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  1. Over 2 months now since this trophy was last earned. Absolute joke that Ubisoft don't seem to care that the platinum is unobtainable then.
  2. The map has been redesigned but playing that very map and winning in the required mode is not registering for the trophy pop. It looks like something Ubisoft need to fix on their end. If you currently don’t have this trophy then the platinum is unobtainable by the looks of it...
  3. I'm having the same problem with this, should have got the trophy the other day. Nobody has unlocked this trophy since the 4th of September either.
  4. I love this game and the changes made are fantastic, anyone sitting on the fence should definitely purchase. Player base is still very active too and with the news that Friday 13th DLC support has now finished this is perfect for anyone wanting their multiplayer horror fix going forward!
  5. I got them all now and finally have all the legacy operators unlocked, guess they must have pushed through an update or something. 6 trophies for any newbies booting the game up then, wow!
  6. I have logged in and havent got these trophies except Spender. Not even got all the original operators unlocked either as supposed to. I’m also not receiving the correct amount of renown for getting stars on the situation missions and not got the 4 outbreak packs which I believe we are entitled to. Game is a mess, gonna have to hold off playing it til it gets sorted.
  7. Any more info on this? I bought today and upon booting up I got the Designer & Spender trophies but none of the related Operator trophies.
  8. A guide would be fantastic, I think you've definitely got the playing time experience there for it and I can't find a proper guide/roadmap anywhere online. I reckon its a 100+ hour platinum without doubt!
  9. Happening to me now, tried everything and still I have 2 games with trophy lists that stay hidden (GTA V & Dirt Rally). Hid them both a few months ago with the intention of unhiding them once I started playing properly, which is now. Never will I hide a trophy list again, hope this gets resolved soon.