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  1. It looks like that you enjoy stealth games and 2D games. I recommend you play Mark of the Ninja: Remastered.
  2. Bulletproof and Lone Wolf could be tough.
  3. I also experienced this glitch. I had to force-close the application.
  4. The region of the game and both DLCs must match. I bought the Digital Deluxe Edition, which includes the season pass, from the PlayStation Store. Further, before I was able to download both DLCs, I needed to claim it first from said PS Store.
  5. Why do you think immersive sims such as Dishonored 2, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Alien IsolationPrey and Thief didn't sell like hot cakes although most of them received glittering reviews? :hmm:

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. zizimonster


      @Copanele Maybe. And, yeah, Thief received generally unfavorable reviews. -_-


      @ihadalifeb4this I believe DXMD and Dishonored 2 were marketed as titles where you could go with all playstyles. :hmm: By the way, if you really like Tenchu, I recommend you play Mark of the Ninja: Remastered. It is essentially Tenchu 2D. :)


      @Charizarzar Haven't played Alien Isolation yet, but I've bought it. :D


      @Alderriz Adam Jensen is not only cool, but also badass. His body is actually a living weapon. B)


      @Cleggworth Cyberpunk 2077 has got people rabid because the game is being marketed as a "GTA-clone" in cyberpunk clothing. Who doesn't love Grand Theft Auto? :giggle:

    3. ihadalifeb4this


      Too late. 😂 I bought it like a week ago after i watched Game Maker's Toolkit video.  It was even on sale in PS Store. Thanks anyway!

    4. zizimonster


      @ihadalifeb4this Cool! Enjoy the journey. :ninja:

  6. The game hasn't made any profit. If you want to help Square Enix gain profit, yeah.
  7. I like all in-game SFX when they're not excessive. For instance, the motion blur in Marvel's Spider-Man and the new Ratchet and Clank, and the film grain in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.
  8. I encountered a different connection issue not too long ago. P.S. The above solution might or might not apply to your situation.
  9. People!


    If I subscribe to EA Play through PlayStation Store, I will be able to download EA Play games from the PlayStation Store, right? Just like the PlayStation Plus games. :hmm:

    1. guy who says bruh

      guy who says bruh

      Yes, you will gain access to shity EA library and also disconts and some 10-hours trail games.

    2. zizimonster


      @guy who says bruh Thank you. I'm interested in Jedi: Fallen Order and A Way Out. :)

  10. Years later, I occasionally think what if Project Ragtag weren't cancelled? We would've got a Mandalorian-like action game, with a galaxy-spanning adventure. Star Wars 1313 also got cancelled many years ago. We were lucky that Jedi: Fallen Order survived the "purge". 😔



  11. Cool. I sold my game disc last year, but I guess I've uploaded the saves to the cloud.
  12. People seem to enjoy the new crawler, I suppose. One of the most popular games this week. 🙃
  13. The game can be difficult in the beginning, but it is not garbage. Do side missions, open more towers, etc. As you gain XP, you can buy some skills that make your life easier. Seriously. I platinumed the game twice (vanilla, GOTY), and never once thought the game was hard. Nonetheless, obtaining some trophies might be confusing at first, especially if you're not familiar withh the game yet.
  14. #89 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Positives: Stealth gameplay is king. Level design blows most open-world games out of the water, except Dishonored series (maybe). Atmospheric cyberpunk world. Micro-Assembler aug makes stuff easier. My first ultra rare platinum trophy. Negatives: Breach Mode can be boring, but it is not difficult at all, and can be finished in around 10 hours. Story is serviceable.
  15. I've just realized that the last three games I bought were made by Daedalic: Chaos on Deponia, Harvey's New Eyes, and State of Mind. Well... I guess I have a soft spot for them. :D

    1. UltraFire121


      In deponia games yes.

    2. zizimonster


      Yeah, I really enjoy Deponia quadrilogy. Nonetheless, I do enjoy point-n-clickers in general as I find them relaxing. :popcorn: