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  1. I was actually pretty lucky myself as i have finished game and i had only one trophy left from DLC. Made it with frogs (meatwise) and instantly uninstalled this buggy bit of software. Tried to contact with DEV but they are useless when it comes about customer service.
  2. Well, i have encountered bug which is not allowing me to save game. Donkey is waiting for carrots and after refilling box they dissapear which leads me to situation where i cant make birgerato do singing three star event. Burgers are also unavalaible to buy at merchant. Also bodies are burnong for last few hours. Magnificient job
  3. I was wondering if trophies like taking bribes, catching thieves or writing tickets are actually stacking if we rewind time? Can't find any answer of that anywhere and it looks like they are not, but i want someone else to tell me what they experienced. Cheers
  4. Any idea when last episode will be released?
  5. It is up to you what goal is! Huge sandbox mmo at the end of day it is!
  6. I saw this game before and was wondering if its worth buying. What is your opinion about it? Any good, worth its money?
  7. Use accelerator more and you will feel the speed To be honest this game is more likely for people with memories of the old games from PS1 etc. I got it as preorder, althought didnt try it yet, but three of my mates are coming over this weekend to spend a whole night playing this little baby. Sofa racing memories, speed and beer Playing it on single player gives you a lot of joy, but not as much as with the others. I believe these days generation of players have no idea that couch multiplayer is better than playing online. Enjoy the speed everyone!
  8. Agree with you. I am gonna defo play it, but only when price drops to like 25 quid
  9. Still trying! Tried a new game and no luck again. Edit: made it no problems on speedrun. Poped naturally after cut-scene
  10. It is nowhere near AC Unity though. I went and collected all documents and guns while i was doing missions and found it actually pretty fine, as most of stuff was addding content to the story.
  11. Hi guys, I have decided to give this game a go. It is a great fun, but i found this trophy bugged. Saved manually game before this puzzle while it's harder than previous ones, completed it like 3 times without making mistake, but trophy still didnt popped. Anyone else experienced that?
  12. I am actually very surprised than spmeone expected little ammount of collectibles in Ubisoft game. I like it - story, legends etc make this game more interesting. Similar missions? Oh... Name me sn open world game where each mission is different to anothet
  13. I do not get it. I treat trophies as addition and way too explore all what devs given us players in their product. Hacking your own trophys is like sex with random person in a dark room after too manu shots of tequila. You cant see their face, wont remember a lot so what was a point?
  14. Game is bugged big time. Alsonthe penalty goven durong a race are so annoying. Inam getting absolutely red faced when i am miles away from spectators and game awards me with like 12 penalty seconds!
  15. People who didnt get a code can still play it as far someone from their friends who has an access to early beta is also their friend in Ubisoft Club.