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  1. I believe that restarting from checkpoints does NOT add to your total playtime since I restarted checkpoints too many times, and I still obtained the trophy. This game is also prone to crashes. The game crashed at least four times during The Residence expansion, and once during the other two expansions. Further, it crashed once during my speedrun playthrough as soon as I was defeating that "final boss". These crashes happened on a standard PS4.
  2. "What's different about you? Why are you so brave?", a trophy asked


    ...because I've just 100%-ed Little Nightmares. B)



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      @zizimonster oh hell man, haha. Yeah, there were a few jumps in there I tried a couple of times and figured it was some pre-patch version or I was just too much of a potato to nail.

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  3. Cool, then!
  4. Will Silent Hill 4: The Room and Silent Hill: Homecoming get trophy support? We'll see.
  5. It is still relatively easy to S-rank with this trick.
  6. Amyl and The Sniffers - Hertz
  7. Watch Dogs: Good story / mediocre but fun gameplay. Watch Dogs 2: Cheesy story / awesome gameplay.
  8. It is safe. Plenty of players have done it. Besides, it is not against PSNP's leaderboard rules.
  9. Ophiuchus, Onomuzim, Kaiseki, Ronin, Ashigaru. What's next?
  10. Little Boots - Out (Out)
  11. You'll be able to grab that one during Mission 14. You can read this guide for more info. Totally separate. Nothing carries over. System Rift is set during Prague second visit, and A Criminal Past is set before the main game's story.
  12. When Mission 2 starts, save your game. Grab the Time Traveller . After that, reload that Mission 2 save data. That's it. Which ebook are you talking about? Both DXMD's story expansions (System Rift and A Criminal Past) are only accessible via main menu.
  13. No Joy - Blue Neck Riviera
  14. The last Little Nightmares' expansion dubbed The Residence has left a sour taste in my mouth. It crashed four times when I was playing. Nonetheless, the overall experience was actually nice. The three expansions reveal a disturbing truth of the Maw. 😨