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  1. So far ...it has been pretty good. Episode three onward really picks up the pace. Its big budget really shows here -- I'd say CGI is spectacular. However, there are two things I don't like. The first two episodes are slow, and I also find that dialogues are a bit lacking here and there ...when compared with, let's say, House of the Dragon.
  2. Was the story easy to follow even without playing Judgment?
  3. PS4 version is easier since you can use Survivor difficulty exploit. Besides it runs at 60fps.
  4. Huge update for Isonzo is imminent.
  5. The worst trophy in the entire series: 1001 Jackalopes
  6. It looks like its PS5 trophy list isn't on PlayStation Network (PSN) aka non-syncer. Your best bet is to message the publisher on Twitter or via email, and tell them to upload it to PSN.
  7. Austra - Shoot the Water
  8. Can't speak for 100%, but I'd argue that the sequel is easier to plat. It has less bulls*** sections. There's a cheap way to defeat the final boss as well.
  9. I don't use external HDD, but after installing a PS4 update, my PS4 does the rebuilding database thing too, and it only lasts a few seconds.
  10. PS4 update 10.01 came out a few hours ago. Maybe it fixes the issue(?)
  11. I don't use that app. Never did. Never will. When you're subscribed to PlayStation Plus, you can claim the offered games via the webstore or PlayStation App. You can also initiate downloads from either ...or via the library on your PS4.
  12. Looking forward to reading the scientifically sexy yet brutale review!
  13. PlatinumGames' magnum opus Bayonetta.
  14. The Midnight - Heart Worth Breaking
  15. If you're still on the fence, try Bayonetta first. With in-game cheats, the game's not as hard as some people claim.