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  1. Thanks. We did the two player version without enough info. I thought we'd get the trophy, oh well.
  2. If someone can clarify: Are the CM challenges stackable? If I do only the 4 players challenge, does the trophy pop? Do I have to achieve the Elite Challenge while doing CM (again) in order for Masterminds trophy to pop? Or it has nothing to do with CM? I've already gotten the Elite trophy separately with a friend; I'm asking this because on most YT videos they achieve Elite times WHILE also achieving Masterminds... It's all very confusing.
  3. Don't do it. It's not about skill. It's about the way it was made more difficult. When I realized the difficulty of the trophy was manipulated around having players buy stupid microtransactions I threw up. I have the 100%, but again, avoid it. Game's also super overrated. Only Uncharted worth playing is number 2 w/o it's mp.
  4. Now that it is finally coming... Nobody want to change. people... jk
  5. I'm starting to get worried about this one too. I'll also send them an email. (procrastination bites back...) 🤦‍♂️😢
  6. I'll give 7/10 for your UR plats, but you can do much better with that completion rate. =)
  7. Got all the online trophies done in one sitting yesterday. Had some disconnections and the game froze twice while going for Online Champ.. I went in expecting a hell of a headache, but it's definitely not as bad as people dramatize it to be.
  8. I wonder if we'll be able to use the infinite DT cheat for DMC2 on this version, if so I'll be more than happy to plat all three games again.
  9. People who defend this game are filled with nostalgia. If you've never played the original and are looking at it "emotionless" it's a very simple kinda crappy game you'd download on your mobile,. It's probably gonna be "free" on PS Plus very soon.
  10. Gravity Daze, both on ps4 and Vita, every time I get 3-4 chapters done on ps4, I go and do them on Vita, been doing that. Game's freaking horrible on Vita if you play it on ps4 now and compare.
  11. Wow! My ps3 froze while I was looking at the game's trophies on the XMB and guess what? I lost all my progress and I'm pretty sure the game wasn't even saving at that moment. Frustrating cause it happened just after I'd beaten that hardest jump in the game.
  12. #2: I'm not gonna say I can confirm that for sure, but I have a very strong impression that that's the case. Been playing this a lot lately and the game definitely feels like it's stepped down solo... enemies are way more aggressive with 3 people.
  13. It is still difficult when there's a pro in the trio but the other two or just one of them runs around messing up the enemy spawns and getting downed all the time. I played with this fbi8810 guy(3 star hardcore badge) and he's one of those who will kill all the enemies before you even get to the right place. We went through stages 1-6 on Crushing without failing, but only got 3 stars on stage 1 cause the other dude wasn't following the one who knows his game. The pro left the game the first time everybody got down on Stage 7. I'm level 50 and all weapons are level 5. I don't have any of the most useful boosters, like hardened, mystical expert nor the Harbinger Sniper rifle. It takes forever for a new challenge to show up so it looks like I'll have to buy them with real money, as much as I hate doing that.
  14. Creppy/badass vibes.
  15. Pretty much what I was thinking... MKXL 40% off is a great deal to me as it comes with all dlc and I actually bought it. (:
  16. Nothing like wingsuit/grapple hook propelling yourself forward, just flying over and contemplating the beautiful world in Just Cause 3.

    1. PooPooBlast


      Damn right! I'm exactly just doing that in the game :)

    2. Nebakk


      I just got the game. Spent more than five hours doing just that! It felt like I could do it forever (:

      I just wanna fire it up on my main acc and start getting those trophies, but I'm not ready... yet.

  17. PlayDead's masterpiece.
  18. Dlc

    Just found out about this as I was finishing buying dlcs for a couple of games in my backlog... This is ridiculous! Great way to make sure I will never touch this game.
  19. Tried to help but somehow I can't even sign in with my Origin acc. The page froze up and there's no reloading it. EA ftw!
  20. Me and pot1414 just completed the trials about a week ago and the server was working greatly. Uff! You really need a partner that's at least slightly above average in order to do so... I'll say that cuz I had to find a new partner when I was 1 trial way from finishing, and the guy I started with was not too bad.
  21. 587 atm, not that much am I right?
  22. Good sale for me, got DmC/Sleeping Dogs definitive editions and both ps3/vita Limbos, wanna triple 100% Limbo as I already did ps4 version... lovely title
  23. Same garbage trophy list? That is so disrespectful to such a game!
  24. Never. The whole thing's turned all around to me, I feel like I'm wasting time if I'm not 'accomplishing' something. I only play for trophies now and I think if they somehow get taken away I won't play videogames anymore. lol
  25. How would you do that if the Vita version of the game is in the BR acc? It's actually the opposite, use the BR acc on the Vita and your MAIN acc on PS3, being it US or whatever region. So the only way you're doing this self-boost given you don't have an extra Vita memory card, is wiping away your profile and setting up a new one. Now is it worth it deleting all your game data, or backing it up somewhere (PC, PS3 etc...) just in order to get one single online trophy?