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  1. Have any of you guys experienced a bug on Bee-Having level where you dig into the mud and cant get back out? Ive had this happen to me many times where I then had to restart the level because I just can't get out.
  2. thank you so much! i thought I went through the settings but i guess i missed it lol
  3. How can I make the trophies show in order in which i want them? I like to have them based on percent completed, but everytime I exit the page and go back they change order again. I had it how i wanted it before, but since they changed the website i cant keep it permanently.
  4. ahh okay, thank you very much! maybe thats why i wasnt able to find any info on it
  5. Hello, i had a quick question that i cant seem to find the answer to. I was just wondering if the DLC in this collection comes on the disc or does it include a voucher/buy it separately? Im planning to rent it off of gamefly but was wondering about the situation with the DLC. wouldnt want to buy the DLC for the three separate games.
  6. found one in Isla Providencia (502,44), near the viewpoint in the middle. Hurry, only about 50 minutes left!
  7. I pre-ordered the PS4 Taken king bundle, and it comes out next month, but im wondering what games i should get along with it. Any suggestions?
  8. So, i will keep all of the hearts that level has gotten and all the hearts ive gotten as an author right? i dont have much, but id rather keep those than start all over.
  9. I've heard that the Booty Master trophy might be glitched if you play a community level that has a prize bubble that you need to get in story. I know the only way to find out is late in the game, but i fear i might have glitched this already and i dont wont to continue through story only to find out i have to delete it and start all over. My question is, if i delete my save date, will the online level i created get deleted as well or is that stuck with my PSN profile? I have hearts and i find it pretty hard now to get those hearts.