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  1. Here's a small update for me: I got the platinum for Tales of Innocence R, it being another Tales of game completed means a beast mode bonus The points from it would be 100+70-11.56-0=158.44->158.44 * 1.5=237.66 I think
  2. Gravity Rush, it’s a good game to play
  3. Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Ignition
  4. The new spreadsheet looks great! Looks like I’ll have to start catching up though.
  5. Next update! Progress has slowed down a bit but the grind continues slowly. The current goal in mind is to get Dust Bunny and Sham-meow to 9999 by doing enough playthroughs for them. Maybe more playthroughs afterwards for the tier 15 Shampurus? Shampuru Count: 295259 Charm Level: 55% Playthroughs: 9th playthrough at the beginning of post game
  6. An update! I managed to get the 50% charm trophy, though 100% is so far away. I managed to 9999 a few shampurus at least. Well more playthroughs await! Shampuru Count: 229803 Charm Level: 50% Playthroughs: Almost finished with 6th playthrough
  7. I recently got back into Mugen Souls and made some progress, though it's still a long journey until the end. Shampuru Count: 132406 Charm Level: 41% Playthroughs: Nearing the end of the 4th playthrough
  8. Well my score is correct, though seeing the others' scores means I'll have to try a bit better then I was before.
  9. I have Demon Gaze II completed, that nets me 100+51-29.5-5=116.5 points And apparently, psnprofiles lists Muv-Luv Alternative as an RPG, so extra points then, 100+65-75.65-0=89.35 points All together, I'm currently at 2048.79 points so far. @kingofbattle8174 I would to switch out one of my bonus games please, I want Star Ocean 4 switched out for Mugen Souls.
  10. Well here's my current score, I'm not sure I did the calculations correctly though Current Score: 1842.94
  11. Street Fighter V
  12. Tres Bien! You completed Score Attack Mode with one character. Fast Times at Eclipse High Qualify for the fast clear time bonus in any stage. ECLIPSE Clear chapter 1 -ECLIPSE-
  13. With the platinum for Atelier Firis, I should get: 100+64-27.78-0=136.22
  14. I feel the same, with a lack of updates, I lost enthusiasm for this event and even forgot a few times to post when earning UR platinums.
  15. I’m proud of myself for getting third place. That being said, I would like the 10 dollar prize please.