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  1. Street Fighter V
  2. Tres Bien! You completed Score Attack Mode with one character. Fast Times at Eclipse High Qualify for the fast clear time bonus in any stage. ECLIPSE Clear chapter 1 -ECLIPSE-
  3. With the platinum for Atelier Firis, I should get: 100+64-27.78-0=136.22
  4. I feel the same, with a lack of updates, I lost enthusiasm for this event and even forgot a few times to post when earning UR platinums.
  5. I’m proud of myself for getting third place. That being said, I would like the 10 dollar prize please.
  6. Super Street Fighter IV, which is very impressive
  7. I achieved the platinum for Nights of Azure, since it was at 31% before the event, that grants me: 100+45-14.49-5=125.51 points
  8. Can’t go wrong with Bloodborne
  9. A good choice I would say is Persona 5.
  10. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
  11. Twelfth weeblympics Kancolle Kai Yet another one achieved. @Hertz @Ratchet2425 Can Metal Gear Solid 2(Vita), Metal Gear Solid 4, and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance be added to my list? Thank you.
  12. Thank you very much!
  13. Yes please, I want the Kanedeko trophy.
  14. Well I succeeded, I finished Omega Quintet.
  15. The platinum for Omega Quintet is complete, since it was at 65% before the event, 100+24-2.91-15=106.09 106.09*2=212.18 points. EDIT: I got the platinum for Fernz Gate as well. 100+64-41.12-0=122.88 points.