actually expected Deus Ex's dark political themes in Cyberpunk 2077 instead of a Grand Theft Auto-esque story. :D


    And now I'm wondering if Cyberpunk 2077's soundtrack(s) will top this high-tier Deus Ex: Human Revolution's. :hmm:



  15. I have a "problem" while playing Ruiner. How do you choose between using Ghost Break and Grid Converter because both skills are assigned to the same :circle: button? :hmm:


    Would somebody help me, please?