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  1. Kenpachi Ramasama!
  2. I quite like mine. The first I got was "Chronicler" ...from Homefront.
  3. To be honest, I've been one trophy off the 100 percent for Borderlands 2 for so long now... I haven't completed all the side missions in the Hammerlock's Hunt DLC because it's a terrible DLC. It's such a huge step down from the other DLCs and to top it off, I think the 100 percent for Borderlands 2 is around 1 percent? Haven't looked in ages! I also thought about doing the Gran Turismo 5 plat a while back... I even got one of the hardest trophies, GT-R Official Record. This trophy requires you to be the Nurburgring circuit in under 7:23 in a stock Nissan GT-R and is insanely hard to do as the game' time trial mode will void your run if you go off the track once and it's a 13 mile long track! Trophy that stopped me dead in my tracks I think is called Photographer. To get it, you must take a picture and share it but because the online has been shut down, that incredibly minor trophy has made that plat unattainable. Even if you get Gold Standard (beat everything in the game to a gold medal standard,) you would be foiled by that insignificant trophy.
  4. I earned the plat when it was around 5.4 percent in January 2016 and I've been wondering whether it's rarity would go all the way down to ultra rare. Black Ops is honestly my favourite Call of Duty, so earning its plat was a really proud moment for me! I personally didn't think it was the hardest trophy list but I suppose when any game reaches 1,000,000 owners, it's bound to make the platinum rarer.
  5. Thanks guys, I'll carry on playing and see if I get the trophies.
  6. I've been playing Rocket League for just over a week and I should have the platinum but two trophies have glitched for me! I've driven 50km with one set of wheels and possibly 100km across all my wheels but the trophy 'Far Far Away' hasn't popped. I have also won a match with every standard battle car, however I've not unlocked Sweet Tooth. Does anyone know why these trophies may have glitched? I should have this platinum but the trophies simply won't pop!
  7. Thank you for adding me!
  8. I'll sign up! Not sure if some of these plats qualify, what do you guys think? 1. Borderlands 2. Borderlands 2 3. Fallout 3 4. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture (Not really traditional wasteland, including it as it's set in a post-apocalyptic 1980's England where everyone's dead.) EDIT: I have got the platinum for Tales from the Borderlands, but I think that's a long shot as to whether it counts for this PP. I'd either qualify for Desert Ranger or Mercenary.
  9. Now that the salt has subsided, I put my mind to it and earned this trophy. I posted earlier in the forum in a very sour mood and you can see which death that was below! Just earned this trophy, here's how it went for me. Attempt 1) Trager killed me because I was trying to do the section too quickly. I wasn't far enough back in the corner when the "NOBODY!" scene happens. Upon entering the room, Trager did a 180 and stabbed me in the chest. Attempt 2) Killed at the very beginning of the return to administration section. Turned right instead of sprinting down the corridor...because of this Walker saw me and I was forced into the first room on your left. GG Chris. Attempt 3) Yet again, Trager! He killed me as I was removing one of the obstacles after a session of ring-a-ring-a-rosie around his area. Attempt 4) Died in the female ward because I forgot a fuse! Honestly couldn't remember if the guy with the butcher's knife was hostile so I left and ended up in the arms of a psychopath. Attempt 5) After you are pushed through a window thanks to an explosion, you fall into a pile of mutilated remains. I was told if you immediately run up the stairs upon arrival, you could actually bypass Chris Walker's patrol altogether. This is false. Attempt 6) This was the one...easily the most infuriating death... I died in the underground lab because I stopped sprinting for a second and the Walrider killed me. Damn it. I took a short break here as I needed to cool down... Attempt 7) Victory! I pretty much had a flawless run, no slip-ups anywhere! I was very nervous in the underground lab though because of my earlier death. I made sure to practice Trager on nightmare mode because I couldn't find a bomb proof strategy but my practice paid off. I can safely say I've never been so happy to earn a trophy!
  10. Yay, people liked my selection(ish). As this is the first SV where I've suggested a song, I take that as a victory. Gary Jules and Giles Lamb took my votes.
  11. Magicka 2, damn that's a nice platinum.
  12. I was torn between using my choice and this song. I went with my choice because it personally made me feel more, but I think more people would have went with this
  13. Thanks Dav! I just sent you a rather panicked PM I will edit one in now, as we say in Wales, diolch yn fawr!
  14. Just to explain, I don't actually know how to spoiler things. I am so sorry but I wasn't sure whether I should keep the forum looking clean or just not post an image, so I posted without an image. Dav, if it makes it easier for you, can I post you a picture. I think I got in under the 38.