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  1. I have no idea what Charles is. As far as I know, save files cannot be downgraded, so you have start over.
  2. Latest update AKA patch 1.12 is buggy for base game trophies, but it is fine for DLC trophies. Your best bet for earning the platinum trophy is to install patch 1.09.
  3. Game delisting is the worst thing happens to video games. We are confined to "buy now or buy never" situation. 😤

  4. That's very unfortunate. What patch version did you install?
  5. I suspect it'll appear square.
  6. You probably have a trophy set that isn't live on PSN yet. All you can do is email/tweet the publisher/developer and ask them to upload it to PSN.
  7. Avatar's Korra is in it, but hasn't been shown yet.


  8. No, it isn't. You can see on my PSN profile that I got the trophy in just five minutes after earning the difficult Peak Performer . I followed this video.
  9. Honestly, I see no difference. They all appear red.
  10. Thanks, I've just claimed it. But, do I need PSVR to play this?
  11. It's usually related to corrupted user profile on console. This article might help.
  12. Dead Can Dance - Children of the Sun
  13. The Sword Saint and No Country for Godly Men sound tough.
  14. I've just found out that this was originally a Skyrim mod(?)
  15. Did any of the trophies glitch on you guys?