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  1. Yes, true for one waterwheel.. For the other waterwheel, some enemies may spawn (probably 4 or 5) behind you when you are in the midst of adjusting the waterfall mechanism.. Be sure to kill them first or they may interrupt your process..
  2. For those who are still looking for answers and still wondering, here are a few tips and key points to take note of on Deadly Obsession (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS).. In the Tsunami section in Cozumel, there is a checkpoint at the start of the Tsunami, in case you killed yourself in the Tsunami. Your first base camp will be the Peruvian Jungle, other camps scattered throughout the game would require 3x pcs of Hardwood to light up. In the Trial of Eagle section, master the steps/path you need to take in order to reach the top and know where to jump once at the top. If you get killed, you will start at the last camp you lighted up (nearest is at the base of the trial). Cenote is the most nerve-racking section of the entire run IMO, if you fcked up the overhang climb, you will have to start over from the last camp where you got the shotgun (provided that you've had the camp lighted up). Utilize your fear arrow in most of the combat sections, best if you can unlock the OWL'S FEAST skill to get more harvest from spiders and beetles to craft more fear arrows. The landslide/earthquake 'chase' sequence in San Juan also has a checkpoint similar to the Tsunami, at the beginning, THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO MADE THIS! Before proceeding with the 'Point of No Return' mission, stock up on all of your ammo from the merchant in San Juan or Kuwaq Yaku. Use only pistol/bow prior to Rourke in the tank, so you may save MG ammo for the final Dominguez boss fight. During the final boss, immediately use Endurance mix and focus on breaking the 3 pillars to summon Dominguez into battle. Disregard the goons to save ammo. Spam lots of Endurance and Focus herbs so that you can absorb a lot of damage from his goons and slow-down time to precisely shoot Dominguez. I wore the outfit to increase the duration of Endurance mix in my final battle with Dominguez, you may also wear the outfit to absorb less damage from arrows and bullets if you want to. Good luck. DO is fairly easy on New Game Plus once you have had most of the skills unlocked.
  3. It's pathetic how IOI didn't listen to fans coming from the 1st season and managed to still fvcked up the trophy list for the second season.. Probably will be getting it on steam when it's on a deep deep sale for less than $30 perhaps.. Better yet, play a cracked version of it when it's out just to try out the missions and what not.. Even Spyro Reignited Trilogy has 3 platinums in it 🙄
  4. Thanks for the info! Appreciate it 😁
  5. Sooo.. there are trophies for winning each game mode 25 times. Does it have to be through online multiplayer or can it be done in solo with bots? Another troubling question is, do your wins in Evacuation (5 matches of various modes) count towards the 25 seperately? Thanks 🤓
  6. Already own the Darth Vader Edition, 20th Anniversary edition, Urban Camo, Green Camo and Monster Hunter edition.. unless they come out with some new design, pattern or deco, then it's a NO BUY for me..
  7. Overwatch.. For those who's gonna reply below me, please suggest a PS4 game on my list.. my PS3 broke and collecting dust 😥
  8. How about the items you craft like hidden blade, arrow quiver, tool pouch etc. Do they need to be fully upgraded as well for the trophy??
  9. Does anyone know whether it is compulsory to get 5-star rating for DLC cases for the 'Shamus to the Stars' trophy or not? EDIT: You have to get 5-stars for each and every case including the DLCs.. They have tweaked the coding for the 'Shamus to the Stars' trophy somehow..
  10. Anyone who have bought the GOTY upgrade or the full GOTY version please tell us if it has a shiny platinum trophy up for grabs??? Release date should be today.. If I were you, I would buy a pre-owned physical version which costs around $20-$30 now and then buy the upgrade digitally.. should cost nowhere close to $60.. If you don't mind waiting then buy it when it's on sale.. best bet would probably be during Christmas Sale, the soonest..
  11. The Last of Us Remastered - already got the platinum on the PS3, I'm not the kind who gets multiple platinums for the same game 🙄 AC Freedom Cry, Hitman 2016 etc. that do not have platinum trophies! 😒 Alienation - Hardcore Mode save file corrupted, sworn to never touch the game again 🖕 Helldivers - fucking hate the friendly kill system! 😡 Tearaway Unfolded, LBP3 etc. so called 'family-friendly' kids games 😴
  12. Just got my Sniper Elite 3 platinum recently, next in line would be; Uncharted: The Lost Legacy > Shadow Warrior 2 > Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (maybe?) > Middle Earth Shadow of War > Assassin's Creed Origins...
  13. Pre-ordering Hitman 2016 and Ghost Recon Wildlands before they came out and buying the first Watch_dogs as soon as it was released. Also, accidentally deleted my backup save for alienation Hardcore mode...
  14. I'd pick Red Dead Redemption.. that's one helluva platinum..
  15. It has checkpoints (auto-saves) every time you kill an enemy or two.. Plus, moving a few meters from your current spot also triggers the auto-save as well.. The main important thing is you have to remember where are the main objectives located because there wont be any markers on your map..