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  1. 63 players from my friendlist? I don't think I have that many. Too bad that there is no matchmaking.
  2. Does this game have online multiplayer matchmaking à la The Last of Us, Watch Dogs?
  3. I can also confirm this since I've platinumed the game.
  4. I doubt that. I expect it will be like Control, in which you have to start everything from scratch.
  5. Does Battlefield V have online multiplayer matchmaking à la The Last of Us, Watch Dogs, etc.?
  6. This needs Asian region tag, because the trophy list isn't solely for Hong Kong region. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/7386-silence Thank you.
  7. Is the platinum in this HK version now obtainable? Newest patch was last February according to this website.
  8. Soon we'll be able to plat Jedi: Fallen Order four times. :yay:


    1. JoesusHCrust


      I've just bought JFO to do as my 100th platinum. Is it any good? Would you want to plat it 4 times? :) 

    2. starcrunch061




      Gamefaqs denizens bitch about it all the time...which probably means it's pretty good.

    3. zizimonster


      @JoesusHCrust I'd happily plat it four times. The game is relaxing because you can play on the easiest difficulty, and the story is awesome. More importantly, it's canon. If you're tired of full-blown open-world games, this game might suit you since it's more metroidvania.

  9. After all these years, Odin Sphere Leifthrasir won't get any cheaper, will it?
  10. Region tagging: Japanese https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/12822-star-renegades The game was just released today on Japanese PlayStation Store. Thank you.
  11. Gotta be PS5's swan song.
  12. Since you have started The Witcher 3, you can make it your 100th.
  13. Be sure to dispose of it ASAP in case some player tries to steal it from your Mother Base.
  14. I did it online back in 2015. So, I believe you have to be online, too. The countdown will be in real time. It took me around 24 hours to develop.